Chapter 1156: Unbounded Warship

First, it was to control and master the changes to the spirit designs of 10,000 Immortals Palace. 

Activating, manipulating, transforming. 

Through the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, everything was within his control. 

This was another application of the spirit designs. First, the cores of spirit designs were laid on an elite dao treasure. After which, one could control the Heaven and Earth Spirit Design through the dao treasure. 

There were lots of spirit designs in 10,000 Immortals Palace, layer after layer. Perhaps it was because they were used to protect the treasury. Therefore, they had to be rather impenetrable. For any intruders, they would be their nightmares. 

Obviously, they also served to protect the emperor and the royal consorts. After all, this concerned the lineage of Yan Huang. Many princes and princesses were raised in 10,000 Immortals Palace. It was only when they had reached teenage years that they would move out of 10,000 Immortals Palace and receive their own prince or princess' residence. 

Wu Yu gave it a try. Within 10,000 Immortals Palace, the activating, shutting off, and changes in intensity of spirit designs were all under his control. He could even control who could enter or exit. Together with his Spirit Penetration Art, he had a relatively good understanding of 10,000 Immortals Palace currently. 

The interior of this place was the equivalent of a giant fortress. 

The chambers of imperial concubines in mortal kingdoms couldn't be compared at all. 

The Yan Huang Dragon Insignia could also control the spirit designs of the royal city. In fact, it could also control the kingdom border spirit designs that were further out. Those were the most spectacular effects. 

Wu Yu wasn't in a hurry to give those a try. For him, the most attractive thing before him would be the treasury. 

He remembered Di Shatian saying that the entrance to the treasury was right below his bed. 

In other words, it would be below his feet. 

Through the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, Wu Yu had already picked up on the spirit designs of the treasury. 

A large portion of the spirit designs in the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia were used to control the treasury. 

"I'd like to see how many treasures are within the treasury!" 

Below his feet, while he was manipulating the changes to the spirit designs, the giant bed split in the middle. A platform rose up from the ground. The platform had a pillar in the middle and there was a dent on the pillar. The dent was for holding the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. 

Without saying a word, Wu Yu placed the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia in the dent. At this point, the spirit designs of the treasury were connecting with the spirit designs within the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. After complicated and dense connections to verify the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia as the key, the door of the treasury below Wu Yu's feet finally opened. 


The ground trembled. 

Below the bed, the ground cracked and revealed a giant, glittering cave. It ran deep and seemed like a huge, underground palace. Wu Yu took the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia away and jumped right in. After he entered, the external doors to the treasury started closing. In the end, the bed joined up together and reverted to its initial state. 

Soon, Wu Yu landed on the ground from the golden tunnel. 

Before him was a door. 

"Isn't this the main door to 10,000 Immortals Palace?" 

It looked the same, but the color had faded a little. 

On the door were sealing spirit designs. However, when Wu Yu got closer with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, the door opened up immediately. 

Entering it, Wu Yu found himself in an incomparably huge underground space. 

The entire underground space was sealed within spirit designs, suggesting that the area was protected by the spirit designs of 10,000 Immortals Palace. There were further layers of spirit designs as Wu Yu delved deeper. 

As for how huge this place was, Wu Yu took a closer look and knew that it was most likely as huge as 10,000 Immortals Palace. 

Why was he so certain? 

That was because the decorations in this place were identical to those in 10,000 Immortals Palace. 

Looking across, other than not seeing grass and flowers, various large buildings, and palaces, it was exactly the same as 10,000 Immortals Palace. 

The overall shape was circular with a main palace in the middle that was surrounded by 30,000 palaces. 

In 10,000 Immortals Palace, the surrounding 30,000 palaces were used to house the royal consorts. If Wu Yu was right, they were used to keep treasures and cultivation resources in this place. 

This scale was way larger than he had imagined. This was because each of the 30,000 palaces was gigantic, let alone the main palace. 

He walked towards the palace that was closest to him. This palace was protected by several layers of spirit design. Although the spirit designs were small, they were hard to breach. Regardless, with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia in his hand, Wu Yu didn't face the problem. As he approached, he found the portion of spirit designs that were controlling this place and easily made his way in. 

When he pushed the door open, he saw numerous dao treasures placed within. They were mostly advanced dao treasures with fewer than 50,000 spirit designs. The dao treasures were arranged neatly in rows and encompassed all forms. In fact, there were also dao treasures for ghostly cultivators. 

After a quick walk, he found out that in just one out of 30,000 palaces, there were close to 5,000 advanced dao treasures. 

This was most likely a palace used to store advanced dao treasures specifically. 

Wu Yu looked around the other palaces quickly. There were some that were used specifically to store immortal essences that were above eight spirit spiritual marks and some that were used to preserve precious treasures. Although they were numerous, there was a catalogue made of spirit designs in each palace that recorded the treasures within. Wu Yu wouldn't have to walk into each of the palaces entirely and could just take a look to have an idea of what was within them. 

There were also palaces used to store immortal medicines, talismans, unique treasures, and even corpses of Spirits of the Universe. To put it simply, anything precious in this world would likely be found in the treasury. After all, there were 30,000 palaces around. 

However, after being through dozens of palaces, he realized that the treasures within the 30,000 palaces weren't the best. They might be useful for ordinary cultivators, but they weren't as useful to him. Therefore, he had his eyes affixed on the main palace. 

Evidently, if there were true treasures, they would be placed in the main palace of the treasury. 

He disregarded all other palaces and went straight for the main palace. 

Soon, he arrived before the main palace. 

Di Shatian once said that there were some areas he couldn't enter in the treasury. Clearly, the main palace would be one of these areas. 

After Wu Yu entered the place, he was stumped by the scale of spirit designs. There were over 100 layers of spirit designs interlocking. If he tried to barge in recklessly, he might be exterminated regardless of how strong he was. After all, these were spirit designs laid by the Yan Huang immortals. 

Only with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia could one enter this place. 

Wu Yu could control these terrifying slaughtering spirit designs and opened up a path with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. He entered successfully, and the moment he stepped past the door of the main palace, countless treasures were reflected in his eyes. 

Wu Yu was familiar with the main palace. Within 10,000 Immortals Palace, those empty spaces were now filled with treasures in random places. Moreover, most of them were not labelled, different from the clear classifications in the exterior palaces. Basically, most of the treasures in this place were just casually tossed around. 

"This shows that only the Ancient Emperor could enter. He probably did not have the thought to classify them clearly and simply tossed these treasures around," Wu Yu guessed. 

Just as he entered, he saw a seraphic dao treasure on the ground with probably 600,000 spirit designs or more. 

Wu Yu had no time to go through them as he walked further in to find something that would be useful to him. 

Along the way, it was an eye-opener. 

Dao treasures made up half of all treasures. They were basically all seraphic dao treasures, and the quantity far exceeded those in the Yan Huang Golden Bead. These had probably been brought here in previous 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimages. 

The immortal essences were largely of the highest quality and had ten spiritual marks. 

Other precious treasures also had ten spiritual marks. Although some did not have any spiritual marks, they were relatively rare and could be forged into terrifying weapons. 

There were also various talismans and records on spirit designs of the highest level. 

Among which, immortal medicines weren't lacking. All of them were the best immortal medicines refined by those who came before him. Wu Yu took some of them away and might find uses for them. 

There were also lots of secret scrolls of the finest dao techniques. Wu Yu hadn't been to the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques recently and didn't seem to have a need to do so. This was because the dao techniques in this place were the essence of the Yan Huang Tribe and even more incredible than those in the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques. 

Wu Yu believed that some of these dao techniques might not be any weaker than the spirit designs within dao treasures like the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. Now he lacked the time to carefully pick. When things were more stable, he might choose a few dao techniques to practice. 

After all, his Unshackled Doppelgangers could also cast dao techniques. 

Now, after forming blood bonds with several seraphic dao treasures, he had many tricks up his sleeves. This made Wu Yu feel a little overwhelmed for now. 

The treasures in the Yan Huang Golden Bead had stumped Wu Yu previously. Now the ones in the main palace had even shocked him further. For example, seraphic dao treasures were the most common in this place. Furthermore, they weren't owned by anyone else. Looking beyond the treasury, only the most elite existences could use seraphic dao treasures. 

This showed that in the Yan Huang Tribe, even the princes and princesses would rarely be awarded treasures from the main palace. 

Wu Yu was the Yan Huang emperor now, so he could give these treasures to people that had helped him as he wished. 

After all, placing them here would also be wasteful. These seraphic dao treasures likely had been ownerless for a very long time. 

Undoubtedly, Yan Huang was truly wealthy. Just the treasures in the main palace would likely outnumber all the treasures from all the other cultivation forces. 

The consolidation of history and millions of years of accumulation were too resplendent. 

Truth be told, Wu Yu was impressed with Yan Huang. 

While taking a stroll among seraphic dao treasures, precious treasures, immortal essences, dao techniques, and mystiques, he felt overwhelmed. 

At the level of seraphic dao treasures, those that he was wearing were considered the best. Therefore, Wu Yu had no intention to change them. 

At one of the side halls, Wu Yu picked up a seraphic dao treasure known as the Unbounded Warship. After a rough look, Wu Yu estimated that the Unbounded Warship would likely have at least 850,000 spirit designs. Not only could it conceal itself, it also had compelling defensive abilities. 

"I'll let Nanshan form a blood bond with it so we can use it as a mobile base in the Ancient Demon Realm. With so many spirit designs, other demons would likely not be able to notice it, with the exception of the demon immortals." 

Although there wasn't a description of this seraphic dao treasure, Wu Yu could roughly tell its uses and quickly put the Unbounded Warship away. 

This was a seraphic dao treasure that could even trigger wars between two kingdoms. Yet it was casually tossed aside in the treasury. This was no different from recklessly wasting God's good gift. 

Wu Yu moved deeper within. 

This time, he entered a room. This was most likely the bedroom and entrance to the treasury in 10,000 Immortals Palace. 

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