Chapter 1174: Mimic Spirit Design

After beginning the fight, the last puppet emerged from the white spirit design.

Of course, if there were actually immortal-level puppets, that would be incredible, but Wu Yu felt that it was likely not possible.

After rising to the second tier of the Dao Querying Realm, he immediately challenged the puppet in the white spirit design.

As for what would come after the Black Phoenix, the Silver Qilin, and the Golden Mystical Dragon, Wu Yu was pretty curious.

The other eight spirit designs vanished.

The white spirit design glowed brightly and then the light faded.

The puppet that appeared before Wu Yu was equivalent to a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator.

But what appeared could only be described as shocking.

Because this puppet was not a beast, and did not seem that scary.

He remembered that the puppets before had included the Dignified Sword Elemental, the Dignified Archer Elemental, and the Dignified Trident Elemental.

The puppet before him looked like the Dignified Sword Elemental, also human-like.

Its flesh, skin, features, organs, and bones were all exactly like a real person's, at first glance.

Of course, Wu Yu had the Eyes of Fire and Gold, and could see more. This was not a real person. It was ultimately still a puppet, albeit one made with many spirit designs. Every single drop of its blood had spirit designs.

Through and through.

It was clear that the spirit designs it had were even more complex than those of the Golden Mystical Dragon.

What shocked Wu Yu the most was that this puppet was a mirror image of Wu Yu, down to the last detail.

Just like Wu Yu's real body.

Therefore, when it stood against Wu Yu's real body, it was even more like Wu Yu than his own Heaven Devouring Avatar. Ordinary people would find it hard to tell the difference between this puppet and Wu Yu.

"This puppet was actually made in my image. I wonder how."

Wu Yu was rather astonished.

He had to admit that fighting this puppet felt similar to fighting the Little Roc Demon.

Especially since it looked exactly like him, it felt a little more threatening.

"Is that so surprising?" The opponent even seemed to be able to think independently, and spoke to Wu Yu.

"A little. How should I address you?" There had been no puppet able to converse with him before.

"As you wish. I am a puppet."

He was even aware of his own identity. That was special enough. Puppets were not alive, and could not have sentience. Only heaven could produce life.

Perhaps some soul was used in creating this puppet.

"Then I'll call you Puppet Wu Yu."

It was just a label, it did not matter.

"Alright. As long as you defeat me, you can command me. To have reached this level, it shows that you're very strong already. Surpassing eight levels to challenge me is quite remarkable. Let's get to it," Puppet Wu Yu said.

It spoke casually.

"No problem."

Wu Yu was prepared.

Puppet Wu Yu suddenly laughed. "Be careful. I'm not easy to deal with. You might return disappointed."

"Show me, then."

This battle would be a hard fight.

Wu Yu did not hide at all. He immediately shifted to the strongest state of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, the Jambu Sky Pillar and Yan Huang Dragon Insignia in hand. All of his great treasures were deployed.

But Puppet Wu Yu changed as well, pulling out a silver staff that resembled the Jambu Sky Pillar as his choice of weapon.

Wu Yu saw that its body could change at will, dissolving into a liquid state at any time. It had endless transformations. Of course, it was not that this puppet was created in Wu Yu's image, but simply that it could take many forms.

Since it could even pull out a staff from its body, he could probably change into any person or beast.


"Just a humble trick. Nothing to pull teeth over," Puppet Wu Yu said.

It felt strange to see himself talk.

When the Heaven Devouring Avatar was speaking beside him, he still felt like he was the speaker. This was different.

But as strange as it was, he would understand it all once he took it down and studied the spirit designs.

Just as he was about to attack, his opponent actually moved first.

When Wu Yu used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to maximize his size, his opponent's body was also changing, growing at the same time as his.

When Wu Yu used the Immortal Ape Transformation, the opponent also turned into a golden Immortal Ape.

When the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia appeared in Wu Yu's hand, his opponent also created a Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

Wu Yu was curious. Could he also use all the spirit designs that Wu Yu would use?

He laughed and immediately used the Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Design!

The Yan Huang Dragon Insignia's power surged forth, the huge dragon insignia rising into the sky. It crashed down on Puppet Wu Yu's head, and the words “Yan Huang” became two mystical dragons that coiled over his head. They crashed down, completely trapping the puppet.

However, his opponent also raised its Yan Huang Dragon Insignia to the sky. It flipped around and seemed to use a similar spirit design. Both clashed strongly. Wu Yu's Yan Huang Dragon Insignia had smashed his opponent's Dragon Insignia completely, but its own power had been completely negated, and did no damage to Puppet Wu Yu.

Even the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia could not finish it off!

Wu Yu was amazed. He could just create a Yan Huang Dragon Insignia out of nothing and completely negate his own attack?

Of the two Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Designs, Wu Yu's seraphic dao treasure had seemed more aggressive, but his opponent's one had seemed stronger, as though it had the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy of a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator. In comparison, Wu Yu had not managed to take the advantage.

"Perhaps it has some sort of mimic spirit design that allows it to copy you. Or perhaps its natural ability is to copy. If you don't believe it, test it out?"

Heeding Ming Long, Wu Yu did not immediately use his strongest move. Instead, he used other methods, such as his All Cleansing God Eye Technique. But his opponent also used the All Cleansing God Eye Technique, and it seemed stronger than Wu Yu's.

When he used the Imperial Descent's spirit design, Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design, his opponent followed suit, and again it seemed stronger than his.

Wu Yu could see that even his opponent’s Imperial Descent battle axe had been pulled out of its body.

From start to finish, it was the exact duplicate. Wu Yu had the stronger dao treasure but was matched by his opponent's higher level of strength.

Wu Yu used the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots' 3,000 Star Clouds Decimation Design. His opponent also used its Stellar Universe Dragon Boots' 3,000 Star Clouds Decimation Design. It seemed as powerful as Wu Yu's. More, it was unafraid of death. It was uncanny.

"This means that it has some sort of mimic spirit design. It has no innate offensive moves. Of course, its mimicking is just a copy. It doesn't have the original spirit design's true power, although it is close."

Wu Yu could feel that the puppet could instantly see through its opponent's spirit designs. Even if it did not understand it, it could duplicate spirit designs instantly and perfectly.

This was indeed an amazing skill.

But Wu Yu found the way to deal with it.

"Some things cannot be easily copied."

For example, the Violent Art.

It was not just a thickening of his arms. The Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth had also been only copied in form. But as for how much strength he had, it did not actually change depending on the puppet's size.

For example, the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

When Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar also entered, the puppet was forced to split into two, to fight both the real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar. But actually, its overall strength did not double after splitting. Each divided body was diminished in strength.

Even when Wu Yu used other spirit designs, he could overcome his duplicate. As the two fought, half of the puppet's body was destroyed by Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar's Nine-Starred Dragon's Well. The other was smashed by Wu Yu's Violent Art, supported by the secondary spirit designs of the Jambu Sky Pillar. It was pulped.


This did not mean that Puppet Wu Yu was not good. Wu Yu had only managed to beat it with two bodies. Others would be unable to use such an approach. Given its strength, the puppet would naturally have an advantage against someone like the Little Roc Demon. After all, judging by the fight between Wu Yu and the Little Roc Demon, the puppet could probably duplicate his Natural Mystiques and have a close fight. In the end, its unkillable body would allow him to triumph over its opponent.

After taking down the puppet, Wu Yu studied it. As expected, all of the spirit designs in its body served a central purpose, which was a mimic spirit design.

The entire puppet's ability revolved on mimicking. Of course, it also had the power of a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator.

Put simply, it was a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator who could copy any attack of any opponent, and was perhaps stronger than his opponent. Unless the enemy had immortal-level techniques, such as the Violent Art.

After some time, Puppet Wu Yu recovered. Wu Yu put it in the Temple of Heart and Spirit to protect Wu You. Alongside the other puppets, this was quite the defensive setup.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar remained here for the moment as well.

Wu Yu prepared to go to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas after defeating this puppet, to meet his better half.

However, he realized that there was a change in the Floating Dreams Pagoda after defeating Puppet Wu Yu.

Firstly, in terms of time, Wu Yu could feel that the time within was flowing even quicker.

He experimented and found that it was 10 times now!

Which meant that 10 years within was equivalent to one year outside.

There was another even more significant change!

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