Chapter 1149: The Emperor's Four Items

Patron Saints' Hall was a cemetery, while Qian Kun Palace was a properly glorious palace. The two were not at all alike.

Although Wu Yu had been in the royal city for a long time, he had not come to Qian Kun Palace before.

Standing before Qian Kun Palace, he could feel the sheer magnificence and power of the Yan Huang Ancient Country!

A huge, golden palace, boundless and vast! The countless golden bricks, the countless dragon pillars, on which were carved countless spirit designs.

On the ceiling of the palace were carved the images of strange and mythical beasts. They were all ancient scourges, baring fangs and teeth. There were also immortal essences, precious treasures, and even immortals carved on the golden bricks. 

The Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, ministers, and aristocrats were already gathered in Qian Kun Palace. Luo Pin was here too. The City of 10,000 Kingdoms was virtually empty now.

Wu Yu knew that Nangong Wei would definitely be absent.

"A reverent welcome to Emperor Yu, the Regent, the Futu Region Duke, the Eastern Region Duke, and the various royal rulers, concubines, princes, and princesses!"

Amidst energetic cheers, Wu Yu scaled 999 steps of stairs before he reached the great doors of Qian Kun Palace.

He stood in front of the Regent and all the Yan Huang royal family members, leading them up. He immediately seemed like an absolute emperor. Even Di Shatian and the others could not dull Wu Yu's shine.

If it had been Prince Le, he would not have been able to do it.

At this time, the entire world's eyes were on Wu Yu again. For the crowd, this was their first time seeing Wu Yu in person!

The stage was ringed by experts from the various great armies, personally guarding the flanks. They were in full armor, and looked legendary.

The entire Yan Huang Ancient Country was waiting with bated breath. Men and women, old and young, all waited for the impending change.

They were so close to the moment of coronation.

"Enter the palace!"

Standing at the doors of Qian Kun Palace to welcome Wu Yu was the current prime minister, who was also the Kingmaker of the Ancient Emperor. After Wu Yu was appointed, he would step down. But today, he still had to do the final handover. The Prime Minister was not bad, but still far from the Ancient Emperor. He needed to rest now.

Because Wu Yu still had not been formally crowned, no one knelt as he walked into Qian Kun Palace.

There were two groups of people in Qian Kun Palace. One was the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, and the other was the ministers and aristocrats who had come from all over the country. They held at least provincial lord ranks, to be allowed into Qian Kun Palace.

The Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms were on the left, while the officials were on the right. Wu Yu and the few thousand Yan Huang royal family members were in the middle. Without switching their gazes, they followed Wu Yu straight to the highest royal throne!

The royal throne, high above, was the place of the Yan Huang emperor.

At this moment, Wu Yu walked straight towards it, with all eyes on him. He was the center of all attention!

On his left, the Phoenix Supreme, Luo Pin, the Dead Souls Demon Lord, the Dark Sea Emperor, the Oriental Flower Fairy, and other leaders of the highest order had arrived. Wu Yu looked unstoppable and awesome in their eyes. He looked god-possessed, and even more unstoppable with the Yan Huang royal family backing him up.

"I have to say, he even looks like the Yan Huang Emperor," the Phoenix Supreme mumbled to herself.

To the right of Wu Yu, the ministers and aristocrats were seeing Wu Yu for the first time as well. They had their doubts at first, but seeing him now, his terrifying presence eclipsed all of the Yan Huang royal family members behind him. Everyone would believe that he was the next emperor!

He strode as if going straight to the heavens!

Everyone watched his every step to the highest point in utter silence.

The throne was on a high platform. As Wu Yu walked up to the platform, he continued climbing the golden steps, as the Regent had instructed. The Regent, the Futu Region Duke, the Eastern Region Duke, and the Prime Minister followed behind, reaching a higher platform, while the rest of the Yan Huang royal family members remained below.

After Wu Yu ascended, he turned on the throne to face the splendor of Qian Kun Palace. Three groups of people stood before him, and even those like the Phoenix Supreme stood below him and had to look up at him. Everyone was respectful towards him, and Wu Yu deeply savored the pinnacle of power!

From their eyes, Wu Yu now knew that he was the ruler of this world. A word from him could kill millions!

At this moment, not just Qian Kun Palace, the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country was silent.

Everyone was looking skyward respectfully.

And within Qian Kun Palace, everyone, including the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms, were looking at Wu Yu with respect. Wu Yu's presence was eclipsing at this time. Only a few, like the Phoenix Supreme, could barely stand up to it. And still they could not.

That was because Wu Yu now had the "might" of the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country!

A country's might, all manifested in him. Every move he made could shake the mountains and rivers!

Mountains would tremble, rivers would weep!

This was exactly why he said nothing. They were already in their place.

So many people....

The ministers and aristocrats who had looked down on Wu Yu before now did not even dare to lift their heads. As for the princes and princesses, they were filled with fear. And the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms felt an enormous pressure in their hearts.

However, Wu Yu only cared about Luo Pin. Of these millions, Luo Pin alone was unaffected by his overwhelming influence. She smiled genuinely and naturally at him. Of course, behind her were the other mystical dragons. They were against Wu Yu, especially the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. The fierce, defiant look in his eyes met Wu Yu's, and he was pierced through by Wu Yu's own! 

The Emperor was no ordinary human!

In this silence, the time had come. The old Prime Minister declared loudly, "Yan Huang Ancient Country, for eternity! Today is a day of momentous importance for Yan Huang. The official coronation of the new Emperor Yu! We present this to the world!"

The coronation ceremony was actually just an announcement and a crowning.

It had already begun.

Everyone watched respectfully.

"I present the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots. A gift from the heavens to Yan Huang, to rule the universe supreme!"

In the Prime Minister's hands, he carried a golden tray, on which was a pair of black battle boots. It was as though the skies themselves were reflected on the boots. The galaxy drifted on them, the constellations changing. There were countless spirit designs on them. Between the stars, huge beasts seemed to swim. They roared and shook the entire Qian Kun Palace!

Wu Yu knew that this was but a segment of the coronation. These Stellar Universe Dragon Boots were a symbol of the Yan Huang emperor! Only the Yan Huang emperor could blood bond with them! They were a seraphic dao treasure with 930,000 spirit designs, far exceeding the Imperial Descent! They were already close to the divine dao treasures of legends.

The Prime Minister strode over to Wu Yu and offered the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots to him on his knees and with a reverent look. He declared, "We ask the new Emperor to receive the treasure!"

When one became the Yan Huang emperor, the treasures would definitely be endless. It would definitely be much more than what the Yan Huang Golden Bead had.

The Stellar Universe Dragon Boots was just the beginning.

But even so, it was enough to draw admiration and awe from everyone. After all, it was known that this seraphic dao treasure had 930,000 spirit designs! This was a dao treasure of the highest order in the entire Jambu Realm. There were few that topped it!

These Stellar Universe Dragon Boots were inhabited by a Spirit of the Universe from the stars. It was called the Galaxy Beast, and was said to have lived a terrifying existence. It looked like a mystical dragon.

This was one step in the coronation, receiving the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots.

Wu Yu accepted the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots. Although he had not yet blood bonded with them, wearing them was not a problem.

When Wu Yu put them on, he felt like he was walking through the stars.

This was just the beginning.

The Prime Minister stood up, backed away, and returned to his original position. Next, the Eastern Region Duke declared loudly, "I present the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe! A gift from the heavens to Yan Huang, an immortal's descent, cloaked in liquid gold!"

This was the legendary dragon robe, and the Eastern Region Duke knelt before Wu Yu. "We ask the new Emperor to receive the treasure!"

The Saintly Dragon Golden Robe had 950,000 spirit designs, even more awesome than the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots. When one wore the robe, it not only represented one's status as emperor, but was nigh invulnerable. There were not many people in this world who could harm Wu Yu now.

More, given his status as the Yan Huang emperor, not even the Phoenix Supreme would dare to raise a hand against him. There was no longer a threat to him in the Jambu Realm.

Wu Yu continued to do as instructed. He donned the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe. This was the best dragon robe in the world, and the immortal treasure spirits were 99 saintly dragons. Although these saintly dragons were not real mystical dragon immortal beasts, they were the descendants of mystical dragons, much like the tortoise dragon and roc dragon. They had an even closer resemblance to the mystical dragons.

The mystical dragon immortal beasts themselves scorned such spawn. To them, it was a mixed blood spawn. But 99 of them together was a fairly scary prospect.

After donning the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe, Wu Yu's presence further increased by a few notches, making him even more impressive and domineering. It seemed like he was the ruler of the world.

But it was not over yet. There were two more objects, even more jealousy-inducing than the Stellar Universe Dragon Boots and Saintly Dragon Golden Robe. Once Wu Yu successfully blood bonded with these four seraphic dao treasures that were the standard equipment of the Yan Huang emperor, they would make his strength reach crazy levels.

Next, the Futu Region Duke's turn. He knelt before Wu Yu, declaring loudly, "I present the Five-Colored Dragon Crown! A gift from the heavens to Yan Huang, to master the heavens and earth, to enter the three worlds!" [1]

The Five-Colored Dragon Crown had 960,000 spirit designs, and was the actual "crown."

The immortal treasure spirits were related to the mystical dragons. They were five mystical dragons known as the Five Affinities Earthly Dragons. They were considered genuine mystical dragons, but like the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, they had been sullied with demonic qi and were relegated to a different species.

They individually embodied metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

The Five-Colored Dragon Crown had five mystical dragons circling it, an incredible and stunning sight.

The Futu Region Duke personally crowned Wu Yu, placing it on Wu Yu's head.

The Stellar Universe Dragon Boots, the Saintly Dragon Golden Robe, and the Five-Colored Dragon Crown. With the three, Wu Yu truly looked like an emperor.

Last was Di Shatian. He held the most important thing in his hand, which controlled the lifeblood of Yan Huang.

1. TN: The three worlds in Buddhism are the worlds of desire, form, and formlessness.

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