Chapter 1135: Before the Coronation

Before he had everything cleared up, he would not address the Ancient Emperor as “Father.”

While the crowd was dumbstruck by the relationship between Wu Yu and Luo Pin and were engaging in heated discussion, Wu Yu seemed to have spoken for the first time. He shouted, "Everyone, please calm down. That.... There's nothing certain between Luo Pin and I for now, so not let's get too heated about it. Let nature take its course and please give us some time...." 

He even seemed a little sheepish, a bashful look on his face while speaking. 

This was the only thing he could think of at the moment. At the very least, he wasn't resisting the Ancient Emperor openly before the public. The image he portrayed exuded the embarrassed attitude of a flamboyant youth courting his loved one. 

Upon hearing Wu Yu, the crowd burst into laughter. They had not expected the domineering Wu Yu, who was decisive in killing before, to have a shy side. He was just like a young teenager who was experiencing the first awakening of love. This rounded out Wu Yu's image and allowed others to see another facet of him. 

And this move was sufficient to diffuse the solemnity of the occasion. 

Amidst the laughter of the crowd, the Ancient Emperor spoke in a helpless tone. "Alright, I was a little too anxious. Matters of the young should be left to take their own course." Fortunately, he didn't insist. Judging from his tone, he probably felt a little anxious and sounded just like a father smiling bitterly about his mistake. 

Unknowingly, Wu Yu had resolved the awkward atmosphere. 

Before the watchful eyes of the crowd, Luo Pin smiled faintly. The feeling of composure and appropriateness, together with her beauty that resembled the vast, blue seas, dignified and serene, made everyone feel a tad of jealousy towards Wu Yu. 

Obviously, Wu Yu wasn't inferior in any aspect. The Ancient Emperor calling them an immortal couple wouldn't be an exaggeration in the slightest. 

Luo Pin had behaved appropriately in this situation. Now that Wu Yu had resolved the issue, she wasn't denying anything upfront. From her actions, the people could tell that Wu Yu and Luo Pin's future relationship was uncertain but both clearly held affection for each other. At the very least, they weren't pointing daggers at each other. Regardless, their ambiguous actions aroused further envy. 

The truth was, Wu Yu could feel his heart racing. However, after seeing Luo Pin's smile, he felt more assured. He understood that Luo Pin probably had a good impression of him. Otherwise, she wouldn't have travelled thousands of miles to attend this. 

He really liked Luo Pin and had been deeply attracted to her since the beginning. 

Recalling the past, he felt a saccharine sweetness at heart. It was also because of Luo Pin that Wu Yu was able to persevere through the trials he had been receiving. Her smile was like a cooling stream that flowed into him, helping him keep his calm while feeling sweet. 

However, he suddenly felt a prickle on his neck. Reaching and rubbing it, it was where the phoenix mark was, and Wu Yu thought of Nangong Wei immediately. When he looked in the direction where the demons from the Nanyin Demon Continent were, he could see Nangong Wei standing behind the Phoenix Supreme. Although he couldn't see her clearly, he could feel her exceptional anger. It was just that she had to suppress these feelings before the crowd and the Ancient Emperor. 

"Why is she angry? She can't even remember anything. Or perhaps despite not remembering, she would still get angry over this? Or perhaps she has been pretending and she has had her memories all along...." 

Wu Yu was distracted because of this. He was thinking about the possibility of Nangong Wei remembering everything. However, there was lots of evidence in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence that suggested she knew nothing. 

He also recalled that he had a scuffle with her in the Ancient Soul Tower. 

Now he naturally wanted to pursue Luo Pin wholeheartedly. However, his relationship with Nangong Wei was still a little ambiguous. 

At this point, the Ancient Emperor spoke. 

"Alright, everyone may disperse now." 

The Ancient Emperor was in an extremely good mood today and had spoken a lot more than expected. On most days, this would be a miracle! 

However, upon finishing his words, he vanished rapidly. After his figure vanished, his laughter was still reverberating in the Windy Fiery Skies Platform. 

The Ancient Emperor had left. 

Wu Yu wondered if he would show up in the coronation ceremony the next day. 

Judging from the Ancient Emperor's personality, he might never see him again. After all, the Yan Huang Tribe had a new emperor now. 

Emperor Yu. 

For Wu Yu, he felt as though he was back in Dong Yue Wu. 

It was the night before he was crowned again. 

He had alway felt that his life had changed from then. 

Everything that happened on that night was vivid in his mind. 

Now the Ancient Emperor was telling him that everything he had experienced was plotted by him. 

How could Wu Yu possibly believe that? 

At this point, various forces from the entire Jambu Realm were bidding farewell to Wu Yu and the Regent. They were to return to their lodgings to wash up. The 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage had ended and they now had to face the upcoming changes and establish some private conversations. 

Luo Pin didn't speak much and left with the mystical dragon tribe. Seeing how the mystical dragons had reacted, Wu Yu felt like Luo Pin might be in trouble. This was because the other mystical dragons didn't seem to be satisfied with him, especially after finding out that he had an additional identity. 

How could the Lord of the Four Seas of the mystical dragon tribe be the dao companion of the Yan Huang emperor? 

Moreover, the generations of Yan Huang emperors alway had chambers of imperial concubines with thousands of concubines. Although there was also a queen with noble status, Luo Pin was already the Lord of the Four Seas and wouldn't need this to make her more distinguished. 

Although it might seem like they were on equal standings, they had pride in different aspects, and this made it harder for them to be together. 

The commotion had faded and the larger event would be held the next day. Facing the sudden changes, everyone would need time for the news to set in and discuss. Therefore, they were returning to the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. The Yan Huang Tribe members that had gathered in the Immortal's Capital were to return to their own lodgings as well. 

The Regent arranged for people to send them back to the City of 10,000 Kingdoms. 

On the side of the Yan Huang Tribe, the princes and princesses were probably experiencing the greatest failure and despair in their lives. They looked miserable and dejected as they left. If the coronation the next day wasn't compulsory for them to attend, they might not attend. 

As for the other members of the royal family, the ministers, and the aristocrats, they wanted to speak with Wu Yu a little longer and to strengthen their relationships. 

However, Wu Yu spoke to the Regent first. "It's hard for me to fully fathom what has happened today. I need to return and take a break." The Regent was smart and said with a friendly look, "Prince, feel free to get some rest. I'll send you the details of tomorrow's coronation through Message Talismans later today. All you have to do is take a quick look - you won't need to prepare much for it." 

"Alright." Wu Yu nodded. 

When others heard the conversation, they knew the appropriate thing to do and thus didn't press forward to bother Wu Yu. They were basically maintaining a distance. After tonight, Wu Yu's identity would change drastically. At that time, they had to greet Wu Yu with the complete formalities whenever they saw him. 

Prince Le was now gone. 

Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi didn't have anywhere to go in the Imperial City and therefore returned to Prince Le's Residence. 

Obviously, they only went to the Kingmaker Hall. 

Wu Yu might be changing his residence the next day. It was said that the residence of the emperor, Emperor's Palace, had been vacated for a long time. The Ancient Emperor was elusive and had stopped living in the Immortal's Capital a long time ago. 

The Emperor's Palace was the most glamorous palace in the entire Jambu Realm. 

The dreams of all princes and princesses would be to live in it. 

Who would have thought that the one heading there tomorrow would be Wu Yu. This change was probably not expected by anyone in this world. 

The trio returned to Prince Le's Residence swiftly. It was lively outside and could even be said to be noisy. The entire Imperial City was busily preparing for Wu Yu's coronation the next day. Many things had to be changed and procedures had to be rehearsed. This would be a grandiose ceremony, and only the subject, Wu Yu, was relatively at ease. 

In Kingmaker Hall, the trio sat with their legs crossed. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled sheepishly at Wu Yu, shook his head, and said, "How unexpected! How unexpected! The Ancient Emperor that we have feared each day is your father?" 

Ye Xixi's eyes were red and filled with blood capillaries. She wasn't too willing to accept the current truth. 

Along the way, Wu Yu had calmed down extensively. 

Having obtained the massive wealth and treasures in the Yan Huang Golden Bead, they should’ve been joyously distributing them. However, they weren't in the mood at all. 

In fact, they were too preoccupied to care about the Yan Huang Golden Bead. 

After all, what had happened today and the impacts to Wu Yu were even greater than the treasures of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. 

He took a deep breath and said, "I've thought about it. Are you guys willing to hear me out?" 

The Full Moon of Nanshan answered, "Definitely. Feel free to speak. As for who you really are, it doesn't really matter to us. Perhaps it does a little more for Xixi. However, as long as you don't stop her from taking revenge, it doesn't matter." 

Wu Yu nodded. He took a glance at Ye Xixi, caressed her head, and said, "I probably have not told you guys about it. The three forms he took today were my father, my respected master, and a senior that brought the changes to my entire life. For me, they were all very important. Now I have two conjectures in mind.

"If the three people I met were all actually him, that would definitely make the Ancient Emperor a good man and a senior that I could respect. In fact, he would be a father that I should respect wholeheartedly. This is because he would have given me everything, and I would even be willing to give them up for him. However, he also killed Xixi's parents, which I witnessed personally. Therefore, this would be an exceptionally tough decision. I'm the man in the middle, and it is hard for me to take a stance.... In such a case, I would not stop you and I wouldn't allow him to touch you either." Ye Xixi stared at Ye Xixi. 

"Big Brother Yu...." Ye Xixi cried out loud. She shook her head and said, "I don't want it to be this way. I want revenge, but I wouldn't want to upset you." 

Wu Yu shook his head and replied, "There's no way to please both sides in matters like this. I'm indeed feeling helpless. From his perspective, for the peace of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, killing your father would be within reason. If I had to truly face this decision, it would be really tough. However, this is just one of the conjectures of the possibilities as to why all of this is happening." 

"What about the other conjecture?" asked the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

Wu Yu's eyes darkened as he said, "Things have become unfathomably dangerous. It means he understands me even better than I imagined. In fact, he might even know everything about me, including my relationship with Luo Pin, my dear master, and even my father. He's definitely scheming against me." 

When Ye Xixi heard of this possibility, she got a little more flustered. "I wouldn't want that to happen. It's too frightening. However, if it was the first scenario, I...." 

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