Chapter 1126: Major Mischief

Wu Yu prepared to let the Full Moon of Nanshan and his Heaven Devouring Avatar make a run. Of course, they would take the Floating Dreams Pagoda with them.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar needed time. It would definitely recover faster than the Silver Qilin.

As for this proposed arrangement from Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan did not have any objections. He took the Floating Dreams Pagoda and left the Black Phoenix's side. Along the way, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was concealed within the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Their goal was the seventh level, killing the Spirits of the Universe hidden in the light. The Heaven Devouring Avatar had two mighty seraphic dao treasures, so killing them should be no problem. If it could get a dozen or two, it could devour them and rush to the equivalent of the eighth tier of the Dao Querying Realm. In truth, the Heaven Devouring Avatar's devour had grown much stronger.

Wu Yu's real body remained with the Black Phoenix. Only when he was sick of watching Prince Le fret did he deign to go out. He shrank himself and flitted near the battlefield with Fulgurating Shadows. However, he still had no opponent.

"Might as well use this time to learn the last transformation art. 72 styles of transformation is the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's signature ability," Ming Long said.

The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had prepared five transformations for Wu Yu to learn, a mortal's taste of the supremely arcane immortal arts. The Fixed Body Art, the Violent Art, the Swift Art, and the Spirit Penetration Art had all helped him enormously. He wondered what the last one would be.

Ming Long had cultivated these before and therefore was familiar with them. Wu Yu was well poised for immortalhood now. In fact, what was stopping him now might not be potential, but the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. As long as he could pass this hurdle, and the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had no evil intentions, then he would be unstoppable. Ming Long would naturally help him with all that she had.

"This transformation is called the Spirit Chaser Art. It allows you to make a mental or spiritual change, allowing you to attack your opponent's mind or Primordial Spirit to a large extent. As deadly as sharp knives, but with no warning. It happens suddenly. This transformation art also drains your mental energy. Therefore, you can only use it two or three times in a battle."

Last time, he had learned the Spirit Penetration Art. It was targeted at spirit designs, while the Spirit Chaser Art seemed a bit less subtle. It was a transformation of the Primordial Spirit that would amplify one's attacks and the shock value delivered. 

Each time he learned a transformation art, he would only need a short time. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal would personally impart the seed of knowledge to him, embedding it in his own Primordial Spirit. He would only need to work on it carefully. Until now, he did not know how he had begun learning the Fixed Body Art, or what principles it was based on. He had no way to study it either. His only feeling was that this transformation art was an immortality art, just like the Great Way of Immortality Art. It was different from the Invincible Vajra Body.

As for this transformation art, he could use it, but he could not understand its principles and mechanics. This had much to do with the fact that he was not an immortal.

Therefore, what made Prince Le unhappy was that he could not even see Wu Yu present at this time. Others were looking for a final opportunity to close, and even the second and third tier cultivators were rushing forth. Those like Prince Yu were going all out, afraid that others would kill the golden titan in an instant. In contrast, no trace of Wu Yu was to be found, and no one knew what he was doing.

Meanwhile, Wu Yu was more or less getting the hang of the Spirit Chaser Art.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar had already reached the seventh level of the Ancient Soul Tower and had begun to fight the Spirits of the Universe. It would not need much time. Wu Yu was mostly waiting for his Heaven Devouring Avatar to return with newfound power from the Spirits of the Universe.

He hoped that the golden titan could continue to hold out.

But it seemed like it was completely powerless to resist under the ceaseless barrage of attacks. Before, it could still counterattack, keeping them wary. But they were in a frenzy now. Many did not even care about their own lives, and the golden titan had not been whole for a long time now.

"Let me help him out so he can last longer."

Wu Yu had this mad plan. He would be pitting himself against everyone. Of course, there was nothing much to be afraid of. Thinking thus, he acted. Since the golden titan could not hold out until the Silver Qilin regenerated, then he would have to buy it some time.

He firstly sent the Black Phoenix far away so that it would not be attacked.

"Wu Yu, what are you up to?" Prince Le asked.

"As you wished. It's time to strike."

Wu Yu smiled. He remained in his minimized form, Imperial Descent in hand. He used Fulgurating Shadows to speed into the fray. At this time, the core bunch of people were attacking the golden titan in a frenzy. Danger was everywhere, but Wu Yu's Fulgurating Shadows was amazing. It allowed him to continue shifting, so the attacks around him continued to whiz past. He soon entered the centermost part, and those fighting the golden titan had not yet noticed him.

However, he instead turned around to face them. Not far from him was Prince Diablo. Wu Yu naturally did not like him, and he was currently whacking away wildly at the golden titan with his Tenebrous Stone Pillar. Without a word, Wu Yu hefted the Imperial Descent and sent it chopping towards Prince Diablo's back.

"Who dares!?" Prince Diablo burst. He sensed danger and whirled backwards. He was furious to see Wu Yu.

Wu Yu's attack had been savage. Even before his blow struck, his Eyes of Fire and Gold had already blazed to life, the Paradise's Fiery Demise engulfing Prince Diablo!

In order to get the Yan Huang Golden Bead, Prince Diablo had even given up on his Universal Holy Gourd despite knowing that Wu Yu was nearby. But Wu Yu had come knocking and had even attacked him first. He was fit to burst from anger, and the blood surged to his brain. He batted the flames aside and started charging toward Wu Yu. But when he turned to chase, Wu Yu had already long vanished without a trace.

"Wu Yu, get your ass out here!" Prince Diablo bellowed. He got the attention of many, but no one had spotted Wu Yu. They ignored him, and Prince Diablo hurriedly returned to resume his attack on the golden titan.

"This damned thing is too thick in the flesh! I've never seen something as unkillable!"

Many were probably thinking the same thing as Prince Diablo. This golden titan's impregnability and regeneration were truly formidable.

When Wu Yu vanished from Prince Diablo's sight, he had actually gone to another side. There were two huge demons before him. One was the Void Breaching Cloud Beast, a white tiger with a huge pair of wings. Its mystiques rent space itself but were unable to tear into the golden titan's body. The other was the Yin-Yang Fish from the Burning Sea Region. This was an enormous, double-headed fish with no tail but two fish heads. One side roiled in flames, the other was sheathed in ice. The mesh of fire and ice was a fearsome sight.

Wu Yu did not say anything when he arrived. He was conserving his strength by not using the three major spirit designs. However, any random spirit design on the Imperial Descent was still very powerful. He simply activated some minor spirit design. Golden light streamed from the battle halberd, glittering like the scales of a qilin. It pierced the Void Breaching Cloud Beast and the Yin-Yang Fish. Both had been backstabbed out of the blue, and were scared out of their skin!

After striking, Wu Yu immediately left with the Somersault Cloud. Both thought the other had attacked them and was lying about it. Incensed, both gave up on the golden titan, beginning to fight amidst themselves. The golden titan had won breathing space.

Wu Yu quickly disrupted one person after another. He did not stand on ceremony even with Prince Yu and Prince Xiao. He went up to disrupt them, forcing them to have to turn away from the golden titan to face him. And then Wu Yu disappeared again, to their rage!

In less than an hour, everyone had been thoroughly messed with by him. Each time, he fled, angering them enough to burst.

"Wu Yu, have you gone mad?!"

"Wu Yu, you're mad!"

They all hurled abuse at him, but he simply laughed. "You guys are the ones who have lost your minds. He's so cute, but you're all attacking him. That's too cruel. I am here to champion Heaven's justice. I must help it, and vanquish you bunch of evil louts."

He seemed to be joking, but no one was laughing. After they eased up on the attack, the golden titan healed back significantly. In just 10 breaths of ceasefire, it had basically returned back to its peak state. This made them unable to fully focus on Wu Yu. Besides, they were already not united. What if they turned to deal with Wu Yu and then others defeated the golden titan? Wouldn't they have been taken advantage of?

Wu Yu was counting exactly on this disharmony. Therefore, he continued to cause chaos and mischief. In the end, Wu Yu unleashed all 10,000 of his clones. They leaped to the defense of the golden titan. Seeing Wu Yus everywhere, everyone was mad with rage.

"Wu Yu, you've offended every single one of us! You're asking to die! Don't think we can't do anything about you!"

They continued to shout at him, including even Prince Xiao.

"You think you're something special? You think I'm scared of offending you? If you have the balls, come and catch me. Don't bully that poor thing. Hehe." Wu Yu chortled, thoroughly enjoying himself.

Prince Xiao's anger was through the roof, but he indeed did not wish to chase Wu Yu. Firstly, he could not catch him. Secondly, he longed for the Yan Huang Golden Bead and the Yan Huang throne more than anyone else.

Therefore, as ridiculous as it was, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had returned, the Silver Qilin was rapidly recovering, and still the golden titan had not fallen.

Those outside were completely confused by Wu Yu.

No one knew what on earth he was up to....

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