Chapter 1130: The Hysterical Yan Huang Tribe

Now that the Yan Huang Golden Bead was in his hands, Wu Yu was relatively calm. 

When he first entered the Ancient Soul Tower, he would never have expected to have a day like this. Through a series of improvements, and with the Silver Qilin and the Heaven Devouring Avatar reaching a similar power level as his main body, the combined battle power from the three of them had exceeded Prince Yu or any single expert. At this point, he started having some confidence. 

In the end, he landed an effective strike by destroying the head of the golden titan through the 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer of the Silver Qilin. After all, most of the spirit designs were fashioned on its head, especially the eyes. Wu Yu had succeeded largely because he had made the right bet. 

The Ancient Soul Tower was dead silent now. The golden titan had vanished and only Wu Yu stood where it was. Beside him, Prince Le seemed a little insignificant. 

"Wu Yu, hand the Yan Huang Golden Bead to me." Prince Le's eyes were filled with overwhelming emotions. Ecstasy, agitation, anxiety, and restlessness. Indeed, this was probably the most important moment to him, and Wu Yu could tell that he was really anxious to hold the Yan Huang Golden Bead in his hand. 

Wu Yu had never intended to keep it for himself. After all, this concerned Prince Le and the throne. He was competing with his identity as Kingmaker Le. Although he was a little unwilling to part with the treasures, there was nothing he could do. After all, this belonged to Prince Le's father, and it would be the public's wish for Prince Le to own it. Regardless, Wu Yu couldn't possibly keep everything for himself, as the Yan Huang Tribe wouldn't agree either. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu was confident that once Prince Le got the throne, he would definitely have the largest share when it was time to allocate the treasures, unless Prince Le was ready to kick Wu Yu to the curb after he outlived his usefulness. 

Regarding this, Wu Yu didn't think Prince Le would be capable of doing so. 

Wu Yu gave it further thought and chose not to hand it to Prince Le yet. 

He patted Prince Le's shoulder and said, "Calm yourself. We have not left the Ancient Soul Tower. If I give it to you now, others might still snatch it from you. I'm still not certain if we have ‘truly’ obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Perhaps this might not even be the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Let's wait till we get out of the Ancient Soul Tower before we discuss this again." 

"Alright, then...." Prince Le wasn't too pleased and was anxious. However, reason was on Wu Yu’s side. If the Yan Huang Golden Bead was handed to him now, he probably wouldn't be able to control it if the Yan Huang Golden Bead started flying away. 

Wu Yu was waiting now. He found the current moment to be extremely quiet, but the Ancient Soul Tower had not vanished. Everything was like before and all of them were still in the Ancient Soul Tower. He recalled what the Regent had said previously. Only when someone "truly" obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead would everyone be let out of it. 

Roughly at the same time, the discouraged crowd became exceptionally agitated or even hideous. From far, Wu Yu could hear people shouting, "It hasn't ended yet. Kill him and get the Yan Huang Golden Bead!" 

Someone was shouting, but others, like Prince Xiao and Prince Yu, had made their moves immediately. They had rushed in this direction instantly and only had a moment of pause previously. Now, without saying a word, their eyes had turned red and they were charging ahead in a frenzy. This was probably the opportunity to change their entire lives. Therefore, Wu Yu knew they would definitely give everything and might even risk their lives. 

He was still in grave danger!

The key was that Prince Le had rushed to him. Otherwise, Wu Yu would have fled. Therefore, Wu Yu was still rather annoyed by his anxious behavior. 

However, there was no other option but to drag Prince Le along as he fled. His usual speed was even substantially quicker than that of Prince Yu and the rest now. When Wu Yu was steering the Somersault Cloud, he passed them in just a flash despite carrying Prince Le. The martial cultivators that had crowded over were knocked away by Wu Yu, and no one could successfully intercept him at this juncture. 

His speed would definitely make Prince Yu, Lanqi Liumeng, the Yin-Yang Fish, and the others disappointed. 

Nangong Wei was among the hordes that were pursuing Wu Yu. After losing the Nine-Headed Demon King, the strength of her group had dipped extensively and they could only loiter around the fifth or sixth levels of the Ancient Soul Tower. This time, they had made their way to the first level as well. The shame was that she was no longer the focus, while the spotlight was still on Wu Yu. Similar to previous times, she could only hide in the corner and never be the core focus, all while witnessing Wu Yu's impressive performance.

She still remembered that Wu Yu was at a similar level as her when they were on the Nanyin Demon Continent.... 

Wu Yu couldn't see her. Otherwise, he would definitely be able to see the hatred, desperation, and conflicted emotions in her eyes. 

In the blink of an eye, Wu Yu traversed thousands of miles. Behind him was Princess Xi, Mu Yunxi, Xue Qingyin, and the others. They were giving it their all and had exhausted everything, but they were still far away from Wu Yu. When they saw that Wu Yu was at ease, they felt despair. The screams, shouts, and threats from Prince Xiao could no longer mask their sorrows. In fact, one could even say that they had lost completely in this moment of their lives. 

It was easy for Wu Yu to shake them off. He was currently pondering how to "truly" obtain the Yan Huang Golden Bead. At this point, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, trying to decipher the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Fortunately, the Yan Huang Golden Bead was back in a calm state. Otherwise, Wu Yu would be really worried that it could wreck the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

Just as he was vexed over this, he suddenly felt major changes to the entire world. It was as though the yellow sandstorm had ended. Soon, the yellow sand, the storm, the sea of sand, the horizon, and even the golden clouds and lightning in the faraway sky vanished rapidly. 

Wu Yu stopped. Where the sky had vanished, he saw a new patch of sky and densely built structures in the same direction. Ancient and majestic, golden and glittering. That was the Immortal's Capital! Having not seen it for some time, he was surprised that he was missing it a little. 

After roughly three breaths of time, everything in the Ancient Soul Tower vanished. Wu Yu looked around and realized that the Ancient Soul Tower that was above the Windy Fiery Skies Platform had now vanished. Light shone down on the area again, and looking across, there were rows upon rows of buildings. On the broad streets was a large number of martial cultivators. Most of them were from the Yan Huang Tribe, and their numbers were in the hundreds of millions. All of them had stretched their necks forward, hoping to get a clearer look at where Wu Yu was. 

Those that had entered the Ancient Soul Tower previously were gathered around the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, making the place a little congested. Wu Yu put the Black Phoenix away swiftly and met up with the Full Moon of Nanshan and others. The group of seven still hadn't gotten themselves settled. At this point, the crowd was still a little confused, as all the changes had come a little too abruptly. Obviously, Wu Yu was in a good mood and reacted quickly. When Prince Le was still in shock, Wu Yu patted his shoulder and said, "Prince, it has ended. Congratulations. The greatest dream of your life has been realized." 

Now it was clear that they had left the Ancient Soul Tower. The disappearance of the Ancient Soul Tower also proved that this had ended. 

"Huh?" Prince Le was still a little lost. The surprise was too abrupt and he was still shaken. At this point, he looked at the crowd blankly and, to the astonishment of Wu Yu, started to smile rather stupidly. 

Wu Yu looked at Prince Le before looking around. Opposite to how Prince Le had reacted, these princes and princesses were desolated. Missing out on the best opportunity of their lives, they would likely drown in tears in the future. There was no other way. Competition had always been brutal, and only one could laugh to the end. Now it would appear that there was no longer any uncertainty that that person was Prince Le. 

The winner that everyone was most envious of. 

It was because of this that those outside had their attention on Wu Yu and Prince Le. Although Wu Yu had attracted slightly more, Prince Le would be the subject in the near future. 

At this point, the Regent, Di Shatian, announced loudly, "I hereby declare that the competition for the Yan Huang Golden Bead has ended successfully! Everyone, including me, has seen who obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead! Let us congratulate this prince!" 

He had favored Prince Le from the beginning and therefore was exceptionally agitated at the moment. Following the Regent's gaze that had shifted onto Prince Le, the crowd turned to Prince Le. Most of Yan Huang Tribe members were joyous. After all, it wasn't someone from the outer tribes that had gotten the Yan Huang Golden Bead. At the very least, the treasures weren't taken away by others. Only a small minority had deeper relations with other princes and princesses. 

Therefore, all the Yan Huang Tribe members in the entire Yan Huang Ancient Country, including the Immortal's Capital, started cheering at almost the same instant. The grandiose cheers even shook the earth, and the voices even reached into the clouds and hit the kingdom border spirit design. If not for the fact that the buildings in the Immortal's Capital were strengthened with spirit designs, they would likely fall apart. 

One could only say that the deafening cheers were too frenzied!

In the center of these cheers, Wu Yu was roused and shocked by the cheers. As for Prince Le, he couldn't even stand upright. If Wu Yu hadn’t been supporting him, he would likely have made a fool of himself from the tremors! 

Following the earth-shaking cheers, the Yan Huang Tribe started chanting Prince Le's name. For them, Prince Le was like someone that the Ancient Emperor had chosen a long time ago. Now he was like a legend that had descended on auspicious clouds. The name of Prince Le was overwhelming and swept through the entire Jambu Realm. Prince Le, who was in the center of this, was tearing up. How many times would one possibly experience something like this in one's lifetime?

As for the other tribes that were attending the 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage, they naturally weren't cheering. They were all rather silent. Perhaps they believed that this was predetermined and that someone was behind all this. However, this wasn't too apparent. Therefore, their anger and indignance could only be held within their hearts at the moment. 

"Wu Yu, you can hand the Yan Huang Golden Bead to me now?" Amidst the waves of deafening chants, Prince Le had steadied himself. He maintained a gentle smile while extending his hand towards Wu Yu. 

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