Chapter 1136: Storm In Yan Huang

For Wu Yu, if it was his first conjecture and the Ancient Emperor, who had cast a shadow over him, was really his father, the ominous clouds would dissipate and his future was bright. 

However, Ye Xixi would be facing a painful decision. 

Ye Xixi was probably the only one who would be uncomfortable with it. For the Full Moon of Nanshan, if he knew this was the case, he would probably be happy for Wu Yu. 

If it was the second conjecture, it would truly be frightening. A man that fully knew him and would go the way to impersonate his father. How frightening would his motives be? 

"If I have a say, I suggest you bring all your important ones to the Ancient Demon Realm. Go look for your sister, master, and others in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent immediately. This would save you the worries," said Ming Long. 

This was her stance, and she was worried something might happen to Wu Yu. Therefore, she wanted a no-risk approach. 

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "That wouldn't work. Firstly, he knows a lot - he might even be aware of the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. Secondly, if I were to head to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent now, I wouldn't escape his eyes, as the kingdom border spirit design is up. He wouldn't even allow me to succeed. Thirdly, the Ancient Demon Realm isn't a great place. There are lots of powerful demons there, and they are still in the season of massacre. 

"Let's just give it a try." Wu Yu pondered for a moment and decided to send his Heaven Devouring Avatar over first. As such, regardless of what happened, he would still have a clone that was equivalent to his main body. 

Once he made his decision, he opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

"Do you think he would come to stop you?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked anxiously. 

"We shall see." After 15 minutes, the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm was opened. Wu Yu and the rest entered the door and arrived at the cave in the Ancient Demon Realm. Those cat demons knew that they were training behind closed doors but didn't know that they had left. Therefore, they had not disturbed them. The cave in the Ancient Demon Realm was extremely quiet. 

"We are here and he hasn't tried to stop us. Wouldn't he be afraid that we won't go back?" asked the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

"Those that are related to me are still in the Jambu Realm. If I were him and I had ulterior motives, I would probably assume I would return." Wu Yu had thought about it. 

Nonetheless, he wasn't fully convinced. Judging from the current circumstances, he still felt that what the Ancient Emperor had said might be true. 

He had to return to clear everything up. Also, he wanted to ensure Wu You, Feng Xueya, Luo Pin, and the rest would be safe. The Jambu Realm was where he had been over the years. Unless he had no other option, he definitely wouldn't want to be in this deserted world where there were only demons and a season of massacre. 

His first option would probably be to keep his Heaven Devouring Avatar in this place permanently. This would be his final option. Once he suffered severe defeat in the Jambu Realm, he would still have a body. 

"Over this period, would you guys like to be in the Jambu Realm or this place?" Wu Yu asked the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi. 

Ye Xixi hurriedly said, "Big Brother Yu, I don't want you to take the risk. I'll return with you." 

The Full Moon of Nanshan was about to speak, but Wu Yu shook his head first and said, "The two days after the coronation ceremony might be the most dangerous period. You guys should stay behind for now. You can also take the opportunity to become stronger and strengthen the spirit designs of this place further. There are lots of treasures in the Yan Huang Golden Bead. I'll leave them here for you guys to take a look and classify." 

He retrieved the Yan Huang Golden Bead. At this point, the Yan Huang Golden Bead had vanished, leaving behind a Sumeru Pouch. This was an advanced dao treasure-class Sumeru Pouch, so the space within was the size of a city. It could fit a large number of treasures and was exceptionally tough. 

"Take it." Seeing them hesitating, Wu Yu spoke a little more seriously. 

Now, even if the worse case was to happen, he would at least have the clone and his brother and sister, Nanshan and Ye Xixi, would still survive. 

"Big Brother Yu, I'm worried about you...." Ye Xixi couldn't hold back and her tears streamed down. 

If they wouldn't take it, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar would still be around. He could also start sorting out the treasures in it. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled and said, "Brat, you don't have to cry. Perhaps the Ancient Emperor really is his father. He would be fine then and you would be the conflicted one." 

This was something that Wu Yu couldn't do anything about. 

He wiped the tears off Ye Xixi and said, "We don't have an answer yet. Once we do, I'll give you a satisfactory explanation. Stay here, become stronger, and inherit the legacy of the Curtain Lifting General. Furthermore, I'm not really gone. I'm still with you." 

He pointed to the Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

Indeed, Wu Yu was still with them. 

"Live." The Full Moon of Nanshan patted his shoulder. 

"Rest assured. If anything happens, I will inform you guys," the Heaven Devouring Avatar said. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan pursed his lips and said, "What could have happened? Don't get too involved and get back here quickly."  


Wu Yu opened the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm again. 

"If he snatches your Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm, what should we do?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked. 

Wu Yu had not thought about this, and this had to be cleared up.... 

After which, he gave a bitter smile. 

This was indeed frightening. 

He said, "If that happens, we have to find a new base that is far from this place. Even if he came to this place, he wouldn't find us. Moreover, there are demon immortals in this place. I don't believe an immortal could come to this realm without alerting the other demon immortals. Moreover, he might not dare to or even be able to enter this world." 

This was because it required fresh blood to form the blood bond. Therefore, his true body had to be with the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. 

As this was the place the gate was located, the Ancient Emperor would end up in this place if he entered the Gateway to the Ancient Demon Realm. To play it safe, this wasn't a place they could stay in further. 

Next, the Heaven Devouring Avatar took the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, the Black Phoenix, and a few other puppets to search for a new foothold in the Ancient Demon Realm that was far from the territory of the cat demons. 

As for his main body, it returned to the Jambu Realm. There were too many people he was concerned about in this realm. For example, Luo Pin. She was still in the Jambu Realm, and Wu Yu couldn't possibly escape on his own while leaving her behind. 

Nangong Wei was still in this realm as well. 

When his main body returned to Kingmaker Hall, it felt a little empty. He was the only one left in the huge Prince Le's Residence. 

Nonetheless, he still could hear the lively noises from the entire Imperial City. For Wu Yu's coronation, the entire Imperial City was busily preparing. In fact, all the cities, towns, and even villages in the whole Yan Huang Ancient Country were preparing. All of them were wearing smiles in anticipation of the continued prosperity and strength of Yan Huang in the future. 

Wu Yu remained in Prince Le's Residence, as though the hectic world had nothing to do with him. 

"How do you see this?" Wu Yu asked Ming Long. 

"I feel like there are lots of dangers lurking. Otherwise, why wouldn't he show himself to explain everything to you? Is he afraid of letting the cat out of the bag? In my view, if we have to quantify the chances of him being good or bad, I would say there's a 30% chance he’s good and a 70% chance that he is bad. Now that you left a clone in the Ancient Demon Realm, you have an option. However, I understand you can't just leave this realm without saying a word, because of the people you cared for in this realm. If the Ancient Emperor is really bad, he naturally sees this too." 

"What do I do, then?" 

"If he's good, there's nothing to speak about. He has put a lot of effort into raising you. If he's bad, it would be frightening. It would mean that he knows all about you and went as far as to set all this up just to fool you, especially the Ancient Soul Tower. This would show that he has a huge motive behind it. The reason why he has not taken action might be because the time isn't ripe yet. Once that time arrives, it will definitely be your doom. We will also not know when that would happen or the situation. He's in the dark, while we are in the open. He's an immortal and you are just a mortal. If he really wants to do something to you, it would be a walk in the park. Therefore, you don't stand much hope and should just pray that he's really your father!" 

Ming Long might’ve sounded crude, but she made a lot of sense. 

The truth was, Wu Yu understood all of this clearly. If the Ancient Emperor truly had ulterior motives, his chances of living would be close to nothing based on his understanding. 

"If you had gone to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to send your sister to the Ancient Demon Realm when you returned from the Nanyin Demon Continent, you might not have caused any commotion," remarked Ming Long. 

"That wouldn't be. With his understanding of me, this is his only way to restrict me. Therefore, he definitely wouldn't allow me to succeed," said Wu Yu. If that was the case, he would probably have prepared for it. 

Obviously, it was still hard to determine if he was really bad.... 

Therefore, Wu Yu could only wait and see. 

"If you have time to interact with the Ancient Emperor, you definitely have to sound him out. In a battle of strength, you will definitely lose. If it is intelligence, you might still stand a chance. Living in a world where there is an immortal is truly infuriating. To him, mortals are like ants and nothing can escape his control. Taking you down is just a matter of time...." 

Wu Yu wasn't intimidated by Ming Long's pessimism. 

"Once the coronation ceremony is over, I'll head to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to see if anything happened." He had thought of escaping. However, he couldn't abandon his kin and his master. 

If anything happened, he wouldn't regret being here. He admitted that he was too naive. Before he rose, he had not made ample preparations. However, considering the fact that the Ancient Emperor knew so much about him, making preparations in advance didn't seem likely to change the circumstances.... 

Nonetheless, he just had to take what was going to come. 

It was still the same day and there was at least 12 hours to the next day. He wanted to look for Luo Pin. 

It had been a long time since he could speak to her face to face. 

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