Chapter 1158: Jambu Titanic Beast

He replied to Luo Pin that he was about to enter the Ancient Demon Realm and he would let her know once he was back. 

After which, he informed Di Shatian that he would be training behind closed doors in 10,000 Immortals Palace. At the same time, he instructed him to not disturb him unless there were major matters. As for other matters, Di Shatian would be in charge of those decisions. 

Even without him around, the Yan Huang Ancient Country would still prosper and flourish. He had nothing to worry about. 

From 10,000 Immortals Palace, he opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. After waiting for 15 minutes, the door was opened. Wu Yu jumped into the Ancient Demon Realm without a moment of hesitation. 

To play it safe, he hadn't left from the Temple of Heart and Spirit the previous time. Instead, he had done it from a deserted area. 

When the Ancient Demon Realm closed in his hands and he put it away in his Sumeru Pouch, Wu Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief. 

He felt like his connection to the Jambu Realm had finally been severed cleanly. 

Those that he cared for the most were now with him and Luo Pin was protected under the spirit designs of the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. 

Initially, he was a little worried about the Ancient Emperor. Now everything was running smoothly. This strengthened his belief that the Ancient Emperor might not be as dangerous as he had presumed. 

"If everything he said was the truth, do I really have a mother by the name of Immortal Su Sang in the Su Yu Sky Palace?" 

In his memories, his mother had died early and he hardly had any recollection of her. Since his teenage years, it had been mainly Wu You who had been taking care of him. 

What was having a mother supposed to feel like? Wu Yu was oblivious to the concept. 

The truth was, other than the hatred of Ye Xixi towards the Ancient Emperor, he sincerely hoped the Ancient Emperor wasn't trying to deceive him. First, he would have no worries ahead. Second, he also hoped his parents would still be alive in this world. 

Therefore, he felt conflicted at the moment. 

"Forget it. I should be focusing on cultivating and improving myself. Luo Pin will become an immortal soon. Once she reaches the sky palaces, she won't have anyone she knows. I can't let her be alone up there. If she wants to roam around, I want to roam with her. Therefore, I have to work hard to catch up to her!" 

The important thing was still to battle and cultivate. 

Obviously, in terms of battle strength, he might not be far from Luo Pin. It was especially so after he gained the Jambu Sky Pillar. 

When he entered the Ancient Demon Realm, he saw the bunny he had seen previously. He could recall how he had a bad scare back then. Now that he encountered it again, he could only smile bitterly. 

The fiery red bunny became especially restless the moment it saw Wu Yu. Murderous intent took roots in it and it spewed fireballs towards Wu Yu ferociously. 

However, Wu Yu had the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe now. When those fireballs exploded on Wu Yu, sparks scattered and nothing was left. 

This wasn't the first time Wu Yu had entered the Ancient Demon Realm. 

He was too lazy to handle the bunny. Therefore, he got on his Somersault Cloud and sped towards the Temple of Heart and Spirit expeditiously. 

The Temple of Heart and Spirit was extremely well concealed. If Wu Yu didn't have his Heaven Devouring Avatar, it would’ve been really hard for him to find it. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan and the others were still cultivating and forming blood bonds with their seraphic dao treasures. They didn't have it as easy as Wu Yu in the aspect of forming blood bonds with seraphic dao treasures. 

When he returned to the Temple of Heart and Spirit, there was nothing unique. Before his main body reached the place, his Heaven Devouring Avatar had told the details to the others. At that time, the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and the others heaved sighs of relief. 

"Perhaps he's really your father. Otherwise, how would it be so smooth for us and you to come here...." Ye Xixi lowered her head and was a little dejected. 

"Things are hard to predict, so let's not set out conclusions yet. Regardless, we are probably the safest now and can feel more at ease. Moving forward, we have to try to get stronger as soon as we can," Wu Yu said softly to her. 

"Alright. Big Brother Yu, you will never change in my heart," Ye Xixi said solemnly. 

Wu Yu reassured Ye Xixi a while longer before tossing the Unbounded Warship to the Full Moon of Nanshan and saying, "This can be our mobile base in the Ancient Demon Realm. It's much better than the Hidden Immortal." 

The Full Moon of Nanshan took a glance and said, "Damn! It's another seraphic dao treasure! You must have struck it big again! There are too many seraphic dao treasures now. Fully forming blood bonds and mastering them will likely take a year!" 

"Take a year, then. We have nothing much at hand for now after all. Let's just spend all our time in cultivation." 

He had broken free from some struggles and scuffles. Now he only had one goal in mind, and that was to become an immortal. 

Compared to them, Wu Yu had five times the amount of time. 

Wu You also told Wu You and Feng Xueya about his main body returning. For them, they only recognized Wu Yu's main body and saw the Heaven Devouring Avatar as a clone. Therefore, they felt more assured now. Over this period, they had been cultivating well and making huge progress with the help of Wu Yu. 

Even if there was an accident, the Black Phoenix and Silver Qilin were right next to them to protect them. That was equivalent to them having elite battle strength. 

After informing them of his safety, Wu Yu calmed down. The Temple of Heart and Spirit was extremely quiet and everyone was working hard. Wu Yu naturally wouldn't be the exception. 

This time, his focus would be on forming blood bonds with his seraphic dao treasures. 

His main body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar were both in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The focus of the main body was to form a blood bond with the Jambu Sky Pillar and familiarize himself with the four-piece set equipment of the Yan Huang emperor so he could mobilize all the spirit designs within. As for his Heaven Devouring Avatar, it had to fully master the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well, the Atlas Pagoda, and the Jambu Realm Scroll. 

After getting the Jambu Sky Pillar and the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well, the Imperial Descent and the Imperial Insignia had become redundant. Wu Yu could release the blood bonds and return them back to the treasury. 

Among all the dao treasures, the only one that Wu Yu had not successfully formed a blood bond with was the Jambu Sky Pillar. After all, this was a divine dao treasure. Even with the Spirit Chaser Art, Wu Yu still brought it to the Ancient Demon Realm for safety. He was prepared to enter it with his Heaven Devouring Avatar to form a blood bond with the Jambu Sky Pillar. 

"Perhaps this is the only divine dao treasure in the Jambu Realm." 

Wu Yu placed the Jambu Sky Pillar in the middle of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The black and thick pillar had the engraving of a titanic beast. 

The Primordial Spirits of his main body and Heaven Devouring Avatar entered the spiritual world of the Jambu Sky Pillar at almost the same instant to search for the immortal treasure spirit. 

From the introduction, the immortal treasure spirit was most likely the Jambu Titanic Beast. “Jambu” had the meaning of the mortal realm. Therefore, it could probably be called the mortal realm's titanic beast. 

It was a kind of Spirit of the Universe.

The interior spiritual world was an empty and vast space without any stars. Darkness and deathly stillness filled the space and there was nothing at all. 

When Wu Yu entered the space, black mist started gathering in the depths of the deathly darkness. The mist grew in size and tumbled constantly, forming the outline of a wild beast that was making angry growls. 

"The Jambu Titanic Beast sure looks a little like the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast." 

Looking at the black mist turning into a vortex and titanic beast from time to time, Wu Yu suddenly recalled this. 

This was because the Heaven Devouring Avatar beside him could do the same. 

The moment he had the thought, the black mist solidified in the space to form a strange-looking titanic beast. The titanic beast only had a humongous mouth on his head that was similar to an earthworm and didn't have a body. The front looked bulky, but the end was still clouds of black mist. It was like a giant darkness zerg in space with a head but without a tail. 

When it had a physical body, the difference from the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was evident. This was because Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar didn't have any flesh and had a body similar to one's Primordial Spirit. 

This was probably the true form of the Jambu Titanic Beast. 

It didn't seem to possess intelligence. When it discovered Wu Yu, it was as though it had been awakened abruptly. Without saying a word, it opened its humongous mouth and tried to devour Wu Yu in full! When its mouth was extended, Wu Yu became as small as a speck of dust in comparison. It was similar to having a mouth the size of a world trying to devour him! 

The space within the mouth was an endless and terrorizing black hole. 

"What the hell is this!?" 

Wu Yu cursed in his mind. Quick and decisive, direct and violent. He cast the Spirit Chaser Art, which he had prepared for a long time, at the moment the beast was the closest to himself. 


In the end, the Jambu Titanic Beast let out a terrifying scream and was knocked back exceptionally far by Wu Yu. Wu Yu could see the Jambu Titanic Beast suffering, and its titanic physical body was contorting in the empty space. Or rather, it felt like it was squirming violently like an earthworm. Wu Yu didn't find it to be dreadful, but a little terrifying. 

Quick and decisive! 

After casting the Spirit Chaser Art, the main body had to take a short rest. Therefore, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, who was adept in battles in the spiritual world, charged ahead. He transformed into a giant black vortex and moved towards the Jambu Titanic Beast like a meat grinder. 

"Wu wu wu...." To his astonishment, when Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar got closer, the Jambu Titanic Beast lowered its head and started sobbing. It was kneeling before Wu Yu and seemed completely frightened into submission by Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu had not reacted to it when the 1,000,000 spirit designs of the Jambu Sky Pillar showed up before him. This suggested that he had successfully formed a blood bond with the Jambu Sky Pillar. He had left a mark on the divine dao treasure, and Wu Yu found it unbelievable. 

"Are you afraid of me?" Wu Yu asked with his Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

"Wu wu wu...." The Jambu Titanic Beast seemed to be weeping in horror, clearly intimidated. 


Clearly, the seemingly low intelligence Jambu Titanic Beast couldn't answer this question. 

Wu Yu asked a few more questions, but he felt like he was conversing with a little dog. The other party didn't know anything other than surrendering to Wu Yu. It was also horrified by Wu Yu. 

"The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was probably more formidable than the Jambu Titanic Beast in the legends." 

Wu Yu came to the conclusion. 

Moreover, they might be the same species of Spirit of the Universe. 

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