Chapter 1168: Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizer

The Little Roc Demon was actually not little at all.

He had been doing such deeds for countless years.

When he was young, his father had taught him this way, and then he had met many "self-righteous" demons.

When he was weak, there were more of them.

But without exception, these "heroes" all fell to terrible fates.

Even though they were strong, it was laughable to go up against the son of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

As he grew stronger, his fame - or rather, infamy - grew as well. In the last 100 years, he had not met any self-righteous "scum" while he was feasting.

Wu Yu was a pleasant surprise for him. He had not savored the feeling of abusing these heroes in a while now.

Seeing the Little Roc Demon delighted, the other demons were happy too.

The Little Roc Demon said, "Don't you all start thinking of fighting me for it. At this age, ignorant greenhorns are all too rare. I haven't met one in a hundred years. I'm going to enjoy myself today. If you all interfere, it will be dead all too quick, and the fun will be over."

The Little Roc Demon lit up with a big smile. He felt indescribably good as he descended. He could not be bothered with the Ember Crows now - his attention was fully on Wu Yu. He was sizing him up, and said, "Damn me, which idiot tree did you come from? Didn't your ancestors tell you that there are beings in this world you can't cross?"

Seeing the Little Roc Demon lose interest in the Ember Crows, the other demons ignored them as well. They quickly flew behind the Little Roc Demon to back him up. In this way, the Ember Crows earned a respite, fleeing for their lives in all directions.

Unexpectedly, the Little Roc Demon said, "Every single one of you should give up trying to escape. If a single one of you leaves, I will end your entire Ember Crow tribe. I know where you live and nest."

These words made the Ember Crows freeze in their tracks. They were crushed in abject misery, wailing for mercy dispiritedly. No one looked at Wu Yu. Perhaps they felt that his appearance was not at all helpful.

The Ember Crows bunched back together, afraid to move. The Little Roc Demon turned back to Wu Yu with a grin. "Hey, moron. You haven't answered my question yet. Are you ape demons all so dumb?"

This was probably not all that far from the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's location.

Therefore, for safety reasons, Wu Yu decided to extend the distance.

He smiled and said, "I'm sorry. I did not see clearly. It's the Little Roc Demon. It was rude of me. I'll take my leave first."

Saying so, he slid away.

The smile on the Little Roc Demon's face also slid away.

An object he was interested in was running away?

Besides the demon immortals, no one in this world could outpace him.

Wu Yu was running fairly quickly, but the Little Roc Demon caught up to him rather quickly.

His lackeys were also in pursuit.

"Little Roc Demon, please forgive me. I truly did not see clearly," Wu Yu begged as he continued to escape. Of course, it was fake. He simply wanted to draw the Little Roc Demon a little further away.

The Little Roc Demon had thought that he could catch him in a jiffy, but Wu Yu was quick. As they sped through the forest, the Little Roc Demon almost caught him a few times, but he managed to stay ahead.

"It's too late. Anyone who dares to strut before me will be toyed with until they die."

The Little Roc Demon's grin was firmly fixed in place.

Wu Yu saw that they had come a good distance away, and so he let the Little Roc Demon catch up. From his speed, Wu Yu could tell that he was definitely the scariest opponent he had faced to date. He was a tier stronger than the Ancient Soul Tower's golden titan. To Wu Yu, this was as powerful as the Dark Sea Emperor and Ancestor Yang!

"Stand still!"

The Little Roc Demon appeared before him.

"You're fast. Fun to toy with. Tell me, what do you consider a more creative death?"

The Little Roc Demon thought that he had easily caught Wu Yu.

Behind him, the ninth tier Dao Querying lackeys had caught up.

"Aiyee, this rascal can really run."

"And what speed. But it's also because the young master is toying with him. Or he would be dead already."

"What a fool. Not many of them are alive in this world nowadays."

They jeered and taunted, spreading out in all directions to seal off Wu Yu's escape.

The Little Roc Demon stared hungrily at him, waiting for Wu Yu to reply.

Wu Yu felt like this was a good place. He suddenly laughed. "I don't like creative deaths. A direct guy like me will just kill you and let your dao fade. Your father won't even be able to find a single hair of you."

Wu Yu's surprise appearance before had been interesting enough to catch their attention. And these thorny words stoked them to even more laughter. They laughed until they could not stand straight.

"It's really an idiot. Perhaps he lost his mind during the season of massacre."

"Say, if I told him I was his lost father, do you think he would believe me?" The black eagle snorted.

Another demon joined in, "You might be of different species, but this retard might actually believe you. Haha...."

They really saw Wu Yu as an imbecile, but Wu Yu replied mildly, "By the looks of you, I would abandon you even if you were my grandson."


They understood that Wu Yu was not stupid, but truly challenging them. He had come prepared.

"Am I hearing this wrong?" The black eagle was stunned.

"Not at all. What a surprise. Screw off, all of you. Show's about to start.'' The Little Roc Demon was not at all fazed.

His bloody gaze locked on to Wu Yu. His wings spread, and a mist of blood filled the air, staining the heavens and earth a bloody red. They saw that the Little Roc Demon was truly angry at this fool, and they scurried away, out of reach of the blood mist.

"Say, do you think the Prince is too angry? Do you think he'll kill him too fast?"

"Nah, the angrier he gets, the more he takes his time with the torture. He only kills his opponent when they're begging for mercy. This fool looks like a hard-headed one. He'll probably last a good while. We can relax."

Saying so, they felt a huge change. 

Wu Yu's Stellar Universe Dragon Boots reverted to their original state, and the  Saintly Dragon Golden Robe was transformed into golden armor that encased him. The Five-Colored Dragon Crown had also changed into a pointy helmet, and Wu Yu was thoroughly transformed into a god of war.

In order to defeat the Little Roc Demon, he would have to use everything that he had, and also finish the battle quickly. Therefore, Wu Yu had already pulled out the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. But he was fully anticipating to also utilize the Jambu Sky Pillar before this fight was over.

In terms of cultivation level, there was a nine tier disparity.

"What is that?  Looks like a dao treasure? With a lot of spirit designs?"

"How did this guy get so many rare dao treasures?! Seems like only a demon immortal would have them. They’re said to be passed down from ancient times!"

"Quick, surround him. Don't let him escape. If the great king sees them, he'll be very pleased!"

These elite seraphic dao treasures had them over the moon.

The Little Roc Demon's own eyes lit up as well!

He had not expected this person to have such treasures. He had thought Wu Yu to be prey, but this prey had brought great treasures as well. He was suddenly very serious.

Their eyes met.

"Forbidden Hell of Blood!"

The Little Roc Demon did not hesitate - he immediately used his Natural Mystique.

But Wu Yu was quicker.

"Spirit Chaser Art!"

When their eyes locked, Wu Yu's newest spiritual transformation art, the Spirit Chaser Art, flew out. The unsuspecting Little Roc Demon, who was still channeling his Natural Mystique, was caught off-guard.


Like a sledgehammer, it smashed into his skull, knocking him about badly. Even his Natural Mystique was quenched by Wu Yu.

Wu Yu knew that he had been underestimated.

And being underestimated was a powerful weapon. With this advantage, Wu Yu could open the fight and quickly drag his opponent into his own rhythm.

In a nutshell, while you were still being underestimated, club him over the head, then never give him a chance to recover.

This club was the Spirit Chaser Art!

The Little Roc Demon was hollering at the blow, and his anger surged forth.

Wu Yu was all about the speed. In his hands, the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia's spirit designs were activated. Dragon roars rang out, and the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia became extremely huge, a mountains hundreds of times bigger than the Little Roc Demon's body. The words "Yan Huang" on the dragon seal glimmered, and morphed into two real mystical dragons!

Transcendental Infernal Dragon and Craggy Yellow Dragon.

"Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing design!"

This was Wu Yu's first time using it against an opponent.

If the spirit design had been used within Yan Huang's borders, it would probably be 10 times more powerful.

But even here, the single Offensive Spirit Design of the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, with close to 1 million spirit designs, was nothing to sneeze at. The Little Roc Demon had just been hit by the Spirit Chaser Art. By the time he gathered his wits, the two mystical dragons and the enormous Yan Huang Dragon Insignia were already upon him!

"Lifeless Blood Lightning!"

In a panic, the Little Roc Demon's feathers fluffed out, firing numerous bolts of scarlet lightning. A web of scarlet lightning, 10 times his size, formed into a gigantic roc, with his body at the center. He pushed back upwards, trying to defend against the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. And then he would show Wu Yu!

"Atlas Field!"

He did not know that as he used Lifeless Blood Lightning, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had appeared, standing by Wu Yu's shoulder. It held the Atlas Pagoda in its hand and laid down the Atlas Field in the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia's area of impact.

The Atlas Field could drastically increase the gravity in a specified area. The Yan Huang Dragon Insignia fell on the Little Roc Demon like a mountain, as though the sky of his world was falling. Lifeless Blood Lightning seemed like it could hold up against the Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Design, but the Atlas Field taking effect made the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia even heavier. The Little Roc Demon's own body felt the gravitational pull as well, and he was unable to react!

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