Chapter 1173: The Last Puppet

Wu Yu was not worried, because the Crimson Blood Roc Demon only knew that he was fast, but not that he could also elude imprisonment.

Therefore, the Azure Dragon demon immortal was caught completely off-guard.

Wu Yu knew that his final refusal had triggered the Azure Dragon demon immortal to use his natural Mystique, with intent to kill Wu Yu and take the key.

As a demon immortal, it was already his limit to bend and bow to Wu Yu.

Finally, he had run out of patience. This showed Wu Yu that he was not as harmless as he had described himself to be.

After all, Wu Yu had also heard about the Azure Dragon's temper. He was a huge whale in the sea. Opening his gigantic mouth, he would suck in huge quantities of fish and prawn, except that all he ate was demons.

In any case, while he was not as merciless as the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, but he had an equally casual attitude about the lives of others.

That was also why he had not easily agreed to the deal.

As he leaped out from the Azure Dragon's stomach, he was still in Fishing Dragon Region. The huge shadow beneath him was the demon immortal, bursting with fury. Wu Yu charged towards the sky. Right now, he could care about nothing else, besides reaching the surface. Otherwise, he would be at the mercy of the sea currents.

"So you can even escape from my stomach! Impressive! But escape from my clutches? Not so easy!"

As Wu Yu appeared, the Azure Dragon locked on to his location, and chased Wu Yu into the clouds.  Wu Yu looked down and felt a pang of shock and fear. Below him, a terrifying beast's silhouette could be seen!

It was perhaps as big as an entire sea region!

Its body was like an alligator or lizard, but covered with dragon scales, as black as night. It looked a little like a scaled dragon, but its head was much larger. It took up a third of his body on its own. Especially that mouth - when it opened, it felt like it could take a bite out of the land itself. It felt like he could even swallow an island the size of Nanyin Demon Continent whole.

This was not a mouth like the Jambu Titanic Beast's, but one arrayed with sharp teeth.

This was the Azure Dragon!

He was truly colossal.

As he exploded with rage, his intent to kill was overwhelming. Locking on to Wu Yu, he simply had to raise his head to reach him, even if Wu Yu was already in the sky.

Now that Wu Yu was already out of his stomach, Wu Yu was even less afraid. He looked down from the clouds: "Actually, you're overthinking things. My world is watched over by an awesome immortal. He's my father. The way I see it, he's at least 10 times stronger than you. He guards that world, and if you go over, you might just be killed immediately."

He mentioned father to scare Azure Dragon. Of course, the way things were looking it seemed there was at least a 95 percent chance that the Ancient Emperor was truly his father.

However, the Azure Dragon bellowed: "Cease your intimidation! I am not at all scared! 10 times as strong? Come on then!"

"You mean that you're going to other worlds to change them after all, eh? You also know that you became a demon immortal long ago, rather than becoming a demon immortal in another world, right? So you're not guaranteed to go to Demon Immortal Realm?" Wu Yu said.

"And so what? If you're here to stir us up, then why should I beg you for anything?! Let me tell you this: we eight demon immortals have already talked to each other. Everyone knows of your presence. From now on, don't even think of obtaining an Ancient Demon Stone. You might be able to run, but forget about getting the Ancient Demon Stones that we have hidden. Dream on! So run then! One day, you will come to us to beg! To work with us!" To think that they had teamed up. Wu Yu was not anticipating that.

Ordinarily, they would hide their own secrets.

Perhaps in his fit of anger at losing the Ancient Demon Stone, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon had told the other seven.

"You're forgetting something. Leaving the Ancient Demon Realm is a common hope, so it's natural that they team up. Next, the eight of them will probably hunt you down all over the world. Each wants to kill you and take the key. Perhaps they will fight amongst themselves after that, but that would no longer be your concern."

Ming Long said.

"You're right."

These eight demon immortals teaming up was indeed a huge problem for Wu Yu. He naturally knew that his situation just got much harder. It had gotten even harder to obtain Ancient Demon Stones.

"I gave you a chance. You squandered it. Go to hell!"

Azure Dragon surged out of the sea region, his colossal body gleaming in the sunlight. It was as though an island had risen into the sky. A terrifying sight.

Wu Yu knew that chances were slim now. He decided not to linger. Before he was caught, he left swiftly. Azure Dragon realized that his speed was frightening. Even as a demon immortal, he could not detect Wu Yu's tracks.

"What kind of Mystique is that? Feels like he disappeared from the world!"

Azure Dragon was stunned.

He looked in the direction that Wu Yu had left, his gaze smoldering.

A wild look that had not appeared in years.

Wu Yu appeared back on land before long.

"Those eight have teamed up. If you go hunting Ancient Demon Stones, you will definitely walk into their traps. What are you going to do?"

Wu Yu shook his head. "What can I do? Put the matter aside for now. In any case, I'm not in any great hurry. At least I got the Gateway to the Jambu Realm. I have time. I can definitely wait them out. I'm in no hurry to go to the other worlds either. It's important to focus on my own cultivation. Settle down and raise my cultivation realm. I can wait, but they might run out of patience. If they think that I've left, they'll get even more anxious."

"Makes sense. Let those eight shrimps stew. Heh heh!" Ming Long cackled.

The Azure Dragon was colossal, but she called him a shrimp......

Wu Yu returned back to Temple of Heart and Spirit, and briefly told Full Moon of Nanshan and the others about it.

"So there are many other worlds. Amazing. Those worlds are probably more interesting than Ancient Demon Realm. There are only demons here. Not even a castle." Ye Xixi had gone exploring in the last few days as well. To her dissatisfaction, it was barren plains and mountains everywhere.

"Stellar Realm, Immortal Sword Realm, Divine Battle Realm. Perhaps these realms cultivate slightly differently from us. Interesting indeed. But the Ancient Demon Realm's spiritual qi is densest. This is a suitable place for cultivation, and there are many opponents to hone ourselves on."

"Let's work hard. If you need a sparring partner, I can accommodate." Wu Yu smiled.

"We wouldn't spar with a mad lad like you. I like to spar with the little girl. Easy meat, haha!" Full Moon of Nanshan laughed merrily.

"Hmph, one day I will surpass you, and beat you until you're crawling on the floor picking up your teeth!"

Temple of Heart and Spirit was a merry place, with good cheer. Wu Yu went to check in on Wu You and Feng Xueya. Especially Wu You. In another world, her resilient nature had asserted itself, and now she also had Wu Yu helping her.

Wu Yu's own cultivation realm had been boosted by external forces, and he had surged to the Dao Querying Realm smoothly.

Ancient Emperor's Dao Musings, golden titan.

Therefore, Wu Yu decided to settle down for a while.

He had time. Five times the time, in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

After chatting with Full Moon of Nanshan and the others for a while, he entered with the Full Moon of Nanshan.

The eight demon immortals were combing the world for him, but Ancient Demon Realm was huge, and it was not easy to search, even for demon immortals.

As for Wu Yu, he remained in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, studying great spirit designs, refining immortal medicines, and contemplating dao. One step at a time.

Patience was the most important virtue.

This was a tedious process. For Wu Yu, it was revision. He went over his prior hasty progress, filling in the gaps, and also developing in new directions. Dao Querying Realm was about questioning and contemplating, and moving forwards a little at a time.

Invisibly, time passed in his isolation.

In a flash, about 50 months had passed in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. That was roughly 4 years.

In the Ancient Soul Tower, Wu Yu had consecutively blitzed through multiple tiers to reach the Dao Querying Realm. In these 4 years, he had re-gathered himself, and grinded his way up. In his meditative state, he had finally reached second tier Dao Querying cultivation.

And in this time, roughly a year of real time had passed since he had come to the Ancient Demon Realm.

He remembered that he had told Luo Pin he wished to see her once a year. She had agreed.

In this year, Ancient Emperor had not looked for Wu Yu either. Seemed like nothing was happening.

After a year, Luo Pin was probably ever closer to immortalhood.

Wu Yu prepared to make a trip to Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. Perhaps the Ancient Emperor was still a very real threat, and it was best if he did not appear at the Jambu Realm, but Wu Yu missed her. After so long, he had no news of her.

Perhaps she was missing him too.

As time passed, he felt that there should be no problem with the Ancient Emperor. It was simply his method of nurture - to keep Wu Yu away from him.

He had once said that time would prove all.

A year had passed, and indeed his point stood.

However, before he went to the Jambu Realm, Wu Yu decided to challenge another puppet in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, since he had gone to great lengths to increase his cultivation realm. The Golden Mystical Dragon was equivalent to a ninth tier Dao Querying cultivator, and the next puppet would be a tenth tier Dao Querying cultivator. Wu Yu wanted to know - would it be the last puppet?

If not, could he actually have immortal-level puppets?

Wu Yu felt that seemed unlikely.

But he was eager to see if the Floating Dreams Pagoda would change in any way after he defeated the last puppet.

He had defeated the tenth tier Dao Querying cultivator Little Roc Demon before, and so he felt that it should be little effort to defeat the last puppet with just his main body, since he had risen by one tier.

He prepared himself.

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