Chapter 1152: 10,000 Immortals Palace

Right now, he was sure that she would be his dao companion.

Wu Yu felt that he had two great pursuits in this life right now. These were his guiding lights. Even if he was down and beaten, he would still have to crawl towards them.

First, immortalhood. No one who embarked on this journey wished for their body to wither and their dao to fade. They all wanted to live forever.

Second, Luo Pin. That he could meet someone he was this crazy about, and did not let him down, was a rare find indeed.

Therefore, he would be even more resolved and bold. Although he looked calm on the surface, his will had reached a new hotness of intensity.

He stood rooted to the spot, watching Luo Pin leave for a long time, until her figure vanished completely.

Wu Yu took out a core-tail talisman. With a rarely-seen sappy smile on his face, he wrote, “Inform me as soon as you reach the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.”

And then he sent it out. At this distance, Luo Pin would receive it very quickly.

"I will."

Luo Pin's brief reply was more than enough.

"Aiyee, makes one's scalp itch. Why are you guys overdoing this? Listen to me. Just go find her, have a bout of moaning and groaning, and love each other to an inch of your death. Put one in her belly, and it's all done. Why must you wait until you're together in heaven?" Ming Long was a vulgar and simple person.

"Must you always be so open? Let me ask you. Did you have a dao companion, a man, in your last life?" Wu Yu asked.

"Hmph! Ah! Why are you so shameless? Is that a question that you should be asking girls?!  I... I just did not have time! Otherwise, the number of guys kneeling under my garnet skirts would line the path to heaven!" Ming Long replied, flustered.

"I see. So you were a lonely single from start to finish. And you're acting experienced in front of me. It's all theorycrafting." Wu Yu scoffed.

"I'm theorycrafting? Do you believe that when I get my maiden body back, this girl will ride you for three days and three nights? I'll see how you tell the little female dragon then. You dare to humiliate me? I will not rest until I tear you two apart." Ming Long was fired up now.

"More bragging. If you dare to do that, I'll call you ‘big sister.’" Wu Yu snorted.

"Damn you. I could be your granny. Who wants to be your sister? Dream on!"

Squabbling like that, Wu Yu returned to the royal city.

Di Shatian had sent the Phoenix Supreme off and was now waiting for Wu Yu here. The generals and officials had finished their respective tasks and returned to their original positions. After sending off the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage and coronation ceremony were considered over.

All was back to peace and quiet.

Di Shatian had been waiting for Wu Yu here because he still had something for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was Emperor Yu now. This meant that he could not continue to live at Prince Le's Residence. In this splendid royal city, there was naturally a place for him to live in.

Within the royal city, there were three palaces that were the biggest, most luxurious, and grandest.

Patron Saints' Hall was one of them and Qian Kun Palace was another. One was the resting grounds of the ancestors. One was the building of state for the emperor, and the core of Yan Huang Ancient Country.

The third was not bad either. It was the resting chambers of the emperor. Of course, it was also where the concubines stayed. 

10,000 Immortals Palace was much larger than Qian Kun Palace. It was a circular configuration. In the most central palace, the emperor cultivated and lived. In the surrounding area, there were 30,000 beautiful palaces for the concubines, which surrounded the emperor's own palace like stars around the moon.

Di Shatian was currently bringing Wu Yu to 10,000 Immortals Palace. Usually, outsiders could not enter, including Di Shatian himself. After all, this was the private place of the emperor and the concubines.

Put bluntly, Qian Kun Palace was the front face, while 10,000 Immortals Palace was the inside. Dong Yue Wu was the same as well.

Walking into 10,000 Immortals Palace, it was a completely different world, full of fragrant flowers that were immortal essence-tier. The heady scent was titillating, and the sea of flowers stretched to the horizon. It was said that the Oriental Flower Immortal Realm's Oriental Flower Fairy had personally grown them.

Amidst the sea of flowers were 30,000 beautiful palaces. The one in the center looked extremely impressive.

And within these 30,000 palaces lived divine beauties that awaited the emperor's affection, day after day, year after year.

However, today Wu Yu realized that the entire 10,000 Immortals Palace was empty. Not a single person was here.

Di Shatian said from beside him, "Actually, the Ancient Emperor's concubines were still here until last night. After the Ancient Emperor decided the day of Emperor Yu's coronation, the lesser officials had the previous concubines move away and restored this place to as it once was. From now on, it will be Emperor Yu's concubines who live here. Emperor Yu need not worry. This has been the rule for a long time, and the previous concubines have lived here for very long as well. With a new emperor, it is indeed time for them to leave. Of course, the royal city is huge, and there are many decent places to house them in. After all, they were the Ancient Emperor's concubines."

Made vacant, all in one night.

Wu Yu nodded. The Imperial City was huge. 10,000 Immortals Palace was relatively nicer, but with a new emperor, any country would decree that the previous concubines move out. This would give Wu Yu a clean slate - it would be otherwise indecent for Wu Yu to be with the previous concubines.

Walking into 10,000 Immortals Palace on the way to the main palace, Di Shatian was in great spirits. He smiled. "In good time, you can begin choosing your concubines. According to the past precedents, this humble official will do the work, choosing the prettiest, most talented women in Yan Huang. This humble official has already noted at least 10,000 beauties of the finest quality. Their strength is high as well. Of course, these include a few from the immortal kingdoms like the Oriental Flower Immortal Realm, who would love to receive Emperor Yu's affection. Besides that, if Emperor Yu takes a liking to anyone, it can be arranged, whether they are martial cultivator, ghostly cultivator, or demon. The ancestors have not decreed that demons cannot enter 10,000 Immortals Palace.... Of course, Emperor Yu has the final say."

Saying thus, Di Shatian smiled. "Don't worry about it, Emperor Yu. The ones we choose are definitely the finest and most beautiful in Yan Huang. Emperor Yu is young and virile. If you don't mind the bustle, we can fill the entire 10,000 Immortals Palace with 30,000 beauties. I believe that all those who have relations with Yan Huang, such as the Immortal Kingdom in the Clouds, the Green Wind Immortal Kingdom, the Black Starry Skies Kingdom, etc., will all have many beauties willing to come to 10,000 Immortals Palace. Emperor Yu can rest assured that each will be the full package."

It was a lot for Wu Yu to take in.

Ming Long hollered, "Damn me, you're a lucky bastard! 30,000 beauties, you can't finish loving them. I think you better forget about resting. Go from morning to night. The thing is, can you keep it up?"

The thought of his women being everywhere made Wu Yu's skin crawl. That was not fortune. That was a nightmare....

And to think that he did not even need to choose the concubines of Yan Huang. He had thought that the Ancient Emperor had chosen all of his concubines himself. So they were all pre-delivered.

And Di Shatian seemed to be even more anxious than him - he had already begun the selection process.

He did not doubt that Di Shatian would pick the most divine of beauties, but Wu Yu had better not dip his stick into this pot.

Therefore, he hurriedly said, "As for this, I...."

Before he finished, Di Shatian understood and smiled. "I understand. After all, Emperor Yu wishes to tie with the Lord of the Four Seas. Of course, one must wait for the queen to be established before choosing the harem. This harem needs a leader as well. The Ancient Emperor did not have a queen, so there were many quarrels in the harem."

It seemed like Di Shatian was ignorant of Immortal Su Sang. But the Ancient Emperor not choosing a queen seemed to attest to the existence of Immortal Su Sang.

Di Shatian still intended to choose a harem for Wu Yu, but he would leave it to after Wu Yu and Luo Pin had become dao companions.

By his logic, this was actually a rule that the Yan Huang Ancient Country had followed since ancient times in order to produce many princes and princesses for the Yan Huang Ancient Country and branch out widely. These would form a strong core of power. That was why, from ancient times, the Yan Huang emperor had tens of thousands of concubines, and a whole plethora of children, numbering in the thousands. It was much more than the princes and princesses of other immortal kingdoms. This was also why the Yan Huang Ancient Country's princes and princesses could compare to those from other countries.

In other words, this was a decree by the ancestors.

Wu Yu was a little troubled by this, but it was not an urgent problem, because it would not be so easy for him to get together with Luo Pin and his goal was to become immortal. As long as Di Shatian was not pressing him on this, there was nothing much to worry about.

Very quickly, they walked into the main palace of 10,000 Immortals Palace.

In the main hall, it was naturally richly adorned and spacious. The main bed alone could fit hundreds of people, and there were also swimming pools, flower gardens, and other luxuries.

"The Ancient Emperor has not lived here for hundreds of years." Di Shatian sighed.

From now on, it would be Wu Yu's territory.

"Alright, having brought Emperor Yu here, this humble official will not impose any longer. If you have any orders, just send me a Message Talisman. This humble official will take care of any trifle in the Ancient Country, and Emperor Yu's cultivation will not be bothered."

"Good. Dismissed." 10,000 Immortals Palace was quiet and empty, and Wu Yu liked the peace.

"Oh yes. Emperor Yu, remember to quickly blood bond with the four seraphic dao treasures, especially the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. After you do so, you can control the entire nation's kingdom border spirit design, and also access the national treasury. All the treasures inside are yours, and the main entrance to the national treasury is under your bed. With the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, you can access all the storage inside."

Wu Yu remembered this from before, and had also heard rumors about it as well. Di Shatian's previous Message Talisman had also made things clear.

"The Yan Huang Dragon Insignia can also activate the spirit design around 10,000 Immortals Palace. Once activated, only you can enter or exit. At that time, no one will bother Emperor Yu in his noble task of imparting his legacy." Di Shatian chuckled.

Imparting one's legacy, referring to giving birth to children....

After Di Shatian left, Wu Yu remained deep in thought for a long while, in this spacious and quiet palace.

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