Chapter 1154: Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Design

Using the Spirit Penetration Art, he had a quick and rough look through the 990,000 spirit designs. 

First, he saw the spirit designs controlling 10,000 Immortals Palace. Around 10,000 Immortals Palace, there were 100 elite Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs. The control over these designs were all within the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. Once Wu Yu familiarized himself with these spirit designs, he would also gain the control of the 100 spirit designs. Within 10,000 Immortals Palace, he would be invincible. 

Those Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs included the Crimson Sea World Furnace Design, the 30,000 Blazing Sword Qi Design, the Eight-Dimensional God Purging Design, and others. 

There were a lot of other minor designs, including the spirit designs over all structures of 10,000 Immortals Palace that allowed him to adjust the lighting and temperature. In fact, there were also spirit designs over the concubine residences, allowing Wu Yu to bring whoever he wished to himself to sleep with him. 

All of these were just a portion of the total.

The second portion was the spirit designs for the royal city and the Immortal's Capital. However, Wu Yu believed there were other objects that could control the spirit designs in the royal city and the Immortal's Capital, and the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia was just one of them. Wu Yu couldn't be expected to be involved in everything. For example, Di Shatian could still enter the treasury, it was just that he couldn't access as wide an area as Wu Yu could. 

The third portion would be the spirit designs in the treasury. Where Wu Yu was standing now was the entrance to the treasury. With the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, he could reach all the areas in the treasury. The spirit designs in the treasury were the most numerous, and the treasury was also within the protection area of 10,000 Immortals Palace. 

These ancient spirit designs were all laid by the immortals of Yan Huang. Even if other immortals were to descend to this place, they might not be able to get anything out of the treasury. 

Lastly, the fourth and most important portion would be the kingdom border spirit designs. They were a lot more complicated as they were simply too huge. Most of the spirit designs were part of the kingdom border spirit designs, and it would take Wu Yu a period of time to fully comprehend them. However, once he succeeded, Wu Yu would be able to control the opening of the kingdom border spirit designs. At that point, he could also understand the essence of the spirit designs. After all, the kingdom border spirit designs of Yan Huang were probably the most elite in the world. 

"It seems like the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia is truly the core of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Only by obtaining this could one control the changes to the entire kingdom. Or at the very least, the treasury and the kingdom border spirit designs are in my control." 

All the cultivation resources of the Yan Huang royal family were kept within the treasury. In fact, almost all the wealth in the Ancient Country would be Wu Yu's in the future. 

Wu Yu was intending to enter the treasury after mastering the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. After which, he could search for any treasures suitable for himself and also for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. 

The truth was, this seraphic dao treasure that had 990,000 spirit designs wasn't as simple as imagined. Other than controlling the spirit designs, there was also one major spirit design that could gather the powers of the other 990,000 spirit designs. This was also the sole Offensive Spirit Design of the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. 

With the power of 990,000 spirit designs and the ability to trigger the kingdom border spirit designs to strengthen him, Wu Yu had the guts to say that once he mastered them, he could even kill a 10th tier Dao Querying expert within the Yan Huang borders. 

That spirit design was known as the Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Design. Once triggered, it could even vaporize an immortal. 

Even if used beyond the Yan Huang borders, the destructiveness would likely be extraordinary. 

Wu Yu had to admit that the uses of this seraphic dao treasure had exceeded his imagination. 

Casting the Spirit Chaser Art in the spiritual world was still highly mentally exhaustive to Wu Yu. Therefore, he had to rest for half a day before trying to form blood bonds with the other seraphic dao treasures. 

During this period, he started deciphering the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. At the very least, he wanted to master the spirit designs of 10,000 Immortals Palace. Once he did so, this would be his territory and no one would be able to enter. 

After recovering slightly, he started to form a blood bond with the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots. Based on his observation, the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots would enhance his speed even further. At the same time, his attacks and defense would become stronger. The immortal treasure spirit was most likely a mystical dragon or a titanic beast that used to roam the universe. 

When Wu Yu entered the interior world of the dao treasure, he found himself in the cosmos. Blinding stars were all around him, with a large number of asteroids revolving around the stars. The moment Wu Yu appeared, countless asteroids smashed towards him at breakneck speed! 

Those blinding stars fused together swiftly, forming a titanic mystical dragon. It didn't have horns, scales, or claws. However, it resembled a mystical dragon closely. Wu Yu wasn't surprised that the seraphic dao treasure was known as the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots and was part of the same set as the Five-Colored Dragon Crown and the others. 

Wu Yu was too lazy to entangle with it for long and went with a wave of the Spirit Chaser Art. This made the titanic universe beast surrender and submit to Wu Yu fully. Moreover, it knew Wu Yu had successfully formed a blood bond with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia and therefore wasn't as confident to begin with. 

Wu Yu made some changes to the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots so they could appear as ordinary boots. Their initial appearance of glittering stars flowing was a little too distracting. 

Although their looks had changed, their power had not. This was a seraphic dao treasure that had 930,000 spirit designs! This far exceeded the Imperial Descent and the Imperial Insignia. 

After getting a rough understanding, the spirit designs on it were mainly to enhance speed and defense. However, there was also an Offensive Spirit Design known as the 3,000 Star Clouds Decimation Design. After understanding it, Wu Yu found it to be incredibly powerful. At the very least, it was even more potent than Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design. Although the power of the battle boots shouldn't match a battle axe, Wu Yu had to admit that the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots that were bestowed to the Yan Huang emperor were indeed more frightening than the Imperial Descent. 

After almost half a day and recovering a little more mentally, he started forming a blood bond with the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe. 

When worn, the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe added dominance and majesty to Wu Yu's demeanor. Its immortal treasure spirits were 99 saintly dragons. The spiritual world was filled with blinding, gold light. Wu Yu saw the appearance of the saintly dragons. They were similar to mystical dragons too but had fiercer looks, larger bodies, and giant, bat-like meat wings. Their claws and teeth were razor-sharp and looked to be even stronger than mystical dragons in close combat. 

More importantly, there were 99 of them. 

If he had to force so many immortal treasure spirits to submission under ordinary circumstances, it would be rather tough. However, Wu Yu had never failed with the Spirit Chaser Art. Once he cast it, the 99 saintly dragons, who knew Wu Yu had taken control of the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots and the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, surrendered. Wu Yu had now succeeded in forming a blood bond with the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe. 

The spirit designs on the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe were all related to defense. Wu Yu had his Invincible Vajra Body to begin with. Together with the 99 Supreme Saintly Dragons Design, his indestructibility had risen to a whole new level. After all, this was a seraphic dao treasure with all 950,000 spirit designs focused on defense. Compared to the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots, its extremity was why its powers were terrorizing. 

The final piece was the Five-Colored Dragon Crown. This was a little unique, with the immortal treasure spirits being the Five Affinities Earthly Dragons. They were also descendants of species of mystical dragons. Compared to the saintly dragons and others, they were closer to real mystical dragons. Their real forms were mystical dragons, but they were just classified among the ranks of demons, similar to the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Obviously, it was still a little weaker than real mystical dragons. 

Nonetheless, the key was that the Five Affinities Earthly Dragons each had an elemental affinity to metal, wood, water, fire, and earth respectively. The combined effects would be even stronger than an individual mystical dragon as the immortal treasure spirit. When Wu Yu entered the world, he saw five huge regions of gold, forest, sea, flames, and earth below him. Each region had an angry dragon tumbling. When they fused together, they launched torrential attacks on Wu Yu. 

In the end, Wu Yu finished them off quickly with the Spirit Chaser Art. Otherwise, it would’ve likely been a protracted and intense battle as they were more into battle. 

Defense was just part of the effects of the Five-Colored Dragon Crown. However, it wasn't that important. Offense was the key, and it carried terrifying intimidation effects. It was similar to the Spirit Chaser Art and could actually enhance the effects of it. The most destructive spirit design was known as the Five Affinities Earthly Dragons Sky Smashing Design, capable of killing others silently. 

To put it simply, the combination of the four seraphic dao treasures had enhanced Wu Yu's speed, defense, and offense on top of giving him control of Yan Huang. 

This allowed him to ascend from being a martial cultivator to an emperor that held great authority and strength. 

He was too swift in forming blood bonds with these seraphic dao treasures. Initially, Di Shatian thought Wu Yu would need several months or even a year or more to do this. What he didn't know was that Wu Yu had successfully done so within two days. 

Nonetheless, it would still take a long time for him to fully grasp the spirit designs on all four seraphic dao treasures. He would have to use the Floating Dreams Pagoda to save time. The Floating Dreams Pagoda allowed Wu Yu to have five times the amount of time. He sealed 10,000 Immortals Palace with spirit designs and entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The first thing he did was try to decipher the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. For him, control was even more important than enhancing his speed, defense, or offense. 

Moreover, he was eager to take a look in the treasury. 

Whether it was the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots, the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe, or the Five-Colored Dragon Crown, Wu Yu changed them from having an exaggerated appearance to something more ordinary. This would allow him to move around in the Ancient Demon Realm more freely. Wu Yu still didn't have the time to find out more about the secrets of the Ancient Demon Realm. 

His main body still had the Spirit Chaser Art and his Somersault Cloud’s Fulgurating Shadows. This made him frighteningly powerful. Perhaps there were people who could defeat him, but there were definitely few who could actually kill him. 

He was serious and devoted himself to deciphering the spirit designs. 

At the Ancient Demon Realm, his Heaven Devouring Avatar was choosing treasures from within the Yan Huang Golden Bead with the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. The truth was, there were lots of powerful treasures from the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. Even if Wu Yu didn't enter the treasury, he had prepared new seraphic dao treasures for his Heaven Devouring Avatar. For the current him, the power of the Imperial Insignia was no longer sufficient! 

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