Chapter 1151: Banquet and Farewell

Yan Huang had spent a lot of money on this banquet. The delicacies and finest cuisines of the royal family were on display, and all made with ingredients of nine spiritual marks and above.

There were also exotic creatures and powerful Spirits of the Universe. They might have lower intelligence, but they tasted delicious.

Ordinary mortals would have no chance to join a banquet like this. If they feasted here, they would either explode and die, or rise to the top in one night.

Of course, this was also the most opulent feast that Wu Yu had seen so far. Even the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were drooling from where they were. They asked Wu Yu to bring some for them in the Ancient Demon Realm.

The fine wines had been aging for centuries to bring out the best fragrance.

Besides the food and drink, the Yan Huang Tribe had also prepared special songs and dances, for people to enjoy. It was said that many of the dancers were the comeliest beauties from Yan Huang, and all unmarried. Di Shatian had specially chosen them as potential concubines.

Of course, these were but rumors. Di Shatian had not mentioned this before Luo Pin.

Wu Yu did not wish to speak on such occasions, but practiced officials like Di Shatian took Wu Yu's place, livening the atmosphere and also networking with the powerful Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms.

This national banquet lasted for perhaps an hour. Wu Yu sat at the highest position, and Luo Pin was nearby. The two chatted, and the time passed.

"During today's events, he even gave you the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. Perhaps the chances of him being your father has increased to 90%?" Luo Pin said.

Wu Yu thought it over. "Perhaps. If that's the case, then there's little to worry about. But even a 10% risk hangs over my head like a sword. I must still be careful."

"Sigh. A pity that I cannot help you at all." Luo Pin was a little forlorn.

"Don't say that. I will only rest easy when you are back at the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. When you are there, I'll go to the Ancient Demon Realm. I don't have anything to do here anyway. Di Shatian can handle the daily affairs, I'm not needed."

Wu Yu was Emperor Yu now, and he was not going to go lay down new laws or change the legislation, or govern. Yan Huang emperors never did that. Their only mission was to get stronger.

"Alright. I will go back and find opportunities to speak with the ancestors."

Luo Pin could definitely do that.

While they were chatting, the feast came to a close.

"Princess Phoenix Dawn is not here today. Did you upset her?" Luo Pin suddenly asked, with a hint of humor in her eyes.

But danger lurked in that good humor, and Wu Yu did not dare lie. He hurriedly said, "She sought me out last night and confessed to me that she did indeed recall the past. But she says that we will never meet again."

"Hmm, hmm. This means that she really did not forget you. She says you won't meet, but you definitely will in the future. As for what to do, that will depend on how mature you are." Luo Pin rolled her eyes at him. It was somehow cute.

"Of course. I only have you in my heart." Wu Yu chuckled.

He still believed that it was better to focus on one. As for Nangong Wei, their fate had evaporated, and he felt that since he had cemented things with Luo Pin. Therefore, he had to commit to his decision, or he would let them both down.

Although the banquet had ended, Yan Huang would not chase them away. Di Shatian entreated them to stay in Yan Huang for a while longer as well, but as he made the rounds, most indicated that they had been away too long. Besides a few of the youngsters who wished to stay, the rest wished to return. Therefore, Di Shatian arranged for royal family members, including the royal uncles and aunts, as well as the princes and princesses, or even the ministers and aristocrats, to send them off individually.

Ordinarily, seeing them out of the Immortal's Capital was enough. They could very quickly reach the border and pass through. Within a certain area, those like Di Nantian could control the kingdom border spirit design.

Wu Yu had Di Shatian escort the Phoenix Supreme and the others. Although there was no need for him to escort anyone, he insisted on sending Luo Pin off. He even wished to send her back to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

The relationship between Emperor Yu and Luo Pin was clear as day to all. After all, the Ancient Emperor himself had personally proposed the marriage. Therefore, everyone looked at them with knowing smiles, besides the few older, grim-faced dragons.

As the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms dispersed from the Immortal's Capital, there was a note of poignancy.

It seemed like this grand 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage had come to a close with Wu Yu being the only winner.

Wu Yu alone sent the nine mystical dragons off.

Of course, he and Luo Pin walked alone ahead, and the eight murderous dragons behind him.

"Do they really hate me that much?" Without turning back, Wu Yu could feel the palpable enmity.

"They do indeed. Who asked you to go and become Emperor Yu? If not for the fact that you subjugate the mystical dragon tribe, they would probably have no opinion."

Luo Pin said smilingly.

"Haha, they seem to want to kill me, regardless of whether the Ancient Emperor is my father or not." Wu Yu smiled too. He found Luo Pin not just a quiet person. She was fond of laughter as well, especially when she was with Wu Yu.

"Actually, I realized a long time ago that it was so easy to be with you," she suddenly said with feeling.

Wu Yu nodded. It was indeed so. They were so close now, but Wu Yu knew that to truly and fearlessly be with her, there was much work that needed to be done. Perhaps they would have to go through many trials to get there.

He had already made his vow.

"I don't want to hear you say that I should wait for you. We will work together. Alright?" Luo Pin's eyes brimmed like jewels of the sea.

She was a rare woman. And because of that, Wu Yu was willing to chase her with no regrets.

"We part here. I hope that when we meet again, I can go to your arms with a peaceful heart." Wu Yu looked into her eyes.

Luo Pin smiled slightly. It was all Wu Yu needed.

"Go no further. Let this be our farewell. If all goes well, we will be reunited not far in the future, nor too near."

Luo Pin held his hand lightly. Her eyes fluttered after she finished speaking. Leaning slightly forward, she planted a light kiss on his cheek. Wu Yu was lost in the moment, and she was blushing redder than ever before, a captivatingly beautiful sight.

"Farewell, my prince." She turned to leave, and Wu Yu stayed where he was. He did not follow. They would have to part somewhere, and this kiss was the most beautiful farewell that Wu Yu could have wished for.

Next, a parade of eight irritable, old dragons stomped past.

"Wu Yu, let me tell you! It's impossible for you two! The whole mystical dragon tribe will not consent to it. To us, our race far exceeds you in importance! Stop daydreaming!"

Wu Yu was still fantasizing about the kiss when the Violet-Star Cosmic Dragon shouted at him.

"Once we get back, I will convince the Dragon Lord. As for you, just be a Yan Huang emperor! We Dragon Lords will never speak with you again in this lifetime!"

"Don't even think of speaking a single word to the Dragon Lord before you hand the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia over to us!"

The other mystical dragons warned him one by one as well.

The Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon said, "Smelly runt, you don't even know what sort of fate our Dragon Lord bears. She is a Primordial Immortal Dragon, who comes once in hundreds of thousands of years! On her shoulders rests the fate of the mystical dragon tribe. That was the direction in which she worked from a young age. She will bear more elite generations of mystical dragons and continue the bloodline. You, a human, don't even think of polluting our immortal beast bloodline. Only a mystical dragon can be her best companion!"

The Maple-Leaf Zephyr Dragon looked back at the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon and said, "For example, the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. Besides the Primordial Immortal Dragon, he has the strongest bloodline amongst us. We have consulted the histories. The union of these two elite mystical dragon lines will give rise to even more superb bloodlines. That is the guarantee of the mystical dragon tribe's flourishing future. The Dragon Lord will become dao companions with him. As for you, dream on! Let me tell you: end things now. Even if you do, we of the dragon tribe will still ignore you forever!"

In order to scare Wu Yu, they would truly say anything.

After Wu Yu finished listening to them, he stared at the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon with a smile. "No wonder you look like you want to kill me every time you look at me. A love rival, eh. But I can't even take someone of your caliber seriously. If Luo Pin takes a fancy to you, I'll call you my ancestor. Get out. I hope you see clearly that this is my territory."

Now that he was Emperor Yu, Wu Yu naturally would not let them bully him. This was the power of his status. Even the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon and the leaders of the mystical dragon tribe would not dare to fight him.

"Then rehearse those words well," the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon replied coldly, turning to follow Luo Pin. The others followed quickly.

"Haha, the fool doesn't know his own strength." The old dragons sneered as they walked off confidently.

"That laughter is too fake. I bet you old geezers will be crying before you take two steps away." Wu Yu laughed confidently.

As expected, they were simply trying to flex on him. They could do nothing about Wu Yu, and nothing about Luo Pin. Both of them were people that they had no power over.

They might be able to use moral appeal and duty to deal with Luo Pin. However, Luo Pin did not bite on this. She was very mature and had a clear stance on these issues, which she had discussed with Wu Yu.

Another thing Wu Yu liked about her was her ability to clearly distinguish between dao companion and duty. She would do her best to work for the mystical dragons, but she would not become their birth machine. That was not what she had worked for, and even if you killed her, you would not change that.

If she were not like that, Wu Yu would not feel so strongly for her.

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