Chapter 1176: Five-Colored Cloud Sphere

The colorful seas that he saw previously were the external entrance to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. The real Defensive Spirit Designs were right before his eyes. 

The thick layers of colorful clouds before him had the shape of a giant sphere. Within it, Wu Yu seemed to have seen countless dragons rolling and tumbling. Furthermore, lightning flashed across frequently, and there were signs of wind, fire, water, and earth.     

Wu Yu could tell that this was an incredible spirit design that could even stop an immortal. 

It might be even more powerful than the kingdom border spirit design of Yan Huang. 

Whoever wished to barge in would definitely suffer from it. 

Clearly, the interior of the sphere would be the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. 

Just standing before the spirit design made Wu Yu feel pressure. 

He naturally wouldn't force his way in. This was because before he came in, a vortex was forming from within the giant, colorful sphere. A tunnel emerged from the core of the vortex, and at the first instant, Wu Yu could see with his Eyes of Fire and Gold the beautiful girl that he had been dreaming about. 

Within the storm of the colorful clouds, Luo Pin's dress and long hair fluttered, making her look even more alluring. It was especially so when she smiled radiantly in surprise after seeing Wu Yu. She had also seen Wu Yu at the first instant and therefore waved her hand and said, "What are you waiting for? Come in, quick."

There was no doubt that she was welcoming Wu Yu in the palace. 

Moreover, she knew Wu Yu was taking a risk to be here. The Ancient Emperor might be just behind him and therefore it would be best for him to enter first. Only by closing the spirit designs would they be truly safe. 

Wu Yu knew about it as well. If he remained outside the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, he wouldn't be safe. 

The truth was, he could enter the Ancient Demon Realm through the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. In that case, he could be back often in the future. Nonetheless, he knew he couldn't be here frequently, as he might end up holding Luo Pin back, disturbing her, preventing her from focusing on achieving immortalhood. The Great Trial of the Immortal Dao was the most dangerous, and she had no room for error. 

With Wu Yu around, her mood would definitely be affected. 

Regardless, the most important thing was to enter. When Wu Yu saw her waving, he darted in without saying a word. If there wasn't a group of old dragons behind Luo Pin, he would’ve definitely embraced her here. 

After all, she was their Dragon Lord. Before the public eye, she had to be reserved. Wu Yu stopped just one foot before her. At this point, he was in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. 

Luo Pin closed the spirit designs swiftly. It looked like just a single spirit design, but its might was undoubtedly terrorizing. Now, having seen it from the inside, the spirit design didn't look threatening at all. Instead, it looked beautiful. After all, it brought absolute safety for the mystical dragon tribe. 

"I thought you wouldn't come." Luo Pin's eyes lit up as she looked into Wu Yu's eyes. 

"How could that be...." Wu Yu felt content just seeing her. His eyes moved past Luo Pin and he was quickly stumped by the beautiful world. The so-called Dragon Palace of the Four Seas wasn't just a single palace. In fact, one could call it an isolated world. 

Wu Yu looked across this world. 

This world was divided into two parts: the sea and the sky palace. 

The bottom of the sphere was the sea, and it was especially clear. There were numerous stunning palaces in the water, together with gemstones, immortal essences, and precious treasures. 

As for the sky, many palaces were erected from and stood on the colorful clouds. 

The whole world was like a giant gemstone. It was said that the mystical dragon tribe consisted of several thousand dragons. This place was definitely sufficient to fit them - even tens of thousands more mystical dragons could live here freely. 

It was not surprising that mystical dragons wouldn't want to leave this place - it was simply too beautiful in here. 

Moreover, the density of spiritual qi here far exceeded the Immortal's Capital and even reached the level of the Ancient Demon Realm! 

Wu Yu finally understood why mystical dragons could remain here for so long without stepping out. This was because the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas was more beautiful and had denser spiritual qi than the external world. Moreover, it was vast and spacious. These were probably the reasons why they weren't too interested in the deserted and poor world outside of the palace. 

At the very least, Wu Yu knew that the mystical dragon tribe restricted mystical dragons from leaving without reason. It was especially so for young mystical dragons, who were basically barred from leaving completely. 

After all, their identities as immortal beasts would be an issue wherever they went. 

It had been a long time since the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord existed, yet there were only slightly more than 4,000 mystical dragons. This suggested that it was tough for them to increase their numbers. 

Growing their population might be the greatest mission of this generation of mystical dragons. 

Perhaps heaven was fair. The rarer the bloodline, the fewer the number. On the other end, lowly bloodlines could procreate as much as they wanted. Examples would be the mosquitoes and ants on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

Other than Luo Pin and the old dragons, Wu Yu also saw many other mystical dragons. A small majority of them were in human form and standing before Wu Yu, while the majority were in their mystical dragon bodies, observing Wu Yu from afar. Some were hovering above the clouds, while others were swimming in the vast sea joyously. Wu Yu could see that the majority of the mystical dragons were relatively young. Those nine dragons he had seen in the Yan Huang Ancient Region previously were probably the most senior batch. 

The nine dragons, including Luo Pin, that Wu Yu had seen previously had the highest positions in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. Luo Pin was the Dragon Lord that led the mystical dragon tribe. The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon was once a candidate to become the Dragon Lord. However, as he was inferior to the Primordial Immortal Dragon, he held the position of Dragon Monarch. The Dragon Monarch was the equivalent of the Prime Minister of Yan Huang, or even the equivalent of the Regent. There were some matters that were directly handled by the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. 

The remaining elders were the seven Esteemed Elders of the mystical dragon tribes. They were the older generation that had existed till now. Those that were older than them with inferior bloodlines had already perished. 

Wu Yu was deeply attracted by this majestic world. 

Luo Pin stood right before him, wearing a smile, and said to Wu Yu with her head slightly lifted, "What's the matter? Is the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas even more attractive than me?" 

"Uhm.... Definitely not...." Wu Yu smiled awkwardly. He wanted to hold her hand, but the thousand mystical dragons were all looking at him. Among them were some young dragons that were recently born. Their eyes were still wide open and therefore he could only pull his hand back. 

Before Wu Yu could speak, the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon grumbled, "Dragon Lord, pardon me for being blunt. Our ancestors have rules that restrict external tribes from entering the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. Moreover, he is the Yan Huang Emperor. If anything happens and we draw the attention of rebels, we might suffer...." 

Luo Pin turned around and said with absolute authority and decisiveness, "I'll be responsible for anything that goes wrong. If the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas suffers any losses, I will pay for it."  

Many mystical dragons had probably never seen such a confrontational Luo Pin and therefore were stumped. In fact, they had never seen Luo Pin being so headstrong towards the Dragon Monarch and therefore could sense something was amiss between them. 

Luo Pin always had a gentle image in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. The young dragons had never seen her getting angry over the Dragon Monarch and therefore kept quiet out of fear. 

They could also see the seven Esteemed Elders having opinions of this. However, they couldn't stop Luo Pin. It was especially so after Luo Pin said that she would pay for any losses. Such a headstrong attitude left them helpless. At this point, they exchanged glances and heaved sighs of desperation while staring at Wu Yu with grievances. 

Luo Pin didn't find it to be of matter. She led Wu Yu over and said to the crowd, "Let me introduce him to everyone. His name is Wu Yu. As for what his identity is, it doesn't matter. Since he's in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, he is my guest. It has been a long time since we have had any guests. I hope you all will be on your best behavior and show that our mystical dragon tribe can be a good host." 

Many mystical dragons could see that something was amiss from Luo Pin's previous trip to Yan Huang and her letting Wu Yu in this time. Moreover, there were rumors of Luo Pin being together with the new Yan Huang emperor. Now that they saw them standing next to each other, the mystical dragons understood that those weren't just rumors, but the truth.

Some were curious, while others gasped in admiration. Some were interested in Wu Yu, while others weren't happy with him. It was especially so for the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon, who had a more disgusted look than before. In the past, Luo Pin saw him as an older brother and would always show him some respect. In the competition to become the Dragon Lord, he had also given in to Luo Pin. 

"Alright, everyone can disperse now. I'll bring the guest around and introduce our Dragon Palace of the Four Seas to him," Luo Pin instructed. 

Wu Yu hadn't seen her in a long time. Now, seeing that she was willing to disregard all matters to speak for him, Wu Yu was pretty moved. This showed that it was definitely worth it for him to risk his life to be here. 

Wu Yu entering the place was now a fact. Even the seven Esteemed Elders and Dragon Monarch couldn't chase him away. At the fit of their anger, they left in a jiffy. 

"Dragon Lord, you are on the brink of achieving immortalhood. Don't let him hold up your future!" 

"Yeah. You have to think carefully about what's the most important thing at hand. Moreover, as the Dragon Lord, you have to be a good role model to your juniors, especially so in the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas." 

"Please think about it again. Our tribe has worked hard for hundreds of thousands of years before reaching where we are now." 

Before they left, the group of old dragons were on the brink of tears, exerting pressure on Luo Pin. Wu Yu felt miserable watching it, knowing she had to endure a disproportionate level of pressure. It was especially so for others denouncing her morality. 

"I'm sorry for causing difficulties for you," Wu Yu said remorsefully. 

Luo Pin pursed her lips, shook her head, and said, "Don't say that. I'm really happy that you are here to see me. As for what others are saying, I know them. Rest assured. It has been many years, and I have my ways of dealing with them. I respect them, but it doesn't mean I have to do everything as they demand. I have my freedom too." 

It was rare that she wasn't held back by her position and identity. 

It was really rare. 

This further convinced Wu Yu that it would be worth it to do anything for her. At the very least, she wouldn't disappoint him. 

"Let's go. It isn't easy for us to meet. We should be happy for the moment. Let me show you around this place." 

Although many mystical dragons had scattered, many young dragons were staring at them. They were exceptionally curious about Wu Yu and had heard that the Dragon Lord Luo Pin had fallen in love with a young man of the human tribe. They were curious as to what this young man was capable of. 

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