Chapter 1131: A Prince is Crowned

It had already taken a lot of self-control for Prince Le to hold back until now.

Anyone else would have hurriedly taken the Yan Huang Golden Bead for themselves.

Wu Yu had no intention of taking it for himself. After all, he would only get the treasures, while Prince Le would also get the throne.

Therefore, he directly took the Yan Huang Golden Bead out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Amidst the cheers, everyone's attention returned back to the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

They were captivated, enviously regarding Prince Le, poised for greatness. 

Everyone knew that from this day forth, Prince Le had made a great leap forth. He had not only become the emperor, but his future as an immortal was cemented.

One risk, and eternal grace beckoned.

From death and the disappearance of one's dao, to one who would never fade. Authority supreme in the world was a wonder in and of itself. No one was not jealous of Prince Le. 

But no matter how much bitterness they felt, they could not do anything about it.

For example, Prince Yu and Prince Xiao were the representatives of the princes and princesses. Their world had lost all color, and they looked at Prince Le dispiritedly.

With everyone watching, Prince Le was completely captivated by the Yan Huang Golden Bead. His grin grew as he stretched out a trembling hand, poised to take the Yan Huang Golden Bead from Wu Yu's hand.

He felt that only that would make him the true possessor.

Perhaps others might feel that he was weak, and that it had all been Wu Yu's work. He did not care.

He knew that being selected by the Ancient Emperor meant that he would be the new Ancient Emperor one day. And when that day came, no one would dare to say anything.

At that time, Prince Yu and the others would already be six feet under.

His finger touched the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

In truth, touching a cold object like this gave him a slight tremble at contact.

It was like a dream.

He had so many dreams now.

"Take it," Wu Yu urged him, seeing that he had touched it but not taken it away.

"Eh?" Prince Le panicked. He tried to take it, but the Yan Huang Golden Bead seemed to be stuck to Wu Yu's hand.

He used a lot of strength but was still unable to take it from Wu Yu's hand.

"Wu Yu, are you joking?" Prince Le was anxious, and even a little angry.

He felt that he could overlook Wu Yu's jokes normally, but not at this moment.

Before, he had ordered Wu Yu to attack, but Wu Yu had not listened. In the end, Wu Yu had been proven right, but his ill feeling had lingered.

And now, he blew up a little.

"What's going on?" Wu Yu himself was dismayed. He had not done anything, but the thing had been stuck firmly to his palm ever since Prince Le touched it.

He reached out with his other hand but was unable to take it either.

"Prince, don't misunderstand. Something's strange...." Wu Yu's face changed. He was using a lot of strength, but the Yan Huang Golden Bead seemed to be stuck to his hand by magic, or some immortal's skill.

"You!" Prince Le still thought that Wu Yu was pranking him.

Wu Yu tried to explain. He had not expected this to become a problem.

But at this time, the cheerful chatter came to a sharp close. The initial cheering had ceased, and a semblance of calm returned.

The reason was that a man had appeared in the sky, wreathed by golden clouds. His two eyes were like the blazing sun and crescent moon respectively.

The Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had appeared again.

Everyone naturally stopped talking when the Ancient Emperor appeared. The entire Immortal's Capital very quickly fell silent.

Some of the outsider tribes had been waiting for the cheers to die down as well. Some of them would naturally not be convinced.

There would always be those who would think that this was a setup.

They were very worked up, but they did not know if they could voice it before the Ancient Emperor.

Perhaps they were waiting for somebody to take the lead. It would be much easier to chime in their agreement after that.

Because the Ancient Emperor had appeared, Wu Yu and Prince Le were not disposed to continue fighting over the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Prince Le was in mental disarray. He believed that Wu Yu was unwilling to part with the Yan Huang Golden Bead, and was both scared and hateful. But even so, he felt that the Ancient Emperor would not let Wu Yu do as he wished.

Actually, he was still very nervous before the next Yan Huang emperor was declared.

He was unable to put down the burdensome worries he carried.

"Hail the Ancient Emperor."

All, including the Phoenix Supreme and the Dead Souls Demon Lord, paid their respects.

It went without saying for the Yan Huang Tribe. They all knelt in obeisance.

The high and mighty Ancient Emperor was as untouchable as an immortal. His eyes seemed to be regarding all life.

Everyone was both wary and respectful of him. Many outsiders who were unconvinced thought better of protesting, feeling that the Ancient Emperor had seen straight to their hearts.

Therefore, they swallowed their bellyful of anger.

Finally, amidst much anticipation, the Ancient Emperor spoke.

His voice rang out over the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country. "The time in the Ancient Soul Tower was rather intense. A rather spectacular competition. Completely free from my interference, someone - with his own strength, his own intellect, and, most importantly, his luck - obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead and ended the Ancient Soul Tower battle."

It seemed like the Ancient Emperor was in a good mood. He was speaking at length, and had a warm feel to him. This immortal did not seem as aloof and distant as before.

Everyone waited for him to continue.

His gaze finally came to rest in Wu Yu's direction. Of course, there were many others here as well.

People were disappointed, despairing, miserable. The entire gamut of emotions ran high. They all knew that they had thoroughly failed.

The Ancient Emperor said with a hint of good humor and approval, "Everyone saw that in the end, it took some real skill. A rapid rise, without fear, bravery and brains, and abundant luck. The one who gained the Yan Huang Golden Bead was Kingmaker Le, who I personally appointed - Wu Yu."

The Ancient Emperor personally announced this. There was no more doubt that the person who had obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead was Wu Yu. At this time, the crowd rang out with cheers again. This time, they were not for Prince Le, but for Wu Yu.

After all, Wu Yu belonged to the Yan Huang faction. Today, it was as though the Yan Huang Tribe had won the war. They all cheered, excited and overjoyed, feeling pride for their tribe swell in their chests.

And the one luxuriating in this was Wu Yu. Prince Le was a little embarrassed, but he was not panicking. After all, he and Wu Yu were one, and he expected that the Ancient Emperor would announce him as the next emperor.

After all, he could feel the Ancient Emperor favoring him recently. This manifested itself in the form of Wu Yu and his rapid rise. It was he who had personally appointed him as Kingmaker Le.

The cries for Wu Yu persisted for a long time.

Such an atmosphere would indeed make one's heart swell.

But Wu Yu was worried. He was surreptitiously trying to remove the Yan Huang Golden Bead from his hand, but to no avail.

He felt that something was strange.

"I want to give the Yan Huang Golden Bead to Prince Le. Why can't I?

"The only one who can control the Yan Huang Golden Bead is the Ancient Emperor.... Unless he doesn't want me to give the Yan Huang Golden Bead to Prince Le?"

Wu Yu was troubled.

"Unless the Ancient Emperor doesn't want Prince Le to be the next emperor? He is treating me as a non-royal. So the Yan Huang Golden Bead is mine, and the succession of the Yan Huang throne will be delayed for another few centuries?"

He felt that this was plausible.

Otherwise, why would the Ancient Emperor stop him from handing over the Yan Huang Golden Bead?

"Wu Yu." Amidst the cheers, Prince Le reached out a hand, glaring at Wu Yu to give him the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

"Prince, I can't get it off." Wu Yu shook his head.

"Don't screw around. I'm angry now." Prince Le's look was tremulous.

"It's not me, it's the Ancient Emperor." Wu Yu could only tell him the truth.

Wu Yu's guess was that the Ancient Emperor had not even planned to announce the next Yan Huang emperor. He was just toying around with them to hone the next generation.

After all, he had not clarified who the Yan Huang Golden Bead would go to if a Kingmaker got it.

Everyone assumed that it would be the prince or princess, but if the Ancient Emperor did not wish it, it could definitely belong to the Kingmaker.

Wu Yu really could not take it off. He could only assume that not crowning the next emperor was the Ancient Emperor's will.

"How is that possible?" Prince Le was naturally suspicious. His eyes widened, looking at Wu Yu amidst the cheers. He was unnerved.

He was definitely unsatisfied, but Wu Yu had no choice. He could only wait and see what the Ancient Emperor had to say.

Everyone was waiting for the Ancient Emperor to continue as well. He was clearly not finished speaking. The cheers died down, and everyone stared wide-eyed at him.

The Ancient Emperor had a loving look in his eyes. He was still looking in Wu Yu and Prince Le's direction, and everyone followed suit. Of course, more people were looking at Prince Le.

Finally, the Ancient Emperor spoke.

With an even tone, he said, "Before, I said that if a prince or princess can obtain the Yan Huang Golden Bead, they will be the next Yan Huang emperor. And now, a prince has indeed obtained it. Therefore, I declare...."

Hearing this, Prince Le brimmed with tears of relief. Although there had been some rough patches, hearing this, his own ascension was sealed.

Wu Yu was nonplussed. He had not expected the Ancient Emperor to decide to go ahead with it. It seemed like his hunch had been wrong. Prince Le's fate was going to be changed forever.

Everyone looked at the Ancient Emperor.

And then the Ancient Emperor announced, "Today, I announce my abdication. Prince Wu Yu, tomorrow we hold the coronation ceremony, where you will be formally crowned!"

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