Chapter 1134: Proposed Marriage

Emperor Yu. 

Even his title had been thought of. 

In the future, the world might be addressing Wu Yu as Yan Huang Emperor Yu. 

From Kingmaker to Emperor Yu - the drastic change in status would leave many speechless. 

In the future, if the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor chose to retreat to the back and not show himself, Wu Yu would be the man with the greatest power in the Jambu Realm. 

The entire Yan Huang Ancient Country would be under his control and the entire Jambu Realm would have to show him face. 

Moreover, Wu Yu now had the battle power to back up his status. 

The three consecutive strikes that he had used to defeat the golden titan were still lingering, vivid in the minds of everyone. 

At the last moment, he had indeed become the strongest man in the Ancient Soul Tower. 

What was frightening was that he was not even 100 years old. Anyone with some intelligence could tell that Wu Yu would have a dazzling future if he inherited this status at this age. 

Now they were probably planning on how to better their relationships with Wu Yu. 

"Congratulations, Prince Yu!" 

Throughout the Immortal's Capital, several hundred million people were cheering and enthusiasm was soaring. Since he had not ascended the throne and the Ancient Emperor was still present, they couldn't address Wu Yu as “Emperor Yu” yet. 

For the members of Yan Huang, even though they had belittled Wu Yu previously because he was from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, they now knew that it was Ancient Emperor's plot to raise his own child. As such, they were no longer wary of Wu Yu, and such feelings were replaced with respect and passion. 

Furthermore, they could see a powerful Yan Huang Ancient Country under Wu Yu in the future. Other than him, they couldn't see the same hope from any of the other princes or princesses. 

Amidst the overwhelming congratulations and envious looks, the Ancient Emperor continued, "The competition of the Ancient Soul Tower has ended today. Prince Yu has not disappointed me and has performed outstandingly. There's no time like the present. In that case, tomorrow will be his coronation day. Everyone has come a long way to be here, and I believe you guys won't be in a hurry to leave. I shall represent the Yan Huang Tribe to invite everyone to attend the coronation ceremony tomorrow. For now, everyone can take your rest in the City of 10,000 Kingdoms." 

Immediately after, he said to the Regent, Di Shatian, "You will be responsible for hosting our distinguished guests." 

"At your service, Ancient Emperor." The Regent smiled brightly. 

It was rare that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor would be so courteous with him. 

This naturally showed that the Ancient Emperor was in a good mood today. If everything was fair in the Ancient Soul Tower, it was sufficient to show that his years of nurturing had incredible effects. 

"Congratulations, Ancient Emperor, for raising a superb and unprecedented genius like Prince Yu. This is proof that the Ancient Emperor has exceptional intelligence and a knack for nurturing talents!" 

"Yeah. Prince Yu is capable in his own right as well. His metamorphosis today will definitely make the Yan Huang Ancient Country even stronger and more powerful in the future!" 

Seeing all that had happened, the emperors, sect leaders, and leaders of those smaller forces were in a rush to flatter the Ancient Emperor and Prince Yu while also expressing their stances.


It was rare to see the Ancient Emperor in a good mood, and this was a good opportunity to leave a good impression on the Ancient Emperor. They weren't reserved in their compliments when praising the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor as the guardian of the Jambu Realm and the immortal of this world. 

Towards the end, the Dark Sea Emperor, who was in an equally good mood, also chimed in. "Prince Yu was with my Dark North Tribe for some time before. Although he was still young then, his performance was exceptional and he easily trumped all my princes and princesses. At that time, I was a little suspicious, but I had never expected him to be a prince that was being raised by the Ancient Emperor personally. Now I'm enlightened. Congratulations, Ancient Emperor, and congratulations, Prince Yu." 

Princess You Xue had reached the Dao Querying Realm after the trip to the Ancient Soul Tower. With the relationship between Princess You Xue and Wu Yu, the Dark Sea Emperor naturally knew that this was the best moment to strengthen the relationship between the Dark North Tribe and the Yan Huang Tribe. 

Many people with similar status as the Dark Sea Emperor also sent their congratulatory words. The atmosphere was cordial and it was apparent that these forces were convinced by the succession in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

The truth was that the Yan Huang Ancient Country wasn't too unique other than the Ancient Emperor. An existence like the Ancient Emperor had allowed the Yan Huang Ancient Country to stand above all other forces and become the absolute overlord of the Jambu Realm. 

Perhaps they were waiting for the day that the Ancient Emperor would no longer be around. When that day came, the world and the cultivation resources would be redistributed and they would no longer have to attend future iterations of the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage. 

However, with the appearance of Wu Yu and his performance, which was even more terrorizing than that of the Ancient Emperor when he was younger, the 10,000 kingdoms undoubtedly knew to back away from that idea. Wu Yu had now grown up, and it was easy to foresee the 10,000 kingdoms continuing to live under the shade of Wu Yu in the future. 

The Ancient Emperor announcing that Wu Yu would be crowned the next day and inviting all of them to attend also had the intention to intimidate them. The more impressive Wu Yu was, the more they would keep their other thoughts at bay. 

In fact, even the Phoenix Supreme said with a gentle smile, "With Prince Yu around, it is easy to foresee the continued prosperity of Yan Huang in the future! Naturally, it has been this case since the past. All the 10,000 kingdoms have seen the Yan Huang Tribe as the leader. Now I only have one word in mind, and that is ‘impressed.’ I'm truly impressed." 

She was the strongest expert below the Ancient Emperor. Now that she had made her stance known, it would suggest that she would still see Yan Huang as the leader and would not harbor wild ambitions. 

In the end, only the mystical dragon tribe had not made a statement. The mystical dragon tribe had never possessed the heart to compete for supremacy. Most of the time, they were silently recuperating. 

Wu Yu took a few glances at Luo Pin. Luo Pin looked lost and a little worried. Wu Yu had snuck a message to her, informing her of his currently chaotic state of mind. He would look for her at a later stage. He was also looking for the day when he would get the opportunity to spend time alone with her. 

To his astonishment, the Ancient Emperor said with a smile, "Dragon Lord Luo Pin, I know that Yu Er and you have shared a connection and you have always been his motivation in the path of cultivation. To catch up to your dao realm, he has been working hard, and now he finally has the talent, cultivation level, and background to match yours. I understand that both of you are mutually attracted and want to become an immortal couple that will be the envy of the world. As his father, let me make the decision for him. After Wu Yu is crowned, I'll bring Yu Er to the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas to propose a marriage and fulfill the dreams that you two have." 

Wu Yu had tried to keep his distance from her to avoid the Ancient Emperor from noticing Luo Pin. He had not expected the Ancient Emperor to know about them. 

However, what he had just said made Wu Yu uncomfortable. 

First, he had been wooing Luo Pin and now could be said to possess the conditions to be her dao companion. However, Wu Yu had not made any formal actions to pursue her and they weren't dao companions yet. Previously, one could say that Luo Pin had only given him an opportunity. 

He naturally wanted to pursue Luo Pin on his own, and he had been waiting for this day for a long time. Catching Luo Pin was indeed Wu Yu's objective as well. 

However, Wu Yu felt the way the Ancient Emperor had said it and him proposing the marriage was a little disrespectful to Luo Pin. Nonetheless, the Ancient Emperor was an immortal - he didn't need to be respectful to anyone. 

However, the outsiders didn't know about this matter. Luo Pin and Wu Yu were also from different generations. Luo Pin was much older, and even Wu Yu's father would be a junior to her. Moreover, outsiders wouldn't know the connection between them. Before the Ancient Soul Tower, Wu Yu was just an insignificant existence. 

Yet the Ancient Emperor had said that they "shared a connection" and would be an "immortal couple." 

Furthermore, after Wu Yu was crowned, he would probably need to pick a date to propose at the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas. 

The emperor of the Yan Huang Ancient Country and the Dragon Lord of the dragon tribe of the four seas were probably the two people with the highest standing in the Jambu Realm other than the Ancient Emperor. With his identity as Emperor Yu, Wu Yu was on equal standing as Luo Pin. 

If they were to become dao companions, that would be similar to an immortal couple. While the crowd was in shock, they couldn't help but feel that this was overwhelming.... 

Other than envy, there was only envy. 

The Ancient Emperor had said this here probably because he wanted to make it known to the world through the forces present. Clearly, he was rather confident in the relationship between Wu Yu and Luo Pin. Therefore, he knew that Luo Pin wouldn't reject him. Or at the very least, she wouldn't reject him in the public. For him, this wasn't an issue. With such a great daughter-in-law, which parent wouldn't want his son to marry her right away? 

A marriage between the royal family of the Yan Huang Tribe and the mystical dragon tribe had never been expected in history.... 

However, with the several shocking events of today, the crowd was getting used to it. They were simply congratulating the Ancient Emperor, Wu Yu, and the Lord of the Four Seas again....

At this point, Wu Yu was living a life that everyone would envy. 

He was anxious. Although the Ancient Emperor had raised this abruptly, he was still worried. When the Ancient Emperor was speaking, he was already exchanging glances with her. 

In this ruckus, her eyes were as calm as still water. Even this ruckus didn't seem to throw her off. 

As for the older mystical dragons behind her, they seemed to be a little enraged. It was especially so for the Shackled-God Rogue Dragon. They were about to speak and express their view when Luo Pin raised her head and signalled them to shut up. It was clear that those mystical dragons definitely didn't want Luo Pin to be together with Wu Yu. 

If he wasn't Emperor Yu, perhaps they would’ve been receptive of the idea of accepting an absolute genius that was befitting of Luo Pin. Nonetheless, their first choice was definitely for Luo Pin to be with another mystical dragon to ensure the purity of their descendants. 

Luo Pin was a rare and elite mystical dragon with an exceptionally precious bloodline. She wasn't the mightiest in the mystical dragon tribe, yet she had become the Lord of the Four Seas. This was because of her bloodline. Therefore, Wu Yu knew that the mystical dragon tribe would definitely not want her to marry someone from outside the tribe. 

And now he was carrying the identity of the future Yan Huang emperor. The mystical dragon tribe would likely be more unwilling. From the beginning, they had never wanted to be affiliated with the Yan Huang Tribe. 

Nonetheless, Luo Pin was authoritative. Even though they were annoyed and even wanted the Ancient Emperor to retract his words, Luo Pin didn't make them do so, as the mystical dragon tribe had nothing to gain from this. 

Wu Yu knew it was time for him to speak, or it would be really hard on Luo Pin. 

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