Chapter 1132: Son of Ancient Emperor

He had finally heard the Ancient Emperor make the announcement. 

The matter with Prince Le was finally settled. Therefore, when he heard the announcement of the Ancient Emperor, Wu Yu could finally relax. 

Although he wasn't too close to Prince Le, they were in it together for better or worse. Now that he had his dream accomplished, Wu Yu was happy for him too. 

"Congratulations, Prince, on fulfilling your dream!" Wu Yu wore a smile and congratulated Prince Le once the Ancient Emperor made his announcement. 

To his bewilderment, Prince Le's expression was contorted with pain and misery while staring at him. 

At that moment, Wu Yu's mind went blank and he didn't react to it. 

At this point, lots of noisy discussions were taking place around them. Wu Yu could sense numerous vicious gazes staring at him. When he turned around, he saw the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi in shock. Looking further, there was Nangong Wei, who was next to the Phoenix Supreme, and Luo Pin from the mystical dragon tribe. 

Even Luo Pin was looking a little strange now. 

All of a sudden, Wu Yu was disheveled. He was trying to recall what had happened. Why would everyone look at him in shock after the Ancient Emperor made his announcement? 

When he tried to recall, he felt as though he was struck by lightning. 

Previously, he wasn't listening in detail and had only taken note of "formally crowned the next day". However, now that he tried to recall the earlier phrases, he seemed to have heard "Kingmaker Wu Yu....” 

"Prince Wu Yu to be formally crowned?" Wu Yu felt out of breath instantly. He was a little certain that the Ancient Emperor wasn't saying “Prince Le,” but “Kingmaker Wu Yu.” 

"No... I think it was ‘Prince Wu Yu....’" He finally recalled the details of what the Ancient Emperor had announced. 

Having thought about it, he realized that the Ancient Emperor had said “Prince Wu Yu” instead of “Kingmaker Wu Yu!” 

Wu Yu was befuddled. This felt like the heavens were making a joke out of him, and a huge one at that. 

He was certain that it was “Prince Wu Yu.” Otherwise, Prince Le wouldn't be so furious. Otherwise, the crowd wouldn't be that shocked. Even Di Shatian and other members of the Yan Huang Tribe were staring at him in utter disbelief. 

"You... You!" Prince Le's eyes turned bloodshot and tears streamed down like a downpour. At this point, he was panting, staring at Wu Yu and pointing at Wu Yu's head. 

"There must be a mix up. Prince, don't worry. There must be!" Wu Yu was also flustered as he tried to explain to Prince Le. 

However, before he could finish his words, he could feel his forehead burning and the sensations of having many bugs crawling on his skin. It felt uncomfortable, but the discomfort faded away quickly. 

However, the changes to his body made Wu Yu extremely alert. He reached to rub his forehead but couldn't feel anything. However, when he put his hand down and Prince Le saw his forehead, he let out a tragic cry, followed by coughs. He was crying while coughing so badly that Wu Yu thought he could even cough out his internal organs. 

Those around him, like Qu Haoyan, also looked miserable with tears on their faces. Wu Yu looked at others and saw even greater shock on their faces, or perhaps a sudden realization. 

"Big Brother Yu.... There's a ‘Yu’ on your forehead...." Ye Xixi was right in front of Wu Yu. Now her eyes were wide open and her voice was extremely weak. It took her great effort to finish her words. 

As for the Full Moon of Nanshan, he nodded in disbelief and said, "She's right." 

A "Yu!" 

Wu Yu naturally understood what it meant! 

In this world, only the princes and princesses of Yan Huang would have such words on their foreheads. 

For example, Prince Le had the word "Le" on his forehead. 

Now that he had a "Yu" on his forehead, wouldn't that mean that he was also a prince? 

However, Wu Yu knew about his past history extremely clearly. His father was the previous emperor of Dong Yue Wu. His mother was just an ordinary concubine and he was a lowly mortal. He also took after his father. All of these were cold, hard truths! 

"Impossible! How could I be a prince?" What Wu Yu was feeling now was unprecedented emotions. 

He knew clearly that if he was the son of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, everything that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had done could be easily explained. He had never cared about Prince Le. Instead, he was only concerned about Wu Yu. This was also the reason why Wu Yu had an explosive increase in strength in the Ancient Soul Tower, while Prince Le was holding him back all along. 

The so-called attention had nothing to do with Prince Le. Everyone thought that Prince Le was the one chosen by the Ancient Emperor. Thinking about it, if Wu Yu was really an illegitimate child of the Ancient Emperor, everything would flow and could be easily explained. Even the Phoenix Supreme had a sudden realization.... 

"Who would have expected something like this. I have long said that Wu Yu is someone that has special attention from the Ancient Emperor. I never expected it to be like this...." The Phoenix Supreme squinted her eyes and was equally stumped. 

"This isn't possible. Mother, this is definitely not possible. I know everything about him...." Nangong Wei blurted. 

"Huh?” The Phoenix Supreme wasn't too pleased. 

It was then that Nangong Wei shut her mouth and didn't dare to say another word. 

At this point, Wu Yu was in the center of the vortex. 

Now the whole world was watching the new prince. Barring any accidents, he would ascend the throne the next day. This was different from the previous time, when it was about a mortal kingdom. Now it would be the colossal Yan Huang Ancient Country. He would be the number one emperor of the Jambu Realm, ruling over endless boundaries and controlling countless experts.... 

However, Wu Yu still wasn't willing to believe this. He was certain he couldn't be the Ancient Emperor's son. Therefore, he was guessing that the Ancient Emperor had definitely plotted this. 

"What the matter? I've raised a successor personally, choosing to let him experience trials in the mortal world from young rather than growing up in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. After gaining the foundation, I brought him back to Yan Huang. Today, he finally has the capital to rule my Yan Huang Ancient Country, and therefore I'm telling everyone the truth now. Do you guys find what I've done strange?"

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was high and lofty. Now that he spoke again, it was full of pressure and authority. Moreover, there was nothing to question about his words. Others wouldn't choose to doubt this story that could even shake Wu Yu's resolve. 

Upon hearing the Ancient Emperor, the Phoenix Supreme was the first to speak. "So that's how it is. Congratulations, Ancient Emperor. I have long suspected that Wu Yu, who has such talent and will, would never be the offspring of a mortal. He was born to be a ruler, and an ordinary offspring would never accomplish what he has done! So he was receiving personal grooming from the Ancient Emperor. All of us can understand now. Nonetheless, congratulations, Wu Yu. After you ascend to the throne, you will be the Yan Huang Emperor. The greatest power in this world will be in your hands." 

Although the experts from various forces were in shock, nursing a grudge, and suspecting the partiality of the battles in the Ancient Soul Tower, they put this aside after the Phoenix Supreme had spoken to congratulate the Ancient Emperor and Wu Yu. 

The Dark North Kingdom, the Muxu Kingdom, the Black Starry Skies Kingdom, the Central Golden Shine Empire, the Devilsky Court, the Rising Cloud Nation, the Oriental Flower Immortal Realm, the Sky Demon Nation, the Million Demon Mountain, and the demons from the sea regions couldn't help but be impressed by Ancient Emperor's ability and gave their congratulatory words to Wu Yu and the Ancient Emperor. 

Many could recall how the Yan Huang Tribe looked down on Wu Yu when he first came here, seeing him as a stepping stone for Prince Le. In fact, people who had such thoughts today weren't the minority. Now that the truth had completely tilted their beliefs, even the Ancient Emperor's brothers and sisters were completely stupefied. 

The truth was, even Di Shatian wasn't aware. Through Ancient Emperor's special care for Wu Yu, he had misunderstood that Prince Le was the chosen one. Therefore, he had provided convenience to Prince Le. He would have never expected it to be Wu Yu. Therefore, he was feeling a little embarrassed now. 

Naturally, Prince Le had been forgotten by others. The royal family of the Yan Huang Tribe, the ministers, and the aristocrats were all congratulating Wu Yu and the Ancient Emperor. Obviously, they now addressed Wu Yu as “Prince Yu,” and they might be addressing him by another title the next day after he ascended to the throne. 

Large waves were crashing in Wu Yu's mind. He lifted his head to look at the Ancient Emperor. In his vision, the surrounding golden clouds were slowly fading and he could finally see a humanly figure. That was none other than the Ancient Emperor. His eyes were extremely eye-catching. The left eye was raging like the sun, while the right eye was cold and calm like the bright moon. Other than his eyes, his looks were almost exactly the same as Wu Yu's father’s in his memories. In fact, he even looked a little like Wu Yu....

"Please don't blame me for wanting you to have the achievements and attitude you possess today. I had to give you a different growing environment so you could clearly feel what the true dao is. What it means by ‘cultivation is plunder, the strongest rules.’" 

These words were like the boom of the thunder that rang in Wu Yu's ears. 

Cultivation is plunder. The strongest rules.... 

"Perhaps you will recognize my other two forms." The Ancient Emperor's appearance changed drastically. All of a sudden, Feng Xueya stood before Wu Yu. Wu Yu would never forget his looks and demeanor. What the Ancient Emperor was saying was that Feng Xueya was also him. 

Was everything just part of his plan? To be framed in the royal palace and Feng Xueya appearing to save him? 

However, everything he had today was because he had the Ruyi Jingu Bang and because of Sun Wudao! 

The moment this thought crossed Wu Yu’s mind, the Ancient Emperor changed once again. This time, an old man stood before Wu Yu. He had a hunched back, and although he looked emaciated, his smile was kind and full of wisdom. 

That was Sun Wudao.

At this moment, Wu Yu's heart took a serious hit. At this point, he truly doubted if he was in a dream. 

"Do you still remember the time I told you not to hate the immortals? I said you cannot hate them and you are not allowed to hate them. Mortals cannot challenge immortals. They are geniuses of the heavens. They were born to rule over us. We are just mortals, just ants. They can easily squish us to death. Thus, we definitely cannot hate them. The more we hate them, the less likely we will be to be able to live on." 

Wu Yu could clearly remember those words. It was when he had just crawled out of the grave. 

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