Chapter 1139: Primordial Immortal Dragon

In the past, he probably only had affection and admiration towards Luo Pin. 

However, at this very moment, the feeling of love was deeply etched in his heart. 

He felt that if it was for a girl that treated him this way, he could really lose all rationality and go against the whole world for her. 

He was too forceful, and Luo Pin was having difficulty breathing. This was an embrace filled with passion and power. It was aggressive, impactful, and she had never experienced something like this. Therefore, she was fully immersed in the experience for the moment. 

She smiled gently and leaned on Wu Yu's chest. Her face was slightly flushed and she whispered, "Weren't you still shy just moments ago? What emboldened you? I haven't allowed you to hug me!" 

"I don't care. I'm not letting go no matter what. Did you hear what I just said?" Wu Yu felt like he had to be more dominant, or she wouldn't listen to him. 

Luo Pin pursed her lips and said, "I heard you. This is your stance towards love and I'm touched. However, I have my own stance as well. You have to understand that true dao companionionship is a mutual relationship. If you are willing to sacrifice yourself for me, I'll be willing to fight for you even if it means giving up a lot or losing. Regardless, I'm willing to." 

This gave Wu Yu a headache. Luo Pin wasn't a girl that he could keep protected under his strength. She had her own thoughts and dao. All her decisions were part of her dao. If Wu Yu were to stop her frequently, it would be the same as disrespecting her dao. 

Therefore, despite really wanting to convince her, he had a change in mind. If he didn't respect her, he wouldn't be worthy of her. 

Therefore, after pondering for a long time, he could only say, "In that case, I'll try my best not to let myself be in danger until you become an immortal." It sounded easy, but Wu Yu knew it wasn't so. Therefore, he had the urge to become even stronger. Only then would he not implicate her and foil her bright future. In the past, he thought dao companions were simple and the couple just had to stay together. Now, facing this complicated scenario, he finally understood that love could be way more complicated then he had imagined at times. 

He felt like Luo Pin had a clearer understanding about dao companions and their future. 

However, Wu Yu still kept her in his embrace. Since she didn't resist, he wouldn't let go. 

Having a beautiful girl like her in his embrace was the most satisfying feeling in this world. It was especially so when he desired her so badly. Through the skin contact, he could feel her temperature, her heartbeat, and her aroma. At this point, Wu Yu would have wanted to keep her even closer to him. 

"Your embrace is pretty warm. Keep quiet for a moment and let's not talk about those vexing matters." Luo Pin leaned on his chest, lifted her head, and looked at Wu Yu with loving and admiring eyes. This made Wu Yu understand that he might not be a match for her in this aspect. 

He suddenly had a deep understanding of this. 

"Even though I'm hugging her and am so close to her now, it's still a long way before we can be together and become dao companions. We might even be separated by the heavens. Furthermore, it's still uncertain if I will survive.

"In that case, to fulfil the promise to meet her in the sky palaces, I must continue living!" 

Flames were raging in his eyes. In the past, his convictions wouldn't be so intense. However, the current him was similar to being injected with adrenaline, feeling exceptional intensity and desires towards "continue living."

Today, he made the promise. This was different from in the past, where it was more casual and not as intense as today. 

Luo Pin had said that she enjoyed the current serenity and the warmth of his embrace. At this point, he placed his worries in the back of his mind, fully immersing himself in the interactions of love. 

Wu Yu was finally able to verify that the affection was mutual. Luo Pin was willing to be with him! 

However, although the affection was mutual, he was still a long way from the point where they could be together. He could see the difficulties before him, especially the Ancient Emperor, who would be a huge hurdle. 

At the thought of death, the fire in his chest was raging. 

"You are a fortunate guy. No one can stop you from advancing. You have to calm down." 

In his embrace, Luo Pin wrapped her arm around his neck. She placed the other hand on his chest, rubbing and tapping lightly. Furthermore, she was almost whispering directly into his ear. It was then that Wu Yu truly felt what gentleness that could even melt a man meant. 

He was restless but had calmed down now. In the past, he had heard of the enthralling experience of the female charm. Today was the first time he truly felt it. 

"I understand. I'll be able to control my anger but not my convictions." He knew the differences clearly.

In the garden, the flowers were in bloom and their aroma filled the atmosphere. The setting sun dyed the sky into a beautiful orange, illuminating them and reflecting off the surroundings. 

Under the reflection of the sunlight, the beautiful girl in his embrace was even more attractive. Looking at her snow-white skin and feeling the well-shaped figure through skin to skin contact, Wu Yu's desires were welling. However, just as the thought arose, Luo Pin could sense it from the changes to his body. Her gaze became dominant as she said, "Don't move and don't think astray. Otherwise, I wouldn't allow you to hug me." 

She was authoritative. Facing the gaze that had seen through his thoughts, Wu Yu could only smile shyly. Indeed, he would have to give up on deeper interactions with her. This was just their first close interaction, and she definitely wouldn't let Wu Yu take a further step. 

However, he still felt really blessed. 

"To find a beautiful girl like you in this life, it must be the karma I've gained through my previous hundreds, thousands, and even trillions of lifetimes," said Wu Yu with conviction. 

"I thought you were bad with words. Looks like you are pretty good at flirting with a girl. Let me ask you, then. Isn't that Princess Phoenix Dawn the girl from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent? Why would she have the mysterious transformation to become an immortal beast?" She seemed to have seen through Wu Yu's heart. Although she was wearing a smile, Wu Yu felt otherwise.

"I'm not too sure either. It should have something to do with the Phoenix Supreme. However, she seems to have lost her memories," said Wu Yu. He recalled the scuffle he had with her in the Ancient Soul Tower and was feeling fortunate that he had stopped in time.

Luo Pin said, "I don't believe she has lost her memories. Previously, I could see something amiss from your eyes. The spark between you two has probably re-ignited. Let me make this clear. Now that you are holding my hands, hugging me, and made a promise to me, I won't allow you to be fickle-minded. Otherwise, I'll show you something you don't want to see." 

She looked straight into Wu Yu eyes, and her gaze changed from gentle to dominant in a single instant. 

"That... I definitely wouldn't dare." That was the truth. Wu Yu really wouldn't dare.

Luo Pin wasn't just fooling around with him. If he had really angered her, it would be frightening. 

On the other hand, she looked satisfied. She had her arms around Wu Yu's neck and her gaze was still full of intimidation. Although she was wearing a smile, what she said was still forceful. 

She added, "From today onwards, you are mine. I won't allow any other girl to even touch you." 

Wu Yu was surprised by her dominant display, making him feel a little embarrassed. He hurriedly answered, "Don't worry, I wouldn't let anyone touch me." 

"That's the way. I believe in you." She was quick to be dominant but became gentle like water in the blink of an eye. For example, her soft approach now made Wu Yu enjoy himself again while forgetting everything else and being unwilling to leave. 

He felt like he had to change the subject immediately. If the topic stayed on Nangong Wei, he felt the pressure would be immense.... 

He suddenly recalled that he still didn't know what species of mystical dragon she was. 

Therefore, he asked. After all, there were a myriad of mystical dragon species.

Hearing this, Luo Pin smiled. To Wu Yu's surprise, she transformed into a dragon. 

It was the same snow-white dragon that Wu Yu had seen previously. She was like a treasured, white jade gem, pure and majestic. Each dragon scale was like a precious treasure, perfectly shown before him. Her transformation wasn't drastic and she swiftly coiled around Wu Yu. In the end, her dragon head faced Wu Yu, and her eyes were still the beautiful shade of blue like the seas. 

Having a mystical dragon coiling around him shocked Wu Yu greatly. After transforming into a mystical dragon, the demeanor of the ruler of dragons around her intensified. Getting so close to her required a certain level of strength now. 

"Am I not as beautiful as before?" Luo Pin asked. 

Wu Yu transformed into a golden Immortal Ape with the Immortal Ape Transformation. It was then that he felt emboldened and asked, "Would you feel I'm not as good-looking in this form?" 

"Nope. You are you, and regardless of how you look, you have not changed in my heart," said Luo Pin. 

"It's the same reasoning. I...." Wu Yu felt it would be safer to respond in this manner. 

The truth was, he had realized that Luo Pin wasn't just quiet, gentle, solemn, and composed. She also had the mood to flirt, be lively, and joke around with Wu Yu. She wasn't the embodiment of inflexibility. 

Her head was extremely close to Wu Yu. Indeed, she was probably the most beautiful mystical dragon. Regardless of whether it was her teeth, horns, or facial features, they were exquisite. Even her long, silver whiskers were like her long hair in human form. 

"I'm an Primordial Immortal Dragon, a really ancient mystical dragon. In the records of our mystical dragon tribe, only one might appear in one yuan. Our room for growth is much greater than other mystical dragons. However, it has been five yuan since a Primordial Immortal Dragon has appeared in the tribe. Other than me, the last Primordial Immortal Dragon in our historical records died in the hands of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. 

Primordial Immortal Dragon. 

Wu Yu remembered it. 

He didn't know much about the mystical dragon tribe. However, all he needed to know was that her bloodline was way more precious than that of the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon, the Raging-Seas Nautical Dragon, the Violet-Star Cosmic Dragon, and the others. Five yuan was the same as 600,000 years. In a period of 600,000 years, only a single Primordial Immortal Dragon had appeared. 

"Therefore, even in the sky palaces, you would be a mystical dragon with an elite bloodline?" asked Wu Yu. 


With her capital, she could still improve swiftly after reaching the sky palaces. 

She was too outstanding. There were times when Wu Yu felt like he was too inferior compared to her. It was especially so when he recalled how his path ahead was fraught with disasters and calamities. Hearing this, Wu Yu was even more determined to not implicate her. All he wanted was for her to ascend into the sky palaces in search of her dao and limits. 

However, Luo Pin seemed to understand his thoughts. She said, "Regardless, now that things are moving, don't ever think of enduring them alone." 

Towards her, Wu Yu felt like just feeling moved was no longer sufficient. 

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