Chapter 0114: Supernova Golden Body

Immortal's Battle Stage.

It was noon and the sweltering sun was overhead. Its harsh rays were baking the grass and weeds into dessicated husks. The chirping of cicadas could be heard, making anyone who was there feel a faint sense of agitation. 

The Immortal's Battle Stage was like a huge sword, partially jutting into the sky. Being able to stand atop the stage also required some degree of skill.  

The sunlight glazed across the stage, and on it could be seen two groups of individuals. One group was smaller, with about 20 individuals of all ages. They were wearing black and white robes marked with eight trigrams patterns as their long hair fluttered in the wind. It was truly an inspiring sight. 

On the other end was a large group of over a hundred individuals. All of them looked robust and were wearing robes paired with longswords. Compared to those individuals in black and white robes, they looked relatively more unyielding. However, their opponents had a very conspicuous immortal aura around them. 

The black and white-robed individuals were the cultivators sent by the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. There were elders and core disciples in their entourage. The other party were the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Within the battle stage could be seen three main characters.

On the side of the Heavenly Sword Sect was Feng Xueya and Lan Huayi sitting next to each other. One dressed in gold and the other in blue. At this point in time, one looked icy calm, while the other was as cold as a glacier. They even looked like fellow dao Companions. 

Of course, those who knew them would know that before the spiritual qi had transformed in the Bipo Mountain Range, these two were often at loggerheads and were only concerned with suppressing the other.

However, in light of today's situation, the two paragons of the sect had to work together.

The third main character was also an esteemed individual in the surrounding tens of thousands of li. It was the Zhongyuan Dao Sect's leader known as Jiang Xie. He was as strong as Feng Xueya. 

He wore long robes and his black hair scattered in the wind. He was an extremely resolute and impressive-looking middle-aged man. When he smiled, he gave off the demeanor of an immortal. 

His black and white robes were pristine and unblemished, and his eyes were pitch black, much like the deep of night. Frankly speaking, if one were to describe their appearances, Jiang Xie looked like a kindly respected elder, while Feng Xueya was aloof and unapproachable. 

Jiang Xie gave a wry smile as he faced the two, while Feng Xueya's expression remained unchanging and placid. It looked as though he was trying to show Jiang Xie the door. 

Between the two of them were two individuals fighting. At this point in time, one had been knocked to the ground and, with difficulty, only managed to barely scramble to his feet. It was clear that he had been defeated.

The victor waved his hand. A treasured pagoda which was floating in the air emitted radiant gold light before shrinking, and it was collected by the victor.  

That individual wore flowery robes and looked extremely honorable and imposing. When he smiled, it even looked a little evil. The feeling he gave off was enough to smite the numerous female disciples' hearts.

"I give."

Although he spoke thus, he did not look modest at all but instead let out a cold smirk before speaking, "It looks like there is no capable disciple from the Heavenly Sword Sect who is below the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm." 

It was Jiang Junlin.

It had been half a year since the episode in Capital Wu.

Jiang Junlin did not look any different from then, but his aura had transformed. His dual gold pupils gave him an incisive stare, and his entire body seemed like the tip of a spear. It seemed as though no one could escape from him. The Jiang Junlin now even seemed a little tyrannical compared to the genteel Jiang Xie.

However, the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect had ugly expressions. Jiang Junlin twirled the mini treasured pagoda in his palm as he mocked, "I vaguely remember that your sect has an individual by the name of Wu Yu. We have had certain differences when we met in Capital Wu. Considering that his improvement is heaven-defying, why has he not come to challenge me? Frankly speaking, I am only here for him today!"

He had been standing here for half a day, but Wu Yu had not come up.

Jiang Xie's delegation to the Heavenly Sword Sect had already achieved their aims. If not for his request, the two parties would not have come atop the Immortal's Battle Stage.

Jiang Junlin had beaten all the disciples the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm who possessed an immortal root, but alas, he had not managed to meet the person he had craved to beat. When he had returned to the Zhongyuan Dao Sect after the previous encounter at Capital Wu, he was furious and was always fixated on revenge.

"Wu Yu."

After speaking that name, the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples clearly became a bit restless, and their expressions darkened.

Lan Huayi replied, "Sect Leader, Jiang Junlin's immortal root is clearly unique, and it has broadened our perspectives. However, it is no longer early."

Jiang Xie gave a slight smile as he stood up from his seat. "Indeed. It is time to go. I hope the two of you will consider what I have said. Don't be tricked by the false words of those ghostly cultivators and demons."

"No problem. With the Sect Leader coming to assure us personally, how could we doubt your sincerity?" Lan Huayi replied.

"No! I have not seen Wu Yu. I cannot leave!" At this point in time, Jiang Junlin's expression turned grave as he scanned the group from the Heavenly Sword Sect, trying to uncover the one he was looking for. 

Yet, as he scanned the crowd, he suddenly saw Feng Xueya's gaze turn terrifying. Jiang Junlin was shocked, and he suddenly thought of an idea. "I heard that in the past three months, 10 odd disciples died in the Valley of Immortal Fate. Wu Yu couldn't have been one of them, could he?"

Everyone looked at the Sect Leader.

From their reaction, Jiang Junlin understood as he guffawed. "Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable that he died this way. I wanted him to see how much I, Jiang Junlin, have surpassed him."

"You are correct." At this point in time, a white-robed lady stood up from beside Feng Xueya. Her expression was frigid as her eyes emanated a trace of fury. "I heard that you were beaten in Capital Wu by Wu Yu and thus your true intention today is just to regain what's left of your pathetic dignity. Since Wu Yu is no longer with us, I can accompany you for a round." 

This was Su Yanli.

When Jiang Junlin had challenged all the fifth tier Qi Condensation Realm disciples and proclaimed himself as the undisputed champion, the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples were not convinced. They had hoped that Su Yanli would curb his victory streak. However, she had been feeling depressed due to the death of Wu Yu and was uninterested in battling. Thus, the rest of the disciples were unable to goad her.

Yet Jiang Junlin had mentioned Wu Yu on his own accord, igniting her anger.

"I have been waiting a long time for you, Su Yanli. I had even thought that you were scared," Jiang Junlin spoke as his two eyes glared at her.

Since Wu Yu was not around, beating his senior sister would also appease his frustration.

With things developing thus, Jiang Xie gave a smile and replied, "Children are always energetic. We were like them once. Let them play around. Both of them are beloved geniuses of the heavens. Perhaps this might be fate, and they might even get together." 

The Zhongyuan Dao Sect disciples began to roar with laughter. 

"Dad, how can you act so unseemingly and uncouth, treating this beautiful lady so rudely?" Jiang Junlin laughed in a sloppy manner. "However, Sister Su is truly a world-shaking beauty. In this world, only I deserve to match her." 

All those who knew Jiang Junlin knew that he was one who did not care about the other party's gender.

Daring to say such words in front of Feng Xueya clearly suggested that the Zhongyuan Dao Sect's intentions were not as simple.

Su Yanli was incensed, yet she felt even more worried. Looking back, it was good that Feng Xueya did not act and start fighting with Jiang Xie there and then.

"I have to beat Jiang Junlin to regain the dignity of my Heavenly Sword Sect."

She knew that the weight resting upon her shoulders was incomparably huge.

"I heard that you have inclinations towards your own gender. so stop joking around. The two of us are nothing alike and it’s impossible. Taking advantage of ladies with your words is not what a gentleman does. I think you should just keep your mouth sealed," Su Yanli retorted, causing Jiang Junlin's expression to darken as she rebutted him mercilessly. When the audience heard her words, the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples all burst into laughter.


Su Yanli's immortal treasure, the Golden Bauble of Day, was unsheathed. 

"Hmph!" Jiang Junlin did not bother with words any further as his own immortal treasure, the Radiant Treasure Pagoda, floated out of his hands and into the sky. Under his control, the pagoda began to increase in size.  It became as tall as a man and began to hover above the two in the sky. 

The Radiant Treasure Pagoda was not a simple immortal treasure. It was better than his Gilded Ruler treasure by a grade, and it was given to him by Jiang Xie as his most important treasure.

"I heard that your immortal root is the Gold and Jade Sword Core." Jiang Junlin eye's flashed with gold light as he laughed. "It's of the same grade as my Supernova Core, but mine has far greater uses!" 

The Supernova Core was Jiang Junlin's immortal root.


To the audience, when Jiang Junlin utilized his Supernova Core, his Sea of Breath Meridian seemed to possess a golden light. When the light radiated outwards and converged with his body, they could clearly see that his entire body was covered by a thin layer of gold light. It was like a transparent armor that encased his entire body. Even his eyes were protected, making it seem as though he was surrounded by impenetrable armor. 

He was like a humanoid insect! One that possessed a carapace that could not be pierced with mere swords and spears! 

This carapace strengthened along with his body and was no different from another layer of skin.

It was somewhat similar to Wu Yu's Immortal Ape Transformation.

"This Supernova Core has allowed me to utilize this Supernova Golden Body. It allows me to possess an invincible defence with my body!  An absolutely top-class immortal root!" This was Jiang Junlin's biggest pride.

"Is that not just a turtle shell?" Su Yanli replied snarkily, almost forcing Jiang Junlin to spit a mouth of blood at her bluntness. The more feisty she was, the more he wanted to conquer her!

"Why don't you see it for yourself!?"

The two of them possessed immortal roots and were at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm. The battle began.

Su Yanli had watched many of the previous battles and was considered to have understood him to some degree. He cultivated a new dao technique known as the Sun's Serenade, which complemented the Radiant Treasure Pagoda. In fact, it seemed superior to much of the Heavenly Sword Sect's own dao techniques. 

Annihilating Supernova!

Jiang Junlin grunted as his both hands formed seals. His spiritual power condensed at his chest, forming a wisp of a flame. This flame then began to expand rapidly in front of everyone's eyes, turning six feet wide in just a blink. It was a giant fireball with the flames constantly roiling about it's surface like the sun! 

This flame could devastate an entire mountain. 


Pushing the fireball out with one hand, everything the ball passed over charred into black ashes.

The audience was in an uproar.

Facing this unparalleled attack, Su Yanli's expression was unchanging. With her longsword in hand, her movements were skillful as she speedily formed her own incantations for her dao technique. 

Golden Taiyi Constellation Blade!

However, she suddenly felt the Radiant Treasure Pagoda emitting an aura, suppressing her movements. It slowed her incantation and seal formation speed, and it felt as though a mountain was placed right on top of her!

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