Chapter 1170: The Secret of the Ancient Demon Stone

The Little Roc Demon, who had had a smooth-sailing life, was now literally the short end of the Jambu Sky Pillar, with only his head poking out. He was completely immobilized, and injured as well, with no way of recovering. If Wu Yu wanted him dead, it could be done in a flash.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar quickly returned to Wu Yu's side. After the deed was done, Wu Yu prepared to leave.

The Little Roc Demon had already passed out from fright at being Wu Yu's prisoner. Of course, he had already been thoroughly intimidated by the Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell.

As long as the Little Roc Demon was in his hands, Wu Yu was confident that he could stand up to the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

"You... You, what are you doing!?"

"Let the Prince go! If you offend the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, you're doomed! Doomed! You're no demon immortal!"

These demons could only threaten Wu Yu thus, but did not dare to step forward.

Wu Yu smiled. "You will soon know. I'll be leaving now. Bye."

He hefted the Jambu Sky Pillar but did not put it away - after all, there was still a person in it. And then he pulled out his Somersault Cloud. With one somersault, he was gone, as far as his real body could go.

However, Wu Yu had left a dozen Unshackled Doppelgangers behind. Therefore, they saw Wu Yu disappear, but a dozen things exactly the same appear before their eyes. They thought that it was a type of ape demon.

Each time Wu Yu used the Somersault Cloud, he would have to reserve two Unshackled Doppelgangers for this purpose.

When he left the battlefield, he dropped 100 clones along the way randomly. Each time, he left the clone in a rather obvious place.

Next would be a battle of wits and bravery.

At this time, the dozen clones that he had left behind could see a huge, blood-colored cloud rapidly making its way over. It covered half the sky, and dense blood qi filled the air. All of the demons cowered as though the season of massacre had returned.

Wu Yu naturally knew that the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was above this cloud. Or perhaps this blood cloud was his real body.

A huge Crimson Blood Roc Demon appeared overhead. Of course, Wu Yu was currently facing it with his Unshackled Doppelganger. This was a significant disadvantage, but his opponent did not seem angry. He was clearly hiding it. From what Wu Yu understood of him, his semblance of calm was just his way of dealing with an enemy.

"Crimson Blood Roc Demon, an honor to meet you,” one of Wu Yu's Unshackled Doppelgangers said towards the sky.

"So it was you who defeated my son and took him away?"

He seemed to speak very neutrally, but this was the calm before the storm.

Wu Yu smiled modestly. "That's right. The Little Roc Demon is quite strong, but I'm a bit stronger. Now that the Little Roc Demon is in my hands, I'll get straight to the point. During the battle, I could’ve killed him, but I held back. After all, I have a favor to ask of you. Haha."

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon replied mildly, "You are something special. From the moment I became a demon immortal, I have never met anyone who wasn't a demon immortal and talked to me like that. I'm curious about where you came from. You must be from another world."

He was shrewd.

"Indeed, I am not from the Ancient Demon Realm." Wu Yu nodded.

The negotiations seemed to be going smoothly, since he had the Little Roc Demon's life in his hands.

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon did not seem to be pressuring Wu Yu much either, because he knew that this was just a clone. There was no use applying pressure here. The real Wu Yu was long gone.

"Oh, let me guess. You want the Ancient Demon Stone. Is that right?" the Crimson Blood Roc Demon asked.

He was very knowledgeable, and had the feel of a demon immortal.

And yet the word was that he was the most vicious of the eight demon immortals, and had killed countless demons.

He basically lived in the season of massacre.

Wu Yu smiled. "The demon immortal is very wise. I indeed want the Ancient Demon Stone. I have no enmity with the Little Roc Demon. It was purely for the Ancient Demon Stone. As long as the demon immortal gives me the Ancient Demon Stone, I will immediately let the Little Roc Demon scamper back alive to your side. The Little Roc Demon seems very interested in my dao treasures. As thanks, I will even give the Little Roc Demon a seraphic dao treasure with more than 500,000 spirit designs, as a little token of compensation."

He naturally wished for this negotiation to proceed in good cheer.

"Alright. Since you seem to have long grasped my weak point, I won't bullshit with you. Tell me how we will make the exchange," the Crimson Blood Roc Demon said.

He was even more direct than Wu Yu had thought.

Wu Yu asked curiously, "Does the demon immortal not hate me? After all, I did go a little overboard. I have no choice though. I must have the Ancient Demon Stone."

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon said coldly, "When others take what is mine, it will return to my hands one day. Therefore, I only wish to see my son safe for now."

What he meant was that he would act after securing his son's safety. As a demon immortal, it was reasonable for him to have that confidence. Therefore, Wu Yu also knew that he had to be wary of him. Perhaps he would very readily surrender the Ancient Demon Stone. But the snag was if he wished to leave safely or avoid being hunted.

But the opponent did not know that he had a mystique like the Somersault Cloud. It was incredible, and Wu Yu was still confident in his abilities.

He said, "Let these people go. Then leave the Ancient Demon Stone here before you go personally to Hammerstone Mountain to retrieve your son.  Don't worry. I only want the Ancient Demon Stone, and have no ill will towards the Little Roc Demon. I definitely will not do anything to him. It does me no good. I know the bottomline of a demon immortal, which is that the Little Roc Demon is unharmed. Right?"

"Hammerstone Mountain?" The Crimson Blood Roc Demon knew that it was a good distance from where they were. He would take a quarter of an hour to make a return trip.

He glared at Wu Yu. "I will do as you say. But let me tell you this. If you are deceiving me in any way, I swear in the name of a demon immortal that I will make you regret it forever." He vowed this vengefully.

"Please rest assured, sir. I only want the Ancient Demon Stone. I have no other plans."

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon considered this briefly. He first had the others leave, then he lowered a stone before Wu Yu's eyes. It was indeed the Ancient Demon Stone. He had actually brought it with him!

It felt like the Ancient Demon Stone, but Wu Yu's clone could not clearly see the pictures within, as the clone didn’t have the Eyes of Fire and Gold. But there were indeed images within, which proved that it was the Ancient Demon Stone. He used his clone to inspect it.

As long as the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was drawn away, Wu Yu would be fine.

"I go to Hammerstone Mountain?" the Crimson Blood Roc Demon asked.

"Go, then. The Little Roc Demon is there."

"You're pitting your speed against mine?" the Crimson Blood Roc Demon asked. If he found the Little Roc Demon, he would definitely return here.

"The demon immortal might be amazing, but in terms of speed, I'm a little ahead." Wu Yu grinned.

"Alright. We'll see. My threat stands. No games."

In a flash of red light, he was gone.

He stood by his word, leaving the Ancient Demon Stone where it was. No one came for a short while. Wu Yu had indeed left the Little Roc Demon at Hammerstone Mountain and returned back here before too long. He put the Ancient Demon Stone in the Floating Dreams Pagoda and then continued along with his Somersault Cloud, speeding away. The Crimson Blood Roc Demon had not been gone for long.

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon was indeed pitting his speed against Wu Yu's.

He wanted to save the Little Roc Demon and then return here. He did not believe that Wu Yu would be able to outrun him.

But it was not as he had imagined. Wu Yu could have totally foiled him. But since he had given up the Ancient Demon Stone so directly, Wu Yu returned the respect by leaving the Little Roc Demon unharmed. When the Crimson Blood Roc Demon reached Hammerstone Mountain, he could naturally take his son away.

However, Wu Yu knew that the Crimson Blood Roc Demon had a little trick up his sleeve.

He had put a trace on the Ancient Demon Stone so that he could hunt down Wu Yu afterwards.

The Crimson Blood Roc Demon naturally wanted to get the Ancient Demon Stone back, and also execute Wu Yu.

But Wu Yu was confident in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Floating Dreams Pagoda was the perfect seal. Anything that entered it would be gone to those outside.

After putting it in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, Wu Yu left very quickly. After about 15 minutes, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon returned with the Little Roc Demon in tow. He was evidently furious, perhaps because his son was injured, or perhaps because he could not track the Ancient Demon Stone.

Evidently, he knew that Wu Yu had taken away the Ancient Demon Stone when he reached Hammerstone Mountain. If he could track it, he would have gone directly towards the Ancient Demon Stone, and not returned here to see if the Ancient Demon Stone was still here, or if anything had happened to it.

"Demon immortal, seems like your tracking method doesn't work too well." Wu Yu's clone was still there. He laughed at the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

"Don't get cocky. Wait and see. As long as you're still in this world." The Crimson Blood Roc Demon destroyed Wu Yu's clone in a fit of rage.

Wu Yu lost all information from that side.

But no matter. The Ancient Demon Stone was obtained, and he could very likely go to other worlds now.

He buried the Floating Dreams Pagoda in the forest and then entered it along with his Heaven Devouring Avatar. Inside, Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to look again, and the images were indeed much clearer.

He was outside the Ancient Demon Stone, and did not look too closely at the pictures. He reached out a hand to touch the Ancient Demon Stone, because he knew that doing so would get him a clearer look.


He was in a new world, and he saw a large patch of land below him, surrounded by sea on all four sides. There was a patch of land over at the east side of the sea, and a few more in the west as well. There was also a relatively large island in the south.


The scene changed before his eyes.

"That's… the Yan Huang Tribe......" Wu Yu was stunned. He saw Immortal's Capital, and the Yan Huang Tribe within.

This meant that the Ancient Demon Stone, which he had spent so much effort to get to, was the Gateway to the Jambu Realm.

He felt like vomiting blood. 

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