Chapter 1161: Golden Eye Ancient Demon and the Mercury Tree

When Wu Yu looked towards that rock, the vicious demons that were trapped in the jade-green cages in the surroundings had all seen him. 

All of a sudden, they became more pumped up. They glowered at Wu Yu with their blood-red eyes and constantly released attacks and waved their claws in the direction where Wu Yu was. However, they were still trapped in those cages. 

Wu Yu made his way through the cages. There was a wide array of demon species here, and this was an eye-opener for him. 

"I believe they were able to tell that the season of massacre was coming, or perhaps others predicted it. Therefore, they were placed in these cages in advance. Thanks to this, they wouldn't be brutally killing one another. Once they reach the season of tranquility, they can just break out of these cages." 

Wu Yu felt like this was a great idea. Perhaps for them, it would just be like a dream. After they woke up from it, they would be in the season of tranquility. 

After admiring the demons in the cages for a while, he was close to that mysterious stone. 

It was slender and reached into the sky. The center portion was thicker, while the two ends were slimmer. It was firmly sunk into the ground and immovable. 

Wu Yu found it rather mysterious and could see the flickering images on the crystal-like rock from afar. When he looked from afar previously, the images were a little chaotic. This was because the changes were too quick. Within a breath of time, the images might have changed several times over. 

Now that he was closer, he could get a clearer look. However, the images looked a little outrageous.

"What is this?" Wu Yu was now standing just one zhang away from the rock while carefully surveying it. 

He could see the images on the rock constantly changing. 

Within a breath of time, he could see stars and planets, vast blue seas and a light blue forest. The leaves of those trees had a light shade of blue and were extremely breathtaking. 

"Are these images showing areas that are in the Ancient Demon Realm?" 

Stars and planets, vast seas, forest and barren lands. There were different landscapes, and they were slightly different from the Ancient Demon Realm that Wu Yu had seen. 

For example, the stars and planets were too numerous. However, Wu Yu hadn't seen as many stars and planets in the night sky of the Ancient Demon Realm. 

"Or could this be the Ancient Demon Realm in the past and it has changed greatly since then?" 

This was what Wu Yu had thought. 

All of a sudden, the images changed again and left Wu Yu's eyes wide open. 

In the image, he saw a group of living creatures! 

Those weren't demons, but a group of people! They were most likely martial cultivators, but they looked a little different. They had deep facial features - the men were suave and the women were alluring. Their dispositions were outstanding and every single one of them had faint starlight glittering on their skin. Their hair was especially glittering and beautiful. Their eyes were dazzling like stars and Wu Yu could clearly see that there wasn't any distinction between the pupils and sclera in their eyes. They were patches of dull blue with dots of starlight, as though each eye was a miniature version of a beautiful, starry sky. 

The image flickered away and Wu Yu could see a giant beast that resembled an elephant next. Its entire body was glowing in starlight. More importantly, the eyes of the elephant had no distinction of irises and sclera, just beautiful starry skies that were one of a kind. 

"There are human races in the Ancient Demon Realm too? And a unique race that doesn't exist in the Jambu Realm? The images shown are distinctly different from the Ancient Demon Realm. Or rather, the part of the Ancient Demon Realm that I have searched is too small. Does a place like this really exist in the Ancient Demon Realm? After all, the land area of the Ancient Demon Realm is at least three times the size of the 19 continents in the Jambu Realm." 

This was the only explanation that Wu Yu could come up with. 

He continued to stay behind in hopes of getting an answer. He was still curious about the images he had seen. 

Although the thousand-odd elite demons were screaming and howling behind him, Wu Yu wasn't bothered. This was because those demons couldn't get out of their cages. 

Wu Yu noticed that among these demons, flying and walking beasts happened to be the minority. On the other hand, the tree demons, who had a harder time becoming demons, were plentiful. At this moment, they were smashing their cages loudly with their numerous branches. 

At least two-thirds of the demons were flower, grass, or tree demons. All plants could become demons. In a forest, and especially so for where Wu Yu was, plants were everywhere. Under the nourishment of spiritual qi, it was to be expected that they could gain sentience and become demons. 

When he was approaching this place, Wu Yu had encountered lots of tree demons too, and they were adept in camouflage. Nonetheless, those that weren't even at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm could be easily seen through by Wu Yu with a single glance. 

Thousand-year-old trees were common. 

This was the peak of a very tall mountain. If it wasn't for the fact that the spiritual qi here was so dense that it looked like fog, the place would be green when one looked across, instead of the faint blue forests and trees that were shown in the images on the rock. 

Wu Yu was about to get closer to understand when he suddenly felt an unreserved murderous intent! 

Those trapped demons were halted no matter how they growled and violently smashed against their cages. However, the killing intent Wu Yu felt now was directed at him. It was easy to encounter something like this in the Ancient Demon Realm, and this was proof that he was being targeted by demons who were affected by the season of massacre.

At the same instant, he spotted a special demon. The demon was on the other side of the rock. Wu Yu tilted his body slightly and could see a golden figure in the forest on the other end. The golden figure showed up suddenly and revealed its entire self. Wu Yu was stunned by the sight in front of him. It was blood red and its body was largely covered in a network of red veins. 

"Golden Eye Ancient Demon?" 

Wu Yu was rather astounded. 

This was because the demon's body was an eyeball. A layer of gold resembling steel armor had it covered, only revealing the pupil and sclera, which were similar to those of a human. Overall, it looked like a golden sphere. 

It was the season of massacre currently and therefore its pupils and sclera were replaced by the signature blood-red color of the season of massacre. 

Therefore, what Wu Yu was seeing was a blood-red pupil demon covered in golden metal armor. It looked the same as the Golden Eye Ancient Demon that Wu Yu had seen in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. It was most likely just a normal Golden Eye Ancient Demon, but definitely not the same as the master of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.

As for why it wasn't trapped in the cages, Wu Yu had no idea. 

Nonetheless, in the first exchange of glances, Wu Yu could clearly sense that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon was stronger than all the demons that Wu Yu had seen in the Ancient Demon Realm thus far. Moreover, it was also unbelievably strong. Wu Yu remembered that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon specialized in illusions. The Full Moon of Nanshan wasn't with him right now. Therefore, if it wanted to kill him, things would get ugly. 

Regardless, Wu Yu was significantly stronger, so there was nothing he would have to worry about. Even if he couldn't win, he could still escape. The Golden Eye Ancient Demon wouldn't be able to keep up with him. 

At this point, the Golden Eye Ancient Demon had locked its sights on him. 

The blood-red eye was frightening. 

Those trapped demons in the cages were screaming and growling at it, clearly showing that their desire to kill it was even stronger than what they had against Wu Yu. Perhaps to them, the Golden Eye Ancient Demon was more powerful and worthy of them to rip apart. 

To play it safe, Wu Yu sent his Heaven Devouring Avatar to deal with it, while his main body tried to keep a clear state of mind, preventing himself from sinking into the illusions of his opponent. His two bodies were connected, but each had its own sentience. Therefore, he was great in countering illusion techniques. 

The Heaven Devouring Avatar was holding the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well in one hand, the Atlas Pagoda in the other, and had the Jambu Realm Scroll coiled around him. He darted towards the Golden Eye Ancient Demon, while Wu Yu's main body shifted to a faraway spot instantly to prevent himself from plunging into the illusion range of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon. 

His Heaven Devouring Avatar had defeated the Golden Mystical Dragon previously.

Wu Yu was still confident in the strength of the Heaven Devouring Avatar now. It was especially so after considering the huge room of improvement available to the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

Over this period, Wu Yu could sense the changes to the Heaven Devouring Avatar. It was constantly growing stronger, and Wu Yu vaguely felt like a material change was close. Currently, Wu Yu felt like the Heaven Devouring Avatar was just in the infant stage. Perhaps it hadn't even learned how to walk. In some time, he would likely reach the stage of a walking child. 

This was Wu Yu's estimation. 

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord that had stirred waves in this world and required the heavenly soldiers and generals to handle in the past would never be that simple. 

When the Heaven Devouring Avatar was clashing with the Golden Eye Ancient Demon, Wu Yu wanted to continue watching the rock. Just as he was about to relax, he was surprised to feel murderous intent creeping up on him again. However, it wasn't from opposite of him this time, it was from behind him. He turned around and was surprised to see a demon that had gotten so close to him without him noticing. 

This demon looked a little strange. 

To put it simply, it looked like a tree made of flowing mercury. 

Its body, including the roots, trunk, branches, and leaves, were made of liquid-state mercury. It was constantly shapeshifting but still maintained the frame of a tree. 

Its entire body was silver, with the exception of the branches, where blood-red eyes could be seen. Wu Yu could see a total of nine blood-red eyes stacking irregularly together. These eyes were looking in different directions, possibly giving it vision over all directions. 

What kind of demon was this? Should it be classified as a metallic organism or a plant? Wu Yu didn't know. 

However, it was trained upon him. 

If a unique demon had the guts to show itself here, it naturally had an exceptionally high cultivation level. Most likely, it was at the ninth tier of the Dao Querying Realm, or even the 10th tier. At this point, it had a chance of becoming a demon immortal. Therefore, Wu Yu didn't even dare to think of belittling it. On the other side, his Heaven Devouring Avatar had clashed with the Golden Eye Ancient Demon. The first impression was that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon would be harder to deal with than the Golden Mystical Dragon. This was because its illusions were everywhere. The presence of Wu Yu's main body could help his Heaven Devouring Avatar maintain a clear state of mind. 

At this moment, the Mercury Tree demon was extending its branches towards Wu Yu. 

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