Chapter 1124: Ninth Heaven's Galactic Meteor

The Dao Querying Realm had always felt so ineffable and unobtainable, but he had reached it so easily.

He truly had to thank the golden titan, or rather the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor.

Of course, Wu Yu reaching here was just a natural lead-up, like how a canal would form where water flowed.

When he successfully reached a new cultivation level, the battle had already reached white-hot intensity. As the martial cultivators and demons did not attack it for a while, some would definitely feel reckless. The sixth and seventh tier Dao Querying cultivators who had retreated before started to probe again, occasionally sending attacks its way. A few of the even weaker ones were watching like hawks as well, and starting to edge closer. Perhaps they saw that the golden titan might not be able to hold out for a long time under a sustained beating from the experts. The more this was so, the more anxious they got. Even the most core bunch of experts were getting nervous. Everyone attacked the golden titan frantically, not letting up at all! If not for the fact that they were also fighting amongst themselves, and ironing out internal conflicts and killing each other, the golden titan would probably face even more pressure!

"Wu Yu, what's wrong? Why are you not fighting? It seems to be on the verge of being decided." With such treasures on the line, no one could remain calm. Prince Le could not resist asking again.

A clear indication of how uneasy he felt.

The golden titan was much more durable than everyone had thought. They thought that they were close to finishing it off, or had at least worn it down as much as they were. But now they saw that the golden titan was regenerating rapidly, despite being covered in wounds.

"Still, no rush." Wu Yu saw more clearly with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Because these people were fighting amongst themselves, the golden titan's core was completely unharmed. Even if it were reduced to a hunk of scrap metal, letting up their fire would see it quickly regenerate to its old self and continue fighting. Even so, it could occasionally lash out ripostes that sent even the likes of Prince Yu and the others retreating, licking their wounds.

Prince Le was on the verge of despair. Wu Yu's inaction was hard to bear. He was full of anxiety and no solutions. After all, he himself was helpless. Wu Yu was his only weapon, and even the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi listened to Wu Yu.

Perhaps he could feel that the power and authority levels between them was no longer pronounced. He had never been able to really command Wu Yu before. He was like an important minister who was only below one person and above thousands. But such a thing had never happened in Yan Huang before, because the Yan Huang emperor had always been the most powerful, like the Ancient Emperor.

Wu Yu not only did not attack, but returned back to the inside of the Black Phoenix. Prince Le and the others looked at him in consternation, unsure as to what he was doing. Suddenly, both Wu Yu and the Heaven Devouring Avatar vanished. Previously, both had vanished together before, and Prince Le had no idea where Wu Yu had gone.

Wu Yu was actually within the Full Moon of Nanshan, and the Full Moon of Nanshan was helping him to hide.

"Where did he go?" Prince Le asked.

The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled. "Don't worry, Prince. He has his own plan. Going out there right now is impossible, given what we can do. We'll only tire ourselves out. Why not wait for when we are at our strongest and the time is right?"

"Alright." Prince Le shook his head. He could not say much, because he knew that Wu Yu would not possibly listen to his wishes. Besides, the Full Moon of Nanshan had a point - it was impossible to beat that bunch for now.

They were all eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators, close to immortalhood.

Wu Yu and the Heaven Devouring Avatar retreated back into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. They were aiming to maximize the increase of their strength in a limited time!

Therefore, they wanted to challenge a being even stronger than the Black Phoenix. A completely new puppet. With Wu Yu reaching the first tier of the Dao Querying Realm, he would challenge the puppet in the black spirit design.

The Black Phoenix was probably now at the purple spirit design's position, and the new puppet was one level stronger.

The Dao Querying Realm was a huge jump.

Just in terms of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy alone, he had improved greatly, much more than previous increases of a single cultivation level.

And with the Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body, such a rise in Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy resulted in a much more significant effective rise. Even he did not know himself - what would his all-out strength be capable of?

That was something that the new puppet would help Wu Yu determine.

Therefore, while those outside were desperately fighting to kill the golden titan, Wu Yu displayed superhuman will in curbing his own impulses, focusing completely on the new puppet. Probably no one in the entire Ancient Soul Tower had his level of determination.

Of course, the Full Moon of Nanshan was keeping him updated on the news outside. If the golden titan showed signs of breaking down, Wu Yu could stop at any time and enter the final struggle. For now, Wu Yu truly believed that his presence there would not change anything. He would even end up being dragged into their conflicts.

Past disagreements had re-erupted in this struggle. For example, the Sky Demon Nation's young emperor, the Void Breaching Cloud Beast, and the Million Demon Mountain's Soulful Inner Ape. For example, the Rising Cloud Nation's Lan Qi Liu Meng and Devilsky's Prince Diablo. At the slightest trigger, both sides flew into a rage.

While this was all happening, Wu Yu settled into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He chose the eighth spirit design's puppet. The other spirit designs went dark, and the black spirit design's light swelled to a peak and then faded away. The puppet let out a low, deep, and menacing roar. This was a very different sound from the shrill squawk of the Black Phoenix. It was not sharp, but had a weight to it that reverberated against Wu Yu's body mightily.

Wu Yu could see the puppet clearly.

Wu Yu could not have been more familiar with the puppet's form.

In truth, he had been very familiar with the form of the phoenix previously as well, because Nangong Wei was an Eternal Phoenix, which looked very much like the Black Phoenix.

This time round, it was familiar because of the qilin battle axe - Imperial Descent.

That's right. The puppet before him was a huge qilin. However, it was made out of metal, and silver in color. This silver gleamed brightly, making the silver qilin even more impressive.

It had the head of a lion, the antlers of a deer, the eyes of a tiger, the body of a deer, the scales of a dragon, and the tail of an ox. The body was lithe as a deer's, but its head resembled that of a mystical dragon. Although not as slender as a dragon's head, it had an impressive girth to it.

The silver metal precious treasures that comprised it were clearly different from the material of the Black Phoenix, but of a higher quality. The spirit designs within it were more complicated. The phoenix was the king of all birds, while the qilin was the king of all beasts. Although it was just a puppet, its majesty was on par with that of a true qilin immortal beast. Wu Yu felt like he was facing the real thing!

Meeting such an opponent after a great revelation and stepping into the Dao Querying Realm, Wu Yu was filled with a fiery passion for battle. He felt like he had been born anew.

He quickly changed his body into a golden Immortal Ape and also used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to change into a giant. He could almost stand on par with the silver qilin in size. With the Imperial Descent in his hands, he truly seemed like its match, especially after reaching the Dao Querying Realm. His every movement presented a completely different feel.

As for the Heaven Devouring Avatar, it held the Imperial Insignia in one hand and the seraphic dao treasure Universal Holy Gourd in the other. It had already completely mastered the Universal Holy Gourd. With these two seraphic dao treasures, it could reach new heights of strength in fighting, especially when it was hiding behind the "meat shield" that was the real body. It could fight from the shadows and was unstoppable. After obtaining the Universal Holy Gourd, its attacks had only grown in variation.

The real body and Heaven Devouring Avatar stood front and back, in anticipation against the Silver Qilin. It let out another earth-shaking roar and then charged. Even within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he could feel the ground shaking!

Wu Yu's real body prepared to meet the Silver Qilin head-on!

"Qilin Triple Kill Sky Splitting design!"

He used the battle halberd Imperial Descent, which was also a qilin. It turned into three fire qilins that faced off against the Silver Qilin!

Qilin Triple Kill, a slash, a sweep, a chop!

The Silver Qilin's robust body did not seem much weaker than the golden titan's!

"Eat this attack - Ninth Heaven's Galactic Meteor!"

As Wu Yu attacked, the Silver Qilin attacked as well. It had at least 800,000 spirit designs in it as well, and was worth more than an ordinary seraphic dao treasure. When these spirit designs were activated, the more than 800,000 spirit designs worked in intricate harmony, creating a spectacular, silver light. It turned into a huge pillar of light that blasted forth from its mouth. It slashed between Wu Yu and itself!

And then the silver column exploded, swiftly changing into a huge river. It was like the galaxies, shimmering with starlight from countless stars. Each star was charged with explosive power.

In the next instant, those stars came raining down like a waterfall, aimed at Wu Yu's head. It was as though Wu Yu would be buried under the meteors. This was the Ninth Heaven's Galactic Meteor. The stars rained on his head like a waterfall. This was much more powerful than the Black Phoenix!

Wu Yu wanted to close the distance with his Qilin Triple Kill attack, but it looked like he was going to be locked in place by the meteoric waterfall!

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