Chapter 1157: Jambu Sky Pillar

From a design standpoint, where Wu Yu was currently should be the most important place of 10,000 Immortals Palace. 

In it, the bed or other furniture were clearly not placed. 

The empty room had nothing in it, not even seraphic dao treasures. 

Wu Yu found this to be a little strange. On the paths outside the room, even immortal essences and precious treasures were scattered around. Why would there not be anything in a place so important like this? 

As such, he entered the room and circled around a pillar in the middle. In the empty and spacious room, he used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to survey the surroundings. 

He looked carefully and noted each and every detail. 

However, he didn't find any treasure in this oddly clean room. 

Just as Wu Yu was about to leave to search other areas, Ming Long remarked, "Fool. Did you just overlook the pillar in the middle?" 

Wu Yu was stumped.

Indeed, he had not paid attention to the pillar. As it was in the middle of the room and rose from the ground to the ceiling, Wu Yu had taken it to be part of the palace. 

After all, there were lots of pillars in other rooms. 

Now that he thought about it, the main room in 10,000 Immortals Palace didn't have a pillar at this position. 

He took a closer look at the pillar. 

The thick pillar was entirely black with engravings on one side of the surface. He couldn't see clearly from where he was and therefore made a turn around it. The engraving resembled a strange-looking titanic beast. It didn't have any limbs, just a body and a colossal mouth. It was coming down, seemingly suggesting that it was devouring the heavens and earth.

Overall, this looked a little like the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast. 

Wu Yu had a quick look at the materials of this pillar. Initially, he thought it was made of some ordinary metal precious treasures that were used in other parts of the palace. However, after looking at it with the Eyes of Fire and Gold, he realized that the pillar was an isolated object and not part of the palace. Moreover, it had signs of spirit designs over it. 

"What is this?" Wu Yu was puzzled and couldn't tell if this was a dao treasure. 

He went around, and just as he was pondering, he suddenly saw a small sign on the ground. There were some words on the sign, and he had overlooked it previously because it was covered in dust. 

"This is... a label?"

The labels that were engraved on the ground were commonly seen in the 30,000 palaces with neatly arranged treasures. When Wu Yu entered the main palace, he was surprised by the treasures scattered around. Therefore, he ended up not noticing the label when there was one in the main palace.

This label was introducing the pillar. 

Wu Yu's eyes landed on the few lines of words. 

The truth was, he wasn't getting excited. This was because he had seen way too many treasures since he had entered the treasury. Therefore, he was numb to them. 

However, when he recited the words, he was still astonished. 

The words said, "There was a strange beast in ancient times known as the Jambu Titanic Beast. With the soul of the Jambu Titanic Beast and the aerosiderite from the sky palaces as the container, I forged the Jambu Sky Pillar in 300 years. The spirit designs number 1,000,000 and it is a divine dao treasure, just one step from the immortal treasures of the gods." 

"Divine... Divine dao treasure?" 

Wu Yu was stumped. 

Jambu Titanic Beast... Aerosiderite from the sky palaces... Forged for 300 years to become a divine dao treasure. Jambu Sky Pillar!

It was entirely black with the engraving of a giant beast. 

Initially, it was overlooked by Wu Yu. This pillar that felt nothing like a dao treasure was actually the Jambu Sky Pillar! 

The weapon that Wu Yu was using currently was the Imperial Descent that the Ancient Emperor had forged. 

The Imperial Descent was a battle axe. When using it, Wu Yu felt a little uncomfortable compared to a staff. Although it didn't matter much, it wasn't what Wu Yu would prefer to use. 

When the Jambu Sky Pillar, a 1,000,000-spirit design divine dao treasure that many thought would only exist in legends, appeared before him, he definitely thought of taking it to further enhance his battle strength. 

This was his first thought. 

Just it being a divine dao treasure was sufficient to attract him. 

However, he was a little hesitant. "Can I just take the divine dao treasure in this place?" 

However, he had a different thought in mind the next instant. "I'm the Yan Huang emperor and the treasury is mine. Why couldn't I take a divine dao treasure away? If the Ancient Emperor isn't willing to give it to me, how could he call himself my father?" 

At the thought of this, he had made up his mind. 

The Jambu Sky Pillar was erected here without direct connections with the palace. Wu Yu was the owner of this place. Therefore, he didn't think further and put the Jambu Sky Pillar in the Floating Dreams Pagoda for safekeeping. 

After taking it, he looked and searched around but failed to find any treasure that was more valuable than the Jambu Sky Pillar. Therefore, he left the treasury and returned to 10,000 Immortals Palace. 

At this point, he received a Message Talisman from Luo Pin that said that she was about to reach the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. 

"In that case, I'll form the blood bond with the Jambu Sky Pillar in the Ancient Demon Realm." 

The Jambu Sky Pillar was even more formidable than the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. Wu Yu estimated that it would be taxing to tame it and therefore wasn't in a hurry. 

Seeing that Luo Pin was about to return to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, Wu Yu was getting ready to head for the Ancient Demon Realm. He had told Di Shatian that he would be training in seclusion. 

However, before he left, he still wanted to head out and see how powerful the various spirit designs that he could control with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia were. He had also not tried opening the kingdom border spirit designs. 

Getting a treasure like the Jambu Sky Pillar would allow his battle strength to reach a whole new level. This made him excited as well. 

Even without his authority and just relying on his battle strength, he could roam with almost complete freedom anywhere after mastering all the seraphic dao treasures in his hands. It would be especially so within the borders of Yan Huang. Other than the Ancient Emperor, no one would be a match for him. Wu Yu was even confident he could finish off Di Shatian and those at his level. 

Within the borders of Yan Huang, he was almost the equivalent of an immortal now. 

When he emerged from 10,000 Immortals Palace, he headed in the direction of the walls of the royal city. He wanted to test out the spirit designs of the royal city. 

Along the way, the royal family, ministers, and aristocrats went on their knees upon seeing Wu Yu, greeting him as Emperor Yu. Wu Yu knew some of them, but there were more that he didn't know. 

He didn't respond and simply went past them. These people would naturally go back to what they were doing. 

In the past, he would have never expected himself to cause a huge commotion within the royal city just by showing up. 

For example, a patrol unit lined up neatly, went on their knees, and chanted, “Emperor Yu!” immediately when they saw Wu Yu. 

Among them, Wu Yu saw familiar faces like Qu Yin from the Yan Dragon Army. 

"Emperor Yu." Qu Yin's body was shivering. He had a head of white hair in the past but still looked more haggard now. 

He had lost his son and daughter. 

"Mm." Meeting here in this place, they were no longer in the same world. 

Qu Yin was also afraid of him. 

Looking at the other members of the Yan Dragon Army, they were acting the same. 

Wu Yu could still remember watching Qu Yin and the rest from afar when he was still at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. At that time, it was as though he was staring at immortals. 

Now he was the one in control of the vast world. 

Without saying further, Wu Yu left. He tried it all over the royal city and indeed found that he could control all the spirit designs in the city. Through his trials, he became a little more well-versed in them. The royal city forbade entrance by flying in, so everyone had to go through the city gates. Wu Yu closed the spirit designs temporarily while also familiarizing himself with the Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs that were laid in this place. 

He could even test the spirit designs of the Immortal's Capital from where he was. Compared to the spirit designs in the royal city, they were weaker but more numerous. They were also more enduring. Although these spirit designs were present, most of them had never been used, as no one would dare to forcefully charge into the Immortal's Capital or royal city. 

He was about to try controlling the kingdom border spirit designs, which were the largest. 

However, two ladies flew right towards him. Wu Yu could recognize one of them as Princess Xi, while the other was an old lady. From her appearance, it looked like she was in her twilight years. They were returning to the royal city. 

When the old lady saw Wu Yu, she shivered in fear, went down on her knees abruptly, and chorused, "Long live Emperor Yu!" 

Wu Yu didn't know her, but he assumed she was Princess Xi's mother. She was likely one of the Ancient Emperor's royal consorts but was really old now. 

As for Princess Xi, she seemed hesitant and did not kneel down. Her eyes were flickering while staring at Wu Yu, and she acutely noticed that Wu Yu was no longer the same. 

"Get down! Get down!" The old lady was scared out of her wits as she tried to get Princess Xi to kneel. Perhaps Princess Xi was feeling a little indignant, but she still kneeled and lowered her head to Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu was a little lost. 

So the Yan Huang emperor could easily make the prideful Princess Xi kneel. 

"You may rise and go." 

Wu Yu waved his hand. 

"Yes, Emperor Yu." It was only then that the old lady got up, lowered her head, and pulled Princess Xi away. 

After calming down, he had a deeper understanding of how having authority felt. 

When he flew by the streets of the Immortal's Capital... 

Along the way, all the people went on their knees while looking at him with respect and fear. 

The entire Immortal's Capital and even the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country were so. 

He now understood clearly that he was the absolute ruler of this immortal kingdom. Everyone was exceptionally respectful and fearful of him. He had everything under his control, and the feeling of absolute authority was something he had never truly experienced. However, it wasn't hard for him to acclimatize, probably because he was once the crown prince. 

Nonetheless, this kingdom was truly too huge. 

While he was distracted while deciphering the kingdom border spirit designs, he did gain some control. At the very least, he could make an opening on the kingdom border spirit design above him to let someone in. Or he could choose to enter it as he wished. 

The more profound kingdom border spirit designs that could be used to decimate anything within the borders made him just like an immortal. 

While he was immersing himself in the power and authority to rule the world, he received a Message Talisman from Luo Pin. She said, "I have arrived safely and activated the spirit designs. Don't miss me." 

Wu Yu chuckled. 

He knew it was time for him to head for the Ancient Demon Realm. 

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