Chapter 0117: Fight for Glory!


Previously, the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples had been beaten down by Jiang Junlin, and they exploded with fury now, their anger rolling forward like a wave.

And Wu Yu was their weapon!

The spearhead of a tsunami!

Wu Yu and Jiang Junlin were both of metal and fire affinities. Their clash now was like a collision between two metal balls, super-heated in golden flame!

The impact shook the entire Immortal's Battle Stage!


The hundreds of disciples were roused now, roaring their support. A wave of pressure swamped Jiang Junlin.

And at this moment, Wu Yu was linked to all the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

He knew what he had to do.

On this day, he did not only represent himself, but the honor and glory of the Heavenly Sword Sect, as well as his savior and master, Feng Xueya. This was not an individual battle, but a battle for honor!

Wu Yu's blood was fired like never before. This was the sensation of glory. Perhaps he had not been at the Heavenly Sword Sect for a long time, but the transformation he had undergone here gave him new life. A debt of love that he would remember for life!

To him, the glory of the Heavenly Sword Sect was paramount now.

And this time around, even more than the last time, he longed to defeat Jiang Junlin!

"Wu Yu, just for these 30 Spirit Concentration Pills, I'll make you regret this for a decade!" Jiang Junlin's Radiant Treasure Pagoda flew into the air, spinning and suppressing Wu Yu.


The Radiant Treasure Pagoda burst with a thousand rays of light.

Wu Yu felt like there was a mountain pressing down on his head!

The tremendous pressure naturally affected his dao technique usage greatly.

His hands and feet, and his bodily movements, felt like he was in a swamp.


Jiang Junlin seemed to be sending a message. He used the move that had defeated Su Yanli against Wu Yu. While the Radiant Treasure Pagoda was suppressing him, he employed Sun's Serenade, creating the Annihilating Supernova. A huge fireball of six feet grew to life before Jiang Junlin, and hurtled towards Wu Yu like a cannonball!

Another devastating round.

At this moment, Wu Yu was in the exact same hot soup that Su Yanli had been in.

Su Yanli had used another immortal treasure to take care of the Radiant Treasure Pagoda, but Wu Yu did not have one. No one knew how Wu Yu would handle this.

Naturally, they were all very nervous.

"Please don't lose...."

"This loss will completely destroy the pride of the Heavenly Sword Sect....."

Every disciple's face was lit up by the fiery light.


Wu Yu moved!

His movements were unbelievable. Under the exhortations of the crowd, he did not take the Sun's Serenade to the face. Instead, he leaped mightily into the sky, both hands firmly gripping the Demon Subduing Staff. He exploded forth!

Four Dragons Ascension Column!

From the raging fire around the Demon Subduing Staff, four dragons uncoiled, circling the Demon Subduing Staff. The fire spun even more violently. It was extremely intimidating!


In that instant, the Demon Subduing Staff smashed down on the Radiant Treasure Pagoda.


The Radiant Treasure Pagoda rang with a loud bang. Under the double pressure of Wu Yu's physical and spiritual power, it was actually sent flying, rolling down the Immortal's Battle Stage. Under such tremendous power, it would not be easy for Jiang Junlin to retrieve it, even with Instrument Governing Arts!

After all, this was a dangerous battle, and he could not afford to lose focus!

At this moment, Jiang Junlin laughed loudly. And the faces of the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples were ugly.

Because even though Wu Yu had sent the Radiant Treasure Pagoda flying, the Sun's Serenade dao technique had hit Wu Yu, completely consuming him.

Wu Yu's entire figure vanished before their eyes. Anyone else would have been completely reduced to ash at this point!

"Sect Leader!"

Su Yanli and the other disciples were beside themselves with worry.

Wu Yu could not die....

Just as Jiang Junlin was sniggering coldly at the unpleasant expressions of the crowd, a figure emerged from the gigantic fireball. He appeared suddenly, falling to the ground like a meteor!


That awesome force was Wu Yu!

It was said that dao techniques had different results against different opponents. Back then, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's Fire Tornado Skill had been completely neutralized by Wu Yu, and Jiang Junlin's Sun's Serenade was the same!

Wu Yu cultivated the Invincible Vajra Body, and now, thanks to the Inner Vajra Buddha, he was completely forged by intense flames, both inside and outside. The thing he feared least was immolation. This dao technique from Jiang Junlin posed little threat to Wu Yu.

But any other affinity would indeed have caused Wu Yu much trouble.

This was the reason why Wu Yu had dared to take his opponent's dao technique head-on!

Wu Yu's emergence completely changed the expression on Jiang Junlin's face!

He was completely defenseless at this moment.

Wu Yu fell on him like a meteor descending!

The Demon Subduing Staff was roiling with flames, and light beamed from his eyes. He was like a golden battle god, invincible!

"Nine Dragons Ascension Column!"

In this instant, Wu Yu shook the crowd!

In that underground space, he had spent virtually all his time training the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike. But there had also been times when he had stagnated. He had channeled every single one of those moments into the Nine Dragons Ascension Column.

Because he had sufficient spiritual power, he had very easily cultivated this dao technique - which suited him very well - to satisfactory completion.

It had been a while since he had acquired the Nine Dragons Ascension Column. Back then, Situ Minglang had mastered a dao technique in a year, and Wu Yu's speed was not considered the fastest.

But presently, the Demon Subduing Staff's momentum had reached a peak. With nine mystical dragons surrounding it, he roared. The power of nine dragons descended!


The true power of the Nine Dragons Ascension Column left the disciples crying out in amazement.

He was so admirable!

With all nine dragons assembled, the true power of the dao technique could be brought to bear. It was at least twice that of the Four Dragons Ascension Column!

Nine dragons descended from the skies. His staff went straight for Jiang Junlin's head!

The tables had been turned on Jiang Junlin. Instantly, his own life was thrown into peril.

"Wu Yu!" 

Jiang Junlin's face was undone. He had been completely suppressed, and his expression was wretched. His entire body changed before Wu Yu, immediately becoming a golden spherical rock that was incredibly hard. It was the turtle shell that Su Yanli had described.

This was the power that his immortal root had given him.

It was the power of the Supernova Golden Body!


The golden ball that was Jiang Junlin's body began to spin ferociously. It reached speeds that the eye could not follow, and the golden light became cosmic qi that shot out in all directions, immediately reducing the rocks and trees in the vicinity to ash!


The Nine Dragons Ascension Column exploded with a deafening sound!


The crowd witnessed that Jiang Junlin's golden spherical form was beaten into the ground by Wu Yu. The entire ball was buried at least one zhang deep into the ground!

"Jiang Junlin lost?"

This was doubtful. After all, everyone knew that Jiang Junlin's Supernova Golden Body was fairly difficult to penetrate. It was not called a turtle shell for nothing.

Just at this moment, the ball emerged from below, retreating and splitting, changing back into the form of Jiang Junlin. But now his face was pale, his hair disheveled. He looked rather wretched, although he seemed not to be seriously harmed.

"The Nine Dragons Ascension Column was unable to break his Supernova Golden Body?" Wu Yu was a little taken aback. He had been confident about his own dao technique, and this was a surprise.

There was a vast improvement going from the Four Dragons Ascension Column to the Nine Dragons Ascension Column.

"Wu Yu, it's your turn now. This time, your cheap tricks have been completely exhausted!" The wretched Jiang Junlin laughed. Wu Yu's strongest attack had not been able to penetrate his defenses. The way he saw it, he was up next.

It seemed like he was very similar to Wu Yu, with an exceptional physical body.


The Radiant Treasure Pagoda flew up, landing on his hand. Jiang Junlin spat foam from his mouth. In his other hand, his Gilded Ruler made a reappearance.

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciples had a sense of foreboding when they saw this.

Jiang Junlin had resisted the strongest attack, and it was true that he had a huge chance to win.

Everything came down to whether Wu Yu could hold on.

That was what people normally thought.

But at this time, Wu Yu did the unthinkable. Seemingly oblivious to the terrible circumstances brewing, he turned back negligently towards Su Yanli and said, "Senior Sister Su, may I borrow the Golden Bauble of Day from you for a while?"

It was said that the higher class immortal treasures recognized their owners, and others could not utilize them. But ordinary immortal treasures did not have such restrictions.

"Sure!" Su Yanli did not consider, but immediately sent the immortal treasure in her hand over to Wu Yu. Wu Yu gripped the golden longsword and plunged the Demon Subduing Staff into the ground, turning to face Jiang Junlin once more. He smiled coldly. "It's been a while since I used a sword. Jiang Junlin, you're the first to make me pick up a sword again."

In truth, many present had never seen Wu Yu use a sword before.

But he had trained with swords since young, and the Golden Bauble of Day in his hand right now was like an extension of his arm.

"What foolish chicanery is this?" Jiang Junlin could not help but laugh deridingly.

He was quick, but Wu Yu was quicker!

Within his three spiritual sources, the yin and yang spiritual power created by the Great Way of Immortality Art continuously cycled, gushing forth furiously.

Wu Yu seemed to have returned to the underground place. Only a single pure sword appeared in his mind.

"Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike!"

He had never used it against people before, so he did not know how powerful it would be. But Wu Yu was supremely confident that the deadliness of this dao technique definitely surpassed the Nine Dragons Ascension Column!

It was a truly fatal finishing move!

"When the heavens and earth were created, Yin Yang were captured in a single breath, the sword ruled the heavens!"

This was the quality of a sword immortal!

This move lit Feng Xueya's eyes up. He could sense the aura of a sword cultivator from Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was not one-dimensional, but a truly holistic fighter!

The sword lunged!

Unhindered, he and his sword flew forward, closing in on Jiang Junlin!


Jiang Junlin laughed again. He spun in a fury, preparing to turn into the golden sphere to negate Wu Yu's attack!

But this time, that ordinary sword cut through everything before it. The genesis of yin and yang. Everything crumbled before this sword dao.

An endless void surrounded it.

"With all my qi in this strike!"

His lunge did not batter the golden ball aside, but pierced directly in!


Jiang Junlin howled painfully.

The golden ball vanished, and everyone could see that Wu Yu's Golden Bauble of Day had pierced Jiang Junlin's Chest Meridian. One spiritual source was completely skewered through!

Jiang Junlin's face was green. He was completely vanquished.

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