Chapter 1165: The Eight Great Demon Immortals

Although what the snow-white deer knew was limited, he still could provide common knowledge that was known to most demons. 

For example, the rough descriptions of the eight great demon immortals in the Ancient Demon Realm. 

"The Rose Demon Queen is the leader of all tree demons. She has been around for a long time and her body extends thousands of kilometers underground. It is said that her body runs all over the Cloud Piercing Mountain Range. The Rose Demon Queen has always kept a low profile, and all the tree demons have chosen to follow her. Among the eight great demon immortals, the Rose Demon Queen isn't considered strong. Rather, she's one of the weaker demon immortals." 

The area where the spiritual qi was alarmingly dense and where Wu Yu was previously was the Cloud Piercing Mountain Range. 

Under the guidance of Wu Yu, the snow-white deer continued explaining, "The number of demons in the sea region and on land is rather balanced. They both have four demon immortals from each side, and they are all from different factions. On land, other than the Rose Demon Queen, who rules over the tree tribe, each of the other three demon immortals have absolute authority among walking beasts, flying birds, and insect demons.

"Among them, the demon immortal that rules over walking beasts isn't a walking beast, flying bird, or insect. He is terrifyingly formidable and has the loudest speaking rights in this world. He is the Immortal Jiuying, and his true form has the bloodline of a species known as Jiuying. It looks like a mystical dragon and has a huge body, iron-like wings, and, more importantly, nine heads with nine negative and dark affinities. As the owner of the largest beast region in this world, he's definitely the ruler. In fact, he defeated the initial beast demon immortal before becoming the new ruler. The previous beast demon immortal was an Eight Immortals Kunwu beast." Jiuying? Eight Immortals Kunwu? 

It seemed like the elite bloodlines found in Jambu Realm could also be found in the Ancient Demon Realm. It was especially so for the Jiuying, which couldn't even be found on the Yan Huang Ancient Region and only two lived on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Wu Yu had not expected a Jiuying, which he thought was an incredible bloodline, to become a demon immortal in the Ancient Demon Realm! 

"It seems like I should be visiting the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to bring Jiu Ying over. There's more room for him to grow in this place." After which, Wu Yu turned to the snow-white deer to verify the directions to find the Immortal Jiuying. 

The snow-white deer was also a demon species under the Immortal Jiuying. 

After which, the deer explained the next immortal. "Rocs are rather powerful after they become demons and can come and go without leaving a trace. More importantly, there are lots of them. South-east from here, there's a sea of blood. The Crimson Blood Roc Demon is the demon immortal that rules that region. His true form was a red roc that one could hardly see in 10,000 years and he is adept in various mystiques. Over the years, there were good seedlings that had the potential to become demon immortals within the bird species. However, they were all killed by the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. You may have noticed that each species only has one demon immortal. This isn't a coincidence - they don't want other demon immortals that could affect their standings to appear."

Wu Yu finally understood why the tree tribe, walking beasts, flying birds, and insects only had one demon immortal each. 

Rose Demon Queen, Crimson Blood Roc Demon, Immortal Jiuying... 

"The last demon immortal that rules over the insect demons is called Immortal Locust. His true form is a terrorizing locust, and it is said that he possesses countless clones. The insect demon tribe has the largest number and is spread across the land. They are even in the sky and underground. Therefore, the other three tribes wouldn't dare to step into the territory of the Immortal Locust. Some of the insects are just the size of the head of a needle and can dive into their flesh. It's impossible to guard against them, and they can quickly investigate and circulate any news in this world." 

On the Nanyin Demon Continent, Wu Yu had seen the Black and Gold Termite Queen, who he found to be powerful. Since the Immortal Locust had reached immortalhood, he would likely be even more fearful. 

None of the four demon immortals looked easy to deal with. Yet all of them had the Ancient Demon Stone that Wu Yu was curious about. 

There were four other demon immortals in the sea region. 

The snow-white deer continued his explanation. 

"The sea region is vast with countless demons. They often clash violently with land demons like us. As I've said, they also have four demon immortals behind them. The most famous of them all is a fish species demon immortal known as Azure Dragon. I have not seen him before, but I heard that he is both a fish and a mystical dragon immortal beast. He has a huge body, camouflages well in the vast sea, and has been around for a very long time. At the very least, probably tens of thousands of years.

"Other than the well-known Azure Dragon, who often shows himself, the other three keep a relatively quiet profile and are further away from the land. In fact, I have no idea what their true forms are. For example, there's a demon immortal known as Green Emperor, and no one knows about his true form. Others only say he has a pair of huge, jade-green eyes and often remains at the bottom of the sea. Most of the time, he remains hidden. However, when he shows up, a large amount of sea region demons are thrown into disarray.

"There's also the Red Demon that shares an equal name with the Green Emperor. No one really knows his true form. However, whenever you see some huge and thick blood vessel-like objects at the bottom of the sea, it is most likely part of the Red Demon. His body is incomparably huge and spreads everywhere, a little like the tendrils of the Rose Demon Queen. He is also very formidable. It is said that the Red Demon often devours other sea region demons.

"The last one is even more mysterious. I heard that he is an underwater tree and his true form is a Quintessential Tree Demon. We commonly refer to him as the Quintessential Demon Immortal. He isn't huge, but he glows in the bottom of the sea. However, he rarely shows himself and prefers to be left alone. He doesn't have any subordinates, but whenever he shows himself, he always causes some strange circumstances. For example, all the demons in the sea region lose their minds and become intoxicated. This is the power of the Quintessential Demon Immortal.

"All eight demon immortals have the ancient demon stones as rumored. However, I'm not certain of the authenticity of the rumors. At the very least, I'm certain that the Immortal Jiuying, the Rose Demon Queen, the Crimson Blood Roc Demon, and the Immortal Locust have them. This is because they value the stones dearly and don't allow anyone to get close to the stones." 

Wu Yu nodded. 

He now had a rough understanding of the eight demon immortals. For the sea region, he didn't have a good sense. Moreover, those demon immortals sounded more mysterious. It was especially so for the Green Emperor, the Red Devil, and the Quintessential Tree Demon, not to mention he didn't even know where they would be. Therefore, he would likely not get into contact with them for now. 

However, he had met the Rose Demon Queen on land. 

"Judging from the Rose Demon Queen, these demon immortals here don't seem to be terrifying to the extent of the Ancient Emperor. Perhaps the Ancient Emperor is on a much higher level than them?" 

Wu Yu made this guess. 

After all, he was able to escape from the Rose Demon Queen. However, he didn't have the confidence to escape from the Ancient Emperor. 

Moving forward, he used the Assimilation Technique of Dao and Soul again to control other demons. He tried to ask roughly the same questions and received roughly the same answers. However, he did get more details of each demon immortal. 

For example, the Rose Demon Queen was seen as one with swinging moods. She had a fiery temper and didn't look like the girl that Wu Yu had seen previously. That wasn't her body, but a weapon she used to mesmerize others. 

For example, the Immortal Jiuying stayed on a mountain peak known as Nine Swords Peak. 

After getting these details, he had a better understanding of the Ancient Demon Realm. 

He calmed himself and sent out news of the arrival of the season of tranquility, telling the Full Moon of Nanshan and others that they wouldn't have to remain in hiding. 

Nonetheless, their focuses were still on cultivation. They wished to catch up to Wu Yu as soon as they could and therefore chose to remain in the Temple of Heart and Spirit. As for Wu Yu, he had a greater desire to understand more about the ancient demon stones and the Gateway to the Stellar Realm. 

Since he had angered the Rose Demon Queen, Wu Yu wasn't prepared to head back. 

Among those remaining, the Immortal Locust had exceptional surveillance ability and therefore would be a tough target. Wu Yu was then left with the Immortal Jiuying or the Crimson Blood Roc Demon. 

In the end, Wu Yu chose the Immortal Jiuying. He was a little curious what Jiu Ying would be like when he reached the level of a demon immortal. 

The Ancient Demon Realm was a lot safer, but Wu Yu still couldn't let too many demons see him. After all, there shouldn't be any humans in this place. 

He shrank himself to the smallest with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth before flying towards Nine Swords Peak, where the Immortal Jiuying was. 

Controlling his Somersault Cloud, he moved within the dense forest. There weren't any cities in the Ancient Demon Realm, so deep mountains and forests were everywhere. There were no humans, but demons were everywhere. They lived the most primitive lives of battling, cultivation, and procreation. 

The journey was equivalent to crossing several immortal kingdoms in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. The closer he got to Nine Swords Peak of the beast region, the more walking beast demons he would see along the way. Moreover, they were pretty powerful. Flying birds, insects, and tree demons were few, similar to the concept that the Cloud Piercing Mountain Range was where tree demons were the most common. 

Walking beast demons were largely found in the mountains, forests, or plains. There weren't tall peaks, but the spiritual qi here was also dense. It was especially so around Nine Swords Peak. 

From far, Wu Yu could spot Nine Swords Peak. This was because it looked rather prominent in the region. 

Around it were flat and vast plains, making Nine Swords Peak stand out starkly. Nine Swords Peak had the outline of swords, sharp, stiff, and protruding out of the ground. 

Looking from afar, it truly resembled nine huge swords. 

Because of this, there was nothing blocking one's line of vision, so Wu Yu could see the number of demons with just one glance. 

Fortunately, there were few spirit designs in the Ancient Demon Realm. If this were the Immortal's Capital of the Jambu Realm, he would have to break through several layers of spirit designs to get into the residence in 10,000 Immortals Palace. He would have alarmed lots of people along the way. 

Looking across, the vast plains had a large number of demons. They crouched before Nine Swords Peak, listening to the sounds from it. This seemed to be the gathering spot for them in the season of massacre. 

Wu Yu shrank his body to the smallest. The grass around him seemed like a forest and happened to be able to hide him. Wu Yu approached Nine Swords Peak swiftly. The ancient demon stone was said to be at the tip of the central peak. 

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