Chapter 1166: Divine Battle Realm

The lush, green plains had thousands of elite demons wandering about.

Many were beast types - all sorts of demons that looked like mice, cows, tigers, rabbits, goats, and monkeys, as well as other exotic forms with three heads and six limbs. They ran the full gamut, and had more variations than at the Jambu Realm.

The Ancient Demon Realm had long been free of beasts without sentience. All were demons, even those just born.

The demonic aura here was dense. Even though the season of massacre was over, so many demons congregating caused a dense aura of cruelty to hang in the air.

These demons had their own mystiques, and they had seen them through the massacre. Although they had regained their wits, each was still twitchy, and protecting themselves out of habit.

Wu Yu passed through these strange demons, who were currently listening intently to the voice above.

The voice above clearly belonged to the Immortal Jiuying of Nine Swords Peak.

Wu Yu could already feel the divine presence of a demon immortal.

It was a higher-order being.

He could feel a frightful pressure building, even though he had yet to be found.

He said, "No matter what, the season of massacre is over, and everyone has escaped from death. Next, there is rest and life."

Perhaps because of the season of massacre, Wu Yu observed that many residents of the Ancient Demon Realm demons still looked stricken even though the season of massacre was over. They did not have any hope in their eyes, even the stronger demons.

No wonder the Rose Demon Queen would be so emotional after learning that Wu Yu had a key to Stellar Realm. Even she wished to leave this nightmarish world.

The nine mountains of Nine Swords Peak were arranged randomly, but it was still clear which mountain was the most important. While the Immortal Jiuying was speaking to his subjects from an unknown location, Wu Yu quickly sought out the middle peak. Along the way, he hid in rock crevices and forests, stealthily making his way up. He had a hunch that the Ancient Demon Stone was up there.

Nine Swords Peak was very high, so Wu Yu spent considerable time on his ascent.

Finally, he reached the fairly high peak. From this height, he could see all the demons below. Because he was right under the nose of a demon immortal, Wu Yu did not dare to dawdle.

Actually, he had already ascertained the Immortal Jiuying's position.

He was just on the adjacent peak.

In terms of his physical appearance, he was about the same as Jiu Ying. He looked a bit like the saintly dragon on the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe, with a thick body and long tail. He had sharp spikes and was covered in thick, black scale armor. He had a huge pair of fleshy wings that looked like a bat's. Of course, most striking of all was his nine heads, each with their own abilities.

While they looked more or less the same as Jiu Ying, they were worlds apart in terms of aura. Just standing behind this demon immortal, Wu Yu felt a little nervous. He was too close.

He did not dare to look too long. He quickly turned back and saw another Ancient Demon Stone. There were many pictures changing on it as well, at a rapid pace.

"Another Gateway to the Stellar Realm!"

Wu Yu was shocked.

But in the next instant, he was shocked. He saw clearly that the scenes on it were not the Stellar Realm. There was no sky full of stars, no Stellar Tribe, and no Stellar beasts. Instead, there were other things. Wu Yu saw a person completely made of gold, and another completely made of silver. They were like two metal giants, locked in heated combat.

The picture changed. It was not clear, but these scenes were mostly a dusky yellow or grey, and not at all like the shining world of the Stellar Realm. There were even other details in the pictures that made Wu Yu doubly sure.

All he could see were two eyes, and suddenly the bright sky darkened. The entire world seemed to darken, as though someone nearby had completely sealed off the space. He could not feel the outside.

Only the Ancient Demon Stone remained shining in the entire world.

He need not look back. He knew that the Immortal Jiuying had found him. The Immortal Jiuying was staring at him, and Wu Yu did not even have the time to turn back. His entire body broke out in goosebumps. Luckily, the Immortal Jiuying did not attack him.

"Turn around." Perhaps the Immortal Jiuying was in no hurry, since he already had Wu Yu trapped. This was also a chance at life for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu turned obediently. The entire world had gone dark. Only the Immortal Jiuying was in front of him, his nine heads looking intently at Wu Yu from head to toe. His gaze quickly started to tremble. With a trembling voice, clearly trying to repress his excitement, the nine heads said simultaneously, "You, did you come from that Divine Battle Realm...."

Divine Battle Realm!

Wu Yu understood when he heard this. So it was not the Gateway to the Stellar Realm, but the Gateway to the Divine Battle Realm. This Ancient Demon Stone was not a portal to the Stellar Realm, but another world that Wu Yu did not know about!

He was surprised. Were there really so many worlds? He had just reached the Ancient Demon Realm, and there was also the Stellar Realm. He had only scratched the surface of it, and now there was the Divine Battle Realm.

The scenes he had seen just now were from the Divine Battle Realm.

Wu Yu noted that the demon immortals were all interested in other worlds, and in leaving the Ancient Demon Realm. That was why they treated the Ancient Demon Stones like important treasures, because they might be able to reach other worlds through them.

Besides, Wu Yu's sudden appearance, as a human that resembled someone from the Divine Battle Realm, meant that the Jiuying would definitely assume that he was from the Divine Battle Realm.

Wu Yu decided to roll with it.

In truth, he was not too keen on returning to the Jambu Realm. He had seen the Ancient Demon Realm as well, and it was okay. But if there were other worlds, especially ones with humans, he would be willing to go there. After all, it seemed like these worlds were even further from the Jambu Realm. And even further from the Ancient Emperor's control.

His curiosity and desire to explore made him want to get a door leading to another world.

"It seems like the eight demon immortals' Ancient Demon Stones might all lead to different worlds! If that's true, doesn't it mean that there are 10 worlds? It should not be that exaggerated. Perhaps they all lead to the Divine Battle Realm or the Stellar Realm."

He calmed down and told the Immortal Jiuying, "That's right. I am from the Divine Battle Realm."

He was not a demon, and he could only have come from another world.

As expected, the Immortal Jiuying was very excited. "How did you come here? Did you need a key? I want to go to the Divine Battle Realm, take me there!"

He said this in a demanding manner.

Wu Yu himself wanted to go to the Divine Battle Realm for a look, if he could come back. But he would have to think twice about bringing these demon immortals over. They were very powerful, and who knew if they intended to destroy the other worlds. Therefore, Wu Yu felt that it was best for him to snatch an Ancient Demon Stone for himself.

Obviously, the Immortal Jiuying was very tyrannical. He had sealed off Wu Yu's escape routes, and now demanded that Wu Yu bring him to the Divine Battle Realm.

"That won't do. How do I know you don’t intend to destroy the Divine Battle Realm? You have to promise me not to do anything foolish. Besides, I can only open the door if you're a distance away from me." Wu Yu wanted to try snatching the Ancient Demon Stone once he backed away.

But the Immortal Jiuying was not that dumb. He immediately got angry and then turned it into a cold laugh. "You're in my grasp, but you still dare to speak so brazenly. I will kill you and take the key for myself!"

A cruel one indeed, killing from the get-go. It seemed difficult to fool this guy. Now that he had been discovered, Wu Yu judged it impossible to take the Ancient Demon Stone from such a murderous person. Therefore, just as the Immortal Jiuying thought him cornered, he flipped with the second tier of the Somersault Cloud. Even within the Immortal Jiuying's imprisonment, Wu Yu appeared outside, back in the sun.

He had not expected Wu Yu to be able to escape his clutches, and he was stunned. Wu Yu flipped a few times and left his area well behind. From a good distance away, he heard the Immortal Jiuying's roar.

"Catch him! Everyone, go! Whoever catches him will be rewarded!

"Everyone, go!"

Instantly, the entire beast realm erupted into disorder like at the Rose Demon Queen's territory. Now it seemed like the Rose Demon Queen and the Immortal Jiuying would both be overturning the world for him. It looked like the Ancient Demon Realm was very quickly being stirred up by him.

"Demon immortals aren't as frightening as the Ancient Emperor."

Wu Yu had no confidence that he would be able to escape like this from the Ancient Emperor.

Of course, the Ancient Emperor was familiar with the Somersault Cloud, while the Immortal Jiuying was oblivious to it. Therefore, Wu Yu could escape successfully. It might be different next time.

However, it seemed like both the Rose Demon Queen and the Immortal Jiuying would keep their Ancient Demon Stones safer, and it would be difficult to get them.

Luckily, there were still six more stones.

After leaving the Immortal Jiuying behind, Wu Yu took a breather.

He was considering if it was necessary for him to obtain an Ancient Demon Stone.

"Perhaps the Ancient Demon Realm is very close to the Jambu Realm. If there are other worlds to choose from, I could cultivate there. After all, there's still a long way to go before I attain immortality. Although I haven't reached immortalhood yet, in a few more tiers, I might be able to challenge a demon immortal. If there are no more opponents for me to fight, it will probably become difficult to reach immortalhood."

This was a big problem that Wu Yu faced. If he reached the ninth or 10th tier of the Dao Querying Realm, there would probably be no mortal opponent left to fight. That would actually make it difficult for him to improve. Battle was a huge part of his cultivation.

Therefore, he was thinking that it might be beneficial to him if he could move between a few worlds.

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