Chapter 1172: Azure Dragon Demon Immortal

However, the Fishing Dragon Region was fairly gloomy, and very desolate.

Even when he was approaching it, Wu Yu noticed that there was no life around.

Evidently, no one dared to get too close to disturb the demon immortal.

Demon immortals probably held the same status here as the Ancient Emperor did in the Jambu Realm.

These demons spoke of the demon immortals with profound respect. Some were even more fearful than respectful, especially towards the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. Many only held an abiding dread.

However, even the Crimson Blood Roc Demon could do nothing to Wu Yu. And now he was searching all over for Wu Yu futilely.

Wu Yu stealthily entered the Fishing Dragon Region. His eyes watched all directions and his ears were open to all sound as he headed towards the depths of the Fishing Dragon Region with his Eyes of Fire and Gold scouting out the way.

As he entered deeper waters, the entire world was plunged into a deep gloom. This part of the sea was so deep that not a sliver of light reached it. Wu Yu himself was not inclined to create light either. That would make it easy for the Azure Dragon demon immortal to spot him.

He continued forward, towards where the seawater was richer in spiritual qi.

He did not know how much time had passed, but he suddenly saw a deep-sea trench before him. There seemed to be a glimmer of light, and Wu Yu locked on to it with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. He looked down and saw the Ancient Demon Stone.

It was nestled deep in the trench, and all was quiet. From a good distance, he could see images changing on it. This also proved that it was the Ancient Demon Stone.

"Could the Azure Dragon demon immortal be somewhere else? Could he have gone out carousing after the season of massacre ended?" Wu Yu mused.

He did not dare to directly approach the Ancient Demon Stone. He continued to observe and stayed wary of his surroundings. His Eyes of Fire and Gold swept the entire area, but he found no trace of life.

"Unless the Azure Dragon demon immortal specializes in camouflage, it's unlikely that he can elude my gaze."

Since he was sure that the Azure Dragon demon immortal was probably somewhere else, then he would settle things quickly. He made a decision and homed in on the Ancient Demon Stone. And then, quick as lightning, he zoomed in!

His speed was naturally frightening.

"Something's wrong."

In truth, the area was too damn quiet.

Just as the notion occurred to him, the peaceful sea suddenly exploded in a maelstrom before Wu Yu even touched the Ancient Demon Stone. It felt like the sky was falling. The debris in the sea completely shattered, and the Ancient Demon Stone disappeared as well!

In such a chaotic situation, Wu Yu could have left directly with the Somersault Cloud, but after realizing it was a trap, he instead was in no hurry to leave.

Subsequently, the water gradually calmed back down.

The sea floor seemed to have vanished, and now it was seawater all around him. The light from the Ancient Demon Stone was gone, and he was back in pitch-black darkness.

Wu Yu did not panic in such a situation. He calmly assessed his situation. "Where am I?"

He felt like he was trapped somewhere.

"You are in my stomach." Suddenly, a huge voice boomed out. It sounded like it belonged to an elder, and had a cheeky twang to it.

"Could it be that the sea trench was your mouth? I did not realize it. How clever of you." Wu Yu remembered that the world had started shaking when he entered the sea trench, then he had been swept here.

"You're wrong. The moment you entered the Fishing Dragon Region, you were already in my mouth. My body is half the size of the entire Fishing Dragon Region," the Azure Dragon demon immortal boasted.

Wu Yu was indeed stunned by this.

He had already been very careful, but this guy was just too enormous. So he had been walking around inside his mouth for the better part of a day. He had let his guard down upon seeing the Ancient Demon Stone, and was now already in his belly. No wonder the world had shaken.

The Azure Dragon demon immortal did not seem like the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. Wu Yu had also guessed that he was a pretty laid-back demon, and probably someone he could negotiate with.

He asked, "The demon immortal seems to have set this trap at leisure and was waiting for me. Could it be that someone told you that I was coming?"

Azure Dragon howled with glee. "You're a clever one. That's right. The Crimson Blood Roc Demon said that you stole his son and traded him for his Ancient Demon Stone. He's looking all over the world to kill you. If I just let him know I've caught you, there'll definitely be a huge reward."

So it was the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. He had gone mad with rage.

Wu Yu smiled. "Senior demon immortal, you probably didn't take a liking to the huge reward. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here wasting your breath on me."

The Azure Dragon demon immortal roared with laughter. "Indeed. I don't want his black and smelly things. I heard that you have the key to the Ancient Demon Realm with you. I also know that you want the Ancient Demon Stone. So I propose a trade. One that is definitely fair, and will sound loud and proud in your favor."

The Azure Dragon indeed seemed slightly benign.

Laughter bubbled out of Wu Yu. "I beg Senior to tell me more."

Azure Dragon said, "Very simple. I have been guarding the Ancient Demon Stone for a very, very long time. Today, I'm willing to give it to you. But before that, you open the Gateway to the Immortal Sword Realm and send me over there. The deal is then complete. A perfect success. And as for me, I don't even want to take your key. That's a complete win for you."

Wu Yu was silent after hearing this.

Firstly, he could confirm that this Ancient Demon Stone led to a new world, a place called the Immortal Sword Realm.

He had no idea how beautiful this world might be, or if it was anything like the Stellar Realm, the Divine Battle Realm, or the Jambu Realm.

Perhaps from the words “Immortal Sword,” many people liked to use the sword. Perhaps a place like the Shushan Immortal Sect.

From this trade, it seemed like it would be all too easy for him to obtain the Gateway to the Immortal Sword Realm. All he had to do was to send him out.

Evidently, the Azure Dragon was not at all interested in the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's reward. He had his own ideas.

Wu Yu asked, "Isn't the Ancient Demon Realm not bad either? Does Senior wish to leave this place so badly?"

The demon immortal Azure Dragon laughed bitterly. "I've already cultivated to demon immortal level. I know that this world will grant me not another bit of improvement. I'm already at the limit. Besides, each season of massacre is torture. My friends, my brothers, they all die here. I've lost track of the years. I hate this world. You're actually telling me this world is not bad? Keke.... Do you know why we all guard our Ancient Demon Stones so closely? It's because we can see other worlds, where there is no season of massacre."

This answer was similar to the Rose Demon Queen's.

"Your end of the deal is simple. Send me over. Release me. It's agony here in the Ancient Demon Realm. I have spent a meaningless eternity here."

He pleaded with sincerity, and awaited Wu Yu's reply.

Wu Yu thought it over, but he still shook his head. "In truth, I am one of those you envy, who came from other worlds. The worlds are not as you imagine. The spiritual qi is far inferior compared to this place. Besides, there are eight demon immortals here, but only one immortal there. All that is different is the season of massacre."

The Azure Dragon shook his head. "You don't get it. The only exit for us demons is the Demon Immortal Realm. Do you know why the eight of us are here? It's because we cannot go to the Demon Immortal Realm. But throughout all these years, we have seen demon immortals rise from other worlds, going on to Demon Immortal Realm, a world that truly belongs to the demon immortals."

"Demon Immortal Realm?"

In the Jambu Realm, Wu Yu had heard of this place. It was a little like heaven and hell, but probably much smaller. It was the final goal for all demons. It was said that one could rise to Demon Immortal Realm after becoming a demon immortal.

Therefore, they, too, wanted to go to the Demon Immortal Realm.

"This trade is way too simple for you," the Azure Dragon said temptingly.

He felt like he had almost persuaded Wu Yu.

However, Wu Yu still shook his head. "Honestly, I cannot agree. I still don't know you, and your nature. You are a terrifying demon immortal. If I take you to the Immortal Sword Realm, you might wreak havoc in that world. You might even be a tyrant there, and cause countless deaths. If that's the case, then the burden of the sin will lie heavily on me. Because I don't know you, I cannot bring you over, no matter how easy it is."

The demon immortal Azure Dragon had been eagerly waiting for his answer.

But Wu Yu's reply devastated him. This mighty demon immortal stood before Wu Yu, and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm begging you. I can guarantee that I won't do anything wild. I am trying to go to the Demon Immortal Realm. I will not mess with the world, may heaven's lightning strike me if I do. How about you come with me to supervise? Will that do?"

He seemed to truly want this. If he was in human form, he would probably be pleading Wu Yu on his knees.

"That doesn't help. If you cause mischief, I can't stop you, can I?" Wu Yu only wanted to go and see other worlds, and was not bent on going there. Therefore, bringing this demon immortal over was too risky for him. He had no need to take such a risk, so he was unwilling to take this deal, sweet as it sounded.

After being rejected, the Azure Dragon demon immortal flew into a rage. "You rejected the wine I offered and demanded wine that has gone sour! Didn't I tell you that you're in my stomach, and in my control?! Since you're not going to be smart about it, then I won't show you mercy either. I will take the key myself and do as I please!"

Perhaps this was his true nature?

Wu Yu could already feel that an attack was imminent. He had not simply swallowed him into his stomach. This was some sort of Natural Mystique.

But Wu Yu had prepared beforehand. Just as the opponent thought him good and cornered, and prepared to attack him, Wu Yu flipped with the Somersault Cloud and left his stomach.

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