Chapter 1140: The Night before the Ascension to the Throne

As for what he would do in the future, Wu Yu could only say that all he could do now was meet the Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu had to speak to the Ancient Emperor alone before he could know the truth.

Luo Pin could not help him with this. If she were to go against the Ancient Emperor now, she would simply be seeking death.

Naturally, Wu Yu would never allow her to court death.

Of course, Luo Pin was hoping that the Ancient Emperor had spoken the truth, that nothing would happen to Wu Yu and the world would be at peace.

Then the entire Jambu Realm would belong to Wu Yu.

If the Ancient Emperor had lied, they had no strategy to counter him at the moment. It was impossible as well, to come up with any counter strategy to fight the Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu had a long, heartfelt chat with Luo Pin until night fell.

After sharing what had happened over these years, both Wu Yu and Luo Pin felt like they had gained a deeper understanding of each other. By communicating more with each other, the two of them could tell if they were really suited for each other.

People with different ideals could not stay together for long.

They could never become dao companions if their daos were of opposite ideals.

Luckily, Wu Yu and Luo Pin shared many similar perspectives on various topics. There might be some minor differences, but these differences were what had attracted them so deeply to each other.

For instance, Wu Yu was attracted to Luo Pin's quietness, while Luo Pin was attracted to Wu Yu's fierceness.

At night, the Regent sent the details of the next day's ascension to Wu Yu via a Message Talisman. There were many rules and procedures for Wu Yu to follow. 

Luo Pin snuggled in his arms and said softly into the quiet night, "You should go back. He might come looking for you tonight. Be careful. As long as you are alive, you will always have a chance to grow strong." 


Wu Yu knew that he had spent a long time in Luo Pin's warm embrace. He had enjoyed the peace and quiet greatly. However, he would inevitably have to stand up and fight. It was not good for them to be overly reluctant to separate. Even though Wu Yu wanted so desperately to stay by her side for eternity, he knew that he had to leave this place and face his challenge - the challenge that was his alone to take up and overcome. 

This was a world filled with battles. It was not a peaceful world. If he did not fight and did not welcome challenges, he would only be eliminated by this world. There were many ways that this world could erase him from the world of the living. For instance, through illnesses and old age, through being bullied by the experts, and through failing to survive his pursuit of dao.

At the same time, because Wu Yu understood Luo Pin well, he knew very clearly that the longer he stayed with her, the more danger she would be in. He would only become more of a burden for her. Hence, he knew even more clearly that when it was time for him to leave her side to work hard and battle, he must never hesitate to do so.

Hence, he let go of Luo Pin after their long embrace and stood up with her. Even though she had left his arms, her scent still lingered on his chest. Probably even after a long time had passed, he would never forget the warmth and gentleness that he had experienced today.

"Let me see you out."

The two of them headed out. The reason why Luo Pin wanted to see him out was because she was worried that the other mystical dragons would make things difficult for Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu had spent too much time alone with her. Those mystical dragons must have been very nervous.

Indeed, as they walked past that long corridor, the mystical dragons were all present. They were still far away, but each and every one of them glared at him fiercely and murderously. They were trying to suppress and threaten Wu Yu. If not for Luo Pin being beside him, they would never have let him off so easily. Actually, their gazes were constantly warning Wu Yu to not get too close to Luo Pin.

Luo Pin ignored these dragons and saw Wu Yu to the door. Night had fallen, but even in the night, she still looked so moving and beautiful. She looked like a fairy under the moonlight. Who would willingly leave her?

Before Wu Yu left, Luo Pin held his hands, raised her head slightly to stare earnestly with her clear, blue eyes into Wu Yu's eyes, and said, "In the future, in the sky palaces, we shall meet to become an immortal couple and stay together for eternity."

This was her wish, and it was also Wu Yu's wish. Wu Yu carved these words into his heart.

"I will overcome whatever obstacles lie ahead of me. Wait five more years for me!"

Actually, the 10 years that he had asked of her previously had not even passed yet. Now he made another promise, an order for himself, that in five years’ time, he would truly be able to stand before her and become an immortal couple with her.

"I will marry only you."

Her promise was imprinted in his heart, becoming Wu Yu's destiny.

"It is my greatest honor to receive your love." His voice choked as he spoke.

After saying that, he knew that he had to leave. It was very alluring to stay behind with her, but if he continued to linger, he would never be able to leave her side. However, Wu Yu knew that this was not the time for him to stay with her. He had to leave. Hence, he did not hesitate - he turned and left quickly, with determination. He did not even turn back. He knew that Luo Pin was watching him as he walked away. He knew that she would stay behind in the moonlight….

He left.

Of course, they could still see each other tomorrow when he ascended to the throne.

It was just that tomorrow, they would not be standing as close to each other as today.

Luo Pin watched as he disappeared into the dark. She did not even blink once. She only returned to Dragon's Cove Palace after Wu Yu had left. Not long after she entered Dragon's Cove Palace, she saw the elders, including the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon, kneeling in front of her.

Their voices were emotional and they said in unison, "Dragon Lord! Please think twice! Our mystical dragon tribe is on the decline and facing the danger of dying out. As leaders, we should set an example and strive to make our tribe strong and powerful again! It is against the mystical dragon tribe's rules to take a mere human as dao companion. Besides, as the Dragon Lord, the more you need to set yourself as an example. Not only that, Wu Yu is also the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Since ancient times, our tribe has always maintained our distance from the Yan Huang Tribe. Therefore, Dragon Lord must never meet with Wu Yu again!"

They had already discussed what to say. Hence, when they spoke, they spoke in unison.

Luo Pin looked at them calmly and said, "What if I insist on doing it? "

She was a gentle and elegant-looking woman, but at this moment, she also had the domineering aura of a queen and would never be frightened by the elders.

Those elder dragons stared speechlessly at each other. Their eyes were filled with anger and agitation. The Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon said, "Then we will paint the Dragon Palace with blood!"

Luo Pin smiled and said, "You want to kill me?"

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon's expression was dark. He said, "No, we have all let our ancestors down. We can only atone for our sins with our lives."

Luo Pin could not help but laugh. She looked at the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon and said, "That's a very nice way to put it. Isn't it you who has been eyeing and wanting to court me? We have different ideals, so don't be delusional."

Her words caused the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon's expression to darken, but he did not say anything else.

Luo Pin took a deep breath as her gaze swept across the people kneeling in front of her. Finally, she said, "You don't have to worry. In the Jambu Realm, I won't let you down. When I become immortal and ascend to the sky palaces, I will be free. At that point, there will be no such tribe rules."

She meant that at least in Jambu Realm, she would not become dao companions with Wu Yu. This also meant that she would not damage the reputation of the mystical dragon tribe.

Luo Pin did not tell them when she would become immortal.

After finishing her sentence, Luo Pin went deep into the palace and left them behind. They looked at each other in a daze. The Violet-Star Cosmic Dragon said, "She means that in the Jambu Realm, she will not become dao companions with Wu Yu?"

"I think so."

The Maple-Leaf Zephyr Dragon said, "She is too naive. When she ascends to the sky palaces, there are no rules of the mystical dragon tribe. However, there are rules of the sky palaces. Besides, if we become immortal, we will still be under the rule of our ancestors in the sky palaces. Our ancestors may not be willing to let her be together with a human."

"This girl, she is really getting more and more stubborn. What is so good about the human race? We have so many young, handsome talents...."

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon narrowed his eyes and said, "I heard that Wu Yu saved her and helped her to get the Precursor Dragon Scale when she was dying."

"That's a relationship doomed to fail. To put it nicely, she sees Wu Yu as someone with similar dao ideals. But it's nothing more than treating gratitude as love. She's still young after all. It's our fault for not disciplining her well...."

Luo Pin would not want to hear them saying all this.

When she set her heart on something, nothing could change her mind, regardless of whether it was the tribe rules or the sky palaces' rules.

She and Wu Yu had left a large number of core-tail talismans with each other, tens of thousands of them. These could help reduce their lovesickness in the future. Of course, if she ascended to the sky palaces and Wu Yu went to another world, it would become even more difficult for them to contact each other.

As she watched the bustling night sky of the Immortal’s Capital, Wu Yu had already returned to Prince Le’s Residence.

In the Ancient Demon Realm, the Heaven Devouring Avatar led the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi and they found a new base, which was more hidden than their previous one. They built a new base in this world and set up many spirit designs.

The Immortal’s Capital today was bustling with liveliness. Many spirit designs were lit up. Except for the City of 10,000 Kingdoms which was left undisturbed, the other places were almost as bright as daylight. There were lights and fireworks everywhere. Colorful lights gleamed everywhere. People were running in the streets and alleys. It was noisy, especially when there were many children actively scrambling through the city.

"Strange to say, I didn't think that this little female dragon was that good before. Now, of all the women that I have met, she is the one most worthy of love. She is worth protecting with your life. Even I can't help but want to protect her with mine." Ming Long had stayed quiet. It was only now that she spoke emotionally.

Wu Yu laughed.

"But now that you have become the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, are you going to form a massive harem like the Ancient Emperor? Let's collect all the beauties in the Jambu Realm and include them in your harem. There will be tens of thousands of them. Then you can sleep with all of them on a huge bed. They will serve you. This is also a great joy in life. Aren't you tempted?"

A moment after she had said something serious, she started to become cheeky again.

Wu Yu said, "I'm not interested. I'll give them all to you."

"I’m fine with that. I also like beauties. If you become an immortal and let me be reborn, make me a man. Then we can be brothers for life."

Wu Yu had only one word for Ming Long.

That was: speechless.

He sat on the glass roof and looked at the bustling night sky of the Immortal's Capital.

Fireworks exploded both in the sky and on the ground. It was a sight of prosperity. This country was waiting for him to ascend.

This was the night before his ascension to the throne.

He knew that the Ancient Emperor would come.

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