Chapter 1143: Like A Dream

The night before the coronation was like a dream. 

He had been prepared to meet the Ancient Emperor. Just as he expected, the Ancient Emperor might’ve been trying to gain his trust or even convince him. 

However, even though he was ready to resist all explanations, he felt convinced in the end. 

It was especially so after Wu You and Feng Xueya, the two people he was most concerned about, were sent to him. This was clearly what had been holding Wu Yu back. 

Now, if Wu Yu brought them to a place of safety, wouldn't that mean he would successfully break away from the Ancient Emperor? 

However, the Ancient Emperor had shown no fear of this at all. His only attitude was that he didn't care if Wu Yu would believe him now. He had only told Wu Yu that time would tell. 

The evidence was pointing in a different direction from what Wu Yu had thought. Initially, he wanted to swiftly determine if the Ancient Emperor was scheming against him. However, the current circumstances were preventing him from reaching this conclusion. 

He had initially thought that the night before the coronation might be a catastrophe for him. 

However, he had not expected the Ancient Emperor to be leaving now. 

He said, "In the future, you might learn about the current responsibilities that I'm holding. I can't show up in the mortal realm for too long to communicate with martial cultivators. I'll leave Yan Huang in your hands and I probably won't show up in the near future. Before I leave, there are two other things that I have to explain to you." 

Wu Yu remembered his words and recalled that the Ancient Emperor was basically not seen around most of the time in the past. 

"Please speak." Up to now, he wasn't fully sold on what the Ancient Emperor had said. Therefore, it was hard for him to address the Ancient Emperor as “father.” Nonetheless, the Ancient Emperor didn't mind at all. 

The Ancient Emperor said, "The first thing is the girl beside you that has also inherited an immortal's legacy. I think her name is Ye Xixi. In the past, her parents summoned the Ancient Demon God by breaking the seal. Due to my responsibilities, I had to kill them. Otherwise, the entire Jambu Realm would be plunged into chaos and misery. Unfortunately, I have become the one that killed your friend's parents. I don't want you to be placed in a difficult position. You can tell her that if she has the capability, she can look for me for revenge. You don't have to feel conflicted about it. This is my personal matter and you can just stand aside." 

Wu Yu was surprised that he knew about Ye Xixi as well. 

"Truth be told, I did not expect there to be three immortal's legacies in this small Jambu Realm of ours. Moreover, you even found them before me. If they weren't your friends that were as close as your real brother and sister, I might even have restricted them a little. After all, they obtained the legacies in the Jambu Realm that I'm responsible for guarding. However, because of their close relations with you, and I can tell that they see you as their leader, I believe they will become your assistants in the future. In that case, I won't be bothering them and will allow them to grow naturally," the Ancient Emperor said solemnly. 

So he knew about the other immortal's legacies as well. He was the immortal that was responsible for guarding this realm. If there were immortal's legacies in this realm, he would be qualified to question or even take control of them. However, he hadn't done so. He had given Wu Yu an explanation - it was because they were on good terms with Wu Yu. He was willing to let them become Wu Yu's future aides. 

This explanation was within reason. 

Up to this point, the Ancient Emperor had not shown any openings. 

Perhaps there wasn't one in the first place as what he had said was just the truth. Since the beginning, he had been sincere. He seemed to know that the way he had chosen to raise Wu Yu would make Wu Yu distance himself from him. However, he did not regret his actions and was proud of Wu Yu's current performance. As for the other matters, he believed time would provide the answers. 

"What about the second matter?" asked Wu Yu. Wu Yu had noted the first point. 

He had made up his mind to not rush into a conclusion regarding all the things he had heard and seen today. It was better to calm down and think them through. 

The Ancient Emperor was especially frank as well and said, "I've been paying attention to the scuffle you have with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord since the beginning. In the end, you won and reaped handsome rewards. Now the soul of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is sealed within the Ruyi Jingu Bang and has a low chance of ever returning. As for your clone, you have to pay special attention to not let it go out of control, or it will become the next Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. If that happens, the consequences will be severe and even I won't be able to handle it. That would be my sin." 

Wu Yu felt like he no longer had any secrets in front of the Ancient Emperor. He even knew about the Heaven Devouring Avatar! The only thing he had not talked about would probably be the Floating Dreams Pagoda and the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. However, Wu Yu used the Floating Dreams Pagoda frequently, so he definitely knew about it.

As for the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he had only reminded Wu Yu to be careful. 

After speaking, he revealed a gentle smile and said, "Alright, I have said what I should and wanted. The stone that has been weighing on my heart can finally be set aside. I should be going around freely and enjoying myself. As for you, be a good emperor and focus on not relaxing your advancement. Try to surpass that Primordial Immortal Dragon as soon as you can, or it would be really troublesome for you guys to get together. After all, the forces of the mystical dragons and immortal beasts aren't small in the sky palaces. And with her bloodline, she will be exceptionally precious even in the sky palaces."

His gaze was amiable and warm, shining down on Wu Yu. For that moment, Wu Yu seemed to have felt a fatherly love from his gaze. 

It was strange but real. 

"Son, I know that what I've done was a little overboard. I've made you suffer too much. However, I'll still wait for the day when you will be willing to call me ‘father’ willingly." 

He said this with a smile. After which, his body was replaced by starlight in the night sky and eventually faded away. Wu Yu could no longer detect him with his senses. 

Wu You and Feng Xueya, who had remained next to Wu Yu, hadn't said a word. They were afraid to interrupt the conversation between Wu Yu with the mysterious man. However, the contents of their conversation were extremely shocking. After the Ancient Emperor left, Wu You and Feng Xueya questioned Wu Yu about what happened immediately. 

"This matter is too complicated. I will let you guys know at a later stage. For now, I have to ensure your safety. I've forgotten to tell you that we are in the Immortal's Capital of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, which is in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Tomorrow, I might be crowned the emperor of the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

Neither of them had any idea how vast the Immortal's Capital was. 

They had lots of doubts, so Wu Yu created a doppelganger to explain the whole event to them from the beginning. As for himself, he was largely in deep thought about everything that had happened. 

Obviously, he was also discussing things with Ming Long. 

“How do you see this?” asked Wu Yu. 

"From my perspective, after listening to him and seeing that he could control the Ruyi Jingu Bang, what he said might be the truth. I feel that you might have made up your mind in advance. Therefore, you little brat! You aren't a poor peasant from birth! You are a rich second generation of immortals! Now it's not surprising that lady luck was always shining on you. Since the beginning, an immortal was protecting you! I was still wondering why I died an early death after getting the Ruyi Jingu Bang and yet you lived well after being in multiple dangerous scenarios. Also, how else can you explain how you got stronger so quickly in the Ancient Soul Tower? The Ancient Emperor Dao Palace, the central sun, and the final advancement to the Dao Querying Realm while watching the golden titan attack.... Doesn't it look like something arranged by your immortal father?"

Ming Long had her conclusions. She had been scared out of her wits from the moment the Ancient Emperor had shown that he was able to trigger the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

Wu Yu was thinking too. Ming Long's thoughts were hers. In something so important, Wu Yu would choose to believe himself. 

"Regardless, other than Luo Pin, they are the most important people to me in this world. I'll send them to the Ancient Demon Realm for a while. The dense spiritual qi of that place will be beneficial to their cultivation too. My Heaven Devouring Avatar is there as well. Without them here, even if I'm alone, I will feel more assured." 

Regardless of whether the Ancient Emperor was real or fake, since he had brought Wu You and Feng Xueya to Wu Yu, Wu Yu would want to protect them by sending them to the Ancient Demon Realm. Even if the Ancient Emperor was really his father, he had nothing to lose. Once Wu You and Feng Xueya had gone over, Wu Yu thought of leaving the Silver Qilin, the Black Phoenix, and the other puppets in that place. 

Wu Yu opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. After 15 minutes, his Unshackled Doppelganger had explained the key matters to Wu You and Feng Xueya. Wu You and Feng Xueya had gained some understanding of Wu Yu's situation. 

"You shouldn't be concerned with us. We are just insignificant mortals...." Wu You had a rough understanding and felt a little bad about it. 

"Yeah, he's an immortal...." Feng Xueya was also stumped upon learning that he was the clone of an immortal. 

When he came, he knew about everything. However, the Ancient Emperor had cleared his memories so he could be Feng Xueya. The trick of an immortal was truly unfathomable. 

"If I go to the Ancient Demon Realm, what about Dong Yue Wu?" 

"Yeah, and there's the Heavenly Sword Sect...." 

Wu Yu said, "You guys don't have to worry about it. I'll send people over immediately to protect Dong Yue Wu and the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples for generations." 

Among others, Wu Yu was most concerned about Senior Sister Su Yanli. However, she wasn't like Feng Xueya, who had changed his entire life. Therefore, the Ancient Emperor might not have noticed her. 

Although they had their worries, Wu Yu didn't give them long to consider. When the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was opened, he charged in with them and soon emerged in the territory of the cat demons. Wu Yu didn't interact with them and instead brought them towards the new base.

"If Feng Xueya is the clone of the Ancient Emperor, wouldn't the Ancient Emperor know about your location now that you are bringing him over?" asked Ming Long. 

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