Chapter 0115: 300 Rays of Dawn Light

There were many types of immortal treasures, and they could be broadly classified into weapons and others.

Swords and staves were all considered “weapons,” while those like the Radiant Treasure Pagoda were considered “others.”

Weapons usually vastly enhanced attacks, whereas the other immortal treasures had a greater variation in effect. For example, the Radiant Treasure Pagoda had an Intimidation Design on it. Its operation would create an intimidating effect on the opponent.

The Intimidation Design was extremely rare; just like the Radiant Treasure Pagoda itself.

In battle, one would feel a mountain of pressure on one's head. That was difficult to deal with, and greatly affected matters.

Presently, just the cries of the crowd alone caused Su Yanli to be extremely affected. Even her Golden Taiyi Constellation Blade could not be executed normally.

And if Su Yanli lost, the Heavenly Sword Sect would really have its pride in the ground.


Just as the crowd was shocked, Su Yanli pulled out a white chain from her Sumeru Pouch. The chain was pure, unblemished white, like a cloud in the sky. In a flash, it flew out to snag the Radiant Treasure Pagoda.

That too was an immortal treasure!


The white chain caught the Radiant Treasure Pagoda and pulled it away!

The pressure on Su Yanli vanished, but at this time, the Annihilating Supernova was already close to her. The fire seared her eyebrows, and she looked like she would soon be swallowed by the sea of fire.


In that split second, the golden light reached towards the heavens, piercing the gigantic fireball. Su Yanli was sent flying more than 10 paces back. She moved gracefully, dodging the explosions like an Immortal Crane. Her original position was completely charred, and the flames still plagued the area.

"Mm?" Jiang Junlin had not expected that Su Yanli would be able to escape unharmed.

Evidently, Su Yanli was not as easy to deal with as he had imagined!

The disciples on both sides were fired up now. There were more on the side of the Heavenly Sword Sect, and they were all cheering for Su Yanli. Hot, fevered eyes looked on. This level of skill was also an invisible pressure on Jiang Junlin!


Su Yanli rose to the occasion. She moved swiftly, transforming into a puff of green smoke. She closed in on Jiang Junlin!

The Heavenly Sword Sect's sword cultivation was better in close combat!

In a flash, Su Yanli appeared before Jiang Junlin, the golden sword shining brightly in her hands.

"300 Rays of Dawn Light."

This was one of Feng Xueya's signatures. With 300 swords in hand, this dao technique had overwhelming sword qi. The Gold and Jade Sword Core used it, channeling the qi through the Golden Bauble of Day. Instantly, Jiang Junlin was completely surrounded by the golden swords. The sword qi filled the air like a storm! 

Su Yanli herself seemed to become a sword.

The Gold and Jade Sword Core allowed her to become one with the sword.

Within the sword qi, the Gold and Jade Sword Core gleamed with a devastating power that crashed into Jiang Junlin!

This was the power of her immortal root, which greatly enhanced Su Yanli's attacks.

They were both at the fifth Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. Whether one had an immortal root, and what kind, would result in an entire level of difference.

For example, Ni Hongyi was miles away from Su Yanli's level.

Slash, slash, slash!

The disciples could only see a blur of swords that completely obscured the two combatants.

"Senior Sister Su, you must win!"

"This Jiang Junlin is too cocky. You must kill him dead."

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciples were extremely anxious.

"Go away!"

Just at this moment, Jiang Junlin cried out from within the sword assault. His bright fire drowned out the swords, and one could hear the sound of metal clashing. Jiang Junlin, with his Supernova Golden Body, was like a monster. His already armored flesh burned with an everlasting fire as it completely wreathed around his Supernova Golden Body.

Bang, bang, bang!

What followed next was a battle so intense that it was difficult to follow.

"Jiang Junlin is very terrifying. He specializes in offensive dao techniques, not melee combat. But his Supernova Golden Body allows him to fight close up as well!" 

This battle, to the discerning and strong, did not look good for Su Yanli.

The battle had dragged on for a while, and the Supernova Golden Body had finally dissipated. Yet Su Yanli was still unharmed, but she looked clearly fatigued. After all, an intense battle drained spiritual power very quickly. But Jiang Junlin was different. With the Supernova Golden Body, he was unharmed, his body coursing with power. He was like a huge beast, his gaze hungry and invasive. He looked at Su Yanli and laughed loudly. "How pitiful. No matter how cleanly you execute your skills, you can't even hurt a single hair on me! Su Yanli, I'm sure you understand that if we continue, you're dead without question. And I won't even be harmed. Are you sure you'll go on?"

He spoke the truth.

In a prolonged battle, Su Yanli would definitely be disadvantaged.

Although Jiang Junlin had been like a turtle in its shell, that too was his strength.

Su Yanli knew it as well.

"Forget it. Don't force yourself unnecessarily and get injured." She was about to continue, but Feng Xueya's voice came drifting towards her.

"Master, he's too cocky. I......"

Su Yanli was not ready to give up.

Of course, she knew that Feng Xueya was concerned for her. Otherwise, his temper would not allow him to concede such a thing.

"He is arrogant and full of himself, but he does have a superb immortal root. Even so, he only outclasses you by a little. In another two or three years, you will surpass him by far." Feng Xueya was disdainful towards Jiang Junlin.

"Even so, if I can't beat him today, I will not be content." Su Yanli saw Jiang Junlin laughing arrogantly. No matter how you looked at him, it invited hate.

Of course, Jiang Junlin laughed loudly and carefreely upon seeing that she would not continue. "If that's the case, it's my victory. Even your Su Yanli is not my match. The Heavenly Sword Sect indeed does not even have a single genius. For me to reach such a level at this age, I must be the foremost genius."

Although Jiang Junlin spoke arrogantly, his pride was not completely unfounded. And seeing Jiang Xie also smiling, this must have been his instruction.

"He's attacking our morale. Is there nothing we can do?" Lan Huayi asked tersely.

"A needless move. Better watch for their real hand. It's been more than a century, and Jiang Xie is still the same, preferring these underhanded tactics. Escort me." Feng Xueya stood up and looked at Su Yanli. Su Yanli acquiesced, standing beside him with Mo Shishu, ready to leave.

"Today's contest is a sham. Jiang Xie's real motive is to first verify the spiritual qi at our Heavenly Sword Sect. Secondly, he wants us to relax our guard. Thirdly, he wants to use Jiang Junlin to attack our disciples' morale. However, a fight between sects hinges on the elite fights."

Feng Xueya addressed his two disciples as they left together.

"Master, we're getting trodden on just like that. I can't bear it!" Mo Shishu said through gritted teeth.

"Then what can you do? You're at the sixth Tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. Even if you beat him, they can insult you for not being a gentleman," Su Yanli said unhappily.

She had come to this realization as well.

It was not just them that were unhappy. When Jiang Junlin had laughed long and loud, the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect had been angry as well. They had been shamed, but Su Yanli had not been able to defend their pride. To these young, impetuous, and rash disciples, it was a real blow.

"Zhongyuan Dao Sect!"

"Jiang Junlin...."

The youngsters gnashed their teeth. Their spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. Many had already gone before Su Yanli, but they had all been handily defeated by Jiang Junlin.

At this time, Jiang Xie stood up as well, preparing to take his leave. The broad, satisfied smile on his face was obvious. He was in a good mood now, as though he had stomped all over Feng Xueya's face.

"I won't see you out." Feng Xueya's gaze was cold as he watched them leave.

It was over.

Clearly, they had called this a contest, but in truth, it was a whole different sort of battle. Jiang Xie had come to survey the territory of the Bipo Mountain Range, and he was very satisfied with the level of spiritual qi in here. Compared to the Zhongyuan Dao Sect's current location, this was much better.

In truth, the Zhongyuan Dao Sect was not as good as the Heavenly Sword Sect.

But the circumstances were right this time. With aid, they would step all over them!

And the maniacal laughter of Jiang Junlin taunted them, as though the Bipo Mountain Range was already theirs.


Just at this moment, there was a commotion from below the Immortal's Battle Stage. Like hot water rising, the crowd shouted and blocked the exit of Jiang Xie and the others.


From within the crowd, many were shouting loudly. Two names could be made out.

In truth, the majority did not know what was going on. But with others blocking the path in front, the ones behind swarmed up, curious, and that only added to the chaos.

"Open a path, everyone, let them through!"

"Make way!"

In an instant, the entire Immortal's Battle Stage had become lively.

Someone was shouting, and finally a path was made. Someone was rushing towards the mountaintop.

Hearing this huge commotion, Feng Xueya, Su Yanli, and the others looked as well.


Feng Xueya's terrible shout silenced the crowd. Although they were stirred up, they controlled themselves.

On the Immortal's Battle Stage, even Lan Huayi had stood up, looking down suspiciously.

Suddenly, Feng Xueya's eyes flashed and his body swayed.

"Ah!" Su Yanli spotted a familiar figure below. And her tears began to well in her eyes.

"Wu Yu?" Mo Shishu could not believe his own eyes. He rubbed them a few times. He was not seeing things - it really was him!


Lan Huayi, Zhao Changtian, and Yi Qingfeng cried out in joy. They had spotted them as well!

That's right. Wu Yu was currently walking onto Immortal's Battle Stage, holding Lan Shuiyue.

After cultivating the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike, the skeletal ancestor had indeed lived up to their expectations. A passageway had appeared in the chamber. Wu Yu had to move about 10 zhang before he found the exit. That had led to a mountain in the Bipo Mountain Range, one that was close to the Immortal's Battle Stage.

Once they came out, they had seen this scene.

Lan Shuiyue's spiritual power was diminished, and she was extremely fatigued. Because Wu Yu's physical body was stronger, he was still lively as a tiger and glowing with spiritual qi. He was not worse for wear, and he rushed up onto Immortal's Battle Stage in a few quick steps. He tossed Lan Shuiyue over to Lan Huayi, and then knelt before Feng Xueya with a serious look. "Master, your disciple is not dead. He has returned."

He already knew that all in the Heavenly Sword Sect had thought him dead.

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