Chapter 1142: Immortal Su Sang

The Ancient Emperor reached out and patted Wu Yu's shoulder. He said, "Perhaps it is a little hard for you to accept now. There was also a period of time when I doubted if I should let you go through all that. Perhaps letting you grow up in the Immortal's Capital might’ve been better. However, seeing where you are now, I finally understand that my seemingly complicated actions then weren't wrong at all. If you were in the Immortal's Capital, you would at most be a Prince Yu or Prince Le, despite the ample resources. However, you are who you are currently as a result of this tempering. I'm proud of you."

Wu Yu didn't know how well the Ancient Emperor knew him. At this point, he realized that if he was really a scammer, it would be terrifying. Up to this point, his words and expressions were convincing Wu Yu otherwise. 

Judgment. How was he going to judge these actions? 

"Do you know what kind of immortal the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal in the sky palaces is? Why would he leave behind his legacy? Aren't immortals supposed to live for eternity?" Wu Yu thought of the question suddenly and felt like he should ask about it.

This question stumped the Ancient Emperor for a moment. He nodded and said, "He's probably a really ancient and distant immortal. At his peak, he was really powerful. Or rather, you could say he was frightening. In the sky palaces, he also had very exceptional standing. However, I'm not too sure why he vanished. Regarding his legacy, I wouldn't dare to let others know about it. It would be best for you to not let the other immortals know either. In the sky palaces, there are lots of heavenly rules and restrictions. Once infringed, the outcome is severe. Regarding the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, I took additional effort to research him to learn that there was once such an elite immortal."

Wu Yu was surprised even the Ancient Emperor wasn't too clear about it. This showed that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had to be from a really long time ago.

Wu Yu placed his doubt aside for the moment. Since the Ancient Emperor had explained the matters of the Dong Yue Wu emperor, Sun Wudao, and the others clearly, he felt like it was time for him to sound him out further. 

He asked, "What you have said is too mystical for me to accept. If you don't mind, I'd like to raise some questions. Is that fine?" 

The Ancient Emperor smiled and answered, "Sure. Feel free to raise any doubts you have." 

Wu Yu had clear memories of the details of his interactions with Sun Wudao and the other two. If he asked and the Ancient Emperor could answer, it would suggest that what the Ancient Emperor had said was the truth. However, he was worried that if the Ancient Emperor couldn't answer, it would be the same as exposing him openly. In that case, would the Ancient Emperor flip instantly? 

He could only make the bet. 

Therefore, he asked, "Do you remember what I did wrong the first time my father emperor beat me?" 

That was from a long time ago. 

The Ancient Emperor broke into laughter and said, "You are too outstanding. I have never beaten you before." 

Wu Yu was really shaken now. 

This was because he had gotten it right. In his memory, the Dong Yue Wu emperor had really never ever beaten him. 

"Where did I first see the Ruyi Jingu Bang?" 

"It was tied with a red string around Sun Wudao's neck."

After asking the two questions, Wu Yu decided not to ask further. He knew that the more he asked, the answers he got would only make him feel more apprehensive. 

The truth was, he had made up his mind that the Ancient Emperor was scheming against him. He had determined that these were lies weaved by the Ancient Emperor. After all, he couldn't accept the fact that his entire life was staged. However, through the conversation, he started to find the Ancient Emperor honest and sincere. Although what he had said was cruel, it seemed to be the truth. 

"The fact is, you don't have to be in a hurry. Whether to believe me or not is your decision. Take it slow, and I hope this won't affect your dao. After tonight, I will not show up here again. I'll leave Yan Huang to you. When you have more time, you can think about them again. Even if you don't believe me, it won't matter. Time will tell. I understand it's my fault for keeping you in the dark for so long. There's another matter that I have to tell you about."

When the Ancient Emperor spoke, he seemed to be ready. He was calm and sounded a little apologetic.

“I'm listening.” Wu Yu nodded.

The Ancient Emperor looked at the sky and said, "The reason why I said you are different from other princes and princesses is because your mother isn't the same as theirs. Their mothers are ordinary martial cultivators, while your mother is an immortal in the sky palaces. Her name is Immortal Su Sang, and she resides in the Su Yu Sky Palace. I rarely have the chance to meet her, and due to the limitations of the heavenly rules, I'm not allowed to share news of her with you. However, if you make it to the sky palaces one day, you could look for her in the Su Yu Sky Palace. Using this method to raise you was a joint decision of ours."

To Wu Yu, this was undoubtedly another piece of heavyweight information. 

His memories of his parents weren't too deep. His father had too many sons and daughters and spent all his energy running the country or enjoying himself. As for his mother, she doted on him. However, her body was frail and she had passed away when Wu Yu was young. 

Therefore, he had never thought of the other scenario where both his parents were immortals. His father being the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and his mother being Immortal Su Sang. 

Was the Ancient Emperor speaking the truth? 

Even Ming Long was stumped. 

He had even talked about Immortal Su Sang and the Su Yu Sky Palace, urging Wu Yu to look for her in the future. If this was all a farce, he could only say that the Ancient Emperor was truly too scheming. How frightening would his motives be to weave such an elaborate "truth." 

"You have the right to know you aren't a child who lost both parents when you were young. We are restricted by the heavenly rules and therefore couldn't have visited you. As for your mother, she isn't allowed to unless you become an immortal." The Ancient Emperor looked at him.

While reeling in shock, Wu Yu didn't know what to say. The developments today had exceeded his imagination. He had initially thought he could determine if the Ancient Emperor was lying. However, from the moment the Ancient Emperor showed he could communicate with the Jingu Bang, his resolve was starting to waver. Subsequently, he even knew about the details of Wu Yu's interactions with the Dong Yue Wu emperor and Sun Wudao. He had even told Wu Yu about the details of his mother. 

He had been keeping his vigilance because he didn't trust the Ancient Emperor in his very core. In fact, he had even shifted his Heaven Devouring Avatar away just earlier that day. However, judging from the available evidence, he was pondering deeply. Might he already have made up his mind before hearing the Ancient Emperor out?


This was because since the beginning, he realized that the Ancient Emperor had been paying attention to him after he inherited the immortal's legacy. Therefore, he was afraid of him. If he really was his father, then the attention would be warranted. 

As such, his emotions were stirring and he couldn't tell what the truth was. 

The Ancient Emperor stood up, looked at Wu Yu, and said, "My Yan Huang Tribe has been in the Jambu Realm for generations. We have alway been powerful and our reign was never interrupted. Throughout the generations, the immortals guarding the Jambu Realm have been from my Yan Huang Tribe. I have been guarding the Yan Huang Tribe for too long. Now that I have you, I can leave the Yan Huang Tribe to you at ease. In the future, whether my Yan Huang Tribe can thrive for thousands more generations will depend on you." 

At this point, perhaps he knew he was leaving and not certain when he would show up again. 

At least for now, he seemed to have said all he wanted to Wu Yu. 

He looked at Wu Yu, smiled, and said, "You don't have to feel stressed out. You are still young, too young, in fact. Take it slow. Disregarding all matters, you are only at the first tier of the Dao Querying Realm. It will likely take a very long time for you to breach the 10th tier of the Dao Querying Realm and you won't become an immortal as soon as Luo Pin. Obviously, once you become an immortal, you will be exceptionally frightening. You will enjoy endless resources now that you are becoming the Yan Huang Emperor. Those treasures of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage will just be a portion. The Jambu Realm will now be in your hands. I hope that after learning about your extraordinary background and fate, your dao will never change. That will be your greatest treasure!" 

The Jambu Realm would be in his hands from today onwards.... 

What else could this mean? 

Wu Yu looked at him, clearly stumped. 

Perhaps he was really his father. 

However, if he wasn't, that would make him even more terrifying. What would he be scheming.... 

Wu Yu still couldn't make the judgement. 

However, the Ancient Emperor told him that time would tell. 

While Wu Yu was in a daze and just when the Ancient Emperor was about to leave, he seemed to have recalled something. "Oh, right. I know what you are thinking. You must be worried that I'm after your legacy, right? Therefore, you have been guarding against me. That is simple. I have sent people over to bring them here before our conversation." 

Seeing him wave his arm, two people appeared out of nowhere. Wu Yu focused and saw that they were Wu You and Feng Xueya! 

Wu Yu looked with his Eyes of Fire and Gold and verified that it was them. As their cultivation levels were too low, they couldn't stand the density of spiritual qi in this place. Wu Yu darted over to isolate them immediately. 

"Yu?" While panicking, Wu You saw Wu Yu and felt as though she had grabbed onto her saving grace. She looked around anxiously and asked, "I... Why would I be here? Where am I?" 

"It's alright. This is my territory now. I was the one who asked someone to bring you over." Wu Yu hugged her to calm and comfort her.

Feng Xueya was next to her. He was still the same as he was in Wu Yu's memory. At this point, he looked at Wu Yu with a smile and said, "It has been years and you finally learned the truth. There's no need for me to exist further. I'm just a clone—it has always been him who was speaking to you." 

Feng Xueya pointed to the Ancient Emperor, who was on the roof. 

However, he did not vanish because Wu Yu still saw him as his master and benefactor. 

The Ancient Emperor said, "I will let him stay beside you and make him forget everything about me so he could focus on being Feng Xueya. He will only remember accepting a disciple like you."

When the Ancient Emperor was done speaking, Feng Xueya's eyes shut. When he opened them, he looked a little lost. His reactions were similar to Wu You’s when he first saw Wu Yu.

Wu Yu verified several more times to ensure it was really them! 

They were the only two people that Wu Yu felt the Ancient Emperor could threaten him with! 

And the Ancient Emperor had gotten people to bring them over and had brought them to Wu Yu. 

This time, Wu Yu felt even more speechless. 

Truth be told, if he still couldn't trust the Ancient Emperor, he could just bring Feng Xueya and Wu You away once the Ancient Emperor left. This would save him from all his worries! 

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