Chapter 1169: Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell


The combined crushing power of the Atlas Field and the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia suppressed the Little Roc Demon and his Lifeless Blood Lightning, smashing them to the ground!

When the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia landed, a radius of 10,000 li around it shook violently. Mountains collapsed and fissures appeared; rivers stopped and streams were diverted. The area around Wu Yu sank downwards in a large radius, creating a huge basin. The Yan Huang Dragon Insignia had already sunk even deeper, and the Little Roc Demon was nowhere to be seen. Only at the edges of the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia could some blood lightning be seen crackling weakly!

As for the Little Roc Demon, he was crushed underground by the two primordial dragons. Only Wu Yu knew how badly he was hurt.

"Young Master!"

The Little Roc Demon's underlings cried out upon seeing this.

They trembled, staring blankly at Wu Yu. Wu Yu had used the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia casually and easily. He had not only undone the Little Roc Demon's two Natural Mystiques, but had even crushed him decisively.

Before the battle, they would never have thought that such a thing would happen, even if they had been given 100 brains to think with.

Therefore, they were astounded and in disbelief, remaining unresponsive for a long time.

They again looked at Wu Yu, but this time with a glimmer of fear in their eyes. But the one that had been attacked was the son of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. They knew that Wu Yu was done for!

Therefore, they were still not very worried. As flustered as they were, they informed the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. At the same time, they crowded up together, intent on taking down Wu Yu, no matter what the Little Roc Demon had said before.

Suddenly, a figure emerged. The Nine-Starred Dragon's Well and the Atlas Pagoda were in his hands, and the Jambu Realm Scroll and other spirit designs had yet to be tried in battle. These people's attacks were stopped by Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar.

"What is this!?"

"Seems like his clone!"

"Even his clone is so powerful. Who is this guy? Could he be the specially nurtured weapon of some other demon immortal?"

"You dare to touch the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's son?! You're dead meat! Don't you know how much the demon immortal loves his son?!"

As they hollered, Wu Yu ignored them. He knew that the Little Roc Demon was a hardy one. The Lifeless Blood Lightning had helped him mitigate some of the attack. While he was seriously injured, he could still fight a little. Besides, losing the opening clash had triggered his aggression, and the Little Roc Demon was currently climbing to his feet. His towering rage exploded from his body. The waves of energy lifted the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia up, and Wu Yu lightly gestured, returning it to his hand.

From the deep fissure in the ground, the Little Roc Demon emerged, covered in blood. There was a wicked gleam in his eyes, which were fixed on Wu Yu. He said hoarsely, "Looks like I misjudged you. I thought you were some self-righteous trash, but you're actually after me, aren't you?"

Wu Yu was in no hurry. The Heaven Devouring Avatar could definitely keep them occupied, and even kill them as it wished. He looked at the Little Roc Demon and laughed. "Oh, the Little Roc Demon with his reputation for being slow-headed is surprisingly quick today. But it's too late now."

"You must be the first one in history to stand in my territory and have the guts to say those words." He had lifted the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia off his body with great difficulty. He had struggled to his feet, but he was still seriously wounded.

However, he had curbed his rage now. He had suffered defeats before, but nothing so terrible in the last century. Perhaps that long absence of defeat was why he was so angry now. He felt like a volcano of anger was erupting within him.

In such a state of fury, it was impossible that he would surrender now. He was not a cowardly person, and, fueled by rage, he wanted to use an even more terrifying Natural Mystique. He did not want his own father to watch him be bullied and then flee before his enemy's eyes.

"So many years! I have never let him down! I won't let him down now either!"

Even though fighting now would aggravate his injuries, the Little Roc Demon persisted. The fire of anger in his eyes was completely funneled on Wu Yu. Wu Yu's dominance made him feel resentful!

But Wu Yu moved faster than he did.

"Jambu Sky Pillar!"

The golden Immortal Ape in the sky was suddenly holding a jet-black pillar, on which vague carvings of huge creatures could be seen.

A divine dao treasure with 1 million spirit designs!

The Jambu Sky Pillar spun in Wu Yu's hands. It felt like he controlled the entire world.

The Little Roc Demon was even more furious now. He finally fought past his wounds, bringing his power to bear. His mystique burst forth!

"Devil Incarnate!"

Another great mystique came bursting out.

But Wu Yu was ahead of him. In the sky, he looked down with a condescending air that made the Little Roc Demon seethe. In his hands, the Jambu Sky Pillar inspired fear in others. At this time, the Little Roc Demon was about to use his Devil Incarnate mystique, a mystique that he was fairly confident in. But suddenly, he could no longer see Wu Yu in the air. The Little Roc Demon looked up to see a huge, black beast looming large, with just a body and a cavernous mouth. It forced his own "devil" back.

As though he had paled in comparison.

His smaller devil had met a real devil. No matter how strong his attack was, in terms of cultivation level and aura, he had been outclassed.

"Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell!"

The Jambu Sky Pillar's 1 million spirit designs worked together, harnessing the spirit of the Jambu Titanic Beast. In the sky above, the huge, black, metal column crashed down. It was even more mighty and violent than the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.


The Little Roc Demon went mad, his body flushing with so much blood that the red turned to black. His own demonic aura burst forth as he aimed to stop Wu Yu's attack. His demonic qi coalesced into many small demons, which he had sucked the blood of. There were billions of them, and the army rose into the sky!

Seeing the Little Roc Demon resort to this mystique, his underlings finally breathed a sigh of relief. They knew that this was the Little Roc Demon's most terrifying mystique. It was the fruit of all his years of blood-drinking. The billions of demons rose as one, and they would simply swamp Wu Yu.

But the Jambu Sky Pillar, growing as it bore down, seemed even more frightening! In a flash, the Jambu Sky Pillar grew larger than a mountain. It was probably thousands of zhang thick! The unbelievably thick sky pillar crashed into the billions of demons that were fighting on behalf of the Little Roc Demon.


The sound was three times louder than what the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia had raised. The Jambu Sky Pillar continued to grow and grow as it bore down. When it collided with the horde of demons, they were smashed back. The Little Roc Demon was again pressed into the ground, this time crushed by the Jambu Sky Pillar!

But this was not the worst of it. Even scarier was that when the Jambu Sky Pillar connected with the ground, there was no titanic earthquake. Instead, with the Jambu Sky Pillar as the center, a radius of hundreds of li suddenly turned into a black whirlpool. The black water's swirl gave off the feel of hell, of ghostly immortals!

This was enough to send the demons to their knees in fear. They could see clearly that there were many corpses, evil ghosts, and vengeful spirits in the water, as well as other unidentifiable monsters, such as black tentacles, beasts with huge mouths like the Jambu Titanic Beast, and other spooky things. Wu Yu guessed that this whirlpool was a door to the 10,000 levels of hell!

The horrors that appeared in the black whirlpool were endless. They seemed driven to madness, and swooped in on what the Jambu Sky Pillar was crushing, which was where the Little Roc Demon was. If Wu Yu wished to kill the Little Roc Demon, he could have let the monsters devour him, or drag him into hell. The Little Roc Demon was pinned fast by the Jambu Sky Pillar, and could not move at all. He could only wait for death. Perhaps because the danger was too much, the pathetic moans of the Little Roc Demon could be heard.

The demons outside were shaking with fear, looking blankly at Wu Yu. Even though the Little Roc Demon was moaning, they did not dare to approach the whirlpool. Those bloody creatures looked frightful.

This was the power of the Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell. Wu Yu himself found it terrifying as well.

He could kill the Little Roc Demon, but, of course, he did not. At this time, he lifted the Jambu Sky Pillar, which shrank rapidly. The Little Roc Demon clung grimly on to the Jambu Sky Pillar and was lifted out.

As the Jambu Sky Pillar lifted off the ground, the enormous whirlpool began to recede, but the monsters and ghosts were not yet satisfied. They wanted to climb out of the whirlpool to grab the Little Roc Demon. But they could not leave the whirlpool.


The end of the Jambu Sky Pillar suddenly changed. An opening appeared, which swallowed the seriously wounded Little Roc Demon. And then it changed again. Only his head was outside of the Jambu Sky Pillar. Unless he was in peak condition, it would be impossible for him to escape Wu Yu's grasp.

The Little Roc Demon, captured.

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