Chapter 1127: Spirit Chaser Art

Wu Yu's mischief had naturally attracted public ire.

But with the Somersault Cloud, he flitted about, completely uncatchable.

He constantly interfered, no matter the insults and threats. He messed and messed like a madman, until the golden titan was miraculously able to counterattack again, even when it was surrounded.

Prince Xiao had been foiled by Wu Yu many times, and he was extremely jumpy. He gave up the attack and began to chase Wu Yu. All of his attacks had turned away from the golden titan for the moment.

"Wu Yu! If you want to die, go ahead! Don't disgrace the Yan Huang Tribe!"

But he could not catch Wu Yu.

After half a day, he was still eating Wu Yu's dust, and more of it as time wore on. Finally, afraid that the Yan Huang Golden Bead would be stolen, he slunk back quietly.

It was those outside, both Yan Huang Tribe members outsiders, who saw everything clearly.

"Wu Yu's strength has advanced again. I guess that he can match an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator now. Otherwise, he could not possibly run interference so successfully."

"It's a miracle. But he didn't seem to do anything. How did he become stronger again? A really unbelievable miracle...."

"Perhaps someone is helping him. Keke...."

In their eyes, Wu Yu was an unstoppable dark horse, galloping through the Ancient Soul Tower, completely unstoppable.

The spectators had all sorts of thoughts, but in the disorder, Wu Yu was something special, and seemed to be getting closer to the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

Of course, those in the Ancient Soul Tower did not feel this way, because they had seen how many chances Wu Yu had had with the Yan Huang Golden Bead. He had even spent three days alone with the Yan Huang Golden Bead but had not succeeded. Therefore, they had already dismissed Wu Yu from their minds, and now only trusted themselves.

And being toyed with by Wu Yu at this time was the height of frustration. Prince Diablo was the first to yell, "I propose that everyone agrees to a ceasefire and we send this punk Wu Yu to the next world first. We do this together and then go back to settling the issue. What does everyone think?!"

At this time, every single expert was seething inside. Wu Yu was only one person, but he had caused an inordinate amount of mischief, such that they were completely unable to focus on the golden titan. And the golden titan knew no fatigue, so they were the only ones who were tired out.

Prince Diablo's words gave them all pause.

Looks started to be exchanged.

Actually, they did not need to say much. The looks indicated that they had already made up their minds. They had been truly pissed off by Wu Yu, and at such an important juncture.

In a flash, Wu Yu found himself a target of the dozen or so of them, including Prince Yu and Princess Xi.

They were all ready to kill, a collective decision to put a hold on the attack on the golden titan.

Wu Yu felt the pressure reaching out to crush him.

Wu Yu started a little and then extended both hands to beckon to them. With a slight smile, he said fearlessly, "Come on, then, all together."

Just this utterance alone was enough to shock the world.


Faced with such a challenge, the group let go of the golden titan for good. Their arsenal of a dozen seraphic dao treasures now came cutting towards Wu Yu. These experts all had their own mystiques!

Prince Diablo, Lanqi Liumeng, Prince Yu, the Yin-Yang Fish, Huang Guzi....

The martial cultivators, demons, ghostly cultivators, and sea region demons were actually united, a miracle in and of itself. Not just in the Ancient Soul Tower, but many outside were surprised as well.

It was only Wu Yu who did not have a slightest shred of fear for himself. He was no fool. Seeing them give chase, he somersaulted to a place almost out of sight and then again taunted them. "Come on, then, who has the balls? I want to see who the first wretch to go back and chase the Yan Huang Golden Bead will be."

The relationship between them was too iffy. Wu Yu did not believe that they could leave the golden titan with peace of mind.

The first time, they indeed came chasing.

But they were still far. Wu Yu again appeared on the horizon, mocking them.

"Wu Yu, do you know what price you will pay for angering all of us?" The Void Breaching Cloud Beast, the young emperor of Sky Demon Nation, boomed out, his voice echoing throughout the first level of the Ancient Soul Tower.

"I know it well. I will be soundly scolded by all of you. But what else are you going to do? Besides the insults, you all have no other talents." Wu Yu chuckled, replying carelessly. This made them angrier than ever.

Crucially, they could not catch Wu Yu, and so could only continue to be played like fiddles.

"You're asking for death!"

They cursed and cursed but could not catch him. This only proved Wu Yu's insult true.

And then they continued to chase a few more times, until they could no longer see the golden titan. And then Wu Yu vanished.

"Damn it, we've been had. He's gone back to deal with the puppet!" Prince Xiao screamed. Everyone was bursting with rage. They could feel their faces boiling. Those outside had to be watching and seething as well at being played with like that.

They could only rush back, but they very quickly found that Wu Yu was nowhere to be seen. The golden titan had returned to a more or less perfect state after the break. The martial cultivators and demons again took up the attack, but those who were too close were cut down by the golden titan, their corpses raining down upon the yellow sands.

The golden titan was angered upon seeing their return. With a below, it hefted the longsword and scimitar and rushed them!

Another epic fight broke out, and it seemed to be going more smoothly without Wu Yu. But the result was the same. Their countless dao techniques and mystiques battered against the golden titan but were unable to kill it.

Prince Diablo, holding the Tenebrous Stone Pillar, started fighting enthusiastically as well. Amongst them, tensions flared, and they were still unable to smoothly coordinate the attack. At this time, Prince Diablo had circled behind the golden titan. He swung his Tenebrous Stone Pillar like a battering ram, dealing a punishing crash to the golden titan and leaving a significant dent in its back.

The golden titan whirled back in a rage, the blue crescent scimitar scything out. Prince Diablo hurriedly retrieved his seraphic dao treasure and beat feet. The golden titan was still being harassed by others, so it was not difficult for him to dodge.

"Prince Diablo." Suddenly, a soft voice came from beside him. He recognized Wu Yu's voice. To think that at this crucial time, Wu Yu would actually appear behind him. The soft voice sent chills down his spine, and he felt a two-pronged attack!

Wu Yu was indeed behind him.

"Spirit Chaser Art."

He used this transformation for the first time. His eyes turned into white spirals, making him look blank and emotionless. The strong, phantasmic ripples caught Prince Diablo.


Prince Diablo's eyes turned pure white as well, his body snapping rigid. It was as though his Primordial Spirit had left his body, which was now unable to move. He could feel death knocking and tried his best to move his arms and legs, but it was to no avail. No matter how hard he tried, his body would not obey him. Wu Yu himself now knew how awesome the Spirit Chaser Art was. However, this was very mentally draining. When he had completed its execution, he felt dizzy.

But more importantly, the golden titan would not be fatigued!

Given the golden titan's close-combat fighting style, the slightest hesitation or slip of concentration would cost one dearly. It was a fairly mentally draining process to fight the golden titan. Prince Diablo did not expect to be hit so devastatingly at this time!

The Spirit Chaser Art took effect!

In the period of disorientation, the blue scimitar sliced through Prince Diablo, engulfing him in blue light!

A loud clatter!

Prince Diablo screamed, but he very quickly went silent. There was denial and shock in his voice, as well as fear. Perhaps he had wanted to dodge in the instant that he had regained his senses, but it was too late.


The scimitar slashed out with a flood of blue light. All traces of Prince Diablo vanished, and the Tenebrous Stone Pillar that he had once held had been knocked away by the scimitar as well, to goodness knows where.

Wu Yu was already in the smallest state of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. After using the Spirit Chaser Art, he fled the scene. In the confusion, no one saw him, and the Spirit Chaser Art was a fairly tactical skill.

Things were even more unclear outside, at the Windy Fiery Skies Platform. The battlefield was too confusing, and the mirror was not that big.

But without question, they saw that Prince Diablo had died in battle!

This was definitely most heartbreaking for the Devilsky Tribe.

But the problem was that they could not ascertain how. Prince Diablo had looked fine, up until he froze suddenly and was killed by the golden titan....

Not just outside, but many people within were stunned as well.

Wu Yu had worked cleverly from the shadows.

He was still biding his time. The Heaven Devouring Avatar was strong enough, and the next step was to wait for the Silver Qilin's recovery.

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