Chapter 1160: The Ancient Demon Mystery

The final attack, Immortal Genocide!

A riot of starlight fell like rain, riddling the Golden Mystical Dragon full of holes.

He had reached the point where his opponent was completely unable to retaliate, and he could kill it with ease.

It was not that the Golden Mystical Dragon was weak, it was simply that Wu Yu's seraphic dao treasures were too strong, especially the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well.

His real body had not even made a move. With the Jambu Sky Pillar and the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia employed, the Golden Mystical Dragon would have been even more wrecked.

The Nine-Starred Dragon's Well alone had beaten the Golden Mystical Dragon thoroughly in just five breaths of time.

Wu Yu gained a new understanding of what he was capable of.

After subduing the Golden Mystical Dragon, he waited another few days for it to completely recover. Wu Yu then left it in the Temple of Heart and Spirit to protect the others.

He was far from the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others at the Temple of Heart and Spirit, and so sending the Golden Mystical Dragon to them reassured him a little.

His seraphic dao treasures were successfully blood bonded, while the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others still needed time.

Therefore, Wu Yu wished to go out and explore the world, both the real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar together.

Wu Yu was quite assured since they had the Golden Mystical Dragon, the Silver Qilin, and the Black Phoenix in the concealed Temple of Heart and Spirit to protect them.

As for his real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar, their strength would allow them to roam the Ancient Demon Realm without worry.

After letting the Full Moon of Nanshan and the others know, Wu Yu left the Temple of Heart and Spirit.


The Heaven Devouring Avatar was in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, while his real body roamed. The Five-Colored Dragon Crown, the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe, and the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots had all been transformed to look like ordinary clothing.

His kingly aura was muted now.

Besides, there were virtually no humans in this strange Ancient Demon Realm. The demons before did not even know what Wu Yu was.

He guessed that the demons here would not take human form at all.

The Ancient Demon Realm was half land and half sea. On land, there were tall mountains and deep valleys as far as the eye could see. The forests were remarkably dense, and a deep green color was all around him.

This world was too vast, and so the demons seemed few. One had to travel a great distance before encountering one. Many were not even at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and were all hidden. The demons abroad in the season of massacre had mostly been weeded down as well.

The demons that were hidden could not escape Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold.

Of course, Wu Yu did not with them either.

He continued to head west. Before, his position had been towards the coast, and as he headed west, there was a huge patch of land, about three times the size of the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

He did not move quickly, searching the world atop his Somersault Cloud. He wanted to see the secrets of this world.

He used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink his body to the smallest.

Even for demons in the season of massacre, he would be hard to spot.

Sometimes there were stronger ones who aggressed on him. Wu Yu simply dodged, and they were shaken off.

"The more inland I go, the denser the spiritual qi gets. This place is already a few times denser than the Immortal's Capital. Besides, the spiritual qi here is even more refined, and of a higher quality. If it wasn't the season of massacre, this place would definitely be fertile ground for nurturing demon immortals!"

If people could even attain immortality in the Jambu Realm, this place could definitely raise more of them.

Besides, there were many cultivation resources hidden underground, nestled in between the mountains. And also many treasure troves.

There were many demons who fell in ferocious battles during the season of massacre.

This was a more violent world than the Jambu Realm. The law of the jungle held more sway here, and all the demons were beasts in said jungle. They clawed their way up the hierarchy with their Natural Mystiques, with no effort put into spirit designs or dao techniques. Therefore, Wu Yu saw that the spirit designs of this world were relatively simplistic. Compared to this, the Jambu Realm looked like a civilized world, while this was a barbaric anarchy.

Especially during the season of massacre. The demons killed on sight, painting the ground in blood. If not for the fact that demons were generally smaller here, the entire world would be littered with demon corpses.

Wu Yu had seen quite a few demon corpses. Their bodies resembled beasts. For example, a tiger demon's body would not exceed one zhang long, but it might actually be of demon king caliber. Although its build was small, it was fairly well-packed. A little like Wu Yu's real body - it was not huge, but agile and savage, and more terrifying compared to the bigger, ponderous demons.

Within its corporeal form, each molecule was refined. Of course, it was not as good as Wu Yu's, where each one was a buddha.

He continued west, following the spiritual qi, which continued to grow denser. Wu Yu reached the top of a tall mountain, which was in a long line of mountains. He was already very high up, but when he looked up, there were still many more mountains above. Each one, like the Clear Sky of Shushan, reached up into the clouds.

As for the mountain he was on, even the most ordinary of trees here had spiritual marks on them. Wu Yu marveled at this place. It was like he had entered paradise.

Each breath was delicious and comfortable. He wanted to bring Wu You and the others here. They would definitely improve more quickly.

Wu Yu was shrouded in the mist. He felt like he was the only one in the entire world. Even the demons out and about were a rare sight.

"If it has reached the season of tranquility, there should probably be many demons here. After all, this place is of great help in making them stronger. There are veins of precious treasures in these mountains."

His Eyes of Fire and Gold swept over a bonanza of immortal essences and precious treasures, all with many spiritual marks. Immortal essences grew in the wild plentifully, and Wu Yu could not resist taking a few back to supplement his own national treasury.

If not for the fact that he had so many treasures with him already, he would have sent out his 10,000 clones to comb the mountainside and scour this place clean.

"Truly a magical world!"

Perhaps because the season of massacre had been in reign for a while, Wu Yu saw more decomposing demon corpses than demons. He wondered how bounteous the Ancient Demon Realm had been in the last season of tranquility.

These immortal essences had clearly grown in the last few years.

Ahead, he saw the silhouettes of many tall mountains in the mist. Besides the endless green underfoot, the sky was pure white, and Wu Yu zoomed forward on his cloud. He passed through places with even more spiritual qi, headed for the places where the spiritual qi was of the highest quality. Like at the Immortal's Capital, these places would be the core of this world.

Another dozen days passed. He lost count of how many mountains he had passed. He was currently on the plains at a very high altitude. He could see very few mountains taller than his position now. And at this time, the environment had to be about 10 times as good as the Immortal's Capital!

Martial cultivators liked to occupy mountains because the environment usually transformed here. Basking in the clouds, Wu Yu felt particularly good.

Suddenly, he heard a bestial roar from far away in the northwest. He listened closely and was sure he had heard it.

"I haven't seen any demons in more than 10 days. And roars here?"

He was looking exactly for such strange happenings in the Ancient Demon Realm. Therefore he headed in that direction with speed. As he neared, he realized that the voices were growing louder and louder, and there were many of them. There were all sorts of sounds - bestial roars, the screech of birds, and a whole cacophony of other creatures, mixed into a noisy din.

"Are they all demons in the season of massacre? Gathered together? Could they be organizing some large-scale massacre?"

But Wu Yu could only hear the cries and roars, but no sounds of fighting. It did not seem to be a large-scale massacre.

He increased his speed. The closer he got, the more thunderous the voices were. There were probably thousands of demons, and their voices sounded strong and powerful.

Finally, he reached a basin-like region on the top of a mountain. Many mountain lakes had emerged here. While it was empty of water, the bottom was flat land. When Wu Yu looked down, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

Below were thousands of jade-green cages, whose walls were completely sealed. They looked like jade-green ice, or perhaps some sort of metal. In any case, they looked very solid, and one could vaguely make out what was inside.

Inside each jade-green cage was a demon. These demons were all rather huge, and very exotic. They all looked fairly savage. From their eyes, it was clear that they were still in the season of massacre, and being cooped up like this made them scream. From the way it looked, they had been here for a long time.

These demons were evidently all of elite bloodlines, perhaps at the demon king level. Many were even at the demon lord level, and were comparable to the Black and Gold Termite Queen, the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree, the Eight Immortals Kunwu, and other demons. For example, one demon had a silver eye that reminded Wu Yu of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon.

There were also golden ants, chimera-like beasts with tiger heads flanked by two eagle heads, a blue tree-turned-demon, black fog, a single-horned white horse, a blood-red fox with a dozen tails, and many more. They all looked feral, and restless. As if they had sensed Wu Yu's presence, they turned to his direction as one, staring at him and howling.

"Why are so many demons trapped here?" Wu Yu was astounded.

He looked over and saw that these were elite demons. Some were even at the 10th tier of the Dao Querying Realm, and even he would struggle to deal with them.

As he looked them over, he saw that there was a slender stone extending out from the center of the basin. It was planted in the ground and extended upwards. It looked a little like a stone pillar, and also slightly crystal-like. There were some drawings on the stone that attracted Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was too far away. He decided to venture closer for a look.

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