Chapter 1153: Emperor Battling Dragons

After Di Shatian left, 10,000 Immortals Palace returned to its peaceful quiet.

Wu Yu checked in with Luo Pin and learned that she had already left the borders of Yan Huang and was on her way back to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

The road was long, so it would take some time.

The Dragon Palace of the Four Seas was in a secret place, and no one knew how to get there.

The Nanyin Demon Continent was closer, and Nangong Wei had already gone home.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were in Ancient Demon Realm.

Only Ming Long was with him here. Fortunately, she was a chatterbox and kept things lively.

This cavernous main palace was extremely huge, with hundreds of different halls, each one massive. There were also cultivation spots.

Even in the darkest of nights, the light from the spirit designs kept this place as bright as midday.

"To control a country, to rule a world."

An inexplicable feeling.

The grandeur of 10,000 Immortals Palace reflected the flourishing generation that Yan Huang was in.

If he were truly the Ancient Emperor's son, then this would be a great boon for Wu Yu, besides the slight snag with Ye Xixi.

With such influence, he could rule the world without using his strength.

The Ancient Emperor had said to let the answer come to Wu Yu in time.

Luo Pin had not yet returned to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, and so he could not go to the Ancient Demon Realm yet.

Therefore, he decided to settle down and blood bond with the four treasures.

In this huge and empty 10,000 Immortals Palace, he sat in the lotus position deep in the main hall.

No one could disturb him. Because without his permission, no one could enter 10,000 Immortals Palace.

Of course, the spirit design was already activated, so they could not enter if they wanted to. After all, this was the living quarters of the Yan Huang emperor and his wives. It was forbidden for all others.

"After mastering the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, I will not only have control of the kingdom border spirit design, but also enter the treasury. Of course, this entire palace and the royal city's spirit designs are also controlled by the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. Therefore, the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia is the key to Yan Huang. 990,000 spirit designs is indeed something special. If I can master the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, everything else will be easy."

He placed the four seraphic dao treasures before him.

The Stellar Universe Dragon Boots, the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe, the Five-Colored Dragon Crown, and the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

Before, Wu Yu had only worn them, but could not call upon them. Now he took them off, and he would see how long it would take to successfully blood bond with them.

After he successfully blood bonded, it would take time to practice and become familiar with them.

Although this was the royal palace, there was no one around for hundreds of li.

Outside, there were still 30,000 concubine palaces.

Wu Yu knew why one needed so many concubines. Otherwise, it would just be too lonely to stay here alone.

But to him, cultivation meant resisting loneliness. Such loneliness was nothing to him.

He picked up the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. He naturally knew that the mystical dragon tribe did not like this seraphic dao treasure because it infringed the rest of their ancestors. But the Yan Huang ancestors had put the kingdom border spirit design and other control mechanisms in this, so for now, Wu Yu had no choice. He could only see if he could change things in the future.

"Transcendental Infernal Dragon, Craggy Yellow Dragon."

On the upper half of the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, two entwining dragons could be seen. One was fiery red, the other a golden yellow.

The bottom of the Dragon Insignia was red, and carved with the two ancient words "Yan Huang." Stamped anywhere, the words it applied to would be like holy law.

For example, if Wu Yu wished to kill Prince Yu, he would simply need to write it on a Message Talisman and stamp his seal. Someone would see to it.

Therefore, blood bonding with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia was key.

"A seraphic dao treasure with 990,000 spirit designs. I haven't even seen one before. Even though its main purpose is to control Yan Huang, the Offensive Spirit Designs within must be fairly incredible. It will even boost your fighting power up another big notch."

"However, your fighting power is completely useless in Yan Huang. In this world, no one will dare to touch a hair on your head anymore...."

Ming Long was more and more speechless as she came to the realization.

Wu Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry. In the Ancient Soul Tower, there were many people who could have cleaned him off. Now, outside, everything was different. The threats of the entire world had been nullified.

All the experts of Yan Huang, even the 10th tier Dao Querying cultivators, were very respectful towards him.

"Luckily, there's still the Ancient Demon Realm. Otherwise, it would really be meaningless." Wu Yu agreed with a laugh.

He began to blood bond with the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

Both of his hands held the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

And then his Primordial Spirit entered the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia's world.

The world was unbelievably vast.

It was divided into two parts. In this world, the sky above was an endless sea of fire.

And below, it was a barren land stretching to the horizons!

The sea of fire roared above, constantly flicking out with tongues of flame that reached hundreds of li, curling against the ground.

The ground was not still either. The land and its features were shuddering intensely, constantly cracking, reforming, and subducting. Wu Yu had only experienced short earthquakes before. This constant shifting was hard to deal with. Mountains could become an abyss in a trice, while abysses could suddenly churn out debris and form mountains. Two clashing pieces of land could shake the sky itself with their impact, sending boulders hurtling towards the sea of fire above.

Whether the sea of fire above or the barren land below, it was chaotic disorder, as though trouble was brewing everywhere.

"Come out!"

Wu Yu had already seen them. There was a long, massive creature swimming in the sea of fire. Its head could occasionally be glimpsed, alongside a flick of its tail.

And although he could not see what lurked beneath the barren land, with such huge quakes, there had to be some gigantic monster burrowing below, exhorting the land to such titanic changes.

The Transcendental Infernal Dragon and the Craggy Yellow Dragon. The immortal treasure spirits of the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. Actually, although they were mystical dragons, they had already been branded with Yan Huang's mark.

"You are the new emperor of the Ancient Country?" From within the sea of fire, a thunderous dragon roar rang out. The mystical dragon looked imperiously down at Wu Yu.

"I am." Wu Yu cocked his head. "Will the two ancestors be willing to support this junior?"

From the ground, an even deeper voice thundered out.

"A polite one indeed. But whether you can control us will depend on your strength. Of course, you are the Ancient Emperor's choice. Can't be too bad."

They could actually communicate with awareness. This was a good thing. It also meant that they had been converted by Yan Huang long ago, and were as good as Yan Huang members now.

After they finished speaking, both mystical dragons appeared. The one from the sea of fire descended, a garnet dragon with blazing scales.

With a tremendous quake, the ground split to reveal a yawning abyss. From its depths, a golden-yellow dragon head emerged, its body hard as steel. The dragon horns pointed forward and looked like lightning bolts.

In order to control them, one had to have sufficient strength and a high enough cultivation level.

Wu Yu's current Primordial Spirit had basically reached the eighth tier of the Dao Querying Realm. Therefore, when blood bonding with dao treasures, they would naturally think that he was an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator. Given his age, being at such a level was very impressive to the immortal treasure spirits.

"Your position at the point of ascension is even more outstanding than the last few generations."

Therefore, these two mystical dragons had a good impression of him.

"Besides, he has a familiar aura about him. You must be on good terms with our mystical dragon tribe."

To think that they would know this much.

Wu Yu nodded. As for the details, he would withhold that. If they knew that he was chasing their once-in-a-blue-moon Primordial Immortal Dragon, they would probably lose their minds. If they still felt affinity for the mystical dragon tribe....

"Very good."

Next, an epic fight broke out. It was a clash of Primordial Spirit energy. But in this illusory dao treasure world, it was reality.

Wu Yu's weapon was Visualizing the Inner Ape.

After so many years, it was still a time-tested tool.

Besides, Wu Yu's most recent transformation art, the Spirit Chaser Art, had brought about a Primordial Spirit and mental change. It was fairly useful, and in this spiritual world, Wu Yu could still employ it.

As for an attack like the Spirit Chaser Art, it was fairly deadly against spiritual lifeforms like the immortal treasure spirits.

Wu Yu pushed back against them for a while, and realized how terrifying these two immortal treasure spirits were. It was exhausting to fight against them, and he tried the Spirit Chaser Art.

The results were astounding.

The first Spirit Chaser Art hit both mystical dragons and sent them reeling. One hurried back to the sea of fire, the other burrowing back deep underground. Both scurried for protection.

"Alright, you did it!"

"What on earth is that spirit design?! Why is it so powerful!?"

"This new emperor is no easy one. Seems like the Ancient Emperor had quite a son."


More smooth than expected.

Wu Yu had successfully entered the world of 990,000 spirit designs, where he could leave his own blood bond mark on this dao treasure and thoroughly master this seraphic dao treasure Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

Instantly, the teeming swarm of 990,000 spirit designs appeared in Wu Yu's mind in all their intricate splendor.

"The Spirit Chaser Art and the Spirit Penetration Art are awesome. The Spirit Chaser Art allows me to destroy these immortal treasure spirits, while the Spirit Penetration Art allows me to quickly unravel these spirit designs," Wu Yu said gleefully. This had been a breeze.

"But there has been no change regarding the Floating Dreams Pagoda and the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm treasures."

He wondered when he would be able to fully master those two.

Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, completed. Wu Yu prepared to get a rough understanding of it.

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