Chapter 1144: Temple of Heart and Spirit

Wu Yu had not thought of that. He looked at Feng Xueya. His master was looking like his old self, and this was troubling for Wu Yu. He frowned and said, "If he is a doppelganger, then it means that the Ancient Emperor is telling the truth and he will no longer track me. If the Ancient Emperor lied and made all that up, then my master is not his doppelganger, and the Ancient Emperor might not be able to come here. So I should not be worried."

"Indeed. Even if he is an immortal, he cannot simply just enter another world. Besides, listening to his words, the rules of the heavens are quite strict. Any immortal descending into the mortal realm will have to follow a strict protocol." Ming Long nodded.

"Anyway, we don't know how powerful an immortal can be. We can only do what we think will make us safe."

Wu Yu was now stronger than before, so he was much faster now as he sped through the Ancient Demon Realm. There was not much to worry about.

They were not affected by the season of massacre in the Ancient Demon Realm.

"What's more, there are demon immortals in the Ancient Demon Realm. These demon immortals will not allow the Ancient Emperor to come in easily, right?” This was what Ming Long thought.

No matter what, Wu Yu still took them to the new base. The Full Moon of Nanshan had already hid this base well. This base was deep underground, which also made it hard to find. Moreover, there were many resources in the Yan Huang Golden Bead that they could use to set up illusion spirit designs. 

Wu Yu had already taken a look at what was inside the Yan Huang Golden Bead. There were many treasures in it, including dozens of seraphic dao treasure and countless other treasures. However, he was not in the mood now to check them out.

At this moment, the people that he cared about the most were by his side. The Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, Wu You, and Feng Xueya were all here. Wu Yu also left the Silver Qilin and the Black Phoenix there to enhance their combat power.

They sat in a circle. Wu Yu’s real body repeated everything that the Ancient Emperor had said to him tonight to the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

Especially the part that concerned Ye Xixi. Wu Yu told her truthfully that the Ancient Emperor had said that it was his duty and he had done nothing wrong. However, Ye Xixi could still seek revenge. The Ancient Emperor had said that Wu Yu did not have to take part in her revenge plans.

"Is that what he said…. But wouldn’t that mean that I’m going to kill your father...." Ye Xixi was already in a daze. After listening to Wu Yu, she burst into tears.

The Full Moon of Nanshan pursed his lips and said, "Little girl, don't think too much about it. First, he is an immortal. When will you have the strength to take revenge against him? Secondly, did he tell the truth? We can’t say for sure." 

Ye Xixi was at a loss and asked, "Why would he lie? He knows so much about us. He even sent Big Sister Wu You and Uncle Feng back to Big Brother Yu. He also talked about Big Brother Yu's mother, Immortal Su Sang. He asked him to look for her at the Su Yu Sky Palace. This is all proof that he told the truth. Besides, he can communicate with the Ruyi Jingu Bang. How can it be fake?"

Wu Yu looked at the Full Moon of Nanshan and asked, "Do you still think that something is amiss?"

The Full Moon of Nanshan lowered his head and shook it. He said, "No, I grew up in a treacherous environment, so instinctively, I never trust anything. No matter how much evidence the Ancient Emperor has shown you, I still think that he is an immortal. Maybe everything is still under his control, including these two people. Are you sure that they are your elder sister and master? Are you sure that he has not laid any traps on them?"

The Full Moon of Nanshan's questions were sharp.

Upon hearing his words, both Wu You and Feng Xueya were at a loss. They could only look at Wu Yu speechlessly.

"I have indeed checked them multiple times. There is no problem with them...." After Nanshan had voiced his concerns, Wu Yu became worried. He had actually checked carefully multiple times to ensure that Wu You and Feng Xueya were real. He knew clearly what kind of people they were and thought that there would be no mistake. However, as the Full Moon of Nanshan had said, who knew much about the abilities of immortals and what they could do?

"Big Brother Nanshan, don't overthink about it. Big Sister Wu You and Uncle Feng will not be happy about your suspicions."

The Full Moon of Nanshan sighed and said exasperatedly, "Forget it, I shall stop talking. After all, I don't have any evidence. It is really a pain to fight against an immortal. I have no idea what kinds of abilities he has, what he knows, and what else he can do at all. Perhaps he is much more terrifying than we imagine. Perhaps we can only stand a chance if we become stronger. Anyway, I'm out of ideas. After considering carefully, there is a 90% chance that he really is your father. Even if it were only a 10% chance, have we not already accomplished our initial goal? Would it not be enough for you to stay here more often in the future? Anyway, you have nothing else left at the Jambu Realm to worry about."

Actually, Wu Yu was also thinking about that.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi provided two perspectives.

He knew what the Full Moon of Nanshan was talking about.

"Anyway, keep your guard up. You are right. The current situation is already much better than we had imagined. While we don't know what ploys the Ancient Emperor will come up with, no matter what, we are quite safe here. After all, the chances of him knowing about the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm are slim."

"Are you still going to ascend to the throne tomorrow?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked.

Wu Yu replied, "I have to go. Luo Pin has yet to return to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas."

The Full Moon of Nanshan nodded and did not add anything. Wu Yu knew that his suspicion came from the fear in his heart. If the Ancient Emperor was indeed an evil person, then the Full Moon of Nanshan was also one of his targets.

Feng Xueya thought about it and suggested to Wu Yu, "Let me go back to the Jambu Realm. After all, I might be his accomplice." 

Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to check Feng Xueya once again. He only had the power of an ordinary Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. He was no threat. Hence, Wu Yu insisted that he stayed at the Ancient Demon Realm.

"If the Ancient Emperor is not my father, then you are unrelated to him. If you stay in the Jambu Realm, then you will be in danger," Wu Yu said.

"Yu Er, we don't want to burden you. You are someone who will become an immortal. Don't risk it because of us...." Wu You said worriedly.

Wu Yu laughed and said, "Don't think that way. This has nothing to do with you guys. I only want you all to be safe. You cannot change anything even if the Ancient Emperor is really plotting something."

Wu Yu could let them train without worry in this world. The spiritual qi here was even more abundant than in the Immortal's Capital. He believed that they would improve greatly within a short period of time. 

"We will never be able to guess an immortal's plot. I don't know why, but I don't feel good about this. But I don't have any evidence. I don't know because I'm not an immortal...." The Full Moon of Nanshan looked at Wu Yu, shook his head helplessly, and smiled sadly.

"Don't be too pessimistic. As long as we don't die, no one, not even the immortals, can block our paths." Wu Yu still had faith that they would be fine.

Perhaps now they still did not know anything. Even so, he did not fear the future.

The Full Moon of Nanshan could only speak from his experience, while Ye Xixi believed the evidence. It was also this evidence that shook Wu Yu's beliefs.

Wu Yu was ready to return to the Immortal's Capital. He was going to ascend to the throne the next day. After all, Luo Pin had yet to return to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. If Luo Pin returned to her palace, then he could use both his real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar to explore the Ancient Demon Realm. After all, if he was not at the Immortal's Capital, then he would be in less danger.

There was still some time tonight, and he wanted to speak to Luo Pin.

There was a seraphic dao treasure in the Yan Huang Golden Bead with over 500,000 spirit designs. It was called the Temple of Heart and Spirit, and it looked like a palace. Wu Yu asked the Full Moon of Nanshan to form a blood bond with the Temple of Heart and Spirit and then embed it into their new base. They were going to live within the Temple of Heart and Spirit temporarily. The interior of this seraphic dao treasure was actually quite big - it was the size of a city. They were the only ones inside, so it was very spacious. Besides, it could be moved at any moment. The seraphic dao treasure's own illusion spirit designs were much stronger than the ones that the Full Moon of Nanshan had set up.

Wu Yu's real body left. His Heaven Devouring Avatar stayed behind to help Wu You and Feng Xueya settle down. They would not be bored here. Wu Yu could instruct them in their martial cultivation. There were plenty of resources inside the Yan Huang Golden Bead. No matter how poor Wu You's talent was, Wu Yu had the confidence to push her up into the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, especially since she was in the Ancient Demon Realm.

His real body leapt continuously in the Ancient Demon Realm until he was far away from the Temple of Heart and Spirit. It was only then that he opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm and returned to the Immortal's Capital. 

With the Temple of Heart and Spirit, he could transfer many people to the Ancient Demon Realm. However, the Ancient Demon Realm was filled with danger. He had no need to do that at the moment.

The Immortal's Capital was still bustling. There was no such thing as sleep and rest in the world of martial cultivators. Everyone was waiting for tomorrow to arrive.

After Wu You and the others had gone to the Ancient Demon Realm, Wu Yu felt more relaxed back at the Immortal's Capital. Now the only person left in the Jambu Realm that he was concerned about was Luo Pin. Luckily, Luo Pin had the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas.

And there was also Nangong Wei, whom he was also concerned about.

The Ancient Emperor would not be paying attention to people like Princess You Xue, Su Yanli, or the Imperial General in Yan Huang Imperial City.

Thinking about Nangong Wei, Wu Yu recalled what Luo Pin had said. He thought about what had happened over these past few days, and he could not help but suspect. "Could it be that she remembers what happened in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent? Or perhaps she never forgot it in the first place?"

Ming Long pouted and said, "Of course it is because she never forgot anything in the first place. Otherwise, she would not have resisted you so weakly in the Ancient Soul Tower."


He was already worried. He was now more worried thinking about Nangong Wei.

Prince Le's Residence was eerily silent.

It was late at night. Wu Yu was about to look for Luo Pin to tell her about the chat he had with the Ancient Emperor. He already knew the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi's thoughts and now he wanted to hear Luo Pin's thoughts about what the Ancient Emperor had said.

He headed towards the City of 10,000 Kingdoms in the night.

Suddenly, he received a Message Talisman. It was actually from Nangong Wei. He had forgotten that he had left a core-tail talisman with Nangong Wei.

Most importantly, she had written, "I want to see you. The Imperial Forest."

The Imperial Forest was a forest within the Immortal's Capital. There were many immortal essences grown there, and it was a place in the Immortal's Capital with relatively robust spiritual qi. Many martial cultivators in the Immortal's Capital would train in the Imperial Forest, or study dao techniques and mystiques there. This was a peaceful place in the Immortal's Capital. 

While Wu Yu had not visited it before, he knew where it was.

The Imperial Forest was huge and she had not mentioned a specific location.

However, should he still go?

He was about to look for Luo Pin, but Nangong Wei had suddenly sent him such a Message Talisman at this moment. What did she want to do?

"Forget it, I should see what it is that she wants. Anyway, this will not take long."

He changed his direction and headed towards the Imperial Forest.

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