Chapter 1125: Celestial Tower's Silver Moon Destroyer

Why had Wu Yu taken the Universal Holy Gourd and not returned it to Prince Diablo?

That was because the Universal Holy Gourd had huge utility in battle. The limitless transformations were exactly what Wu Yu needed.

For example, just as the meteoric waterfall was crashing down, the Heaven Devouring Avatar made its move from behind Wu Yu. The Universal Holy Gourd billowed thick smoke. The black fog seemed to have a life of its own, rushing between Wu Yu and the meteoric waterfall as it transformed. It solidified into a wall, slanting to Wu Yu's left. As the meteors were molten, they rolled along the walls and slid off at an angle to Wu Yu's left!

Of course, this had all happened in an instant, tanking a hit for Wu Yu. In the next instant, the wall crumbled into ashes, but Wu Yu was already past that area. The Somersault Cloud had been fused into his body. The third tier, Fulgurating Shadows, was in his body. His striking speed had been enhanced manifold, and the Silver Qilin was unable to hit him. Instead, Wu Yu was able to close the distance and use the Qilin Triple Kill Sky Splitting design on the Silver Qilin!

A thrust, a sweep, a chop!

The two continued to attack. First, they thrust a deep hole in the throat of the Silver Qilin. Then they swept out from it, almost beheading it. Finally, the fire qilins charged out and opened a huge wound on the skull of the Silver Qilin!

A pity that this Silver Qilin was not flesh and blood. Even with such serious wounds, it did not react at all. After being hit by Wu Yu's brutal attack, it immediately responded, counter-attacking with no regard for its life!

This Silver Qilin had many attacks, and both major and minor spirit designs were very powerful. Its body was very strong as well. Although it could not compare to the golden titan, there were not many who could compare to it in the Jambu Realm.

Besides the Ninth Heaven's Galactic Meteor, there was another major spirit design called Celestial Tower's Silver Moon Destroyer. It was even more powerful than the Ninth Heaven's Galactic Meteor. The Silver Qilin used its deer-like horns, or perhaps dragon-like horns, as support. Above its head, it gathered a silver ball, gleaming with silver light. It looked like a radiant, silvery metal, a moon with runic patterns on its surface. This sphere was not very large, perhaps half the size of the Silver Qilin's skull, but the speed at which it spun between the horns grew faster and faster!

As it revolved, the numerous spirit designs continued to work, and the silver ball was looking more and more threatening by the moment. It seemed like an infinite ball of energy, gathered within the constraints of that small ball. This was the Celestial Tower's Silver Moon. By the time it had spun tens of thousands of times, it was already fairly unstable, even beginning to tremble.

The Silver Qilin leaped into the sky, aiming at Wu Yu's real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar. The Celestial Tower's Silver Moon was released from between its horns. It looked small, breezing through the air, when suddenly it changed. It exploded violently, and the stored energy within fragmented out. The sharp, metallic shards within were also imbued with silver light, like streaming stars streaking out. It transformed the Floating Dreams Pagoda into an apocalyptic scene.

The Heaven Devouring Avatar used its two seraphic dao treasures, the Universal Holy Gourd and Imperial Insignia, to defend. The Universal Holy Gourd spewed smoke that materialized into layer after layer of metal shields. The final layer was the black shield form of the Imperial Insignia. Although the Silver Qilin was strong, Wu Yu was confident that the two powerful seraphic dao treasures of the Heaven Devouring Avatar would repel the attack.

As for his main body, he could not feel it. Although the destructive power of the Celestial Tower's Silver Moon Destroyer was incredible, Wu Yu was not fazed. He was supremely confident. When his opponent was gathering energy for this attack, Wu Yu was already prepared!

"Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design!"

Almost at the same moment, the qilin battle axe in Wu Yu's hand flew into the sky, the fire qilins taking flight. They turned into golden clouds, and the burning immortal appeared. The flaming battle halberd in hand, clouds and immortals were absorbed into the battle axe, becoming the battle axe's strength. This was as though Heaven's justice itself was being unleashed on the Silver Qilin's head!

In truth, the Silver Qilin was weakest after it had unleashed its move, and this was when Wu Yu's deadly move connected.

It was fairly vulnerable.

But Wu Yu was vulnerable at this time as well. However, he moved swiftly. After unleashing his move, his real body quickly moved to stand with the Heaven Devouring Avatar. The formidable force of the Celestial Tower's Silver Moon dismantled the defensive layers of the Universal Holy Gourd one by one. Finally, the intense, silver light and sharp fragments exploded against the shield of the Imperial Insignia. The tortoise dragon roared, and the Heaven Devouring Avatar defended with all its might!


Both of Wu Yu's bodies were still thrown into the corner and were moderately injured.

Fortunately, with the two mighty seraphic dao treasures protecting them, their cores were not hurt. Wu Yu's Heaven's Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design had caused great problems for the Silver Qilin. It had been hit squarely at its most vulnerable state. With no clones to help it tank the blow, it had been pinned to the ground and buried in flames. Seriously injured, it was unable to properly control the Celestial Tower's Silver Moon Destroyer. Wu Yu's bodies were freed from the control, and the Silver Qilin was as wretched as a drenched dog. While it still had strength, Wu Yu rushed up and let fly wildly, beating the Silver Qilin into pieces and conquering it.

However, the Silver Qilin would probably take a few days to be restored. 

Killing the Silver Qilin had not taken much time. He asked the Full Moon of Nanshan if things outside were proceeding as expected. Nothing unprecedented had happened, and so he still had some time to prepare.

"The Silver Qilin is tamed, but it will need a few days to recover and can't be put to use yet. Didn't you just waste your efforts?" Ming Long finally asked after it was over.

Wu Yu smiled. "In any case, things outside don't seem to be making any headway. My guess is that they'll take more than a day to deal with the golden titan. If they could have done better, they would already have done so. Now the Silver Qilin is put away. If they take more than a few days, then it will be usable. Just another preparation made."

"Are you certain that they can't finish it in a few days' time?"

"Not certain. But we'll see. If they do it before, then I can only use my real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar." In this struggle, not even the Black Phoenix would be of help.

Besides, the Silver Qilin was a pleasant surprise for Wu Yu.

It was similar to the Black Phoenix, and could probably be considered as part of the same series.

There were three extremely strong Offensive Spirit Designs.

First was the Ninth Heaven's Galactic Meteor.

Second was the Celestial Tower's Silver Moon Destroyer.

The third was a spirit design that was exactly the same as the Black Phoenix's. It was also called 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer, and was used in the same way.

However, this spirit design's level was even higher. It was more complicated, and by inference, more powerful. It could be considered the second tier of the 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer. Therefore, Wu Yu suspected that the next stronger puppet might have something similar as well.

Of course, the disclaimer was that the Floating Dreams Pagoda still had stronger puppets. With Wu Yu's current cultivation level, he could see one more puppet after the Silver Qilin.

Actually, taking down the Black Phoenix, the Silver Qilin had been slightly easier, as it had not used the 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer against Wu Yu. Perhaps because using it was tantamount to suicide, which might mean that Wu Yu had beat them....

"Since you are so patient in this regard, why not send the Heaven Devouring Avatar up to the sixth or seventh level to hunt Spirits of the Universe? A few days will make it stronger," Ming Long said.

"I've considered that before. However, this is still the Ancient Emperor's Ancient Soul Tower. Nothing here escapes his eyes. If I do that, he'll be all too clear of how my Heaven Devouring Avatar works."

Ming Long said, "In truth, he would already know if he wanted to find out. That old man seems omniscient, almost. But he's not going to do anything, or he would have acted before. He didn't need to wait until now. If he was going to do something, the Floating Dreams Pagoda was a great chance, but still he did not act. Therefore, it's unclear right now. But the Yan Huang Golden Bead is right before your eyes. I advise you to go for it. Secure the Yan Huang Golden Bead and then see how things are outside. We could even implement the escape route immediately, and evacuate your sister and the others to the Ancient Demon Realm. It depends on you. If only we knew what the Ancient Emperor was thinking."

Wu Yu found her words to be well-reasoned.

"Indeed, he is so powerful that he would have known long ago if he wished. There is no need to hide. Everyone is gathered at the first level of the Ancient Soul Tower, including my main body, where everyone is watching. There's not much to worry about. Everything else can wait until we're out."

Wu Yu was not particularly attached to this world.

In Dong Yue Wu, it was also just Wu You and the masters at Heavenly Sword Sect.

In the Jambu Realm, it was Luo Pin and Princess You Xue.

But the Ancient Emperor was an immortal. He would probably not be as despicable as to use those mortals to pressure Wu Yu.

So... go for it!

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