Chapter 1167: Little Roc Demon

Wu Yu guessed that he would soon be on the wanted list of two great demon immortals in the Ancient Demon Realm.

However, he did not mind.

Since the matter of other worlds was so important, Wu Yu felt that the Immortal Jiuying and the Rose Demon Queen would not tell others.

They clearly would not wish for their rivals to also go to other worlds.

Here at the land side, there was still the Crimson Blood Roc Demon and the Immortal Locust, who might not know about Wu Yu.

They, too, had Ancient Demon Stones.

Wu Yu thought it over. While ensuring his safety, he felt that the Ancient Demon Stones were too good to pass up on.

Therefore, he decided that his next target would be the Crimson Blood Roc Demon.

Of course, he had to be much more cautious this time. Best if he could get it in one swoop. Therefore, without a brilliant plan, he would not approach the Crimson Blood Roc Demon lightly, and tip him off.

He was now headed southwest, towards the territory of the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, where billions of flying demons resided.

It was said that the mountains there were like stone pillars, extremely steep. Beneath them were deep abysses. The droves of flying demons would live and cultivate on the stone pillars, which was a remarkable sight. It looked majestic. Where the spiritual qi was densest, there was a crimson ocean, where the Crimson Blood Roc Demon lived.

Of the four land demon immortals' territories, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's territory was the largest. It was said that he was the most savage of the demon immortals, and had killed the most.

Now that the season of massacre was over, they had probably suffered grievous wounds here as well, and there were not many demons who lived on.

The closer Wu Yu got, the more flying demons he spotted. Some were huge cranes with lightning around their bodies. There were mystical immortal cranes, and wild chickens that were huge and feral, and fire-breathing turkeys. Some birds flew so fast that he could only see a blur.

And they often formed huge droves. And this was post-season of massacre, where the numbers had been cut by 90%.

Wu Yu was moving beneath the canopy, where it was hard to be spotted. Perhaps the beast region and the Cloud Piercing Mountain Range had been thrown into disarray, but it was still peaceful here.

Wu Yu caught a few bird demons and used the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul to fully understand the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. He searched for a way to break in safely and secure the Ancient Demon Stone.

As he neared the sea of blood, his multiple investigations earned him some insight into the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. He was truly a tyrant, a murderous demon that relished blood. He had a habit of drinking it, and his bloodthirstiness was why the sea had turned the color of blood.

After all, flying birds could not live in the sea. The sea of blood was only his food stash.

Although the Crimson Blood Roc Demon was bloodthirsty and savage, Wu Yu had heard from these demons that he was particularly doting on his son.

For someone of such a powerful bloodline, it was too difficult to give birth to an heir to carry on his line.

That was because the Crimson Blood Roc Demon did not have others of his tribe. The chances of raising a pure-blooded demon of his own line were infinitesimal, but he had succeeded. Therefore, he cherished this precious son of his a lot.

Perhaps even more than his own life - anyone who made his son unhappy would instantly suffer his wrath. From the moment the roc demon's son was born, the number of demons that had lost their lives from crossing him numbered in the millions.

Any demon that heard the name Little Roc Demon in the Ancient Demon Realm would immediately pale in fear.

Wu Yu sought out more information on the Little Roc Demon. He found him to be a truly nefarious demon. Everywhere he asked, the response was terror-stricken demons. Especially recently. He had already reached the 10th tier of the Dao Querying Realm and had passed the third dao crisis. If not for the Great Trial of the Demonic Dao, he would already be a demon immortal. The three crises before had been helped along by the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, and now the Great Trial of the Demonic Dao had to be faced alone. Since the Crimson Blood Roc Demon could not help him, he would probably take centuries more.

He might not even become one. Many who wished to become demon immortals perished during the Great Trial of the Demonic Dao.

Even so, the Little Roc Demon was one of the strongest beings besides the demon immortals. No one could do anything to him, and it was said that the Little Roc Demon was out and about his mischief already, even though the season of massacre had just ended. He had probably repressed his urges for too long throughout this exceptionally long season of massacre and could not wait to get back to his wicked ways now that the season of tranquility was upon them.

From the demons' accounts, the Little Roc Demon was indeed a classic spoiled kid. He had a similar temperament to his father, killing without batting an eyelid.

Wu Yu learned that the Little Roc Demon had been in the vicinity recently, and he made a decision.

"This place is some ways away from the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's position. If I can kidnap the Little Roc Demon here, I can probably exchange the Little Roc Demon for the Crimson Blood Roc Demon's Ancient Demon Stone without much problem, seeing how much he loves him."

Luckily, he had done some digging and had come up with this plan.

It seemed likely to succeed.

"Aren't you afraid the Crimson Blood Roc Demon will go mad with anger and use the chance to kill you?" Ming Long said.

Wu Yu laughed. "I only need to restrain the Little Roc Demon. I don't have to meet him face to face. Don't worry. I have a way to force him to hand over the Ancient Demon Stone without seeing me." He had many Unshackled Doppelgangers, which could be messengers in Wu Yu's stead.

Therefore, it was key that the Little Roc Demon was found and captured.

"Are you confident in dealing with the Little Roc Demon? That is a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator, equivalent to the strongest in the Jambu Realm. He's close to the Phoenix Supreme herself," Ming Long warned.

"Not very possible, regarding the Phoenix Supreme. She's a surprising one, and very strong. I expect he's about the same as the Dark Sea Emperor. As for how confident I am, I won't know unless I try."

He was not only unworried, but instead fired up. Because a worthy opponent had finally been found.

It was not hard to find the Little Roc Demon either, due to how noisy he was. Even from 1,000 li around him, one could hear his tyrannical voice. He was truly spoiled rotten. This time around, he was causing a ruckus as he went. The demons were fleeing all around, and Wu Yu could ascertain his position based on the direction they were fleeing from.

Before too long, he saw a thick mist of blood.

Miserable wails and howls sounded from there. Wu Yu followed the sounds and blood to a deep valley. In this valley, he saw that a demon tribe lived in the caves here. The season of tranquility had arrived, and they had recongregated. They were a type of huge crow, with three brands of fire on their brows. It was a rather large flock. Wu Yu could see a few hundred of them fleeing.

However, there were a few huge demons in their midst, causing mayhem. Blood mist filled the skies and hung over a huge area, dimming out the sunlight just like a sea of blood.

Amongst those demons, the most striking one was a huge roc covered in crimson feathers. The roc had two pairs of wings, one large and one small. He had a bloodthirsty look in his crimson eyes. It was not that he had not returned to normal after the season of massacre. Rather, his eyes were originally this color, and the crimson roc was killing the Ember Crows, tearing them apart with sharp claws and then throwing them into his mouth, as if he were eating sugarcane. He sucked out the blood and then tossed the corpse aside.

The pitiful Ember Crows begged for mercy, swearing their fealty to the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. But their words fell on deaf ears. The crimson roc and his companions paid no heed to their words. To them, the Ember Crows were nothing more than prey.

Of course, only the Little Roc Demon was drinking blood. The other companions caught the Ember Crows and flung them to the Little Roc Demon. As he drank, he hollered, "The season of massacre is too boring! I haven't had such fresh blood in a long time! Not bad, not bad indeed! Before the season of massacre, I wouldn't have even taken a second look at these Ember Crows."

"The Young Master has simply been without blood for too long. Slake your thirst first on these Ember Crows. This time, I will make sure the Young Master has his fill. I know one more flock at the beast side called Barren Cows. There are 1,000 of them, and the volume of blood is immeasurable. We can head over and lay a trap first, then catch them all in one fell swoop. Not a single one will escape us."

The one who had spoken was a magnificent, black eagle, with claws as sharp as dao treasures. 

Besides him, there was a lavender bird that resembled a phoenix. She looked beautiful, but lacked some finesse. She was not an immortal beast. She was a female bird, and she said, "The Prince wouldn't fancy those Barren Cows. Although they have a lot of blood, they're too smelly. I know a flock of Immortal Cloud Cranes over to the south. They are mouthwatering. Although there are only 300 of them, their quality is superb."

In order to gain favor with the Little Roc Demon, these demons were fighting amongst themselves. Some felt that the Little Roc Demon would want to indulge himself now that the season of massacre was over. Others felt that he could not stoop to too coarse a meal. Only the Little Roc Demon did not speak. He continued to gorge, happy to let his subordinates continue guessing his will.

As they squabbled, the Little Roc Demon's relish was sharply contrasted against the misery and despair of the Ember Crows. Wu Yu keenly felt the truism he stood by: cultivation was plunder, the strong ruled the weak.

The Ancient Demon Realm was even more abiding by that rule compared to the Jambu Realm. As a prince of this world, the Little Roc Demon could kill to his heart's content, served by his underlings, and with no one to pass judgment on him.

But, unfortunately for him, he had encountered Wu Yu. Against the heartless Little Roc Demon, Wu Yu had no intention of showing any mercy.

While they were engrossed in their own world, Wu Yu transformed into the golden Immortal Ape, using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to make himself as big as possible. When he appeared before them, they thought that Wu Yu was an ape demon, and not some unknown presence they did not recognize.

"You, are you here for justice?" The Little Roc Demon polished off another corpse, smirking at Wu Yu.

His other underlings started and then burst into raucous laughter.

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