Chapter 1129: Suspense Broken

In the center was the gigantic golden Immortal Ape, covered in golden fur and burning with golden flames. It held the dragon-scaled qilin battle axe in its hands, the three fire qilins circling it.

On the left was the white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar, cloaked in black mist. It had a menacing air to it, with the Universal Holy Gourd and Imperial Insignia in hand. On the right, the Silver Qilin that looked almost as intimidating as the golden titan itself. This was the first time it was fighting for Wu Yu, and it had a fiery intensity to it.

These two developments definitely caught the attention of everyone within.

Wu Yu did not give them much time to react. He had to try to finish things off before Prince Yu and the others caught up. This was his only chance to challenge the titan.

Against this puppet, the Spirit Chaser Art was no use. The three major forces attacked simultaneously. Wu Yu had hatched this plan while waiting for the Silver Qilin to recover.

The Universal Holy Gourd seraphic dao treasure spewed large volumes of smoke. It did not stop, and the smoke solidified into thick, iron chains the moment it was exposed. It was like a long serpent slithering towards the feet of the golden titan. And then it moved swiftly to bind it from head to toe, as if it were a huge snake circling the golden titan. Soon, only the head, resembling the Ancient Emperor's own, remained.

The Universal Holy Gourd was currently using this spirit design to its fullest. After all, it was a seraphic dao treasure, so it could hold the golden titan for a moment. Although the golden titan was going crazy and struggling mightily against the chains, the Universal Holy Gourd continued to spew smoke that turned into more chains. Loop after loop was applied, despite the golden titan's struggles.

Of course, this was but a part of Wu Yu's attack. As his chains held the golden titan, his golden Immortal Ape body's arms again bulged!

Although such bulky arms were nasty to look at, they were filled with monstrous strength. Wu Yu was a true monster!

He raised the huge qilin battle axe with them, towards the sky. Those familiar with the Imperial Descent knew that Wu Yu was not attacking the golden immortal yet, but channeling power into the qilin battle axe!

The three fire qilins took to the skies. As the spirit design changed form, they exploded into golden clouds. The immortal appeared above, wreathed in flames. He held a fiery battle halberd that chopped down. Wu Yu had determined the target - the only exposed part of the golden titan - its head!


The flaming axe cleaved down, the clouds and immortal all imbued within it. This was the most effort that Wu Yu had ever put into an attack! The axe came crashing down on the golden titan, who was on the verge of breaking out from the Universal Holy Gourd!

Wu Yu's three forces were united, something that the others were not. Therefore, there was a big difference in their fighting strength. Before, they were conserving energy while fighting each other. Wu Yu was completely invested into this moment!

When Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design landed, the Heaven Devouring Avatar executed Heaven's Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike a beat later, which landed in quick succession!

Bang, bang, bang!

The fiery battle halberd buried the golden titan in flames. No one could see what had happened to its head clearly before Wu Yu's second attack came down like Heaven's sword. It also landed with the force of a falling comet, piercing the golden titan immediately after!

Everyone was mind-boggled. The battle halberd was devastating enough. But the immediate follow-up thrust with the sword created another epic explosion, and the sword qi blasted out, mingling with the fire! The golden titan's mouth had probably been completely wrecked, which was why it did not bellow. But one could see that an exposed arm was still struggling!

The others, including Prince Yu's gang, who had just rushed up, released sighs of relief. They had been frightened that Wu Yu had actually killed the golden titan in his rush attack. Now they could see that the golden titan was still alive. After all, the damage they had inflicted before had been the concerted product of many.

And in this moment, the Silver Qilin beside Wu Yu pounced on the golden titan's neck. Their heads were about the same size. Wu Yu moved decisively on the golden titan, hacked with the flaming axe and skewered with sword qi. He immediately had the Silver Qilin use its 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer!

More, he used the strengthened version of this spirit design, which had a much higher magnitude compared to the Black Phoenix's explosion. This was basically a suicide move, and probably even stronger than Wu Yu's Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design, especially since it would explode right on the golden titan's head!


The explosion would send fear even into a ghostly immortal. Prince Yu and the others were sent flying, and those who were not strong enough were also sent flying by the huge shockwave. The tremendous energy crushed the surrounding yellow sand into dust!

It even created a huge crater in the sea of sand!

For those outside, they could see nothing but flames and sword qi in the mirror for a long time.

Seeing this, everyone understood that Wu Yu had held back until now not out of any careless overconfidence, but as the result of a well-laid plan.

All of them knew how stellar Wu Yu's performance was! His three successive fatal blows were all dealt to the same place. Each hit was strong enough that an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator might not be able to withstand it. All three added together, quick and accurate. It was much more coherent and mustered much more killing power compared to the disparate assault that the others had put up.

Perhaps Wu Yu had not been able to beat the golden titan into a wreck of scrap metal, but Wu Yu had locked on to its head and dished out deadly force to it on a level that had not been seen before. At this time, everyone within and outside the Ancient Soul Tower was shaken. They were truly worried that Wu Yu's brilliant attack had secured him the Yan Huang Golden Bead!

They were even more worried because Wu Yu had exceeded their expectations. For those like Prince Xiao, who had mocked Wu Yu just now, they ate all of their words. Their faces paled. Although Wu Yu had not attacked Prince Xiao, he felt like hundreds of slaps had landed on his face and he had just been clowned.

Thinking of his mockery of Wu Yu, it was now all reflected back onto him. Of course, it was not just him - all those who had chased and attacked Wu Yu were now filled with regret and fear. A whole bunch of old guys were on the verge of tears. It was a worse feeling than death.

Of course, the height of the explosion was the most devastating blow. As it faded, Prince Yu and the others rushed up. They breathed a sigh of relief to see the golden titan still standing, deep in the yellow sands. They continued to press forth. Even the weaker ones could not resist the lure of the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

As they batted aside the thick plumes of smoke, both those inside and outside could see clearly. Wu Yu was back in his normal state, no longer a golden Immortal Ape. His Heaven Devouring Avatar had its hands clasped behind its back. The two were unmoving. Beside them, the golden titan still stood, but there was a stark difference. Its brain was all but gone, blasted level.

It had been snapped at the neck.

They were astonished. Those outside were astonished.

And then Wu Yu beckoned a golden object out from the severed neck of the golden titan. It landed in his hand, and Wu Yu broke into a smile. The treasure had come out of its own accord, with no resistance. But he still put it in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. This way, the journey of the Ancient Soul Tower was finally over.

"Is that... the Yan Huang Golden Bead...."

Whether inside or outside the Ancient Soul Tower, billions of people asked the question.

But they already knew the answer in their hearts. They asked it simply because they did not wish to believe, or were hoping for some change.

But there was no change, only the body of the golden titan, crumbling into golden sand and dissipating in the wind. Only Wu Yu was left as focus now.

Perhaps if Wu Yu had obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead with a lackluster performance, people would get angry and protest. Even if he were the Ancient Emperor, he had set up a game that was unfair.

But Wu Yu had done it. A different method from Prince Yu and the others, applying forceful, clean, and effective attacks that were a convincing finish to obtaining the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

And just as they had guessed, defeating the golden titan would yield the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

But why did it have to be Wu Yu....

Prince Yu, Prince Xiao, and the dozen of them, as well as tens of thousands of competitors, were all rooted to the spot, wallowing in their agony.

Until Prince Le rushed out from Black Phoenix, ecstatically running towards Wu Yu. With great feeling, he said, "Wu... Wu Yu, quick, give it to me. The Yan Huang Golden Bead, give it to me...."

His composure had slipped a little.

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