Chapter 1155: Nine-Starred Dragon's Well

While Wu Yu's real body was blood bonding with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia in 10,000 Immortals Palace, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was in the Ancient Demon Realm picking through the Yan Huang Golden Bead's riches.

"These guys really put in their blood money. There's everything here." The 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage treasures overflowed. No wonder the Yan Huang Ancient Country was so rich. It was skimmed off the entire world. 

They did not even dare to send less, or they would risk a horrible fate.

This showed that the Ancient Emperor had indeed actively extended his protection to his people. And was a bit of a tyrant in the process.

As for what kind of person he was, Wu Yu did not know.

Since he could not know, then he would put this worry aside. It was more important for him to grow stronger, especially here in the Ancient Demon Realm, where there were strong enemies aplenty.

The treasures included dao treasures, immortal essences, precious treasures, spirit designs, and much more. The most powerful of them was a sword seraphic dao treasure.

Wu Yu very quickly locked on to this sword.

He could sense that this sword was even more powerful than the Imperial Insignia. Therefore, even with the Imperial Insignia, he decided to blood bond with this sword, which was even stronger.

Its name was Nine-Starred Dragon's Well.

It had 950,000 spirit designs.

This was about the same as the dao treasures that Wu Yu's real body was using.

He remembered that the Ancient Emperor had singled out the Phoenix Supreme for special praise, and Wu Yu guessed that the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well with 950,000 spirit designs had been her gift.

But it was now Wu Yu's.

Besides the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well, Wu Yu also chose two seraphic dao treasures, which he prepared to blood bond with.

These two would not be easy either.

One was called Atlas Pagoda, which had 890,000 spirit designs. It had sealing abilities and could also create a field. The black pagoda was different from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Floating Dreams Pagoda was arcane and infinite, while the Atlas Pagoda was strong and held tremendous power. It had to be actually blood bonded with for one to know its true strength.

Second was the Jambu Realm Scroll. This was a fairly interesting seraphic dao treasure. It had 910,000 spirit designs, very close to the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well. It had a wide defensive and offensive arsenal, and its lethality was fairly considerable as well. It was the seraphic dao treasure with the second most spirit designs amidst these Yan Huang Golden Bead treasures.

One sword, one pagoda, one scroll. These were the preparations that Wu Yu had made for his Heaven Devouring Avatar. Although they could not match the luxury that the real body had, they were fairly powerful in their own right.

Of course, it did not have the real body's Spirit Chaser Art, so it would be quite difficult to blood bond with all of them and would take some time. But Wu Yu did not quail. He had time.

The Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, Wu You, and Feng Xueya all had a lot of time.

These days, Wu You and Feng Xueya were immersed in the world of cultivation. They underwent significant improvements, and Wu Yu had also given them top-quality dao treasures for them to defend themselves with. With so many cultivation resources, Wu Yu could make even a person with no cultivation talent like Wu You reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, or perhaps even the Dao Querying Realm. 

Wu You was worried about Dong Yue Wu, while Feng Xueya was worried about the Heavenly Sword Sect. However, after they had vanished, Wu Yu had sent people to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to protect both the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom and the Heavenly Sword Sect. After all, Wu Yu was the Yan Huang emperor, so there was no threat in the Jambu Realm, besides the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, whose intentions were unknown. 

This way, the two of them could cultivate in peace.

Besides Wu Yu, Ye Xixi had also found a fairly powerful seraphic dao treasure, allowing her to abandon the Saintly Sword of Blood Jade and the Saintly Sword of Hundred Flowers that Wu Yu had gifted her before.

She chose a seraphic dao treasure called Dark Blood Imperial Sword. It had 880,000 spirit designs. The Dark Blood Imperial Sword was actually two swords, one black as ink, the other red as blood. It could also be modified to join at the hilt, creating a longsword with blades on both ends. It was about as powerful as the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well.

For her, it might be hard to find a better seraphic dao treasure than this within the mortal world. 880,000 spirit designs meant that it was already one of the best seraphic dao treasures around. At her current level, she would barely be able to use it, and she would have to take it slow.

Ye Xixi still had another seraphic dao treasure. It was called Mirror of Nine Hells. It had 850,000 spirit designs, and she would have to experiment with it to find out exactly what kind of powers it had.

But how bad could a seraphic dao treasure with 850,000 spirit designs get?

Once she was done blood bonding with the Dark Blood Imperial Sword and the Mirror of Nine Hells, and also took her understanding of the Curtain Lifting General's legacy a step further, her future was very bright indeed.

Ye Xixi had boundless potential as well!

Of course, the Full Moon of Nanshan was no laggard either. He had inherited Marshal Tian Peng's legacy and comprehended it even more than Ye Xixi.

Besides the Temple of Heart and Spirit, Wu Yu had also chosen other seraphic dao treasures for him, which had all come from the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

The Dark Blood Imperial Sword and the Mirror of Nine Hells were clearly treasures that had been contributed by ghostly cultivators or demons.

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan's three treasures, they were probably given by martial cultivators, as they were pure and orthodox.

The first was called Immortal's Threads, which had roughly the same function as the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe, albeit a little weaker. It had 850,000 spirit designs.

The second was the Drunken Immortal's Gourd, which was even more powerful than the Universal Holy Gourd, with 860,000 spirit designs.

The third was the Futu Immortal's Thorn, a snow-white spear which looked extremely pure. It was very well suited to the Full Moon of Nanshan, and very deadly as well. Just like Wu Yu's Imperial Descent, it had 880,000 spirit designs.

The Full Moon of Nanshan also had the terrifying Demonic Eye of Illusions, which would further amplify the power of these seraphic dao treasures.

Wu Yu was currently swimming in seraphic dao treasures. His pockets were full of treasures. Such was the glory of being the Yan Huang emperor.

His real body had the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots, the Five-Colored Dragon Crown, the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe, the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, the Imperial Descent....

His Heaven Devouring Avatar had the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well, the Atlas Pagoda, the Jambu Realm Scroll, the Imperial Insignia, the Universal Holy Gourd....

Ye Xixi had the Dark Blood Imperial Sword and the Mirror of Nine Hells....

The Full Moon of Nanshan had the Futu Immortal's Thorn, the Drunken Immortal's Gourd, and the Immortal's Threads.....

They were all seraphic dao treasures with more than 800,000 spirit designs.

Of course, many of them had not been successfully blood bonded with yet. Therefore, they remained in the Temple of Heart and Spirit and blood bonded with these seraphic dao treasures instead of going anywhere.

Although their cultivation levels had not increased, each seraphic dao treasure they mastered would increase their offensive capabilities considerably, and they could concentrate more on their cultivation levels in the future.

Wu Yu's real body was the fastest, succeeding rapidly. And his study of the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia very quickly yielded results into its usage. After all, he had five times the time in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan were in the Temple of Heart and Spirit, blood bonding with their seraphic dao treasures one by one in seclusion.

Wu Yu would occasionally guide Wu You and Feng Xueya, but they were mostly left to themselves.

"Nine-Starred Dragon's Well."

This seraphic dao treasure was quite special.

In the spiritual world, it had nine stars as its immortal treasure spirits.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar had an advantage as well. Its body was a Primordial Spirit, and so his entire body could enter the spiritual world to fight the immortal treasure spirits.

There was not much of a trick to it. He fought hard. Given his current mental fortitude, and his experience subduing other seraphic dao treasures, it was tiring and took a few days, but on the whole, it was not much of a problem.

Finally, he subdued the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well.

After carefully examining the 950,000 spirit designs of the Nine-Starred Dragon's Well, he discovered that it was even stronger than he expected.


In terms of offense, it had a spirit design called Nine-Starred Slayer Combination. This spirit design could assume many forms, creating a consecutive combination of nine powerful attacks. It was probably almost as powerful as the Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Design.

The nine attacks were:

Tianpeng Star Heavenly Blizzard.

Tianrui Star Universe Strike.

Tianchong Star Absolute Ground Blast.

Tianfu Star Counter Shot.

Tianqin Star Miles-Away Thrust.

Tianxin Star Quiet Heart of Death.

Tianzhu Star Qiankun Smash.

Tianren Star Galaxy Ender.

Tianying Star Immortal Genocide.

The nine stars would combine to create a merciless attack that was overwhelmingly devastating once truly mastered.

The Nine-Starred Dragon's Well was indeed incredibly fatal in its attacks.

As for the Atlas Pagoda and the Jambu Realm Scroll, Wu Yu still needed to spend some time on them.

But these seraphic dao treasures had come appended with usage instructions that meticulously detailed their uses. Wu Yu had chosen the Atlas Pagoda and the Jambu Realm Scroll after reading them.

The Atlas Pagoda had two main Offensive Spirit Designs. One was the Atlas Field, which created a space out of the pagoda. Those caught in the Atlas Field would feel that their bodies were very heavy and would be unable to move easily.

The second was the 99 Revered Atlas Spirits, which said that it could impact enemies so hard that they would disintegrate.

There was also the Jambu Realm Scroll.

It had a Defensive Spirit Design called Jambu Realm Shield, but there were no more details, although it was probably about the same as the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe.

It had an Offensive Spirit Design called Terraforma Spirit Gathering Design, which sounded impressive enough.

In truth, there were too many of these treasures, and Wu Yu himself was a little overwhelmed by them.

Happily, there was nothing else on his agenda, so he could spend all his time blood bonding with these treasures. Therefore, he was in no hurry, taking things slowly. They could spend years or even decades here. After all, their only goal was to reach immortalhood.

Those in the Temple of Heart and Spirit were also enthusiastically throwing themselves into blood bonding with their seraphic dao treasures. Wu Yu's real body in the Floating Dreams Pagoda had already learned the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia's traits to a certain extent. Although the rest were not studied as thoroughly, it did not matter, because the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia was the most important.

He could probably already activate 10,000 Immortals Palace's spirit designs and open the national treasury, perhaps even open the kingdom border spirit design.

Of course, Wu Yu had to test it out. Therefore, he surfaced from the Floating Dreams Pagoda and started to experiment with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

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