Chapter 1122: Martial Dao, Immortal Dao

No one could tell what would happen next in the Ancient Soul Tower.

But seeing the situation, Prince Xiao spoke out as well. His attitude was superior. "Listen well, all of you. This puppet is at least as powerful as a ninth tier Dao Querying cultivator. There are few in the Jambu Realm who can take it down alone. This is my father emperor's puppet! If you wish to die, go on ahead, then. Be food for the birds. If all of you die here, you can't blame the Yan Huang Tribe. You asked for it!"

His words indeed put a fright into many.

But people had come in here exactly for the Yan Huang Golden Bead, hadn't they? No matter how afraid they were, they could not leave this place. Anyone would have the impulse to risk it - what if they were the one that got lucky?

Of course, they all waited in places that they judged as safe, watching intently for their chance. Everyone was thinking, "Let the strongest bunch go first. When both sides are injured, we might stand a chance.”

This was definitely the most common thought going around. Wu Yu was no exception, and he decided not to clash with the golden titan for now.

Instead, it was Prince Le who was anxious. "What about giving it a try? If the dozen of them were to rush it together, they might be able to take the puppet down. Then someone else will have succeeded...."

"Not that easy." Wu Yu was sizing up the number of those who would fight the golden titan.

And at this time, many experts had arrived, including many who were sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators and above. They dug in behind Prince Xiao and the others, watching hungrily for their chance. No one looked like they would be convinced to leave.

Before Prince Xiao had even finished speaking, someone had already come to test it out. He moved with caution, circling behind the golden titan. After its initial disorientation, the golden titan already had an alert look in its eyes.

"Roar!" The golden titan let loose a deep bellow that sounded like grating metal. The metallic material of the puppet's armor clanked. It was like a heavenly general, towering above all of them. Before they attacked, the golden titan suddenly did!

And its target was clearly Prince Yu's group. It knew who the strongest were, and they were its targets.

Wu Yu's real body was very agile. Therefore, he had Prince Le and the others move back, while he himself shrank his body to the smallest with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and disappeared far away in an instant. As for the experts, they were fighting a retreating battle, evidently trying to test its strengths. Perhaps they too guessed that defeating this golden titan would mean one was awarded the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

Perhaps that was what the Ancient Emperor meant by "truly obtaining" the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

Therefore, there was a good number of those who fought seriously. Wu Yu saw that Prince Yu, Princess Xi, Breezy Sword Master, Huang Guzi, Prince Diablo, Soulful Inner Ape and the others had all sprung into action.

Others obviously did not dare to stray too far, seeing that a fight had broken out. Although they did not join the fighting, but they hovered nearby, ready. The only reason they did not fight was that they were betting that the golden titan would be very difficult to take down. Therefore, they wanted to let others tire themselves out first, while they relaxed. This was rather clever. As long as they could control themselves. After all, no one knew if the golden titan would suddenly become fragile, and be killed in an instant.

Wu Yu felt he had a good grasp of the Ancient Emperor. He felt that taking down the golden titan was a predictable feat. And the one who obtained the Yan Huang Golden Bead in the end would be someone of uncommon comport. And he had not seen any such person yet, and so he was much more relaxed than Prince Le.

Although Prince Le had relocated far away, but he still looked eager for Wu Yu to rush up and begin attacking.

"Why isn't Wu Yu fighting?" Qu Fengyu was getting anxious as well.

Baili Zhuihun broke out in cold sweat. "If he doesn't fight, the chance might be gone. So may experts there......"

"This concerns the future Yan Huang emperor, does Wu Yu not see the importance......" Qu Fengyu sniped.

"Stop saying such snide things, okay? If you want it, go get it yourself! Who can't see the importance? He is definitely much more knowledgeable than you in the art of taking things with limited strength. Besides, you think the Yan Huang Golden Bead is so easily obtained?" Ye Xixi hated them, and she flared up at their words.

"Meow!" Lazy growled his own ferocious protest.

"Don't be so angry, we're all part of the same side, eh? Be more friendly. Besides, I heard that girls with angry dispositions tend to be flat-chested....." Full Moon of Nanshan was perhaps the only one in this tension who could find a joke in him......

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had been outside, on standby initially for opportunities. But seeing the situation, he realized that the real body alone was enough. He returned to within the Black Phoenix. Seeing them all on edge, he guessed the reason. He said to Prince Le: "Please calm do not be hasty. I judge that things will not be so easily resolved."

Most of his energy was still with his main body.

Perhaps it was instinct, or experience that many things often seemed to reach a calm before the storm.

At this time, he saw that a portion of the experts, including some sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators, had begun to fight the  golden titan. In truth, the golden titan did not move with great speed. It was ponderous in its movements, as if the mechanisms were aged. But this was compensated by its incredibly lethal power, as well as the hardiness of its body.

Even the eighth tier Dao Querying cultivator Prince Diablo only managed to create a dent with the Tenebrous Stone Pillar, and a modest one at that. Besides, it very quickly inflated back up, shiny as new, as though it had never been attacked before.

The others, including Prince Yu, Prince Xiao, as well as Lan Qi Liu Meng, Xuan Jinzi, Breezy Sword Master, Mu Yunxi, Xue Qingyin, and many more, fared about the same. The most they could achieve was a wound with keen sword-type seraphic dao treasures. It might be deep enough to reach the bone, but this golden titan had no bones. All it had was precious treasures in spades. Its spirit designs remained unharmed, and these wounds were the easiest to heal. They were knitted back, flooded with golden liquid, and solidified back within a matter of ten breaths' of time, before it was good as new once again.

It seemed like to pose a fatal threat to the golden titan within this short amount of time, they would have to work together to attack the same point, such as the brain. But evidently, they would not do this. Because as they fought, killing the golden titan was not important. What was important was to prevent others from obtaining the Yan Huang Golden Bead. If others would get the Yan Huang Golden Bead, then they would rather the golden titan live on.

This was Wu Yu's prediction as to why they would not destroy the titan so quickly. The group of them were in a stalemate against the puppet. Some of the sixth tier Dao Querying cultivators were also in imminent risk of death if they engaged. Only those of the seventh tier could barely fight a little. King You Ying had tested it out, but dropped back after just 10 breaths' of time. He knew that he would lose his own life before holding out too long.

Although Prince Xiao and the others looked like they were fighting hard, but they spent considerable time limiting each other. They also had to reserve some strength, so that others could not take advantage of them. After all, no one knew how they could obtain the Yan Huang Golden Bead.

If just defeating it would do, it was a simple matter. But if they defeated it and there was another fight to be had, then they would have miscalculated.

For now, Wu Yu had yet to act. His instincts told him that it was not time yet. Actually there were also other experts who had pulled back, such as Princess Xi. She had retreated after fighting for a short while. But this too required some resolve, and might not be a good thing. If you retreated, and the Yan Huang Golden Bead was snatched, you would look like a fool.

Actually, Wu Yu was mesmerized by the golden titan's fighting style. The puppet did not seem to have any offensive spirit designs. His method of fighting was very similar to the martial warriors that Wu Yu used to know - a simple close-combat martial art. Although he did not move fast, he moved well. He was not overly cumbersome. Although his body was huge, but the sword and curved blade were used to good effect.

Many moves in a fight were actually simple martial moves. However, it was the sheer strength put into them that made them special. Faced with such attacks, even the eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators had to dodge. Although no one was seriously injured for now, but they would definitely be if they were just hit once. Sometimes, an indirect hit scored considerable damage. Prince Yu, Xuan Jinzi and the others were all sporting some wounds, and had to fall back to recuperate.

"Why does this fight make me feel like it's "dao"?" Wu Yu mused. He had forgotten about the Yan Huang Golden Bead for the moment all thanks to the golden titan's movements.

His repeated movements with sword and kniife were clean, simple movements, brought to new heights of finesse. But ultimately, it was just a puppet. How could it reach such sophistication?

In comparison, the other eighth tier Dao Querying cultivators' attacks were very complex. Spirit designs, Mystiques, dao techniques, that was their very complicated dao, completely opaque. But Wu Yu was engrossed in this simple dao......

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