Chapter 1123: The Path of Dao Querying

It has to be said that the more Wu Yu watched, the more he was compelled by each move and the overall fighting style of the puppet. 

He was currently a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, and his cultivation level was not considered high at all.

Perhaps because of this, he felt like those eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators like Prince Yu were not at all affected.

The others did not seem to feel that this golden titan was anything special. All they could see was the terrifying strength, the two unique weapons, as well as its invulnerable body that dominated all of its opponents.

The directness of its violence had no beauty to speak of.

"Everyone's dao is different. It is understandable that they did not glean anything...."

For the moment, he could see that they were completely unable to take care of this golden titan. Many were even fighting amongst themselves. For now, everyone was also holding back some strength, and their attacks were half-hearted. They were using their slight edge in speed on the golden titan to beat a fighting retreat, and occasionally swoop in for damage. But it was largely unsuccessful, and they might even be hindered by others at times.

As a result, the fight turned into the golden titan chasing down martial cultivators and demons, who ran and fought. Those in the distance, regardless of whether they were martial cultivators or demons, fled hurriedly after seeing that the golden titan was headed their way.

Fighting such a humongous titan was not as exhilarating as one might imagine, but it was an unforgettable experience nonetheless. In any case, no one had taken their eyes off the golden titan yet.

After a while, the golden titan had been brought about in circles, but it had not yet managed to kill many people. It seemed to be angered, and actually hurled the blue scimitar. It scythed out with terrifying speed, and a charging demon was sliced cleanly in half, turning to crystal shards that smashed to the ground. It was the Antarctic Ice Beast from the Antarctic Eddy, a seventh tier Dao Querying demon.

The blue scimitar was still whistling forth in an unpredictable trajectory. Its deadliness was devastating. Many were unable to dodge and were killed on the spot. These included Yan Huang Tribe members, and even princes and princesses.

This made the spectators piss themselves in fear. Many had been unable to dodge in time. Until they fled out of the golden titan's attack radius.

As the golden titan flung out the scimitar, Prince Yu and the others pounced, using the opportunity to lay madly into the golden titan with all sorts of seraphic dao treasures. Their dao techniques and mystiques were all employed in full force, and buried the golden titan. But Wu Yu saw with his Eyes of Fire and Gold that just when they were on the verge of successfully reducing the golden titan into a hunk of scrap metal, it started to regenerate. Within five breaths of time, it was completely recovered!

Although it looked much more battered, this unkillable ability was one that Wu Yu envied. Besides, it grew more enraged with each hit it took. The scimitar returned to its hand, and its efforts redoubled in savagery. It was already fast enough that it blurred. Perhaps everyone shrank back from fear of those attacks, frowning, but Wu Yu watched with relish. He was completely absorbed, just like he was when he was listening to the Ancient Emperor's dao musings.

That time, he had listened. This time, he was watching. He could see that the fearsome power of this golden titan came from its martial way movements. He felt a complete return to true dao, and this sort of dao was very similar to Wu Yu's. There was much room for reference. For example, it was said that those who contemplated dao could apply the dao they had been enlightened on to every minute aspect of their lives, even blinking or thinking.

The battle was intense, but he was savoring it, admiring every trace of dao embodied by the golden titan. The fighting was just too familiar. He had grown up in a world without immortals, and he understood the martial way better than anybody. For a long time, he had forgotten about it, but now he was recalling all of it, a flashback to his past.

"Immortal Dao, martial way, it's all dao! The Immortal Dao is arcane and enigmatic, but the martial way is grounded and real. Although there are blanks in the picture, this close combat fight, and the clash of sword and blade, it is all a sort of dao!


Each slash, each stroke, each thrust, each chop, it was all executed with the precision of dotting the eyes in a picture. It was as though a god was guiding its movements. There was a mysterious art to  it. If it were slightly higher, and it would be off. Slightly lower, and it would be off as well. The precise spot flowed naturally, so sublime that it had one applauding and crying for more!

Prince Le was beside himself with worry. He watched others fighting for it, while Wu Yu was calm as still water. He was sitting in the lotus position on a boulder, his eyes burning as he watched every minute detail of the golden titan's movements. In truth, its strength had a lot to do with these perfect movements. Without such arcane brilliance, it was perhaps just a hunk of scrap metal, incapable of such sophistication.

And in this battle, the golden titan seemed to have unlimited strength. It was starting to become a greater and greater menace to Prince Yu and the others!

Perhaps they had no other choice. Unable to make any headway for a long time, they, too, were losing patience. There was a subtle shift to unity. Perhaps they had agreed to kill the golden titan together and then sort it out later.

Even so, Prince Le continued to pace, and Wu Yu continued to move at his own pace, seriously engrossed in this world of dao.

"What is dao?"

Under such curious learnings, this question came to him naturally.

This question had been vague within his heart. He knew that it was something very personal, that others could not comprehend. Through watching the golden titan's battle, he was thinking of his own dao, and continuously recalling all of his enlightenments and growth as a person. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal continued to surface in his mind. He held all of this in his thoughts. Each time he felt like he was on the verge of an intellectual deadend, the golden titan's familiar movements would smoothen out his thoughts, gathering all of his revelations, his messy, disparate daos into one place.

"What is dao?" Wu Yu felt like this was not something you could put into words. It was a feeling, from the intangible to the imagined. It was a brand on his Primordial Spirit, which branded it as different and brought it to a new level. It was not just a change of his real body. Even his Heaven Devouring Avatar's Primordial Spirit was similarly branded, in a way that was imperceptible even to Wu Yu.

The insignia could not be seen or touched, but Wu Yu felt its presence. Because of this insignia, he had a direction. The Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm was a journey of contemplating dao. One would be completely clear when they reached immortalhood. And in his Primordial Spirit, the word "Query" had appeared.

Perhaps Wu Yu was still not very clear as to what his dao was. He was also searching, but he had determined the direction. Under the guidance of the golden titan, he had stepped onto the same path as Ye Xixi and the others. He had begun to question dao. Under the invisible insignia, his Primordial Spirit grew stronger, and signaled him reaching the first tier of the Dao Querying Realm.

His real body and Primordial Spirit could both become stronger! Besides, reaching a new cultivation level meant that Wu Yu could finally learn a new transformation art, after the Spirit Penetration Art. The Spirit Penetration Art had been fairly useful to him. His speedy mastery of seraphic dao treasures had also been largely due to the Spirit Penetration Art. The Swift Art and the Violent Art went without saying. The only one that had been largely wasted was the Fixed Body Art. It was too limited in usage.

He did not lack God's Way Pills now. His body was still imbued with the power of an abundance of God's Way Pills. He could utilize it all now, and he truly felt like he was querying dao.

Actually, Wu Yu would never have imagined that he would actually reach the Dao Querying Realm before the Ancient Soul Tower, as he regarded it as extremely difficult.

Because his prior improvements had been too fast, he thought that his next rise would be predicated on a long period of adjustment and investment. But success had come swiftly and perfectly, and as easy as lifting a finger.

He was even less worried now. He used huge quantities of God's Way Pills to increase his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. His Great Way of Immortality Art refined and built the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Although he was only at the first tier, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was as strong as that of a fifth tier Dao Querying cultivator. And with his Vairocana Vajra Buddha Body and Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth strength buffs, he could probably fight an eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator!

This unexpected rise greatly improved Wu Yu's hopes of succeeding. He felt like the Yan Huang Golden Bead was right before his eyes....

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