Chapter 1162: The Huge Beast Underground

"You came at the right moment. I still haven't tried out the power of these seraphic dao treasures."

Wu Yu did not frown upon meeting a powerful opponent. Instead, he became very keen to take his opponent on. He had a strong desire to fight, and after a strong opponent had appeared, it made him very excited.

To be honest, he had not even gotten the chance to try out the more average Offensive Spirit Designs of the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots and the Five-Colored Dragon Crown, let alone the top powerful Offensive Spirit Designs of the Jambu Sky Pillar and the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

Of course, it was just that Wu Yu had not tried these Offensive Spirit Designs against an actual opponent. When he was studying them, he emerged from the Temple of Heart and Spirit often to try these spirit designs out in an open space and get a gauge of their powers.

At this moment, when his Heaven Devouring Avatar was engaged in combat, the Mercury Tree had transformed and started to edge towards Wu Yu. You could imagine how dangerous it would be to let such a strange demon come close, so Wu Yu responded immediately.

He reacted quickly.

Through his past training in martial arts, he had built up a solid foundation in weapons and boxing techniques. Of course, experts in martial arts would also be proficient in kicking techniques because kicking techniques were much more forceful and powerful.

To effectively use the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots’s power, one would need a certain mastery of kicking techniques.

At this moment, Wu Yu suddenly jumped up from the ground and kicked in mid-air. On his feet, the black dragon boots exploded with extremely bright starlight. Its spirit designs started to activate and combined perfectly with Wu Yu's physical strength and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. With this powerful combination, the dragon boots then erupted with fairly terrifying strength.

"3,000 Star Clouds Decimation Design!"

It was, after all, a seraphic dao treasure with 930,000 spirit designs. While greatly increasing Wu Yu's speed, this Offensive Spirit Design also packed a very fierce offensive ability. As soon as Wu Yu made that kick, it was as though the whole battlefield had turned into a starry night sky. When the spirit design exploded powerfully, 3,000 galaxies and endless stars burst out from within the seraphic dao treasure. This powerful attack rained down and engulfed the Mercury Tree in an instant. The power of the endless stars bombarded the Mercury Tree. It was just like having a Galaxy Beast tearing through its body. Upon receiving the strong impact of the spirit design's attack, the Mercury Tree was blasted into the sky. Its screams rang throughout the sky!

"This is so powerful!"

These seraphic dao treasures made Wu Yu very excited. He had been in the Floating Dreams Pagoda for a year and had not battled in a long time. After trying out the strong attack power of the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots, Wu Yu did not stop. Instead, he made his next move immediately. The Five-Colored Dragon Crown on his head made its appearance. In an instant, the very scary aura of an emperor swept through the heavens and earth. Wu Yu had become extremely powerful, magnificent, and domineering!

"Five Affinities Dragons of Earth Sky Smashing Design!"

The Five-Colored Dragon Crown was just a little more powerful than the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots. When the Five Affinities Dragons of Earth Sky Smashing Design erupted, the Mercury Tree had not yet escaped from Wu Yu’s previous spirit design. It was immediately surrounded by five worlds made from the affinities of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. These five worlds were namely the world of metal, world of forest, world of sea, world of flames, and world of earth. The Mercury Tree was trapped in the center. Suddenly, huge beasts rushed out of these five worlds. These five earthly dragons wound around and tore the Mercury Tree apart. The five forces: the sharpness of metal, which cut and tore; the extraction powers of wood, which absorbed and devoured; the suppressive powers of floods, which crashed forcefully; the raging power of flames, which burned fiercely; and the almighty earth, which engulfed and buried had all bombarded the Mercury Tree. These were not only physical attacks, but also spiritual attacks.

"Spirit Chaser Art!"

After exerting the spirit designs, Wu Yu added another move: the Spirit Chaser Art! The Mercury Tree was still quite strong. At this point, it was struggling to escape from the two spirit designs. However, when Wu Yu's Spirit Chaser Art descended upon it and hit it fiercely, the Mercury Tree instantly entered into a state of confusion. The two spirit designs, with the power of the stars and five affinities, forced the Mercury Tree to crumble to the ground. It was grievously wounded. In the end, Wu Yu chose not to kill the Mercury Tree but watched as it escaped in panic. He took pity on it as it was, after all, just a pitiful demon affected by the season of massacre.

Although the demons had lost all sense of rationality during the season of massacre, the Mercury Tree had retained its instinct and escaped instead of foolishly persisting in this losing fight against Wu Yu. It disappeared very quickly, escaping through the forest. Soon, it was out of sight.

"Too bad, I haven't had enough fun. The Saintly Dragon Golden Robe, the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, and the Jambu Sky Pillar have not been used yet." Wu Yu grinned.

On the other side, the Heaven Devouring Avatar did not let the Golden Eye Ancient Demon succeed in using its illusion techniques. The Golden Eye Ancient Demon was weak without its illusion techniques. Wu Yu had used the Atlas Pagoda on it. The Atlas Field's suppressive powers were strong. Additionally, the spirit designs on the Jambu Realm Scroll could defend against illusion techniques. The Golden Eye Ancient Demon stood no chance of winning the fight at all. The Heaven Devouring Avatar fought fiercely with his Nine-Starred Dragon's Well. Without having to use its full power, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had almost killed the Golden Eye Ancient Demon. Hence, Wu Yu relaxed his guard slightly. In that moment, the Golden Eye Ancient Demon also escaped.

Actually, this was an easy fight. Wu Yu had overcome the danger effortlessly.

It was not that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon was weak, it was just that Wu Yu, with the armor and weapons of the Ancient Emperor, was too strong. This was especially true for Wu Yu's real body.

While Wu Yu had earned the Jambu Sky Pillar himself, that was also from the Yan Huang Ancient Country's treasury.

Now, in the Ancient Demon Realm, Wu Yu was no longer affected by the Jambu Realm. Hence, at this moment, he thought that he might have misunderstood the Ancient Emperor. After all, he had his bias and fear towards the Ancient Emperor before he had met him.

At this moment, the two elite demons had escaped with heavy injuries. Wu Yu merged his bodies into one again and prepared to continue his exploration of the rock.

Unexpectedly, he realized that the trapped demons surrounding him had not calmed down. In fact, they had become even more restless and violent. They roared at Wu Yu. Of course, they seemed to be in a panic too and had started to cower and hide. They whined fearfully.


Wu Yu had just voiced his puzzlement when in the next instant, he was hit by a wave of fear. Just beneath his feet, he could sense something horrifyingly scary. Wu Yu could say with certainty that at the first instant that he had sensed the being hiding underground, he knew that this was definitely not an aura from the mortal world. Only immortals, demon immortals, or ghostly immortals could have such an aura. He could tell that he was in grave danger after sensing such an aura.

Instinctively, he escaped!

There were demon immortals in the Ancient Demon Realm. He could not simply act as he pleased.

At this moment, the Somersault Cloud had integrated with him. He used the second tier and, with a leap, Wu Yu headed towards the sky. He was going to escape, but he still wanted to have a look at what had scared him so much.

"It must be the battle that awakened this being from its deep slumber underground!"

He appeared on the horizon instantly. The entire crater was exposed before his eyes. This crater seemed to be a dried-up lake on the tallest peak. Those cages seemed so minuscule from high up. However, at this moment, Wu Yu saw countless vines sprouting out from underground, covering the cracked ground of the crater. It had become overrun with countless vines. Wu Yu could still see two huge eyes staring up from the vine-covered ground. Each eye was over 100 zhang wide. They were so large that they occupied the entire crater. One eye was normal-looking, while the other was blood red in color!

"What is that? A demon immortal?" Wu Yu was shocked.

He could sense that the huge creature lurking underground had targeted him. Its blood-red eye was wild and it did not look at Wu Yu. However, its other eye glared at Wu Yu. The eye that was fixed on Wu Yu had a large, pitch-black pupil. The white area of that eye was minimal, hence the whole eye seemed to be pitch black.

This pair of eyes was enclosed by countless vines. These vines sprouted out of the ground very quickly and had actually started to stretch out towards Wu Yu.

Wu Yu had already seen the huge beast. He had no desire to die in the Ancient Demon Realm. Hence, he quickly used the Somersault Cloud continuously to leap out of this huge beast's range. After running for about seven minutes, he realized that there was no more movement behind him.

It was no surprise that even immortals could not catch him when he used the Somersault Cloud. Now the entire world had calmed down and was at peace. He did not need to escape any further.

"What was that?" Wu Yu was still thinking about that beast.

"If I'm not wrong, that was a demon immortal," Ming Long said.

"A demon immortal guarding that weird rock? And the other demons are its underlings? Then it is no wonder that there are so many tree demons. So, this demon immortal must have trapped its underlings during the season of tranquility. This way, they will still be alive after the season of massacre."

"That should be the case."

"If that is a demon immortal, then what is that rock? What do those drawings inside mean?" Wu Yu could still remember that there were humans and huge beasts inside the rock. Those humans and beasts had dark, glittery eyes that looked like a star-filled sky.

"I don't know about that. Old Mother is not some know-it-all." Ming Long pouted.

"What are you doing?" She had just spoken when she realized that Wu Yu was actually heading back to the rock.

Wu Yu said, "I was too careless just now and exposed myself. That is why I alarmed those two demons. Our battle then awakened that demon immortal. I saw that only one of that demon immortal's eyes was awake. My guess is that it can still maintain some control of itself, but it has to be in hibernation. If it has fallen asleep again, and I'm more careful, then I might be able to learn the secret behind that rock. If I fail, I will just escape again."

This was his guess. He was confident that his guess was close to the mark.

"That's too risky. What if that demon immortal is just pretending to be asleep to lure you there?" Ming Long asked.

Wu Yu laughed. "Well, then I can't do anything about that. It depends on my luck. Don't worry, I will observe whether it is truly in a deep slumber."

"Go ahead. Anyway, the Ancient Demon Realm is quite boring. It will be interesting to uncover some of this world's secrets." Ming Long had always enjoyed watching chaos erupt.

Wu Yu had survived through so many dangers in the Jambu Realm. He would also pull through any danger in the Ancient Demon Realm.

He used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to transform his body to the smallest size. In this size, he was relatively well hidden. The Saintly Dragon Golden Robe had some concealment effect too. Wu Yu hid between the gigantic trees like an insignificant ant in this gigantic world. It would be hard to detect him. He quietly moved forward towards the rock. As he crept nearer and looked down, he realized that the area around the rock was now quiet and calm. The cracks in the ground seemed to have been repaired and those demons were still screaming loudly. However, they were no longer screaming in fear. 

Did this mean that the demon immortal had truly sunk back into its deep slumber?

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