Chapter 1128: The Best Opportunity

The sudden death of Prince Diablo didn't make anyone among the elite experts dejected. 

However, they were intimidated. From Prince Diablo, they had seen what their outcome might be. 

From the beginning, they assumed the Ancient Emperor wouldn't take their lives in this game, as they were people of status and the pillars of the Yan Huang Ancient Region and the Jambu Realm.

If anyone died because of a lack of strength, that would be inevitable. 

Now their hearts naturally went cold. 

Fear sprouted, and it was as though they were doused with a basin of cold water. The passion and desire they had were also fading. While fighting with the golden titan, they became a little distracted. 

It would’ve been simple to achieve success against the golden titan with their numbers before Wu Yu appeared. 

Therefore, they constantly alternated between resting and fighting. Initially, they were fighting to get ahead. Now, after realizing that no one could take the golden titan on their own and get the Yan Huang Golden Bead, they were exhausted both physically and mentally. Their spiritual power was almost depleted and they had to take breaks occasionally. Only when they had some thoughts in mind would they continue to press ahead. Nonetheless, their thoughts were ineffectual. Towards the end, Wu Yu didn't even have to harass them. 

They were like sheets of loose sand, wary of one another and unable to get anything out of this. 

The group had never expected to not have any means to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead despite it being just in front of their eyes. 

If they could unite together, relinquish any selfish thoughts, and find the right opportunity to give their very best, they would stand a chance of killing the golden titan. 

Their suppression abilities were too inferior and the golden titan was not something to be messed with. It was a puppet that didn't know fatigue, similar to a machine. Prince Yu and the rest had thought of resting but were instead pursued by it. The martial cultivators that had crowded here previously were scared out of their wits, scampering away in fear. The first level of the Ancient Soul Tower was now fully under the control of the golden titan. In this place, it was the equivalent of an immortal. Previously, people were seeing it as a huge gift bag. Now they were fleeing anxiously for their lives. 

The group of dozen-plus people, including Prince Yu, could possibly fight for two to three more days consecutively. Their exhaustion had reached a limit by now and they were finding pockets of time to catch their breath. However, as the golden titan was chasing them furiously, it was hard for them to rest in peace unless they were willing to head for the second level of the Ancient Soul Tower. However, that would mean that they would be completely out of the picture when others were competing for the Yan Huang Golden Bead. 

Therefore, they still chose to linger around the golden titan. 

Wu Yu waited for so long that those outside the Ancient Soul Tower were getting disinterested in this competition. It was then that the Silver Qilin was finally restored in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Now, with a puppet, his avatar, and his main body, it would be equivalent to being three times stronger than being alone. 

It had been five days. 

Prince Yu and the rest were in a contest of patience with the golden titan. They only launched their attacks from afar and didn't dare to approach. As for the golden titan, it couldn't be killed. As a result, both parties were just exhausting themselves without dealing any damage. 

Several days later, the dozen-plus of them were mentally exhausted. They had never expected getting the Yan Huang Golden Bead to be so arduous. In the past, the hardest thing was to find the Yan Huang Golden Bead. Now they couldn’t defeat it even though it was right before their eyes. This was similar to having treasures placed before them but being unable to take them away, making them even more infuriated than not being able to find it. 

Initially, Prince Le was restless, But upon seeing the current situation, even he wasn't anxious anymore. Perhaps he would’ve been more convinced with Wu Yu's judgement before after seeing the current circumstances. 

Nonetheless, he was waiting. When would Wu Yu finally decide it was time? 

Wu Yu didn't inform him of when he would strike. 

At his point, the dozen-plus experts had retreated a fair distance away after getting chased around by the golden titan. 

They exchanged gazes and large drops of perspiration filled their sickly, pale faces. 

It was hard for them to work together after having so many conflicts previously. After all, they were all thinking that they could get the Yan Huang Golden Bead if they could kill the golden titan. Having reached this stage, they naturally wouldn't want others to get it. 

This was what was weighing them down, making them feel conflicted. They weren't in a hurry to rush forward. Regardless of how many people died, they just wanted to get some time to catch their breaths. 

They consumed a large amount of immortal medicines. Once the golden titan wasn't chasing them, they would regulate their breathing for recovery. The truth was, they had forgotten about Wu Yu after he had not appeared for the last two days. 

It was till now that Wu Yu finally showed himself between them and the golden titan. The golden titan was furiously chasing martial cultivators and massacring them. Wu Yu stood before them, gave a smile to the crowd, and said, "It seems like everyone is exhausted. In that case, it’s my turn to give this a try." 

Prince Xiao snorted and said, "Are you saying you are going to deal with the golden titan alone? Feel free to do so. I'll collect your corpse within ten breaths of time." 

After five days, he knew well how tough the golden titan was. It was an out and out unkillable puppet! 

Some others were smirking as well, including Young Emperor, Xuan Jinzi, Huang Guzi, and Xue Qingyin. They had helpless smiles on their faces, as though Wu Yu had told them a joke. 

"Feel free to do so. Don't forget how Prince Diablo lost his life in an instant." Prince Yu was also annoyed by Wu Yu. 

He had a rough sense of where Wu Yu was after his improvements. At the very most, he would be the same as the dozen-plus people and definitely not at Di Shatian’s level.


Only their group working together could possibly finish the golden titan off. 

Mu Yunxi said, "Everyone, don't let him get his way. Wu Yu always has lots of tricks up his sleeve. If...." 

"If you still have the strength, you can always go stop him." Prince Xiao rolled his eyes. He was almost collapsing from fatigue at this point. 

Within the group, they had a myriad of emotions. Some were still worried as well. 

"Rest assured. The Ancient Emperor sent the Yan Huang Golden Bead to him and yet he couldn't do anything after three full days." At the thought of this, Prince Yu felt more at ease. Now he was looking forward to the golden titan slaying Wu Yu. 

"That guy is acting like a smart aleck. He thinks we are exhausted and that only he has the strength to do something. What he doesn't know is how tough the golden titan is. With his strength, unless the Ancient Emperor is giving him a free pass again, he won't be capable of causing a ruckus," Huang Guzi from the Yellow Springs Nine Realms grumbled. 

"What if he gets a free pass again?" 

"There was a precedent, or perhaps more than one, yet he has never succeeded. Even if you are right, do you think there's a point in us competing with him? If this is something that is predetermined, our efforts will be futile." 

"Just watch and see. Whether Prince Le is the predetermined winner or not, we will know soon." 

Wu Yu only exchanged two lines with them before intercepting the golden titan alone. At this point, the golden titan had spotted him, and it would not remember that Wu Yu had "helped" it over the last few days. 

It brandished its weapons. 

As for Wu Yu, he was growing to become a gigantic golden Immortal Ape through the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. 

In his hand was the qilin battle axe, the Imperial Descent. 

Angry fire rolled out. 

The frightening heat from his Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body erupted explosively, turning up the heat on the golden titan. 

The massacre of the golden titan was swift and precise. However, in close-quarters combat, the third tier of the Somersault Cloud, Fulgurating Shadows, was even more impressive. Those attacks couldn't connect with Wu Yu at all as he dived up and down.

Therefore, the golden titan was sullen and felt like Wu Yu was fooling with it. Obviously, Wu Yu didn't cause it any trouble at all. 

Those in the Ancient Soul Tower were watching Wu Yu's pointless performance silently. As for the crowd on the Windy Fiery Skies Platform, they were watching as well, including Luo Pin and others. 

The black-haired Shackled-God Rogue Dragon couldn't contain himself and said, "After this farce, it's about time we head back." 

"Even if you didn't speak, I wouldn't think you were a mute." Luo Pin turned around and stared daggers into him. 

This made his eyes flicker a little and he wasn't too pleased. After all, he was a dragon with noble status. 

"Keep your words to yourself," the Maple-Leaf Zephyr Dragon advised. 

As this concerned the future Yan Huang emperor and Wu Yu could still be considered as part of the Yan Huang Tribe, some in the Yan Huang Tribe still hoped Wu Yu could do something after seeing that Prince Yu and the rest didn't have high hopes. 

They could see Wu Yu in a protracted battle with the golden titan!

After fighting for 15 minutes, neither of them had dealt any damage to the other. One could dodge swiftly, while the other had high endurance. 

Witnessing this and seeing Wu Yu sweating furiously, Prince Xiao realized that everything was just as he had expected. He couldn't help but laugh, and the others were more at ease. They treated Wu Yu as a joke and focused entirely on recovering their strength. 

"Wu Yu can help us hold it back for a while longer. Once we recover, let's determine the real victor among us!" said the Soulful Inner Ape. 

No one responded, but judging from their fervent eyes, that's exactly what they were thinking. Wu Yu happened to buy them the opportunity to rest in peace. Otherwise, they would be blamed for the deaths of those martial cultivators and demons. 

Within the Black Phoenix, Qu Fengyu shook her head and said, "It seems like he's not very confident. In that case, no one will be able to handle the golden titan." 

Ye Xixi tittered, "How dumb! Big Brother Yu is trying to numb his opponents. He's looking for the best opportunity to strike swiftly." 

When Ye Xixi was done, Qu Fengyu was indignant and was about to mock her. All of a sudden, huge changes started happening to the battlefield. All of a sudden, two other existences appeared beside Wu Yu. One of them was the Heaven Devouring Avatar, who carried the Universal Holy Gourd in his left hand and the Imperial Insignia in his right hand. The white-haired, red-eyed Wu Yu looked exceptionally devilish and was seething with murderous intent. On the other side was a giant, silver qilin that was the same type of existence as the golden titan! 

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