Chapter 1138: Promise of Sky Palace

Her eyes, her attitude, and every word she spoke was serious.

Wu Yu did not let go of her hand. He held it tighter.

He was very seldom moved, and now there was a warmth in his heart.

Wu Yu actually knew from the start that she was someone far out of his class.

Their meeting in Yan Huang Imperial City had been an accident, and they should have parted ways to return to their respective worlds.

But she had seen potential in him.

Back then, Wu Yu's strength and cultivation level were like heaven and earth compared to hers. But she had believed that Wu Yu would one day stand as her equal.

Fortunately, Wu Yu had not disappointed her. He had not even taken 10 years and was already close to reaching her level.

As for her, she had fended off the internal pressure from her tribe, treating him with warmth and concern. She was even more proactive than he was.

This moment was etched in Wu Yu's heart.

"Could one ask for any better companion in this life?"

Perhaps he had not been so sure before, but in this moment, he made a decision that he would never, ever regret.

The beautiful Luo Pin before him was not just physically attractive. She had left many marks in Wu Yu's heart, and had become the most important person to him.

Just as she had said, he was willing to give up everything for her.

Although, he was now at a crossroads in life. Life or death, it all depended on the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

But with her by his side, Wu Yu was filled with confidence and willpower.

His belief continued to grow stronger. He was unable to say anything, but his hands enfolded Luo Pin's slim hands in his palm. He did not wish to let go of them for even a moment.

He was so serious, but also a little goofy. Such a side of him had never been seen before.

He had always been a straight talker, able to speak and debate. And yet he was just staring vapidly at her, unsure of what to say.

Luo Pin laughed at his comical stance. "I actually did not expect it. You said 10 years, but I had thought I would have to wait for 20, or even 50 years. This life of mine was saved by you, and so I was willing to wait. But you did not even take 10 years. I saw your final spurt of growth. Perhaps this is fate."

Her words were not full of mushy romance, but instead of waiting.

But this touched Wu Yu deeply. She was too good, and Wu Yu needed time to reach her level. Otherwise, two people in an uneven relationship would not benefit Wu Yu one bit. He would only feel great pressure.

Yet Luo Pin did not pressure him at all in the slightest.

"I... I couldn't wait. 10 years was too long. I wanted to see you...."

Wu Yu's face was turning red. Normally, he was a cool killer, and now he was stammering before her. But his eyes were sincere and unblinking throughout.

He would not let go of her hand either.

When she was so close to him, Wu Yu could put his worries about the Ancient Emperor at the back of his mind for the moment.

Seeing him acting so “cute,” Luo Pin broke into a bewitching smile. She leaned in close to Wu Yu's ear, her breath fresh as an orchid. "Wu Yu, are you confessing to me?"

Her manner and alluring fragrance captured his heart. For a passionate youth like Wu Yu, he was almost unable to control his "killing intent."

"I...." Wu Yu's breath sped up, his head growing hot.

He did not wish to answer. He just wanted to throw Luo Pin down on the grassy floor of the pavilion.

Seeing his response, Luo Pin laughed. She batted her eyelids slightly. "Alright, I won't tease you anymore. I already guessed that you might have an immortal's legacy back then. Since you won't let go of my hand, how about telling me about the details?"

She lifted her hand, which Wu Yu was still clutching, and showed no intention of letting go of. Her hand was too beautiful - it would be beautiful even if it transformed into a claw....

Her suggestion finally made Wu Yu find his tongue.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi both knew about his secrets, which he had wanted to talk to Luo Pin about long ago. He simply had no chance to do so face to face.

And now the time had come. He wanted her to understand him better.

Therefore, he spoke of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy, and his rise with it. He also spoke of the Floating Dreams Pagoda in the Taigu Immortal Path, which had allowed him to manipulate time and use puppets, and then the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm from the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. He also told her about the egg from the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, and it hatching into the Heaven Devouring Avatar.

Luo Pin listened intently for more than an hour.

"So that avatar of yours came from the egg. No wonder it looked a bit familiar. You must be careful to control the Heaven Devouring Avatar well, or you will end up like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Besides, has the Jingu Bang truly destroyed the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord?" She knew of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm now, but what caught her attention most was the connection to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

"It hasn't. But there has been no sign for a long time. It's probably sealed within," Wu Yu said.

"That's a sleeping ill, and you had best guard against it. Don't let the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord reincarnate," Luo Pin said concernedly.

"Mm. Understood."

Wu Yu would definitely remember her reminder.

"The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, the Victorious Fighting Buddha.... I wonder how strong this immortal was in the sky palaces, and why he would leave his legacy behind. Besides, the Ancient Emperor means to say that he delivered that legacy to you, right?" Luo Pin asked.

Wu Yu nodded. This was the greatest question that he faced now, and the greatest problem for them.

"Does the Ancient Emperor know about the Ancient Demon Realm? It is indeed a back road, and news of other worlds is also in the mystical dragon tribe's records. I thought that it was legend and fantasy, but to think that it is true."

"I don't know if he knows about it. But I have sent the Heaven Devouring Avatar and my two best friends over. If my sister, master, and you could all go to a safe place, that would be great. Right now, I'm still being controlled by the Ancient Emperor."

Luo Pin nodded. "It is a terrifying prospect indeed, to go up against an immortal. I'm afraid you had best pray that the Ancient Emperor is truly your father. If not, he is most definitely waiting for a chance to do you in. And we don't know anything about him. If he really takes your family as hostages to control you, he will not let them go easily. Perhaps you need to quickly make a decision and judge if he is your father."

Wu Yu knew this as well.

He brooded for a moment. "I wonder if he will come and find me on the night before the coronation. There are many things that cannot be spoken about in detail before the masses."

"Then would he do you in tonight?" Luo Pin was slightly worried.

Wu Yu was not sure, but he did not want Luo Pin to worry. "Probably not. If he wanted to, he would have acted earlier. Even if that's possible, perhaps the time is not ripe yet, or he's waiting for some condition. I have to meet him privately before I can probe more."

The specter of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was like a huge shadow over them. It made them feel the threat of an immortal looming over the throes of their passion.

"Wu Yu, do you know what I hope the future will be like?" After a moment  of silence, Luo Pin's luminous eyes turned to him.

"Tell me." Wu Yu put the matter of the Ancient Emperor aside, all ears.

Luo Pin had a wistful expression. "After the last disaster, I obtained the Precursor Dragon Scale and underwent a huge transformation. Now I stand a high chance of reaching immortalhood and ascending to the sky palaces to become a real immortal beast. I might not even need five years. I might succeed in a year or two."

At this point, she looked at Wu Yu with deep emotion. "I hope that I can meet you in the sky palaces. I think that will be the ultimate affinity."

Wu Yu was astounded by what he had heard.

Firstly, he was extremely happy for Luo Pin. She had come back from the dead, and now stood a chance of becoming immortal.

And then he saw their ideal future: immortal companions in the sky palaces, living together forever.

She made Wu Yu see the future.

"I- I will definitely go there! I will! You don't have to worry about me. If you can go to the sky palaces, don't hesitate."

Wu Yu was holding her hand so tightly that it was turning red. But Luo Pin did not pull away. She looked at Wu Yu affectionately. "Silly, of course I believe you. I also believe that we can overcome this hurdle. We will definitely meet in the sky palaces. You must be extra careful on the path that is to come. I, too, am willing to give my all to overcome it with you."

"No. You must concentrate fully on reaching immortalhood. If the Ancient Emperor wishes to harm me, there is nothing you can do. If you are willing to listen to me, return to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas quickly. Don't come out again. As for me, I will definitely come and find you in the sky palaces. This is my oath. I have never laid such an oath before in my life!"

Wu Yu was forceful, impulsive. His brain was on fire and his eyes were wild.

He knew that Luo Pin was worried about him, but he could not implicate her in the danger, and at the expense of her future as well. Luo Pin made as if to speak, but Wu Yu was seized with a surge of courage. He reached out with his muscular arms and took that slim body into a strong embrace.

"You must, must listen to me. You must return to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas immediately and focus on reaching immortalhood. I will not let you down! If you don't, I will not agree!"

In that instant, Wu Yu had a glimmer of understanding of what love was.

He knew that he could not let her risk herself for him at such a dangerous time, nor could he be a burden to her. He could not let the woman he loved give up her own future and life.

This was something he would never, ever accept.

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