Chapter 1137: Remember, Forever

The last time Wu Yu had appeared in the City of 10,000 Kingdoms, he had been ushering the Ambassadors of 10,000 Kingdoms.

And now his reappearance would cause waves.

After becoming the Yan Huang emperor, he could not casually show his face anymore.

He left Prince Le's Residence. Given his current strength, he could move through the Immortal's Capital without being noticed by many.

After leaving the royal city, he noted that it was much livelier outside. Households and shops along the main ways had hung out lights and all sorts of decoration.


The Yan Huang Tribe, young and old, men and women, were all smiles, talking animatedly.

Some were bragging. "Honestly, I guessed it right long ago. From the moment Emperor Yu reached the Immortal's Capital, I knew for sure that he was an exceptional talent, many times more so than the other princes and princesses. A peasant from that barren land of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent? How could it be? Therefore, I already said this back then: Emperor Yu must be the Ancient Emperor's son!"

"Alright, enough bragging. Haha, but with Emperor Yu, our Yan Huang Tribe will definitely prosper for another 10,000 years! Even if the Ancient Emperor goes to the sky palaces, with Emperor Yu around, our Yan Huang Tribe will definitely be the ruler of this world!"

"It is truly our fortune to be born as Yan Huang Tribe members."

At least the Yan Huang Tribe populace were excited. If Wu Yu had not been the Ancient Emperor's son, they might have been bearing ill feelings. After all, many had taken to Wu Yu the wrong way before. But things were different now. The Ancient Emperor had said it all himself, and who would dare to say anything to Wu Yu now? If they met Wu Yu now, they would definitely be obediently kneeling on the ground.

Wu Yu passed through the thoroughfare of the Immortal's Capital to reach the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. Luo Pin and the others had come last, but the Regent would definitely arrange the best palace for them, with many people to wait on them. However, the mystical dragon tribe preferred peace and quiet, and would definitely be in Dragon's Cove Palace.

Wu Yu reached Dragon's Cove Palace quite quickly.

The mystical dragons of the mystical dragon tribe were all within. They had been back for more than two hours, and had probably finished discussing amongst themselves.

They seemed to know that Wu Yu had come. When he arrived, the great doors opened before Wu Yu said anything. Luo Pin was standing at the gate. Her silvery hair shone like crystals under the sunlight, and her eyes were like the serene sea, sparkling like sapphires. Most enchanting of all were her red lips. Although closed, her mouth was slightly quirked upwards in a beautiful smile.

Under the glow of the sun, her water-blue skirt danced in the breeze, accentuating her lithe body. Everything about her was beautiful. As frazzled as Wu Yu was, his heart would calm down upon seeing her smile and eyes. Wu Yu really wished to be held in her arms, a warmth that could make him forget all his cares in the world.

"Come on in," Luo Pin said lightly. She beckoned to him slightly, and Wu Yu jerked back to his senses. He hurried forward, a little ashamed that he had spaced out.

He had not been so close to her in a long time, breathing in the scent of sea and dragon.

Luo Pin turned, and Wu Yu followed close behind her. He managed to get his anxiety under control. Ming Long chided him as well. "What's wrong with you? Like a limp prawn the moment you see a woman. Stiffen up, man."

"Yes, yes." Wu Yu was sweating. It was not that he wasn't stiff enough, but he had missed this goddess for so long. Besides, the marriage proposal of the Ancient Emperor still played on his nerves. Walking into the main hall, there was a very long corridor. Wu Yu was mesmerized by her swaying body. The hallway felt all too short.

"What's wrong?" Luo Pin asked, seeing him a little strange.

"I... want to walk endlessly on like that, with you." He was still fairly bold, and mustered up his courage, giving her a direct look.

But her eyes were warm and welcoming as water. Wu Yu's forwardness sent him tumbling into her warmth. He was completely helpless against her, and Wu Yu was lost once again.

"It's been so long since we met, but your boldness has not quailed one bit. You even dare to tease me," Luo Pin said. Her smile and look seemed to penetrate his very soul. Her words had Wu Yu grinning boyishly. No matter how strong or awesome he was, he felt like an awkward youth before her, and Luo Pin was his big sister, who he would always listen to.

Wu Yu indeed wished to walk on like this forever, carefreely. But reality was not so simple. Emerging from the corridor, he saw others. Most were elders, and the relatively young Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. These were the most powerful of immortal beasts. Even the weakest amongst them were still stronger than Wu Yu. They were the mightiest bunch amongst the mystical dragons.

However, they were all looking at him with hatred.

The Ruby-Horned Hell Dragon, the Maple-Leaf Zephyr Dragon, the Eight-Clawed Pyro Dragon, the Metal-Winged Grove Dragon, the Raging-Seas Nautical Dragon, the Violet-Star Cosmic Dragon, the Twin-Icicle-Tailed Spectral Dragon....

Especially the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. There was clear murderous intent in his eyes. If not for Luo Pin's presence, they would not even bother to conceal it. Their eyes were a warning to Wu Yu. A serious warning.

Ming Long sighed. "The mystical dragons are immortal beasts. They do not wish to mix blood with the other tribes. After all, they are trying to nurture a tribe that almost went extinct in the time of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Once they mix bloodlines with other tribes, it'll be akin to extinction. Especially the ultimate bloodline of the little female dragon - on her rests their hopes for the future generations of mystical dragons. After all, she is the Lord of the Four Seas. If she does not lead by example, she will not be able to control the other mystical dragons. Therefore, they will not allow you to be with the little female dragon.

"Before, they were under the assumption that you would be willing to enter the mystical dragon tribe and become one of theirs. Now that is impossible. As Emperor Yu, they will be even less willing, and might even violently object. How could their Lord of the Four Seas become the queen of the Yan Huang Tribe, and become one of the Yan Huang Tribe? Therefore, they must have quarrelled intensely before you came. But she can still greet you with a smile, as though nothing has happened. This means that she treats you really well. Appreciate it...."

Towards the end, Ming Long got a little melancholic. Perhaps she was touched.

She very seldom spoke properly or spoke up for others, and this made Wu Yu treasure Luo Pin all the more.

Wu Yu had not thought about all that she had said. He had been careless. Seeing the expressions of these mystical dragon elders now, they had clearly argued about this, but Luo Pin was still able to smile as though nothing had happened. This touched Wu Yu's heart. He did not know how much resistance she had faced in order to come here and ensure his own safety....

"Sigh, I've miscalculated. I planned to regain my body, then take you as my own like a tyrant bending a stiff bow. But before that time came, this little female dragon appeared, and such a charming one she is. I might fall in love with her myself. What a great girl. I accept my loss in full." Ming Long sighed.

"Alright, enough nonsense." Even at this time, she was still in the mood for such tasteless jokes.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin passed by the mystical dragons' stares as they headed deeper in. They did not exchange a single word, but their eyes did not turn away, fixed intently on Wu Yu.

The Shackled-God Rogue Dragon seemed to wish to step forth, but the elders stopped him.

"Did you all argue?" Wu Yu asked after they were past. Hearing Ming Long's words, he guessed that Luo Pin was facing great pressure when she was with him.

"It's not the first time. It's nothing." Luo Pin dismissed it as though nothing had happened.

Deep in the palace was a garden. In a cool pavilion, Luo Pin sat opposite Wu Yu, fixing her azure eyes on him.

"Have you figured out what has happened?" She was very concerned about the Ancient Emperor.

It was unclear what she and Wu Yu were. But Wu Yu could feel how well she treated him. He definitely liked Luo Pin, and in a way that was completely different from being together with Nangong Wei.

He took a deep breath. "This came out of left field. He said that he was the creator of all that I know, and that he is my father. I judge there is only a 30% chance of it being true. The other 70%... danger. Very dangerous."

"30:70. I see. The risks are much higher. He is an immortal, and the whole world is under his control. Even the mystical dragon tribe is unable to resist him. Of course, he has never done anything unfavorable against the mystical dragons before, and the Jambu Realm is stable and secure because of him. What preparations have you made?"

Wu Yu would not hide anything from her. He quickly informed her about his preparations and difficulties.

Luo Pin listened to it all, and frowned slightly. "If that's the case, he naturally knows that you are held back by your sister and master. I can help you. How about bringing them to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas? The Dragon Palace of the Four Seas is the only place that he cannot reach. You, too, can go there."

Wu Yu shook his head. "No, I cannot involve you. Besides, he must have made preparations that will stop you from succeeding. It would even put you in danger." 

Luo Pin's worry showed. "What can I do, then?"

Wu Yu looked at her unwaveringly. "I hope that you can return to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas as quickly as possible, and not come out again. I am afraid that he will threaten me with my sister and master, but I am also worried that he will threaten me with you."


Luo Pin's bright eyes met his.

Wu Yu clenched his teeth and gathered his courage. He suddenly took her hand in his own and said in a trembling voice, "It's been a while. No matter how difficult the current situation is, I am no longer the weak mortal who once stood before you. Although I'm still not your equal, I want you to know that I... I want...."

Simple words, but hard to say. Wu Yu felt that his own courage was peerless, but now he was tongue-tied.

"But I have never seen you as a weak mortal. Whether in the past or now, you're still the man who has been willing to give me your all." Luo Pin took hold of his hand as well, speaking words that Wu Yu would never forget.

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