Chapter 1159: Five-Clawed Golden Dragon

He could not get a thing out of the Jambu Titanic Beast.

After being subdued, it only mewled.

It was not because Wu Yu was strong, but because the Heaven Devouring Avatar had dominated it.

Wu Yu was still interested in the 1 million spirit designs.

1 million spirit designs was said to be a perfect design.

1 million, all connected through layers.

Without doubt, the Jambu Sky Pillar's spirit designs were focused on the offensive.

He roughly understood that it had two. They would definitely be stronger than the Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Design.

Wu Yu himself did not understand how strong it actually was. All he knew was the name, and he had a rough gauge of its level, gleaned from the sheer number of spirit designs.

The first spirit design was called Door to 10,000 Levels of Hell.

As per its name, this spirit design and staff would descend on its enemies and send them to the 10,000 Levels of Hell.

As the staff came crashing down from above, the impact point would turn into a black hell. All kinds of hellish things would appear. Ghostly immortals, tongue-ripping, pots of boiling oil, arrows through the heart, Ox-Head and Horse Face, the Heibai Wuchang.... It made one shudder just to think of it. [1]

But this was not the scariest.

The second spirit design was called 8,000 Sky Palaces, Shattered Rebirth.

The first spirit design had to do with the 10,000 Levels of Hell, while the second spirit design had to do with the 8,000 sky palaces.

Didn't this mean that the 10,000 levels of hell and 8,000 sky palaces were all real?

There were really 10,000 levels in hell?

And 8,000 sky palaces?

It was a stupendous number.

The 8,000 sky palaces would line up and descend, crushing all life.

This staff's abilities were terrifying indeed. If the first spirit design brought the bloat of death, then the second one called forth a righteous destruction.

"The Jambu Sky Pillar's spirit designs are actually linked to both the sky palaces and hell.

“It's as if it truly is a sky pillar that stands on hell and props up heaven."

After Wu Yu left, he was still marveling deeply at it.

He was finally good to go. All of his elite seraphic dao treasures had been successfully blood bonded with.

Especially the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well, the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, and the Jambu Sky Pillar. These three heavy-duty dao treasures were basically the most terrifying in the entire Jambu Realm.

Besides, the other three items of the emperor, the Atlas Pagoda, the Jambu Realm Scroll, and the others were dao treasures more suited towards support and defensive capabilities, which were decent as well.

In other words, Wu Yu could foresee that when he had fully mastered these spirit designs, not even a 10th tier Dao Querying cultivator would be his match. He would dare to fight even in the Ancient Demon Realm.

Therefore, with the exception of demon immortals and immortals, he was afraid of nothing.

"Before entering the Ancient Soul Tower, I would not have thought that such a day would come...."

It was the Ancient Emperor who had helped him evolve. For example, the Ancient Emperor's dao musings, the sun in the Ancient Soul Tower, and the final push to the Dao Querying Realm.

He considered all of this and then set the matter of the Ancient Emperor aside, focusing completely on the eight seraphic dao treasures. Especially the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, which held control over the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country.

This required a huge amount of time and effort.

As he was lost in concentration, day after day, month after month passed.

With five times the amount of time, Wu Yu had plenty. He had made a pact of five years with her, which was 25 years in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

This time, Wu Yu used a full year's time to completely master all the seraphic dao treasures.

In 12 months, slightly more than two months had passed outside. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi had also just finished blood bonding, although they had not yet mastered the spirit designs. They still needed some more time.

But Wu Yu was already done.

"A pity that I can't bring them into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Otherwise, they, too, could enjoy this time. Especially Xixi - she only came into her legacy recently, and really needs more time."

But it could not be done for now.

He could not control the Floating Dreams Pagoda fully yet. He could even master a divine dao treasure, but not the Floating Dreams Pagoda. It made him wonder - was the Floating Dreams Pagoda an immortal treasure of the gods?

If even the Demonic Eye of Illusions was one, then the Floating Dreams Pagoda was likely one as well.

And the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was probably one as well.

These were even more valuable than the Jambu Sky Pillar - a pity he could not blood bond with them.

After all of it was settled, Wu Yu was still a first tier Dao Querying cultivator. But he wished to challenge the puppets in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

There were nine puppet spirit designs in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. For a first tier Dao Querying cultivator, they were laid out from the first tier of the Dao Querying Realm through the ninth tier. In the eighth tier was the Silver Qilin. The only one he could challenge now was the puppet in the ninth, white spirit design.

It had been a while since he had skipped eight levels in his puppet challenge.

White spirit design.

When Wu Yu challenged the white spirit design, the other spirit designs dimmed, while the white light grew in intensity. It vanished, revealing a puppet before Wu Yu that was roughly what he had expected.

A golden mystical dragon that seemed to be made out of gold. It had five claws and was an impressive figure. It was a precise replica of the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon.

From Black Phoenix, to Silver Qilin, to Golden Mystical Dragon.

What he did not know was if there were still puppets after the Golden Mystical Dragon.

Wu Yu would not see further before reaching the second tier of the Dao Querying Realm.

The Golden Mystical Dragon was roughly as strong as the golden titan in the Ancient Soul Tower.

It was very strong for Wu Yu, but he now had many more treasures.

In terms of might, the Golden Mystical Dragon was superior to the Black Phoenix and the Silver Qilin. It had the gravitas of an immortal beast, and its golden body exuded tyrannical strength. Its golden eyes were intensely penetrating, and the dragon scales looked unassailable and hardy. It had fangs and claws as keen as dao treasures, and packed with fatal power. On a closer look, the thick dragon scales were covered in innumerable spirit designs. This Golden Mystical Dragon had to have over 800,000 of them, and was probably worth much more than other seraphic dao treasures with a similar number of spirit designs.

Before, Wu Yu's real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar, alongside the Silver Qilin, had been able to defeat the golden titan. Right now, the outcome went without saying.

When the Golden Mystical Dragon appeared, Wu Yu's real body did not move. He used the Heaven Devouring Avatar because he was confident that the Heaven Devouring Avatar alone could defeat his opponent.

In his hands, he held two seraphic dao treasures.

In his left hand was a black pagoda, dark as ink. It looked old and ordinary. While it was not big, it was extremely heavy, as though one were carrying a mountain.

This was the Atlas Pagoda.

In his right hand, he held a sharp sword, with a pure white hilt with nine starry jewels embedded in it. The blade was nondescript, but the richly adorned hilt shone with starlight that shimmered and reflected off the blade.

This was the elite seraphic dao treasure from the Yan Huang Golden Bead, the 930,000 spirit design Nine-Starred Dragon's Well.

With the Atlas Pagoda in one hand and the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well in the other, its glowing, crimson eyes were framed by its dancing white hair. As the Heaven Devouring Avatar grew stronger, the aura of dread that it exuded also grew accordingly. It seemed to match the main body with all its legacy power.

"Atlas Field!"

When Golden Mystical Dragon appeared, he moved. First, he hurled the Atlas Pagoda. It appeared above the Golden Mystical Dragon, its hundreds of thousands of spirit designs activating. Directed by the power of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, the spirit design took effect. In the designated radius, a shocking change happened!

Pa, pa, pa!

The Golden Mystical Dragon, flying in the air a moment ago, seemed as though an entire chain of mountains were now crushing its body. It was pinned fast to the ground, and this impact even shook the Floating Dreams Pagoda slightly.

That was the power of the Atlas Field. Its main use was to increase the gravitational force within this field, and to a great extent. It would make its enemies struggle to adapt. Anybody would have their fighting power severely affected when under the sway of the Atlas Field.

For example, the Golden Mystical Dragon was smashed to the ground before it had a chance to react. The mystical dragon body was a little dented out of shape.

But it was still a high-grade puppet. After a short moment, it climbed back up to stare malevolently at Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. It even took flight again, battling against the Atlas Field. Of course, from its awkward stance, it seemed unable to fully display its powers within the Atlas Field.

Wu Yu valued fast and decisive fights.

Therefore, just as his opponent was climbing to its feet, he had already hefted the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well and attacked.

The Nine-Starred Dragon's Well was different from ordinary dao treasures. Its spirit designs focused on a combination. From start to finish, the Nine-Starred Slayer Combination was a nightmare of an attack. It was very difficult to stop, and even if the opponent could defend the first attack, it would be hard-pressed to deal with the subsequent ones!

"First attack!

“Tianpeng Star Heavenly Blizzard!"

A star on the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well shone, sheathing the plain blade in frost. A blizzard howled, and Wu Yu's Nine-Starred Dragon's Well radiated strongly with frosty starlight. It seemed like a star covered in icy energy and sword light. Just as the Golden Mystical Dragon crawled up, the flood of sword light landed on the metallic body, creating many wounds!

"Tianrui Star Universe Strike!"

The blizzard disappeared, then a comet fell, piercing the Golden Mystical Dragon's head from above, deeply embedding the sword blade within!

"Tianchong Star Absolute Ground Blast!"

Move after move rained down punishingly on the Golden Mystical Dragon. The poor Golden Mystical Dragon was still being restrained by the Atlas Field, and still had to deal with Wu Yu's barrage of attacks!

The Nine-Starred Dragon's Well's combination emphasized speed and accuracy. Blow after blow was dished out with savagery and speed!

The entire Atlas Field was flooded with starlight. Within five breaths of time, the first through ninth stars on the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well's hilt had shone!

"Tianying Star Immortal Genocide!"

1. Tongue-cutting, boiling oil, and arrows are gruesome punishments that feature in the 18 layers of Chinese hell. Ox-Head and Horse Face are guardians of the underworld. Heibai Wuchang are a pair of black and white deities, often seen as one entity. They escort people to hell.

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