Chapter 1150: Yan Huang Dragon Insignia

Before the ministers and aristocrats, the Yan Huang royal family, and the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, Wu Yu wore the Five-Colored Dragon Crown on his head, the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe on his body, and the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots on his feet. He already looked like an emperor, and no normal emperor of the Jambu Realm either - the emperor of Yan Huang, the absolute king above all.

He was still young, but he embodied the entire might of Yan Huang. His incredible presence shone from his eyes. Even if he stood with the experts of this world, he would not appear weak. Others in his position might not be able to sit as calmly with so many experts pressuring him.

As Wu Yu stood on his high perch, looking down on the masses with the stance of an emperor, he keenly felt why the other princes and princesses would do anything in order to be emperor.

At this moment, Wu Yu felt like the entire Jambu Realm was his oyster.

He would no longer be ordinary when he went out. Everyone would treat him differently.

In the solemn silence, Regent Di Shatian walked two steps forward, lifting both his hands. With a bright gaze and a stern tone, he declared, "I present the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia! A gift from the heavens to Yan Huang, to produce generations of immortals and rule the world!"

In his hands he held a crystal tray, on which rested a golden dragon insignia. Its bottom half was squared off, its four sides carved with many immortals. These legendary immortals lounged in the clouds, high above. The upper half of the insignia had two entwining mystical dragons, twisting around each other with their heads heavenward. It was a majestic sight.

This was the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

The Yan Huang Dragon Insignia was famous but rarely seen. Right now, many heads lifted for a peek. There was admiration in their eyes, affirming how valuable and important the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia was.

But the mystical dragon tribe was not pleased. It was written all over their faces, and Luo Pin had told Wu Yu the reason.

Actually, whether tortoise dragon, roc dragon, or even saintly dragon and earthly dragon, they were not true mystical dragon immortal beasts. After they died, the mystical dragon tribe did not care if their primordial spirits were used as immortal treasure spirits.

But if they used a true mystical dragon immortal beast's primordial spirit as an immortal treasure spirit, the mystical dragon tribe would never agree to it. If anyone else had done it, the mystical dragon tribe would have taken it away long ago.

The Yan Huang Dragon Insignia had a history as long as the Yan Huang Tribe itself, at least 10 yuan or more. As for how long it actually was, not even the Yan Huang Tribe themselves knew. But it was very long.

Within the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, there were two great immortal treasure spirits. They were complete mystical dragon immortal beast spirits. One was the Transcendental Infernal Dragon, the other was the Craggy Yellow Dragon.

These were ancestors of the mystical dragon tribe.

When the mystical dragon tribe was flourishing, they wanted the Yan Huang Tribe to return the two great immortal treasure spirits, but the Yan Huang Tribe had refused.

The two tribes had lukewarm relations throughout history. While conflicts never flared, they were equally hard to mend. This was all because of the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia.

Even when they were strong, the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia continued to be passed down between Yan Huang emperors, let alone now.

This was also why the older mystical dragons refused to let Luo Pin marry Wu Yu. Because if Wu Yu used the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia as a weapon, it would be an absolute betrayal for the mystical dragon tribe.

But the Yan Huang Tribe could not possibly relinquish the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, because it was incredibly powerful.

Wu Yu knew that the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia would appear today, because it was the most important treasure.

Firstly, the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia had 990,000 spirit designs, a seraphic dao treasure close to a divine dao treasure. Its power was naturally stupendous.

Secondly, and also more importantly, the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia was the key to the Yan Huang Ancient Country's national treasury. After blood bonding with it, Wu Yu could access it in full. Besides him, those like Regent Di Shatian could only have limited access.

Thirdly, and most importantly, after blood bonding with it, Wu Yu would control the kingdom border spirit design of the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country. This meant that the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country was within his control.

The Yan Huang emperors of the past had all used the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia to enforce their rule.

This was precisely why people admired Wu Yu. The Yan Huang Dragon Insignia could be used in battle, and a seraphic dao treasure with 990,000 spirit designs was nothing to be trifled with indeed.

With all as witnesses, Wu Yu received the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia. As expected, his heart was pounding even before he blood bonded with it.

He knew that this was what the mystical dragons held a grudge against. But he could not destroy the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia either. Firstly, he was not strong enough. Secondly, this was the legacy of the Yan Huang Tribe. In case of any trouble, the Ancient Emperor would take him to task as well. This thing had been around for a long time. Even though the mystical dragon tribe was unhappy, they were used to it. All that Wu Yu could do was use it less, or at least not before Luo Pin.

When Wu Yu took the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, the law of Yan Huang Ancient Country decreed that he had truly become Emperor Yu!

In that instant, Regent Di Shatian, the Futu Region Duke, the Eastern Region Duke, and the Prime Minister led all of the Yan Huang Tribe members in the Qian Kun Palace to kneel, regardless of rank. All of them looked solemn. Many of the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms took a single knee as well.

Led by Di Shatian, they chorused, "Long live Emperor Yu! Long live! Long live!"

The cries rang out from Qian Kun Palace to the entire royal city, where all the Yan Huang Tribe members also turned and knelt in the direction of Qian Kun Palace, hailing Emperor Yu.

This sound very quickly spread through the Immortal's Capital. The billions of waiting citizens also knelt.

From the Immortal's Capital to the satellite cities, and then to the rest of the Yan Huang Ancient Country!

At the same time, these hailing cries were not the only ones spreading through the nation.

When Wu Yu's hands touched the Yan Huang Dragon Insignia, the two mystical dragon carvings on it actually came to life. They roared, and the dragons' roars created two beams of light that flew skyward. They passed through Qian Kun Palace and rushed to the edge of the horizon, touching the kingdom border spirit design.

When it touched the kingdom border spirit design, the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country's kingdom border spirit design lit up in a kaleidoscope of colors. The entire populace of the Yan Huang Ancient Country looked up, seeing the world drenched in color.

And then the light changed and the sky was filled with the "Yu" character.

The common folk of Yan Huang Tribe had heard such a story before. When the kingdom border spirit design in the sky filled with such words, it meant that a new emperor had taken to the throne. And at this time, the voices from the Immortal's Capital had come sweeping through as well. The sound and light filled their hearts with wonder. They fell to the ground, crying out joyously. The cries made the entire country shake!

This was the true finale of the coronation!

Wu Yu was now Emperor Yu.

He took a few steps back and sat on the great throne. Di Shatian and the others backed down.

The cries did not cease for 10 minutes, until the light in the sky faded and the kingdom border spirit design stabilized. The loud cries finally subsided.

Everyone looked raptly at Wu Yu.

Now that the coronation was over, it was time for a few words. Wu Yu looked down and said, "In truth, today's coronation was a complete surprise to me. I still have yet to process what happened yesterday. But since I am now in this position, I do not wish to let the ancestors down. I will definitely do my best to make our Yan Huang flourish for generations, and give everyone a chance to cultivate dao until immortality.

"As for national affairs, there are many things that I have yet to learn, and I have no experience in governing a nation. From now on, I will count on the Regent, the Futu Region Duke, the Eastern Region Duke, and the Prime Minister to assist me. I am young and therefore will still put my energy into cultivation so that I may one day become immortal and live up to the name of Yan Huang."

His tone was neutral but sincere. With his status, he held an indisputable strength.

Actually, the Yan Huang Tribe's expectations of the Yan Huang emperor were not a close watch on civil matters and a handling of everyday business. Instead, he had to be strong enough, and be powerful enough. Then the Yan Huang Tribe would grow strong as well.

Wu Yu spoke for a little while more and judged the time right to move to the banquet, where they would host the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms. Of course, all of Yan Huang was busily preparing as if for a festival.

Di Shatian complied. In a ringing voice, he said, "Please follow me to the Palace of Delicacies. Yan Huang has prepared the national banquet to treat all of you to."

The coronation ceremony at Qian Kun Palace had ended, and next was to go to the Palace of Delicacies for the feast.

The main thing was to host the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, to give them a suitable conclusion to the end of their visit to Yan Huang. After all, you could not very well send people away immediately after a coronation.

Everyone headed for the Palace of Delicacies.

Wu Yu, as the head of the hosts, had to accompany his guests. Therefore, he personally escorted the Phoenix Supreme, Luo Pin, the Dark Sea Emperor, and other eminent leaders. The Phoenix Supreme was very polite as well. Her past clash with Wu Yu seemed to be forgotten, while Luo Pin was much more easygoing. Although Wu Yu did not spend more time with her compared to the other guests, each action and look they shared was an intimate connection of their wills.

And the mystical dragons had black faces from start to finish. It was all too evident, but they did not dare to say anything. Wu Yu's method of dealing with them was: ignore them.

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