Chapter 1163: Stellar Realm

Although the demon immortal had returned to slumber, Wu Yu still waited for half a day.

For safety reasons.

After half a day, it was still in its original state, so he made his move. After all, it was late at night, and the demons could not see him easily. A bit of natural camouflage.

He very quickly shrank himself, using both the Swift Art and the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots to speed him over to the rock.

At night, the stone shone like a star in the sky, emitting a faint, blue light that was magical and pretty. The pictures on it sparkled brightly as well. Although the pictures changed quickly, they had time to register. In a short time, Wu Yu saw the human tribe with stars in their eyes, as well as many other beasts that were the same. It was just like in the Ancient Demon Realm, where the demons' eyes during the season of massacre were all blood-red.

Wu Yu was drawn irresistibly towards the stone. When he reached it, he absentmindedly reached out with a hand to touch the stone.

His entire body jolted!

He felt like he had been sucked into the stone!

In a flash, the clear pictures were no longer dancing before Wu Yu, they were now a clear reality.

Wu Yu knew deep down that his body had not moved. He was still where he was. But he felt like he had entered a new world! An unknown world. His instincts told him that this new world might not be the Ancient Demon Realm!

Of course, it was definitely not the Jambu Realm either.

He was in the sky of this world.

The scene made Wu Yu feel like when he had first encountered the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, and looked into the Ancient Demon Realm. He knew that the Ancient Demon Realm was shaped like a tai chi symbol![1]

Beneath his feet was a small patch of land, perhaps only five times the size of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. It was not as large as the Yan Huang Ancient Region, and far from the landmass of the Ancient Demon Realm.

This piece of land was shaped like a gourd, thicker on both ends with a slender middle. One end was roughly a third larger than the other.

All around it was sea. The sea water was the deep blue of a night sky, and the sea itself seemed to shimmer like the night sky, as though there were countless stars and jewels resting on the seabed. 

But it was not actually the sea that was changing, but the sky!

Wu Yu lifted his head and was stunned. The starry sky was just too beautiful. The entire sky was clear and cloudless, and decorated with countless lustrous stars. Some were shining brightly, while others were dim. There were color differences as well. Some shone with a pale green light, while others had a pinkish hue to them. Some were light yellow. It was a display of glittering, rainbow diamonds that was incredibly beautiful.

Besides the sky, there was also the moon. The moonlight did not overshadow the light of the stars, but instead enhanced their brilliance. And what shocked Wu Yu was that there were actually four moons in the sky!

Some were bigger than others, because they were closer. There were slight differences in color, ranging from orange-yellow to light blue. The largest one appeared to be three chi[2] in diameter, much larger than the moon of the Jambu Realm.

This sky was proof enough that this world was not the Jambu Realm, and not the Ancient Demon Realm either. It was a different world.

He had yet to react, when the scene changed again. He seemed to have been dragged into the ground by some almighty power. The trees, mountains, and lakes sped past. The leaves were blue, shimmering with starlight, and then he saw many castles, buildings, and sects. This was a system similar to the Jambu Realm. Of course, Wu Yu also saw many humans who seemed to have stars for eyes. There were especially many of them, and every human seemed to be this way.

Besides the humans, there were also demons, whose fur gleamed. They were also ringed with starlight. Because there were many different stars, the hue of the demons differed as well. But, just like the humans, the demons' eyes also shone like stars.

Next, Wu Yu saw many scenes, and could even hear them speak.

In some scenes, they were cultivating, a few people sitting on very high places, facing their five hearts towards the sky. It seemed like they were communing with the stars, and one could see them building their bodies and strength in starlight. He saw many scenes of cultivation, all featuring the stars. [3]

"Could the cultivation of this world be somehow linked to the stars?"

Wu Yu guessed.

He had even seen the demons absorbing starlight as they cultivated. The trees absorbed starlight and became demons. In this world, the phrase “spiritual qi” was not used. Instead, “stellar glint” was heard often.

"Stellar Realm, Stellar Tribe, Stellar beasts...."

Amidst the fractured snippets of conversation, Wu Yu could hear these important phrases, but he could not make out the rest.

But just these few words alone made Wu Yu sure that this was a different world! And not the Ancient Demon Realm or the Jambu Realm.

Why were scenes of the Stellar Realm being played on this stone?

He briefly flew over this world and then sensed a slight tremor that brought him back to Ancient Demon Realm immediately. He was still at his original spot, except his consciousness had gone to the other world.

"What?" He realized that the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm in his Sumeru Pouch was shaking slightly, and glowing with what looked like starlight. This made Wu Yu wonder if the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was connected with this stone.

Could it engineer other changes?

He had much to think about.

Suddenly, a ghostly sound came by his ear. Affectionate, sweet, and captivating, like the husky tones of a young girl just waking from sleep. She said, "You have a key to go to this world? Give it to me, quick...."

Wu Yu was startled out of his own skin, his hand jerking away from the stone. When he turned back, he saw a breathtakingly beautiful girl. Her beauty set his heart thumping. Her long, black hair cascaded like a waterfall and her jet-black eyes and nubile body were out of this world. She was a masterpiece, and her eyes made one lose one's breath. Her lips were a dark-red, but still very sexy.

More importantly, the girl was completely naked. Her skin was as smooth and unblemished as milk, and exposed to all to see. As he looked at her, Wu Yu's heart felt like it was about to pop out of his chest.

But that was just for a moment.

Because in the next, he saw that the girl was not standing barefoot on the ground. Beneath those plump thighs, her calves were encircled with tendrils that shifted into thorny vines reaching into the ground!

This naked babe had "grown" from the vines! Wu Yu immediately guessed that this was probably a demon immortal from the past! As for how she could create the guise of a human in a world without any, Wu Yu had no idea.

"Quick, give me the key...." Her expression was enchanting, her voice hypnotic. She seemed to drift towards Wu Yu dreamily, as though just roused from sleep.

Wu Yu's scalp was prickling. He looked into her eyes, black as the abyss. He felt like something was strange, but the danger he sensed galvanized him into action. He quickly used the prepared Somersault Cloud and flipped. In a flash, he was far away from the girl!

Looking back, he saw her at her original position. She turned immediately to lock on to Wu Yu's position.

Wu Yu suddenly realized that the trapped demons were not howling anymore. They had calmed down and were all looking at Wu Yu. He saw that lucidity had returned to their eyes, the bloodlust fading. And the cages around them had dissolved like liquid.

"The… season of massacre is over?" Wu Yu had to think so. The demons were all looking at Wu Yu with awareness. They checked their own bodies and then turned deferentially to the girl. She was a demon immortal!

Bang, bang, bang!

At this moment, the ground shook, cracking with fissures everywhere. Wu Yu again saw the tendrils rise, covered in thorns. He could also see many dark red roses erupting from beneath the ground, surrounding the girl. The wine-red roses were dripping blood, and the girl was seated in the middle. She was looking wide-eyed at Wu Yu, and said again, "Don't leave, okay? I really need that key. I want to go to other worlds...."

Those words were eerily chilling.

As she spoke, the ground continued to crack. More vines shot out, joining the black roses until they formed a complete rose tree with only one flower.

But Wu Yu saw the huge pair of eyes that he had seen before. They were much deeper and more powerful than the girl's smoky eyes.

The ground continued to quake and more thorny tendrils appeared. It dawned on Wu Yu that the demon immortal's body was not just that size.

The ground beneath Wu Yu's feet was shaking.

A tendril shot out.

One vine from the roses by the stone had retracted, and a new flower was growing by Wu Yu's foot. It bloomed, and the divine beauty appeared within. She said coyly to Wu Yu, "Don't leave, I want the key. It's very important to me...."

1. Otherwise known as the yin-yang symbol.

2. 1 chi= one-third of a meter or 13.1 inches

3. The five hearts are the heart of the palms, feet, and the heart of the head.

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