Chapter 0116: Hot Blooded Youth

"I'm just glad you're back." Feng Xueya was not a very emotional person, it was just the way he was. Yet the sight of his disciple had caused his heart to secretly burst with joy.

On the other side, Lan Huayi was embracing Lan Shuiyue, her tears flowing. It was a fresh contrast. Coming to her senses, Lan Shuiyue was revitalized by her close shave with death. She hugged her aunt, and the two sobbed together.

Feng Xueya nodded and gestured for Wu Yu to stand up.

"Junior Brother." From the side, Su Yanli and Mo Shishu were on the verge of tears as well. Wu Yu knew that these two must have been devastated by the news of his death. They were as close as kin. Especially Su Yanli. She would not often reveal emotional outbursts, but her hot tears rolled down at Wu Yu's homecoming.

"I'm just glad you're alive." She smiled as she wiped her tears. She was a little embarrassed to be crying in front of Wu Yu!

"That's true. My good Junior Brother, I heard that you were done in by a demon. Your Senior Brother here had some tough days. Although I'm surrounded by beauties every day, I couldn't find joy. Ten thousand beauties would still be incomparable to you." Mo Shishu hugged him fiercely, making Wu Yu wonder if this guy had the same tastes as Jiang Junlin....

Evidently not.

Mo Shishu's teasing had lightened the mood. On Lan Shuiyue's side, the mood was still like a funeral.

Wu Yu composed himself and addressed Feng Xueya. "Master, this is what happened. The Ghost-Faced Ape killed everyone. Only Lan Shuiyue and I were left behind. We used some small tricks to deceive the Ghost-Faced Ape and found a way to ignite the Beacon of Flame. We had thought that we were still destined to die, but I found something in the cave and stumbled across the remains of an ancient martial cultivator. There was an ancient dao technique there. After I cultivated it, I could leave, and then I returned."

He told the story simply, explaining all that had transpired.

"I see. No wonder you took three months to return." Feng Xueya nodded. Most importantly, Wu Yu was alive. As for the ancient martial cultivator's remains, ancient dao techniques were not that special. He had had such encounters in his own youth as well. And he would clean things up for Wu Yu when they got back.

"Auntie, Wu Yu saved my life." On the other side, Lan Shuiyue's beautiful features looked over. There was no more hate in her eyes, only a soft look.

Since Situ Minglang's death, Lan Huayi had wished for Wu Yu's death. And hearing Lan Shuiyue say this, she was startled. Although she did not show it, her sentiment had changed. All was forgiven between them.

She was a Jindan martial cultivator, and Wu Yu would not go up against her.

Their return had thrown the entire Heavenly Sword Sect into a joyous mood. After all, they were the future of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

On the other side, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect, who had been celebrating, had shut up as well.

And Jiang Junlin's expression was spectacular.

"Master, why are they here?" Wu Yu only just noticed Jiang Junlin, and he could make a guess as to who the important person behind him was.

It had to be Jiang Xie.

Feng Xueya did not reply, and Mo Shishu gave a bitter laugh. "Here to step on sore points, and rub our faces in the dirt at that."

Step on sore points?

Wu Yu understood now.


Given that bunch, they did not seem capable of humiliating the Heavenly Sword Sect, right?

Su Yanli replied, "Jiang Junlin acquired an immortal root called the Supernova Core, which gives him an ability called the Supernova Golden Body. It covers for the fact that the Zhongyuan Dao Sect is not good at close combat. Combined with the spiritual power of the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, he has no equal at his level. Even I could not take him down."

No wonder. It was just Jiang Junlin's challenge.

"Has he really reached the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm and laid down his immortal roots?" Wu Yu's gaze met Jiang Junlin's. In that instant, an intense flame began to burn.

It was as though everyone else had disappeared, except for these two flames.

"Senior Sister, even you could not beat him?" To Wu Yu, Su Yanli was a target to chase.

Whereas Jiang Junlin was someone he had beaten before. Normally, Wu Yu would not look up to losers. He had this point of pride. Usually, those that he defeated very rarely came back to surpass him again.

"He has a turtle shell. I don't have the capability to attack past it," Su Yanli explained emotively.

Jiang Junlin's eyes had not shifted off Wu Yu since he saw him. The image of Wu Yu defeating him at Capital Wu must’ve still been burning in his mind.

Just as everyone's gazes had transferred to their clash, Wu Yu suddenly spoke up loudly, "I hear that a certain someone, since their ass got thrashed by me at Capital Wu, acquired a turtle shell, and is back to challenge me? Well, I, Wu Yu, have appeared. Does the turtle shell wearer have the balls to show himself?"

His words had lit the dynamite of their anger. Not just Jiang Junlin, but all of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect was stupid with anger at his words.

To Jiang Junlin, his defeat to Wu Yu was a bloody scar.

It had just recovered a little, but now Wu Yu had torn it wide open again. He would get revenge with everyone bearing witness.


Wu Yu already dared to speak like this the moment he returned. Instantly, the silent Immortal's Battle Stage roared to life again. People chattered and shouted. They did not shout Wu Yu's name, but instead chanted “turtle shell.” Jiang Junlin's bubble of cockiness was popped in a trice.

It was said that youngsters' blood ran hot. It was truly so!

Who here was not susceptible to the impetuousness of youth? Who was willing to be bullied and shamed?

Wu Yu was blunt and straight. He had called it a challenge, not honeying his words. Instantly, he fired the blood of the disciples. On the Immortal's Battle Stage, they cheered wildly for him, until Wu Yu was pushed up directly. Under a thousand gazes, he walked towards Jiang Junlin step by step, his eyes burning.

"Fuck him dead!"

"Wu Yu, kill him! Destroy that turtle shell grandson of the turtle himself!"

"Let his blood wash the Immortal's Battle Stage!"

A hot fire burned in the breast of these young lives!

It was awakened in an instant and soared!

Their most recent humiliation was still clear in their minds.

And from the countless angry roars, it was proof as to how arrogant and cocky Jiang Junlin had just been.

An epic battle between the disciples of two sects!

Wu Yu's gaze was burning as he trained it on Jiang Junlin. He laughed. "Jiang Junlin! You actually became a turtle since we parted at Capital Wu. What are you doing, strutting about at the Heavenly Sword Sect? I hear that you want to challenge me. Then let's cut the crap."

Lan Huayi's mouth twitched. This time around, she truly saw the difference between Wu Yu and the other disciples. He was an insolent one, but this time around, his words made her feel a sense of vindictive pleasure.

"Wu Yu, watch your words. The disciples of the Zhongyuan Dao Sect are still our brethren on the orthodox path." She had to remind him a little.

"Yes, Sect-Protector."

Wu Yu hefted the Demon Subduing Staff and slammed it on the ground. A fearsome power shook the ground.

"Wu Yu!" Jiang Junlin was already gnashing his teeth. His anger swamped him, and he was anxious to win back his dignity.

"Wait." Wu Yu suddenly raised a hand, giving Jiang Junlin pause. "You don't dare?"

"Who says I don't dare? But for a loser to challenge me, just why should I have to answer to your meaningless challenge? Unless, of course, there's something in it for me."

Recently, he was a little hard up, which was why he had dreamed up this move.

"What kind of incentive do you want?" Jiang Junlin was looking a little wild now. The Wu Yu now was very different from the Wu Yu back then at Capital Wu. He was even more domineering and overwhelming. This only fanned his need to see Wu Yu dead, because he was afraid that he would be defeated by Wu Yu again.

"Since there are so many elders here, then I'll keep it modest. 30 Spirit Concentration Pills as a wager. Do you dare?" Wu Yu had said “modest” but had fired off 30 from the get go. It made Jiang Junlin frown for a moment.

30 Spirit Concentration Pills was a huge wager!

And the elders on the Heavenly Sword Sect's side could not help but worry. They roughly knew that Wu Yu was at the third tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, but he was facing an opponent that even Su Yanli could not beat....

But the disciples went crazy. Heedless of the consequences, they cheered, "If you don't dare, you're a pansy!"

"Turtle pansy, afraid of a bet!"

Jiang Junlin could not bear such taunting. If he did not dare to bet, then he would be made a laughing stock even if he beat Wu Yu. He gritted his teeth. "I dare. There are 30 Spirit Concentration Pills in my Sumeru Pouch. The question is, do you?!"

Wu Yu obviously did not.

He laughed lightly and turned back. "My brethren. Today I ask of you to lend me 30 Spirit Concentration Pills. If I lose, I will definitely repay this debt in the future. Who is willing to lend them to me?"

In such an emotionally charged situation, and the sect's reputation at stake, who would not grant it to him?

"I'll lend you two!"

"I'll lend you THREE!"

"I'll give you one, no need for repayment!"

"Senior Brother will stand you 10." Mo Shishu laughed.

In short order, he had accumulated more than 50. Wu Yu turned back to Jiang Junlin. "I'm a man of my word. If I lose, I won't owe you. Alright then, I'll give this loser before me a chance today. Come on then."

The moment that Jiang Junlin had been waiting for.

He could only win back his pride by defeating Wu Yu. Otherwise, he would be made a laughing stock in two sects, unable to face anybody.

"Radiant Treasure Pagoda!"

His left hand flourished, and the Radiant Treasure Pagoda appeared in his hand, sparkling as it grew.

"Supernova Golden Body!"

His godly change was heralded by a shimmer of golden light.

"This immortal root is truly powerful."

Wu Yu could see why Su Yanli could not defeat him. Jiang Junlin was truly powerful now.

Encased in golden light, he was like a man of steel.

Wu Yu did not dare to hold back.

Immortal Ape Transformation.

He grew even taller, surpassing Jiang Junlin in height and looking down at him from above.

Golden hair, a fierce look in his eyes. Sharp teeth of a beast.


He drew the Demon Subduing Staff from the ground.


He stomped, leaving a huge footprint that shook the ground. The Demon Subduing Staff's power filled the skies!

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